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Squad Lingo
By lilshrimp01
This is a guide on many military terms and phrases you will hear in Squad. It is important you know many of these, if not all of these. This guide isn't 100% complete, so if I've missed anything or got something wrong please comment down below. I hope this guide is helpful, and I wish you luck on your next game in Squad!

This guide is in alphabetical order within each section. Terms that are closely related to each other are grouped up such as the terms "AT" and "LAT."
Basic Terms
Ammo --- “Ammunitions”

APC --- "Armored Personnel Carrier"

AT --- “Anti-Tank”
LAT --- “Light Anti-Tank”
LAW --- "M72-LAW", US-specific LAT weapon
RPG --- “Rocket Propelled Grenade”
HAT --- “Heavy Anti-Tank”
TANDEM Round --- refers specifically to the tandem HEAT round used to defeat heavily armored vehicles
HEAT Round --- "High Explosive Anti-Tank Round" --- refers specifically to the light anti-tank round that can take on most lightly armored vehicles and damage heavier ones
FRAG Round --- "Fragmentation Round --- refers specifically to the fragmentation round used to take on infantry

AR --- "Automatic Riflemen"

Contact(s) --- “Direction of incoming rounds”
Direction at which bullets are coming towards you.

CROWS --- “Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station”
In reference to the MG that is mounted on some fire support vehicles, it is remotely operated within the vehicle hull and doesn’t require a man to manually control it directly.
In most common reference to the mounted HMG on fire support vehicles that can shred men and light armor, and can take down medium armor.

Egress --- "Exit"
Exfil --- "Extraction"

FOB --- “Forward Operating Base”
HAB --- "HESCO Accommodation Bunker"
A “super-FOB” is a heavily defended and weaponized FOB

Frags --- “Fragmentation Grenades”
Nades -- "Fragmentation Grenades" or "Rifle Grenades"
Smokes --- “Smoke Grenades”

GL --- "Grenade Launcher"
RG --- "Rifle Grenade" or "HE Rifle Grenade"

Guardian Angel --- refers to the squad member who hangs back and eyes the squad's movement from a high position, usually a sniper or scout

Helo --- "Helicopter"

IED --- “Improvised Explosive Device”
IED Bikes --- IEDs placed on dirt bikes

INS --- “Insurgent” forces, designed after insurgent forces you see in the middle east

Logi --- “Logistics Truck”

Mag(s) --- refers to the magazine that holds bullets, mortars, or rockets
Clip(s) --- special way to reload a gun involving a literal clip (SKS has this)

Meds --- “Medical Supplies” or “Medkit”

MG --- “Machine Gun” --- an umbrella term for a gun with the following characteristics; can refer to any MG, LMG, or HMG you may encoutner such as the SAW, M240B, PKP, .50 Cal, etc. Usually belt fed, but their most notable ability is on-the-move fire support for a squad. Usually sport a bi-pod.
AR - "Automatic Rifleman" --- one man can carry it, not as heavy as a LMG, think SAW by the US forces
LMG --- “Light Machine Gun” --- one man can carry it; think M240B and PKP, but not a SAW
HMG --- “Heavy Machine Gun” --- mounted or an emplacement, requires at least two to carry (IRL); think .50 Cal HMG
.50 Cal --- In reference to the ".50 Cal HMG"
M240 Bravo --- refers to the "FN M240B" LMG
PKP --- refers to the "PKP Pecheneg" LMG

KIA --- "Killed in Action"

Mike(s) --- "Minute(s)" or "Millimeter(s)"
Although "Mike" is "M" under the NATO Phonetic Alphabet, it can also mean the term above

Mils --- military unit of measurement for US mortars, describes elevation
There are 2Pi Radians in a circle, being 2*3.14, or 6.283 Radians
Multiple that by 1000mils, and you get 6283mils, with roughly 18mils equaling a degree
Most militaries would simplify this number to 6000mils or 6400mils
Simply speaking, a mil is a finer degree than a typical degree, which allows for more precise mortar drops
Using spotters who can give you rough estimates of distance from you to the target, mils can be translated from meters via the Range to Mils table in the mortar GUI
Azimuth --- the degree in which the mortar is facing
If thinking North as 0 degrees, and the enemy is direct South of the mortar emplacement, you would point the mortar 180 degrees from North with an azimuth of 180 degrees.

