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Elemental Protection Shields
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Nov 8, 2017 @ 6:43pm
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Elemental Protection Shields

Was sick and tired of playing a warrior type character in Skyrim and having my shield do anything but block, especially when it came to blocking spells without a ward, they are absolutely useless. So i have taken the time to create an enchantment and slightly recreate the base vanilla shields of the game. The shields stats are as follows as well as the enchantment on them. (the enchantment is the same on all of them, i have just taken the time to up the base defence on the shields by x10 and give them more unique names)

All the shields can be found in The Sleeping Giants Inn in Riverwood, in Delphines basement in the barrel at the back of the room, as seen in the screenshots above.

Shields: (These can be crafted using the normal items for the vanilla shields)Requires just the base Skyrim game, NO DLCs REQUIRED

Daedric Shield (Shield of the Daedra) Base 360 ID 010012C5

Dragonplate Shield (Protection of Akatosh) Base 340 ID 010012C6

Dragonscale Shield (Shield of the Dovah) Base 290 ID 010012C7

Dwarven Shield (Centurians Bane) Base 260 ID 010012C8

Ebony Shield (Shield of Grey) Base 320 ID 010012C9

Eleven Shield (Valenwoods Might) Base 210 ID 010012CA

Glass Shield (Shimmering Light) Base 270 ID 010012CB

Hide Shield (Shield of the WIld) Base 150 ID 010012CC

Imperial Heavy Shield (Cyrodils Champion) Base 200 ID 010012CE

Imperial Light Shield (Shield of the Warrior) Base 190 ID 010012CD

Iron Banded Shield (War Chiefs Companion) Base 220 ID 010012CF

Iron Shield (Shield of Skyrim) Base 200 ID 010012D0

Orish Shield (Malacaths Rage) Base 300 ID 010012D1

Steel Shield (Steels Might) Base 240 ID 010012D2

The Enchantment on all the shields is called ELEMENTAL DEFENCE and consists of the following enchantments:

While blocking, creates a ward to protect from magic up to 200 points (Just like Spellbreaker but a bit stronger)
Resists Fire, Frost and Shock 100%
Resists Disease 100%

Some may say this is OP, but it what i have created to have a bit of fun, and not forcing you to use it, just so others can enjoy it.
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UnderEye24  [author] Feb 19 @ 3:35pm 
Just downloaded it on mine, mines there and works. You sure you dont maybe have another mod that changes vanilla shield textures or completely overhauls them? Might be that, or try re subscribing to it. Not sure mate.
UnderEye24  [author] Feb 19 @ 3:09pm 
True. Ill download it on mine again as just new computer, and ill see if it works.
Not a bot Feb 19 @ 4:41am 
well wont do much good if it isnt in the mod loading list
UnderEye24  [author] Feb 18 @ 6:55pm 
Oh, don't know why that is. You tried getting them in game?
Not a bot Feb 18 @ 5:26pm 
lmao,sad part is i subbed to it,yet it isnt showing in my mod list
UnderEye24  [author] Feb 18 @ 4:09pm 
Hahaha yeah they are, but i thought that the vanilla shields in the game kinda sucked, so i just threw this together and made them kinda unique. Glad you like them dude, cheers
Not a bot Feb 18 @ 7:45am 
looks op as f*ck
i like it