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Nioh - William Yungblood Armor
Created by _outerAM
In celebration of Nioh's release...

This mod adds Nioh's William Yungblood Armor from Warriors All-Stars for males. Doesn't have the scarf thing c...
14Th Century Templar Armor Mod
Created by Guard
.Model,Tex:Assassin's Creed Unity

2. You make female version.? →I Can't female version .

3.Where is it crafted? → Check forge

4.How do you Mod download ?→+subscried click

Please do not upload mod files to your sites

In particular, y...
Akaviri Samurai House
Created by Grey Wolf Jack

Akaviri House - A peaceful, little Japanese-styled starter shelter with a serene view located near the entrance to Riverwood. Most of the armor and weapons can be crafted. This is a re-release of one of my first 5 star mods (Samurai Uchi...
Alternate Ancient Shrouded Armor
Created by churchofsmalldog

---If anything in this mod is not working, place it LAST in the load order.---

This mod replaces the vanilla Ancient Shrouded Armor with a new, completely original asset with custom models and textures a...
Ancient Frozen WarLord armor set
Created by lagrie
- Ancient Frozen Warlord helmet
- Ancient Frozen Warlord boots
- Ancient Frozen Warlord gloves
- Ancient Frozen Warlord helmet
- Ancient Frozen Warlord club
Anri - Dark Souls Standalone Follower
Created by Kyllian
After being stripped from the nexus without 2 weeks of complication, and now suddenly hidden, I am uploading my Anri follower from Dark Souls to the Workshop

Location: Can be found in Bleak Falls Barrow around the golden claw puzzle...
Argentum Venator Longsword Pack by JRC
Created by JRC
-The textures shown in the video above are older, less detailed versions that have since been worked on and sharpened-


This is a silver longsword pack consisting of 10 swords (20 if you count the two-handed versions). Some of the swords are ba...
Ashara Elven archer armour revisited
Created by Ashara

Requirements: latest official Skyrim patch
Author(s): Newermind43 and Ashara
Assassin's Creed Rogue Mod Templar 11th Century Armor
Created by Guard
1.Model,Tex:Assassin's Creed Rogue

2. You make female version.? →I do not intend to create a female version

3.Where is it crafted? → Forge in > Steel >11th Templar Armor

4.How do you Mod download ?→+subscried click

Please vote the following...
BDO Bern Armor v1.1 by Guard016 & ReGenBot03
Created by Guard
Model&texture:Black Desert Online
Skyrim Conversion : Guard016(me)
Model.texture export : ReGenBot03

1. armor can be made of a Forge
2. The types armor, helmet, gauntlet, are four of the boots
3. armor You can smelting in the "...
Broken Angel Armor
Created by jackGa
Location: Palace of the Kings Upstairs

*** NO need ask permission for everything you want ***

1/ Steam (subscribe is Okay and it will auto download, but no esp)
2/ open skyrim Launcher, and click data option, it will auto download ...
Broken Memories
Created by lagrie
- Broken memorie boots
- Broken memorie cuirass
- Broken memorie gloves
- Broken memorie helmet

- Broken memorie sword 1h

- Knight of a brok...
Brutal King armor
Created by lagrie
The brutal King Set
- the Brutal King Boots
- the Brutal King Cuirass
- the Brutal King Gauntlets
- the Brutal King Helmet
- the Brutalality - 2h Axe
Npc + location
- The brutal King
- Brutal King location
Chateau Le Dragonborne (Player Home)
Chateau Le Dragonborne (Player Home in Solstheim, Dragonborn Expansion/DLC).

North Solstheism - follow the trapdoor to the cave, then find the key. Enter the hidden region where you will discover the Chateau Le Dragonborne, a new player home for the Do...
Ciri's sword
Created by Xuniana
Ciri's Sword From The Witcher® 3: Wild Hunt

Port by moogleoutfitters, Convert by me

Forging it or type "help ciris"

the damage has be nerfed...
Craftable Guns
Created by Grey Wolf Jack

This is a simple mod that adds craftable and fireable Flintlock Muskets, Flintlock Pistols, Flintlock Blunderbusses, Musket Balls, and Musket Shot to Skyrim. The Flintlock Musket, Flintlock Pistol, Flintlock Bl...
Cultist of Vaermina
Created by lagrie
- Cultist of Vaermina Boots
- Cultist of Vaermina Gloves
- Cultist of Vaermina Robes
- Cultist of Vaermina Hood

- Cultist of Vaermina Dagger

Dark Souls Balder Knight Armors, Weapons and NPC
Balder was the homeland of the Knight
King Rendal, but it came to ruin after a
great many Undead were spawned.