QRF --- "Quick Reaction Force"
Squad under the direct command of the Commander
Commander is the only one authorized to direct this unit unless he sheds command of the squad to other officers
Meant to rapidly respond to developing situations
Meant to quickly backup pinned down squads and get them out of a dire situation
The desired vehicle would be a helo, but anything fast like a Humvee or Technical that can get in and out quickly can be used

Recon --- "Reconnaissance"
The observation of a region to locate the enemy or determine possible strategic features
Recon Element --- "Reconnaissance Structure"
Technically you can recon from anywhere, most likely from a high vantage point, like a cliff, to locate the enemy, but sometimes you might be scouting out the area via a structure. This structure can be very generalized --- a house, tower, small bunker, the fourth floor of an apartment, etc.

RV --- "Rendezvous Point"

SL --- “Squad Leader”
Squad Lead --- "Squad Leader"
Commander --- Commanding SL

Snipes --- "Sniper"

Soft Car --- “BRDM-2 Scout Car”

Splash --- "Splash Damage"
Mortar and Rocket rounds have splash damage that can hurt multiple tangos at once

Tank --- refers to any armored vehicle that another team mate may see on the map, not specific at all to what it could be. Could refer to any IFV, APC, etc with tracks. If it's an actual main battle tank, people will usually say it by the tank's name such as "Leopard" or "Abrams," or simply callout "Mother ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ tank!"

Tango --- “Target”

Tapped --- "Shot" or "Hit"
Means to be "shot and downed" or "shot and injured."

Technical or Techni (teck-e) --- reference to the Insurgent/Militia force’s Technical Trucks
Can also refer specifically to the “Armed Technical” Truck
Rocket or Rocke (rock-e) --- “Rocket Artillery Technical” Truck
For the INS forces, each truck can be referred to by color

Transport(s) --- “Transport Truck”
Can be shortened to "Trans"
NATO Phonetic Alphabet
This is the alphabet used when calling out certain locations on the map.
This is used by most militaries.

  • A --- “Alpha”
  • B --- “Bravo” or “Beta”
  • C --- “Charlie”
  • D --- “Delta”
  • E --- “Echo”
  • F --- “Foxtrot” or “Fox”
  • G --- “Golf” or “Gold” or "Gamma"
  • H --- “Hotel” or “Halo”
  • I --- “India” or "Indigo"
  • J --- “Juliett”
  • K --- “Kilo”
  • L --- “Lima”
  • M --- “Mike” or “Metro”
  • N --- “November” or “Nectar”
  • O --- “Oscar”
  • P --- “Papa”
  • Q --- “Quebec”
  • R --- “Romeo”
  • S --- “Sierra”
  • T --- “Tango”
  • U --- “Uniform” or “Union”
  • V --- “Victor”
  • W --- “Whiskey”
  • X --- “X-ray”
  • Y --- “Yankee”
  • Z --- “Zulu” or “Zebra” or “Zed” or “Zelda”
Key Phrases
These are key phrases you might hear in Squad.

10-4 --- "Copy" or "Yes, I understand your message"

Affirm or Affirmative --- "Yes"
Asked as a Command --- "Affirm my last order" in which you would repeat the last order you got from your SL to your SL

ASAP --- "As soon as possible"
AFAP --- "As fast as possible"

_____ is hot
"_____" can be replaced with a specific area of the map
Some section of the map is filled with enemies; friendlies are most likely engaged with the enemy and an intense firefight is ensuing

Bad Splash --- "Bad Mortar/Rocket Rounds, expect further orders"
Means the rounds weren't on target, so expect new bearings to clock into the mortar. Can also mean the rounds hit friendlies.
New bearings are usually said right after this phrase

