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A RimWorld of Magic
Mod, 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4
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Nov 14, 2017 @ 4:11pm
Sep 24 @ 3:55am
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A RimWorld of Magic

In 1 collection by Torann
A RimWorld of Magic - Minimal Collection
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Supports RimWorld versions 1.0 - 1.4

This mod adds classes with unique abilities.
RimWorld of Magic adds over 35 unique classes with even more available in class add-on packs. Each class has a set of unique abilities and fills specific roles (healer, offensive caster, utility, etc) and each class has a unique development tree to improve their abilities as they level up their class.

Check out the wiki for tons of additional info and details about the mod:

Additional features include unique apparel/equipment options, gem crafting and enchantments, magical buildings such as portals, arcane forges and more. Challenge your newfound power against new, deadly events. Unique research tree that opens up a diverse set of improvements for the colony, including learning how to animate Golems. A to top it off, a new "magic" faction that is known to deal in many powerful artifacts.

To add to the challenge, AI classes are able to use abilities.

Mod options are also included that allow you to tailor many mod related features such AI difficulty, how common mages/fighters are, and how fast mages develop.

The mod can be added to an existing save, but works and plays best when starting with a new game.

Self installed .zip file or older versions can be found here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/tmagic
Suggestions, recommendations, and comments are welcome
More details can be found here: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=37161.0
Mod Discord channel: https://discord.gg/gFYfA6r

This mod has been updated for 1.0, for those that wish to continue a game on an older version, you can find archived version releases here https://www.moddb.com/mods/tmagic/downloads/
Download and extract the mod into your rimworld mods directory
GitHub link: https://github.com/TorannD

All mod versions can be found on moddb.

**You must have Hugslib and Jecstools loaded before this mod for it to work!**

(中文翻译) Available in Chinese courtesy of KuanKuan
(Español) Available in Spanish courtesy of Caferino

Felinoel - Wiki
DrMrEd - Elemental Art
SihvMan - writable scrolls and books
Draegon - Wand Art
Diannetea - Poppi Art
Angry Wizard - UI Icons
Trisscar - Gemcutting workbench, Succubus wings
Crustypeanut - raw magicyte, class icons, and world icon art
Rebelrot(AvP) - Staff of the Defender, Staff of Blazing Power, and magic wands Art https://www.patreon.com/Rebelrot
ZE - Testing
Bendigeidfran - Various sound effects
Kasmex Forever - Royal Armor Art, World icons, books and scrolls, Thrumbo weapons, various spell effects
Control Assuming Director - Minion Art
Kolton - Optimization

Like the mod? Consider showing your appreciation by buying me a coffee! https://ko-fi.com/torann
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Othias Sep 24 @ 8:25am 
Is it possible to configure the golems to do mining as well? I have looked for an appropriate setting under 1.4\Defs\GolemDefs but couldn't find anything. I am grateful for any advice.
Torann  [author] Sep 24 @ 1:59am 
You can use magic gems on enchanted gear. If you apply a gem that has better effects, it will overwrite the lesser effect. You can also apply new effects. For example, the Wanderers cloak does not have any magic power bonus - if you apply a gem of power to the cloak, then it will simply add the effect to existing effects on the cloak.

This could be a way to make earlier gear remain useful. You won't be able to add unique effects if there is no gem for it, however.
Mugi Sep 23 @ 6:52am 
Skeletons seem to have their hats behind their heads- anyone else had this happen? If so, lemme know if there was a fix.
Skaadi Sep 22 @ 11:32pm 
Probably an odd request but would it be possible to include an option to swap enchantments between 'Robes of the Archmage' <-> 'Mage Robe' and 'Cloak of Supremacy' <-> 'Wanderer's Cloak' ?

I found the mage robe and the wanderers cloak aesthetically incredibly pleasing but they are sadly supbar compared to the robes of the archmage and the mage robe. Alternatively if it less hassle, unenchanted versions would be amazing already so we can slap gems on it.

Cheers and thanks for the incredible mod!
Winter Sep 21 @ 2:15pm 
@SonOfMyths73 Per the info on the side of this mod's page, it was last updated mid-July.
When you say 'herbalism skills', do you mean the Apothecary class skills? Did you update your copy of Rimworld recently? Before the release of Biotech, traits that are supposed to be mutually-exclusive (like Druid and Apothecary) could co-exist if added manually, but after Biotech, one will suppress the other.
SonOfMyths73 Sep 21 @ 10:45am 
So did something get changed? My Druid had access to herbalism skills, but no longer seems to when I rebooted the game today.
Egalexandr Sep 18 @ 1:12am 
@ParasiticSquid, it doesn't matter how advanced your computer is, for RW all calculations done by CPU0
Femol Sep 13 @ 2:44am 
I found that probably this mod would decrease frequency of occurrence of psychic shock lance in traders? I tested this situation with only magic and its pre on, surprisingly no psychic shock lance being sold in 15 outlander outposts. Anyone noticed this condition?
ParasiticSquid Sep 4 @ 4:57am 
Im honestly surprised such a popular and large mod is still using the outdated, laggy, and buggy jecstools. Pretty sure I pointed this out in the past but most mods moved away from jecstools to alternatives that do what it does but better ages ago. To the point there's only a handful of mods still using it and more often then not those mods are the main performance impacts in modlists even if some don't realize it until late game. The larger the mod using jecstools the more performance impact which is the main reason that I stopped using this mod a while back despite loving it.. by the time I reached late game the game was so slow it was painful to play. Without this mod I never had that issue in moderate to small lists. Not to mention my computer is a 16GB RAM i7 CPU beast running a minimal arch linux install so it's definitely not my specs.

Jecstools is the limiting barrier keeping this from being an amazing mod again unfortunately.
CTH2004 Sep 3 @ 5:32pm