This mod includes:
-The Balder Set
-The Hollow Balder Set
-The Balder Shield
-The Hollow Balder Shield
-The Buckler
-The Balder Side ...
Dark Souls Elite Knight Set
Created by Дэвид
NOTE: THIS IS NOT MY MOD!!! I do not take ANY credit for making this wonderful mod, the original creator is a user called Azraille on the Skyrim Nexus! This is simply a re-upload onto the Steam Workshop so that I can share it with all of the wonderful peop...
Dark Souls Music
Created by Read SIEGE
Leave music suggestions in the comments, or message me.

A mod that replaces some of Skyrim's music with music from Dark Souls.

DarkWraith - Armor - Weapon - NPC
Created by lagrie
- Dark Armor
- Dark Gloves
- Dark leggings
- Dark Helmet
- Dark Sword 1h
- Dark Wraith NPC's

- these will spawn randomly when you a...
Dayspring Castle
This Mod places a Castle in Dayspring Canyon on the way to Fort Dawnguard. Vampires may be hesitant to use this, but should be okay. I plan to use this Castle Mod myself. It has working Gardens from Hearthfire DLC and currently some Merchants and 2 Follo...
DCR - Blade Set Reloaded
Created by JDGameArt
DCR - Blade Set Reloaded, a complete revamp of the original Dark Crusader Reforged - Blade Set!

**So what comes with the Reloaded version?**
All of the original weapons and enchants you can find in the reloaded version. Dynamis 1H, 2H, and the Defender...
Dwarven Colossus Mounts and Followers 3.5
Created by gg77
Adds 8 summonable Dwarven Colossus Mounts/Followers (4 simple + 2 dual) + a Dwarven Colossus Companion + you can also create an army of babies Colossus with the incubated eggs

The DLCs Dawnguard/Dragonborn are required

Dwemer Autoblade
Created by Acey
This mod adds one new weapon, the Dwemer autoblade. To Download the mod, just press subscribe.
The Model and Texures are made from scratch.

The Mod is also available on Skyrim Nexus, under the account name acey195.

The Dwemer Auto blade is a weapon...
Elven Steel- Heavy Elven Armour
Created by Smol Gem
A heavy variant of the in-game vanilla armour. Works for all races and genders. Crafted with steel, moonstone, and corundum. Fully temperable. Requires the Elven Smithing perk, obviously.
It has similar stats to Steel Plate armour, with slightly less pro...
Empire's Pride
Created by Lenni420
Hello World!
This is a small mod named "Empire's Pride".
The empire is conquering the Summerset islands. In this mod you can help the empire by defeating the Thalmor on a small coastal outpost. The outpost contains a small island and an interior. You can...
Fountain Guard Armor
Created by Maty743
Please note that this is a very old mod from when I was still learning how to do everything so please don't see it's quality as a representation of my more up to date and future projects.

Freya's Raiment
Created by Kiry
Since I started playing Skyrim, I've been searching for armor for a female character that made sense, defensively and structurally, looked decent, and actually looked kind of feminine. I'm too tired of all the skimpy armor, battle bikinis (or even less!)...
Generic Plate Armor
Created by JZBai
Generic Plate Armor
by: JZBai
Version: 1.0

Adds a plate armor set with four color variations and other customization options.

HunYou Armor No.2
Created by jackGa
Leather and Weight=0

no need...
Imperial Faction Pack ; ArbitraryFA - Imperial
Created by MalZen
Watch the video for a basic tour. Adds much, like portable camp gear such as a Cot to sleep in and a Utility Bench for crafting; and new traps. Imperial followers and better stat Armors/Weapons. Consumables used from inventory such as a hammer for temperin...
Imperial Officer Sword
Created by Pvt. Parts
This is a simple mod for imperial fans, I had always thought the imperial sword looked like the coolest sword around and wanted a powerfull one. This sword's base damage is the same as a dragonbone sword but does not require dawnguard.This sword requires s...
Liliths Lacerator-Custom Rapier and greatsword
Created by Noukheim
Latest version: 1.1

After a long while of inactivity I decided to make a new rapier that became a remake of my earlier mod Lilith's thorn.

This mod adds a rapier sword into the game and 3 variations made out of the main sword that can b...
Kill Them Generals
Created by Reinsdyret
Tired of Stormcloak Generals and Imperial Legates being essential during or after the Civil War?
Well, no more!

This simple fix removes their essential status allowing them to be killed.
Galmar and Rikke doesn't count, as they're required in quests. ...
Legionary Vanguard Armor
Created by Maty743
Please note that this is a very old mod from when I was still learning how to do everything so please don't see it's quality as a representation of my more up to date and future projects.