Battery and Assault --- "Wait for the rounds to splash, then attack."
In reference when mortars or other artillery are used on a current position, then squads are supposed to assault said position
Once the mortar rounds "splash," then your men are supposed to assault the location

Clear to Engage
Asked as a Question --- “Am I allowed to attack?”
Told as an Answer --- “You are allowed to attack”

Check your Six --- “Check behind you”

Copy (that) --- "Information received"

Danger Close --- "CAS or artillery support within 600m of friendlies"

Dismount --- "Leave the vehicle"

Dropped _____ --- "Killed _____ enemy soldiers"
Said immediately after you kill the said soldiers

Due _____ --- "Direct _____"
The "_____" can be replaced with "North, South, East, or West," or the "North East, NW, SE, or SW." Can mean to go precisely North, South, or etc. Can mean enemies are moving precisely North, South, or etc.

Empty the (full) Load --- Reference to mortar support means, to shoot off all the rockets or mortars in the current “mag”

ETA --- “Estimated Time of Arrival”

Fire for effect --- "Fire one shot for effect"

FUBAR --- “♥♥♥♥♥♥ Up Beyond All Recognition (or Repair)”

♥♥♥♥ 'Em Up! --- "Clear to engage" but better
Free to Engage --- “Allowed to attack on contact with the enemy”

Good Splash --- "Good Mortar/Rocket Rounds"
Means the mortar rounds were on target and inflicted enemy damage

Hang Fire --- "Hold fire until told to do so"
Hold Fire --- "Hold fire until told to do so"

I have visual --- Means you have eyes on the current objective or a specific object

I’m Out --- “Out of ammo in current magazine”
Black on Ammo --- “Fully out of ammo/mags”

I want 360 security --- "Make a perimeter"
I want 360 security on the roof --- "Give me eyes on the roof, I want views on all angles"
Explained more under "Basic Formations/Tactics"

Lima Charlie --- “Loud and Clear”

Lima Lima Mike Foxtrot --- "Lost Like a ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥"

Made Contact --- Means you're either engaging the enemy or your on the site of your team's current objective

Men on me --- All men of the squad to their SL
Can be shortened to "On me"

Mike Golf --- "Master Gunner"

Need Backup --- "Need men on my location"
Used when enemy soldiers have overrun a squad or specific location

On the money --- "On target"

Oscar Mike --- “On the Move”

Out --- "Transmission over"

Over --- "Waiting for response"

Pop Smoke --- “Throw smoke grenades” to SL’s desired target

Reloading --- “Replenishing a new magazine to the chamber”

Repeat --- "Repeat the previous fire mission"

Right on top of me --- Means the enemy is in the immediate vicinity of your person or dead body

Roger (that) --- "Message received and understood"
Roger Doger --- "Message received and understood" but better

Say Again --- "Please repeat the previous order"

Scratch (that) --- “Disregard previous immediate order”

Strength Estimate --- "Estimated number of enemy infantry and/or vehicles"
Term used from Commander to Scouting Squad or visa versa
Say the amount of infantry and vehicles in one's view, specifies vehicles and direction

Squad, mount (up) --- "Squad, enter the designated vehicle"

Squirt that (location) --- “Suppress” the SL’s desired target

Tango Down --- “Target Down”

Throw Frags --- “Throw Fragmentation Grenades” to SL’s desired target

Wait --- "Hold position" or "Hold previous relay"
Wait Out

Want you to thump that _____ --- "Want you to launch rifle grenades on that _____"
Order given to the squad member with rifle grenades
Always understood as HE grenades unless said otherwise

We’re (I’m) Mounted --- refers to you and/or your squad on the transport truck or APC you’re assigned to for the mission

Wilco --- “Will Comply” or “Roger (that)”
This is the vehicles section of the guide, which gives a brief description of each vehicle type in Squad.

Motor Bike --- fast and agile bike that can glitch out sometimes and get you killed; holds 2 people

Transport Truck --- open roofed truck that can carry a lot of men (compared to the other vehicles); includes Ural and M939 variants that can hold 18 people. Also carries a bit of ammo for resupply.

