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Robbedacop - Cop Farming Guide
By Fep and 1 collaborators
The legit way for fastest acquisition of the impossible-to-get trophy.
Let's get to it
The fastest way is to do it with turrets on the Prison Nightmare bridge. This guide will describe optimal turret positioning, timing and the reasons behind these choices.
Trophy requirements and details
Getting 658,893 kills is no laughing matter. In fact, many OCD players despair over looking at this requirement and it's just as it appears - almost impossible to get in a lifetime, or at least the lifetime of a game (which will be over soon because support time of 4 years is about to run out). Supposedly, this number of kills is the population of Washington D.C. and also supposedly, the trophy itself is a meme and not meant to be acquired... but it is possible to do so and has been possible in the past - with enough determination and time - in just 160 hours of gameplay. My method yields about 4k kills per hour.

You used to be able to get it much quicker, in about 30 hours, by using the Hydra mutator with the split cop kills still counting towards the trophy. The devs have since 'fixed' this exploit a long time ago.
The Meat of the guide
How do we get so many kills in the shortest amount of time? You could probably hack, mod or cheat it, but that isn't what this guide is about.

What we're looking for is:
- Spawnkilling quickly
- Normal difficulty
- Endless assault phase
- Quickness to restart and resume the farming

Prison Nightmare bridge is the best location for this and the reasons for picking are in the last section.

Getting started:
Start the game on normal difficulty with AI (having AI present will increase spawn rate, or at least increase the max amount of spawned cops, which is what we need). Take the full turret tech tree. The rest is optional. I use a grinder deck set and light tactical vest but you could also use a muscle deck set and improved combined tactical vest or any other. You won't be using your weapons at all, but I suggest ammo-efficient ones with high ammo pickup and at least a moderate magazine size like ARs, LMGs and SMGs. You don't want to take grenade launchers or arrow weapons.

Getting to the bridge:
You probably know all of this already. To get to the bridge you need to spin two wheels, first one to get a keycard to enter the prison and the next (random of three other possible locations) to get a keycard to exit the prison (by inserting it and pulling the lever in the control room, not the one in the middle of the cell block). Please take care when jumping through the open windows out of control room as you can get stuck, bounce akwardly and fall to the very bottom level, which will instantly down you. Having AI is also handy to get you revived in this case. Rush out of the prison through the mid-level outer route (the inner route door is suddenly locked), use the zip line, rush to the back of the train, wait for the C4, blow the door. Doable in 5 minutes.

The happening:
Place a turret on each of the six locations as seen in the picture by placing them on the fence and setting them to use AP rounds. Placing on the fence can be a bit tricky but you can reliably do it by aiming directly at the fence and holding the deployable button. Move a few steps away from the turret (or jump away) after placing it and press the F-key (or whatever you've set your use key to be), which will set the turret to AP mode.

One you have all the turrets placed you should go back to the train and kill any remaining cops inside so they don't taunt your turrets to shoot at them from very far away, thus wasting ammo. Killing the remaining cops in the train after placing your turrets is a good idea because once the door is blown, cops will never spawn inside the train again so you only need to do it once.

Turrets deal with cops extremely quickly and efficiently on normal difficulty so you'll need to replace them every 2 or 2.5 minutes. The order of turret replacement is also marked by numbers in the picture, starting with middle two, then the two closer to the escape and finally the two closer to prison and train you just left. The reason we're placing and replacing them in this order is because the ones to be replaced last are usually the ones that run out of ammo the quickest, so by placing them last they'll last the longest, and thus run out of ammo slightly less quickly. I've tested a lot of different locations but these seem to work the best. By placing them on the fence, your turrets can even help the other turrets that run out of ammo due to inattentiveness. You can possibly afk a bit longer than 2.5 minutes but bots may not protect you forever, certainly not longer than 10 minutes.

If you're having any problems placing or replacing turrets, here's a video to make it easier:

How to properly afk:
- I stand in the middle of the bridge and tilt vision down to see the two turrets closest to the mountain at the top of the screen and have other apps in the foreground while glancing up every now and then to see if any turrets are empty. This requires the game to be running in windowed mode, which I warmly recommend to everyone playing the game anyway. Top of screen looks something like this:

In this picture we see that one of the turrets has run out of ammo and that we should start the replacement phase by replacing the middle ones, then top ones, etc.
- The other option is setting a stopwatch to 2.5 minutes each time you're done replacing turrets.
- The third option is to just wait and have music turned on. When you're hit by a flashbang the music will suddenly die down - this is your cue that cops are not getting killed by turrets and replacement is urgent. This isn't completely reliable, however, as cops can't be counted on to throw flashbangs regularly. You may find yourself dead if you afk too much.

Things to note:
The bridge is a slightly buggy place. For some reason I'm seeing tree leaves whirlwinding out of the money stacks instead of bank notes. There are also strange things that happen with your sound the longer you're on the bridge. After about 30 minutes you won't hear turrets shooting any more if you stand in the middle of the bridge. This... is kind of nice, so you don't have to listen to their popping, just the relaxing windy sounds.

I recommend restarting the heist once per hour to save your kills. If your game suddenly closes or breaks you'll lose your progress otherwise.
Reasons for selection
Consider that there are many options where we can spawnkill cops as they climb over fences, jump in through windows, crawl under doors or simply walk in from around corners and through doors you can't walk in yourself. None of these options are very attractive though if you have to do it with guns, this is why we do it with turrets - and turrets are undoubtedly the most efficient way to do it.