Lord Armor
Created by DoODABoOM
This mod add a complete Heavy armor and weapons set.

All the set have daedric stat. and craftable at forge under deadric item.
You can enchant or improve all armor and weapons.

Unfortunatly, there's no Helmet, and Hooded Helmet for Khajiit and Argon...
Mercenary War-Gear
Created by Grey Wolf Jack

An Imperial mercenary company has been developing a new type of soldier known as [Combat Engineer] to replace the Mages and get the magical aspect out of warfare completely, since Mages take so many years and so much education to train in ...
Mounted Combat For Everyone
Created by rymon23
-Virtually Any NPC can do mounted combat
-Improved Combat AI
-Mod Configuration Menu
-Toggleable Options

-Skyrim V1.9.32.08 or later
-SKSE 1.7.3 or later

*This mod does not provide horses for NPC...
Old Barbaric Wild Armor set
Created by lagrie
- Old Barbaric Wild Helmet
- Old Barbaric Wild Cuirass
- Old Barbaric Wild Gloves
- Old Barbaric Wild Boots
- Old Barbaric Wild Club
Plate Armor Plus
Created by aodnagne(하회)

This is conversion of Oblivion mod : Plate Armor Plus – Womans Move Edition originally posted by nao4288.

I kinda liked its own shape, especially how it looks like around the body in original format thus I tried to make this as close as...
Schwertleite Set
Created by XiNAVRO
A female armor for the CBBE body made with pieces from various armor mods, Schwertleite comes with a one-handed longsword and a shield of a similar design scheme. The name, Schwertleite, was taken from Wagner's opera Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of th...
Sentinel Armor from Dragon Age Origins: Awakening
Created by Rand0mNumbers

This is a recreation of the Sentinel Armor Set from Dragon Age Origins: Awakening. No dlc required.
Credit to Bioware for the original design.

The armor will apply to all races, but there a...
Septimus Signus Blood Havest
Created by The King
I believe that we all hate this part where you have to search in all Skyrim for those 5 races to harvest their blood.

Well, now you just need to look around and harvest the blood! :D

All 5 of them are lying there ready to be harvested.

I already h...
Sheogorath Shout - Call of Madness!
Created by BULL$H!T ARTIST
Adds the Call of Madness to the game, a Shout worthy of Sheogorath


Latest Version: v1.16:
- Due to an uploading error, the Workshop has been without the fix for the inactive Wabbajack....
Created by snakster
Elegant, PC-friendly UI mod for Skyrim with many advanced features. All improvements seamlessly integrate with the style of the original interface. Version 5 includes better crafting, enchanting, alchemy and smithing menus and several other enhancements.
Stormlord armor
Created by Gechbal
The stormlord armor is a new heavy armor that has the look of a great bearlord.

You can kill ulfric and take his if you've sided with the imperials.
Forge it if you have ebony smithing perk.
Buy Hjerim in Windhelm, it will be in a chest behind the mai...
Superior Armours
A simple, yet incredibly time consuming to make, mod that adds a Superior version of all heavy armour sets. This Superior version can be made at any forge and has stats equal to Dragonbone for Heavy armours, Dragonscale for Light armours, and (when I add t...
Talos Armory - avatar of talos
Created by lagrie
Talos Armory
- avatar of talos helm
- avatar of talos gloves
- avatar of talos boots
- avatar of talos cuirass
- avatar of talos shield
- avatar of talos sword
- guard of talos helm
- guard of talos cuirass
- guar...
The Asteria - Dwemer Airship
Created by Mattcm919
\\The Asteria - Dwemer Airship//

Thankyou to everyone who has downloaded and rated The Asteria! All of your encouragment and support means alot to me! However, I am no longer modding skyrim and have no future plans to support any of my mods.

Before a...
The Orpheus Gothic Project
Created by Andzi Proxy

Travel to the land gaming forgot. The game that inspired The Witcher, released in 2001 and
now presented to you as a mod for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. A new Gothic experience for fans of the old
games and newcomers alike. Pre...
The Witcher 3 Nilfgaardian armor set
Created by Guard
Model&texture:The Witcher 3
Skyrim Conversion : Blnik
1. armor can be made of a Forge
2. It mods consists of armor,boots,gloves
3. armor You can smelting in the "Ebony". It will function...
Warhammer: Empire Longsword
Created by Hersir
Name: Empire Longsword
Version: 1.0
Date: 18/02/2013
Category: Weapons
Author: Soyuz & Mikael


The latest addition to the world of skyrim modding by Soyuz and Mikael, Empire Longsword adds...