Transport Technical --- small truck that can carry a lot of men; includes the Transport Technical that holds 8 people. Can also carry a small supply of ammo for resupply.

Logistics Truck --- open roofed truck with supplies in the back; include Ural and M939 variants that can hold 10 people and 3000 supplies.

Technical Logistics --- small truck that carries supplies; holds 5 men and 1400 supplies.

Light Vehicles --- fast vehicles with light armament and armor; include MRAP variants and technical variants with guns. Have 150 ammo for resupply.

Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) --- medium armored vehicles with armament that can pierce other APCs and other vehicles with lower armament ratings; can carry a squad of men; includes Stryker with CROW, BTR-80, and most MT-LB variants. Have 600 ammo for resuuply.

Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs) --- class of APCs with medium to high armor with armament that can pierce other IFVs and other vehicles with lower armament ratings; some have HAT capabilities with ATGM systems (Anti-Tank Guided Missile); include Bradley, MT-LB with 30mm, and BTR-82A.

Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) --- heavily armored fighting vehicles that carry heavy armaments able to pierce other MBTs and other vehicles with lower armament ratings; sacrifice men capacity for armor and armament; include the M1 Abrams and T-72 B3.

Helicopter (Helo) --- a flying machine used for resupply, FOB creation, and troop transport. Can also do recon or provide light CAS, but weak in terms of armor and armament.

Those are currently all the vehicle classes in-game for now. Armor and armaments may vary. The difference between APCs and IFVs is a little bit of a gray area since IFVs are technically a sub class of APCs, but I'm defining them the 'Merican way.
Types of Squads
Here is a list of the different types of Squads you might be playing as in your game.
Keep in mind that some of these might not be the true name.
Keep in mind that "Vehicles" are the vehicles mainly used by this specific squad.
"Truck" refers to Militia and INS trucks, excludes Rocket Trucks

  • Grunt Squad
    Other names: Floaters, Fillers, Basic Squad
    Vehicles: Any
    As the name entails, this squad simply floats around the battlefield reinforcing flanks, attacking positions, and generally helping other squads out. They might not be a "Floating Squad" throughout the entire game, for they will fill in jobs that need to be filled in as the time comes. Most will become either Logi Squads or Vanguards.

  • Scout Squad
    Vehicles: Trans, Truck, Scout Car
    Tasked with scouting out possible enemy positions, this squad can be seen as the most dangerous or safest squad to be in. If on a map with low vegetation, this squad and usually hang behind the line on top of a hill to scout out the area. However, if in a heavily forested area, they might have to hunker down farther from the main line to scout positions. Staying low and staying quiet, this squad will usually never fire a single shot until they get back to the mainline. If their position is compromised, they usually retreat back to the line.

  • Vanguard
    Other Names: Suicide Squad, Assault Team
    Vehicles: Trans, Truck, Humvee, MRAP, APC, BTR, Styrker
    Literally the forefront of any attacking force, this squad will lead all the other squads into battle. As the name implies, they will be assaulting primary enemy positions or leading attacks. This squad will see the most action in any game. You can have multiple of these squads, and more times than not, most squads will be Vanguard squads with only one or two other squads defending bases or running logi.

  • Logi Support
    Vehicle: Logi, Truck
    Truly the backbone of any army, Logi Support Squads supply FOBs with the necessary supplies to build defenses, resupply ammo, and generally keep the powerhouse moving. Without this squad, it would be very hard to get anything done. In most cases, half the squad will be doing logi runs while the other half stays at the FOB and helps defend/build.

  • Armor Squad
    Vehicle: APC, IFV, MBT
    The armor squad is the support squad you always want but is almost never there because they get their ass blown by enemy infantry or enemy armor that's smarter than them. However, when they do finally support you, there are almost never any complaints. Wielding armored vehicles that can make any infantry man quiver, they are a squad that can change the very end of a battle if they know what they are doing.

