Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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How To Be A Pro Rifleman
By =D= Professor T-Bag
This guide will help you improve your Rifleman skills so you can run around like those crazy good riflemen.
Your two choices of rifle to pick from are the Mosin and the Kar98. It is important to understand the difference between them in order to fully exploit each one.

A. Mosin
Weight: 4kg (unloaded)
Damage: 115
Fire Interval (Bolt speed): 0.95 seconds
Bullet Speed: 865m/s
Ammo: 15 clips
Reload time: 5.02 seconds (2 seconds if you glitch the reload: to do this you simply have to aim down sights as soon as it says "magazine full")

B. Kar98
Weight: 3.7kg (unloaded)
Damage: 115
Fire Interval (Bolt speed): 0.91 seconds
Bullet Speed: 756m/s
Ammo: 10 clips
Reload time: 4.63 seconds
Pick which bolt action feels best to you. Personally I will pick the Mosin over the Kar in most situations because it has more ammo and you can reload A LOT faster than the Kar. The only time i would use a Kar is when I’m assaulting at the start of a map. The reduced ammo and weight of the Kar will make you the fastest class on your team most of the time.
The way you move around on the map is very important. There is a mostly unknown feature in this game that I call the Sprint/Walk bug. This feature is the most overpowered in the game. It will allow you to sprint at full speed in any direction (you can sprint backwards and forwards at the same speed). This will allow you to zig-zag more efficiently, run through water at the same speed as on land, and you can change cover quickly while still keeping focus on your target.
This is a game changing bug/feature that I cannot recomend more to anyone that has not discovered it.
In order to use it you simply have to look through your key binds and find the unbound “walk” option. Bind “walk” to whatever key feels comfortable. I recommend binding it to ctrl, v, or a mouse button. When in game you will have to hold Sprint and Walk together for it to work.
3.Map Knowledge
I believe that a great player's skill is 80% map knowledge. If you know the maps like the back of your hand then EVERYTHING will be easier. You will be able to move through the map knowing the typically well defended areas of a map and less defended areas. Getting behind the enemy will be easy and allow you to rack up kills without the enemy knowing whats going on. LEARN THE MAPS. You think you know them well but you don't.
4.Engaging the enemy
This game will usually reward the player who shoots first so make sure you're the one that does the shooting. One thing I noticed when I first started playing rifleman was that I was not confident at all if my first shot would land on an enemy. When using semi autos however I felt like I could easily aim and shoot my first shot. It became clear to me that because I could have follow up shots with a semi auto that i didn't care as much if my first shot missed because i could easily shoot again.
This may sound weird but don't think about the fact that you have a bolt action. Realize it's limitations and also ignore them because any doubt you have in your abilities will show in-game and get you killed.
Take any shots you can, even if you think you'll miss those hard shots will eventually become easy.
If you're holding down a good defensive position and you kill a good player then the chances are that player knows where you are. You will need to consider changing spots if that happens because if that player you killed was me then I can guarantee you I'll come looking for revenge.
Always put yourself in your enemy's shoes. Think like them and you will be able to know what they're going to do before they do it, For example:
I'm having an engagement with Fritz at 30m and I gain fire superiority over him. He's hiding behind his cover so what do i do in that situation? Well I'm thinking that if he hasn't exposed himself then he's probably going to throw a grenade or hes reloading. I will rush Fritz to avoid grenades and surprise him.
Say you're running in the open and someone shoots at you, what do you do, run for cover? Yes that's understandable, that's what your enemy will expect you to do. Instead of simply running to cover you should put a few shots toward the shooter while running as they won't expect that. Assume your enemy knows what you'll try to do. surprise him, do the opposite.
I think it goes without saying that you should turn "Manual Bolting" on. Manual Bolting significantly increases your bolt speed.
Change your "Aim Down Sights" to "hold to aim". Most people use toggle aim by default but very few use hold to aim. You may think that toggle aim works just fine for you but you are putting yourself at a disadvantage by doing so. Hold to aim is A lot faster requiring one less click when you have to aim, shoot, bolt (3 clicks), but toggle aim requires 4 clicks; aim,shoot, un-aim(?),bolt.
You can also bolt your rifle while sprinting. simply start to bolt then sprint as soon as the bolting animation starts.
These techniques take time to get used to but are totally worth it so take the time.

If you have anything else you can add to this short guide then please do.
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=D= Professor T-Bag  [author] Apr 29 @ 2:41am 
We can play anytime
snowhead Apr 29 @ 1:36am 
I will win you very simply, even without effort. but your teammate Nooble Noob is hard to win, but you can.
[ro2.fi] Rantamäki Apr 26 @ 11:44am 
@MemeWeaver Did you read the guide? "I think it goes without saying that you should turn "Manual Bolting" on. Manual Bolting significantly increases your bolt speed."
MemeWeaver Apr 25 @ 1:04pm 
also turn on manual bolting it increases firerate
Luiz_Alex007 Jan 31 @ 3:54pm 
On a counterpoint, there is a limit to "Assume your enemy knows what you'll try to do. surprise him, do the opposite". Sometimes, doing the expected means you are doing the reasonable. Stopping in an open field to shoot back might save you in an one on one. But, when you are exposed to many enemies, I would advise doing the sensible and seeking cover.

Plus, whenever an enemy stops running to shoot at me, he is a dead one before he can properly aim at the small pixel he sees at the distance. It's a tricky case by case type of thing, though.
Luiz_Alex007 Jan 31 @ 3:50pm 
Funny, I actually had walk binded, I found out about it a while back and it's really useful to sneak around. Still, I never tried sprinting and walking, did not even think of that. I am not sure I am fully supporting of glitching, but it's not a game breaking one and I am glad you didn't just keep it to yourself. Apart from that, the guide is also very useful.
=DabS=Stardust Jan 26 @ 9:27pm 
But can you shoot down planes though? With bolt action rifles, since semi-automatic rifles are apparently the ultimate anti-air weapon of this game.
Kangaroo Jan 21 @ 3:43am 
Ha ha ha i concur with Zephyronian, calling talented players glitch abusers is hilarious, u do NOTHING ILLEGAL or even mildly suspicious, its all above board and PLUS u teach and reveal these tips hints and ways to get the edge for all and sundry to peruse at their leisure. I too use manual bolting off and toggle iron sights CHANGED TO hold iron sights, makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE especially when the going gets heated nasty and too close for comfort, love your guides and generous helping hand Professor T-Bag, proud u are on my Friends list mate. Love from Down Under.
[ro2.fi] Rantamäki Jan 20 @ 12:19am 
@Nequis pls...this guide helps ppl getting better.