Unfortunately, improperly placed turrets will get cops stuck and eventually cause their spawns to come to a halt. When using turrets, this means we usually can't place them near a spawn point where cops appear or they'll get stuck and won't climb over their fences/walk in around corners at all. We need to pick a sort of spawn that has cops rolling in with an entrance animation, like jumping in through windows or climbing in from cliffs without first appearing in a group and then moving to their play area entry point.

There are plenty of options still, but to do it fast, we can't wait for cops to come in from afar and run to us and our turrets. This takes time and if we just place a random turret somewhere it may do its job, but it'll do it nice and slow... Slow isn't what we're looking for at all.

We also can't do it on any map with very hard difficulty or higher using Captain Winters because supposedly the longer he stays on the map, the stronger the cops become, thus making an artificial endless assault phase with him unattractive and inefficient at best. Higher difficulties also carry other problems in the form of increased cop HP and specials. Normal difficulty is undoubtedly the way to go.

Let's weigh all the endless assault phase maps and take into consideration the fact that we need to repeatedly get to the endless assault phase. This usually takes 10 minutes, sometimes 20, when looking at heists like Hoxton Breakout day 2 (although day 1 already has it running as soon as you reach the car). First world bank after blowing the wall, Aftershock after placing the flare to get the truck lifted, Slaughterhouse, Boiling Point after taking server and suitcase, Birth of Sky after opening the manhole, Beneath the Mountain after interacting with the computer, Undercover upon the completed transaction, Biker Heist day 1 after interacting with Rust's bike, the entirety of Biker Heist day 2, Brooklyn 10-10 after exiting the elevator, Green Bridge after the balloon is picked up, Goat Simulator day 2 after the bridge control door opens and of course, the Prison Nightmare bridge. All the previous heists are too big, long and/or chaotic, the only viable ones remaining being the Goat Simulator bridge control and Prison Nightmare, though there is no easy and fast way to get back to the bridge control. It just takes longer than we'd realistically like. On Prison Nightmare however, it only takes about five minutes to get to the bridge. Fortunately, restarting a heist does still add the kills you've made to the Robbedacop counter, otherwise you'd be faced with the requirement to actually finish the Goat Simulator heist, which would be very unproductive, having to go through the entire day 1 again.

When comparing Goat Simulator day 2 to Prison Nightmare, getting to the endless phase takes considerably longer in the former. In Prison Nightmare I can get to the bridge consistently in about 5 minutes or less. As stated before, we need to get to it repeatedly because it's a very, very good idea to restart the heist every hour to save progress. If the game closes or breaks down we won't get any progress saved and all those cops' lives would be wasted! Not that they aren't already when they have to deal with the Payday gang.

Thus, I find Prison Nightmare to be the most suitable because with optimal turret placement, you can kill cops while they're climbing onto the bridge which makes sure that you're not only killing them as soon as they spawn, but also that your turrets are the ones getting you kills and not bots, whose kills don't add to the trophy kill counter.
And also..
Don't forget to pay your respects to the giant cloaker. :>

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spigot Jul 3 @ 9:58pm 
Hilarious! Hah, and this is a huge improvement over my previos method; Where I'd spawn-camp all 6 spawn points on the heist "the diamond". Where I could get around 100Kills every 5 minutes (or so) on very hard!, But here, and with this I get much more. Thank you for this contribution, I'll be acting on this information.
Finale Feb 3 @ 7:40pm 
I have a much, much better turret arrangement for that general area of the heist that I'd be happy to share, if you'd be willing to alter the guide to reflect it.It's been awhile, but if memory serves my approach gets over 6k an hour- it results in having to replace your 6 turrets more or less continuously because they never stop firing.
Greeny55Five Dec 2, 2017 @ 3:06am 
I was using The Diamond with the Captain and stayed in the section before The Diamond, letting them funnel into the room and let my Sentries kill them or I personally ran around blowing them up or rapid-firing. I usually had only 1.5K to 2K kills though.
BOT Mike Nov 30, 2017 @ 1:42pm 
About how long does this take?
First Dead Nov 27, 2017 @ 1:37pm 
An addition of mine for extra tankiness:
use the improved assault vest, stoic perk deck + ace hostage taker
now you have like ~400 health and regenerate 4,5% of that. Congratz, you're immortal and can't die even if you go afk for more than 2,5 min.
HD丶Bear Nov 27, 2017 @ 4:23am 
Shit Owl Nov 26, 2017 @ 4:49pm 
get jack of all trades so u can both have 4 supressed turrets and 2 normal turrets
LesserSphinx Nov 26, 2017 @ 4:26am 
How did you get 6 turrets?
金色蛋蛋 Nov 24, 2017 @ 6:57pm 
MisterPronka Nov 23, 2017 @ 11:54pm 
Good guide. There is also a fun trick. Getting .50 sniper/china puff combo. As long as you have at least 3 bullets in sniper and 1 grenade in launcher, you can replenish non-empty turret without ammo wasting (when you pick up non-empty turret, you receive at least 1/1 ammo, and when you place turret right away, you spend 1/1)