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[VR] How to transfer your save file to the VR Beta
By Pk Biggums
A short and easy guide on how to copy your main game save to the VR beta so you don't have to waste hours leveling up, again!
Before you go messing with save files, please be sure to back up your game data as shown in the guide here:
If you mess up your files without backing up first, you're gonna lose all of those hundreds of hours spent grinding Cook Off!
How To
Step 1: Press the windows key and R on your keyboard, a program called "Run" will open, copy and paste this into it and press enter: %localappdata%\PAYDAY 2\saves

Step 2: You'll see a folder with a bunch of numbers, those numbers are your steamid64, if you play from multiple accounts on the same computer, there will be multiple folders here and you'll need to find your steamid64 using a website like

Step 3: Open the correct save folder (the one with your steamid64) and you should see a few .sav files, namely save098.sav and save096.sav. If you don't see save096.sav, launching Payday 2 VR should create the save file, so if you haven't played a quick round in VR yet be sure to do that.

Step 4: Copy save098 and paste it into the same folder, it will be renamed save098 - Copy.sav afterwards. Also just to be safe, paste another copy somewhere else, like your desktop, just incase anything goes wrong at any time, although you don't need to do this if you followed the backup guide linked at the start of this guide. This is basically your final chance to backup your game though.

Step 5: Rename save096.sav to save096 OLD.sav (or delete it if you don't care about your progress in the VR save)

Step 6: Rename save098 - Copy.sav to save096.sav, then launch Payday 2 VR and enjoy all your glorious unlocks!
Thank you
Thank's for reading my horribly formatted guide, hope it helped. Anyway, if this guide did actually help and wasn't totally useless, give it a like and/or favorite so I can be a cool kid amongst the heisting community. thx bb.
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Pk Biggums  [author] Feb 18 @ 11:24pm 
Ebula Jonez Feb 18 @ 8:31pm 
If you do a symbolic link instead it keeps one your one save file and you never have to swap back and forth. I just tried it out and it seems to work.

In Administrator CMD prompt use: mklink "%localappdata%\PAYDAY 2\saves\save096.sav" "%localappdata%\PAYDAY 2\saves\save098.sav"

Make sure there is no save096.sav in your folder and for good measure don't put the %localappdata% put the actual file path after you open it.

This is much easier!!
Pk Biggums  [author] Feb 9 @ 10:18am 
You're welcome to try these steps in reverse, but I don't know if it would work so be sure to backup your saves first.
Suspiciously Slow Scout Feb 9 @ 10:07am 
Is there a way to transfer the VR save to the main game?
Manny Tardo Jan 19 @ 7:54pm 
btw if you dont see save096 you can just copy your save098 and rename it save096 with no problems
Manny Tardo Jan 19 @ 7:52pm 
i can use it back and forth no problems
Pk Biggums  [author] Jan 15 @ 9:45pm 
AFAIK it should work back and forth, unless the devs put a flag in the VR save file to prevent it from being used in the main game to avoid curroption and whatnot. it's either that or steam cloud saves messing with you, if it's cloud saves, there should be a notification in-game whenever it detects a mismatch between your local and cloud saves.
Revan Jan 14 @ 12:20pm 
Any way to switch back and fourth? I tried it and it just stays on my regular save... Even tried removing all the files to see what happened and it still uses my original save
Pk Biggums  [author] Dec 17, 2017 @ 6:36pm 
Have you had any mods installed recently? (is there an iphlpapi.dll file in your game folder? if so, remove it) also try reverting your save, and see if that fixes it.