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All you need to know about “Hoovies”
By Katsyrc
There are many different species in the world of TF2 but there is 1 which stands out the most, The Hoovy. Read this guide to find out everything about the hoovy.
What are Hoovies?
Hoovies are the cousins of the nearly extinct, Spy Crab. The Hoovy is known to be a in the “friendly species” of TF2. But now which should talk about the different types of Hoovies.
There are actually 7 different types of Hoovies.
1.The Basic Hoovy
2.Bear Hoovy
3.Spy Hoovy
4.Bird Hoovy
5.Santa Hoovy
6.Banana Hoovy
7.PyroVision Hoovy
The Basic Hoovy
The Basic Hoovy
The most common hoovy, the Basic Hoovy.

Primary: Minigun
Secondary: Sandvich
Melee: Fists or the Ham Shank

Cosmetics: Anything that looks silly & funny (normally wears Tough Guy Toque)

Aggression level: Passive (Rarely Neutral)

Enemies: Scunt, TryHards, F2P

The Basic Hoovy use to be very common however they are now at the risk of extinction.

The Bear Hoovy
The Bear Hoovy
An uncommon Hoovy which attacks other players if he gets attacked first.

Minigun: Brass Beast
Secondary: Buffalo Steak Sandvich
Melee: Warrior’s Spirit

Cosmetics: The Bear Necessities

Aggression Level: Neutral

Enemies: TryHards, Scunt, F2P

The Bear heavy is very protective, just don’t hit them or they will constantly try to kill you.

The Pootis Bird
Pootis Bird
There are more Pootis Birds because of the scream fortress update 2017.

Primary: Tomislav
Secondary: Sandvich
Melee: Fists, Ham Shank, Pan

Cosmetics: Chicken Kiev

Aggression level: Neutral

Enemies: Scunt, Tryhars, F2P

The Pootis Bird is becoming more common which is definitely a good thing! Mainly found in Scream Fortress, Very Sexy Bird

Santa Hoovy
Santa Hoovy
The most rarest hoovy ever, mainly found during Smissmas

Primary: Any Minigun
Secondary: Festive Sandvich
Melee: Holiday Punch

Cosmetics: B.M.O.C, All Father, Gift Bringer

Aggression Level: Neutral (Might taunt kill you)

Enemies: Scunts, Try Hards, F2P, People who hate Smissmas

The Santa Hoovy is known to make you laugh so much that you die, be careful!

Spy Hoovy
Spy Hoovy
The spy hoovy’s job is to find tryhards and kill them while disguised as a hoovy.

Primary: Any Revolver
Watch: Dead Ringer
Knife: Any
Sapper: Default

Cosmetics: Any

Aggression level: Neutral

Enemies: anyone who hurts an innocent Hoovy

The Spy Hoovy protects all hoovies and should be rewarded.

Pyrovision Hoovy
Pyrovision Hoovy
Do you believe in magic?

Weapons: Natasha
Secondary: Dalokohs Chocolate Bar
Melee: Fists

Cosmetics: Pyrovision Goggles

Aggression level: Passive

Enemies: Tryhards, F2P, Scunts

The Pyrovision Hoovy is always mistaken for the basic Hoovy.

Banana Hoovy & Yeti Hoovy
Banana Hoovy
A new Hoovy, born in the pyro update.

Minigun: Any
Secondary: Second Banana
Melee: Any

Cosmetics: Any

Aggression level: Passive

Enemies: Tryhards, Scunts, F2P

The banana Hoovy was raised in the wild.


Yeti Hoovy
A Hoovy that is capable of becoming really aggressive.

Minigun: Brass Beast
Secondary: Second Bannana
Melee: Any (mainly ham shank)

Cosmetics abdominal fat man, Big Foots, Knuckle Draggers

Aggression Level: Neutral (one hit and they will always be aggressive to you)

Enemies: Anyone who touches the Hoovy

Loves Bannanas and is born during the jungle inferno.
Thank You
Thank you for putting your time & effort to read this guide I really appreciate it so much, this is the first guide that I put a lot of effort into! Thank you!!

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Elite Sauce Apr 4 @ 3:56pm 
that is all for now, i must go now their are many more hoovies waiting to be discovered
Elite Sauce Apr 4 @ 3:55pm 
their cosmetics are: the class crown, the unshaved bear, and the platinum tsar. their primary weapon is a tomislav. their secondary item can be either a dolokos bar or a sandvich and their melee weapon of choice is the apocho fists.
Elite Sauce Apr 4 @ 3:53pm 
behavior: is peaceful but also has a big ego and is full of themselves from time to time boasting about their royal hoovy blood which unfortunately leads to their death by being shot by annoyed bystanders
Elite Sauce Apr 4 @ 3:51pm 
this new hoovy i discovered is called the tsar pootis II hoovy so i shall now list what it looks like what it wears and how it behaves
Elite Sauce Apr 4 @ 3:49pm 
i have recently come across a brand new hoovy in my travels

Unnecessary Mar 8 @ 8:16pm 
I am a yeti hoovy except I use the stock minigun and stock fists, but the banana.
Linkin Pug (T.E.H.P) Feb 28 @ 8:22pm 
or a ugandan knuckles hoovy (dead meme counter went up by 1)
Smile2Me Feb 28 @ 10:57am 
we need a pirate hoovy.
IVAN GOPNIK Feb 14 @ 4:33am 
im mainly yeti hoovy but i use holiday punch
itsdatmax Jan 19 @ 12:11pm