  • Helicopter Squad
    Composed of a pilot and the optional two gunners, this squad can lift in resources to friendly FOBs in a matter of a couple minutes. They can also provide light CAS, do recon, or lift a squad behind enemy lines for those sweet flanks or to set up flanking FOBs. They provide a whole new element to the game by allowing your team to set up FOBs in places you never thought possible, or attack positions you never thought you wanted.

  • Commanding Squad
    Other Names: HQ, Command
    Vehicles: Any
    This squad serves as the main leader of all other squads during a game. He/she will make strategic plans on how to win games, command other squads, build the FOB, defend the FOB, and figure out solutions to problems as the time arises. This squad will stay mainly in the FOB defending and building, whilst also directing other squads on what to do when engaging the enemy. The SL of this squad has the highest power. Charged with mortar or rocket support.

  • Quick Reaction Force
    Other Names: QRF
    Vehicles: Humvee, MRAP, APC, BTR, Stryker, Helo
    This is a special unit that acts as a reserve to the Command Squad. As situations arise, and other squads get pinned down, this squad is sent in as reinforcements to help assist. Equipped with Humvees, Strykers, and/or Helos, this squad is meant to get in and out of firefights quickly whilst also saving the pinned squad. Never sticking in one place too long, they hurry back to the main line or FOB to assess damages and ready for when they are called out again.
Basic Formations and Tactics
Basic Formations that can be useful in combat situations.
Remember that not all formations are fool-proof, for some casualties are bound to happen.
I'd also like to make clear that these formations might not be said by name. For instance, an SL might say "Spread Out" for the "Rolling-T," and you just have to know what he means and do it.
Also, some formations are "just instinct." When your squad comes upon an alleyway, you should know what to do without the SL telling you directly.

  • 360 Perimeter

    Kind of a self-explanatory formation, but good to know nonetheless.
    When called out from the SL, men make a generalized "circle" around the SL's location.
    Men take cover behind walls, guns pointed towards entrances and windows.
    Men should be spaced evenly, but not too far apart in order to prevent enemy units from sneaking through the perimeter.

    In the case of a single floor building, men secure the house and guard all entrances and windows. If need be, men can also guard any outlying walls that may surround the building. Men should be behind some cover at all times.

    In the case of urban assault, and you're in a building, men secure the immediate floor the SL is on and wait for further orders.
    Men guard stairways, and if on the ground floor, doors and windows.
    If anywhere above the ground floor, covering the stairs is usually the only entrance you need to have eyes on. Covering windows is a simple caveat if you want people scouting the area from a high vantage point.

    In the case of urban assault and you're not in a building, get out of the street immediately and secure a building. Follow the same steps for the "urban assault, in building" above.

    In the case of FOB defense, men secure the entire compound with eyes on all entrances. People should peak windows and defenses on a timely basis to make sure the enemy isn't attacking you.
    Make sure there is no way for the enemy getting into the compound unnoticed. If your compound has accessible roofs, have a man prone on one of them to scout the area. If your compound has a building with multiple floors, have men peaking windows to scout the area.

  • Convoy

    Convoys are a strick formation of vehicles moving down a road in a straight formation.
    Vehicles are arranged in a line, spaced evenly 10m.
    Humvees or MRAPs are in the front followed by non-weaponized vehicles such as Trans or Logis. If BTRs or Strykers are involved, they usually take the front guard or are right behind the Humvees.

    In the event the convoy is ambushed or attacked, the vehicles pull off the road in the opposite direction of the fire and get off the road immediately.
    Once the non-weaponized vehicles pull over to the side of the road, men dismount. At the same time, fire support vehicles do their job and lay down the fire.
    Infantry gets away from the vehicles immediately, for they are bullet magnets in situations like these, and thus if one explodes... bad things can happen. Infantry should seek cover either in buildings, behind trees/bushes, or simply going prone.
    Any vehicles seriously harmed during the ambush should seek cover or drive back to base.
    Any vehicles about to explode should be cleared immediately.

