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Nov 16, 2017 @ 9:36am
Nov 25, 2017 @ 1:19pm
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Just a few WW2 assets made by 7Y team (not a fully fledged mod), to complement ww2 feel in arma 3 (also, our first release!)
These are things we think the ww2 scenario in arma 3 lacks, and content we think could add to a players' interest (or maybe just our own)
Incidentlly, UK, French or Italian assets.

For the moment:

•Spitfire MkVb in the following camos:
  • Grey/Green(uk)
  • Brown/Green(uk)
  • Blue-gray/Brown (Malta) with Trop filter
  • Light+Dark brown (Tunisia) also with Trop Filter

•Churchill MkIII Heavy Tank in the following camos:
  • Green
  • Desert
  • King's Force

Both are INDEP, NO dependencies, and have custom vanilla units. to be exchanged by units in any other ww2 mod.
Feedback will be greatly appreciated, so in the coming days things will be tweaked, added...etc.
More assets in the oven too, so subscribe for any (or many!) patches/fixes/updates.

Happy hunting ._.

Find us on:

GNAT - for his excellent posts and info on BI forums (and engine startup fail script)

SABRE - for his planes examples and posts on BI forums

FFAA mod fellows for their patience and advice, and help overall.

Derp (Jack) for his cool screenshots!


Do not distribute/reupload on any web without my express permission!


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Butterlord Lufian Feb 17 @ 7:26am 
"Discontinued" meaning it is not being worked on anymore, and since it hasn't been updated since 2017 it will be buggy
Whells Jan 12 @ 9:50am 
Podrías sacar una versión standalone del Spitfire?
Mistake Jan 12 @ 2:37am 
I can't find this mod in game where is it?
CookieCae[3CB] Jan 12 @ 12:35am 
Dead mod since it hasn't been updated since 2017
Rorar Dec 10, 2020 @ 7:11am 
I cant find it in editor?
broke Oct 28, 2020 @ 5:12am 
Any chances of adding the Belgian Spitfire?
SlaySoft [7Y] Oct 9, 2020 @ 7:49am 
It is alive!
Donov C. May 17, 2020 @ 5:49pm 
@Loki, was wondering if I could add the Spitfire to my SW Reworks mod as I want to adjust the Spitfire, but do not want my reworks mod to have another dependency
Tairon Apr 26, 2020 @ 1:46pm 
@Loki Can you please make those Hispano Mk.II cannons normal on Spits? They are unplayable... You made really nice moc.. and its a pitty you left it dead.. SO PLEASE UPDEATE THAT SHIT... seriously... Hispanost Mk.II doesnt shoot like that, their fire power is much bigger!
Delta-118 Feb 19, 2020 @ 1:03pm 
The plane likes to blow up on the ground, especially when spawned in Zeus.