  • Rolling T

    A formation that requires at least 4 men, SL included, to make.
    Men make a small or large spearhead formation with at least one or two men covering the rear.
    Men are spaced at least 5m apart.
    The SL is usually positioned in the middle or in the back as a rear guard.
    Supporting Roles or Medics are also usually positioned in the back or middle of the formation.

    Good for urban or rural settings.

  • Staggered Line/Column

    A formation that requires at least 2 men, however, 4 men is always better.
    Meant to clear alleyways or roads.
    Men are divided evenly into the left-hand and right-hand sides of the alleyway or road, thus forming two columns.
    Men should be spaced at least 5m apart or more.
    Two men rear guard required.
    SL, Medics, and Supporting Roles are usually placed in the rear middles of the columns.
    When clearing roads it's best to be a little bit off the road either in the grass, forest, or buildings.

    Good for clearing alleyways and roads.

Tactics are good in difficult situations. Formations are usually used when performing tactics.

  • Battery and Assault

    *Unofficial Name, True Name Unknown*

    Loosely explained above under "Key Phrases."
    Men are arranged in the form suitable for the assault.
    Most simply means, "After the mortar/rocket rounds splash, assault the enemy target."
    Once the rounds hit the earth and confuse/inflict the enemy, your men are meant to attack the position.
    This is commonly used by most SLs when mortars and rockets can be used.

    Great for assaulting FOBs, Towns, Urban Settings, and Wide Open Areas.

  • Breach and Clear

    *I already realize the "Breach" part isn't in the game.*
    This tactic only needs to happen when the room is known or alluded to have enemy soldiers.

    It's simple.
    Men stack up, one right behind the other, perpendicular to the entrance they want to go through.
    SL will be adjacent to the stack of men, ready to give commands.
    When ready, the SL will toss a grenade into the room (cooking it for at least 2 seconds is advised). Then he will order the men to go in after the grenade explodes.
    The first man goes in and assaults the right section of the room, scanning right to left and hugging the wall.
    The second man goes in and assaults the left section of the room, scanning left to right and hugging the wall.
    The third man goes in and assaults the middle, scanning his immediate front and peripherals.
    Next men follow through, closing gaps. These men will most likely be Support Classes or Medics.
    SL goes in last.

    All must be done quickly and accurately. Enemies within one's section must be dealt with as soon as possible.

  • IED Clearing

    *Can only be used by the Sapper or Engineer Class*

    Quite possibly one of the easiest, most expensive, and most effective ways of clearing a two-story building.
    Secure at least one room of the building.
    Have one of your men place down an IED that is roughly in the center of the building.
    Get out of the building and detonate.
    Now you've killed most, if not everyone, in the building.

    Effective on two stories, medium buildings.
Russian Edition (Translated by Zaicheg)
For those whose native language isn't English, the guide above has been translated into Russian! From what I can tell, the one who did the translation is Zaicheg, whose bio I will also link. Many thanks to him for translating my guide into Russian, I'm honored! Truly I wouldn't have been able to do it, and I'm glad he didn't just recreate the guide in his language and claim it as his own. For that, I have much gratitude towards you.

Link to Russian "Squad Lingo" Guide:

Zaicheg's Steam:

**I'd also like to add that this guide is separate from the Steam Community guides, so you'll have to download it. Because of this, if I update my guide this Russian version won't be updated at the same time. I'd also like to note that I don't know Zaicheg, but I am grateful he made this. Also, download everything at your own risk! I am not liable for downloads that maybe virus ridden.**
Helpful Commenters
Here is a list of helpful commenters who corrected various terms and phrases in the guide.
It's all in alphabetical order.
Thank you to all who help me with this guide's terms and phrases!
Doesn't mean they "invented" the term/phrase per say, just means they were the first to tell me.

  • bard
    Phrase Corrected: "Danger Close"

  • Cafeteria Snake
    Term Added: "Danger Close"

  • Diarrhea
    Replacing of term: "AT4" to "M72-LAW"

  • dob_z
    Added phrase: "ASAP" --- "As soon as possible"
    Phrase clarification: "ASAP" not "As fast as possible," "AFAP" --- "As fast as possible"

  • Fuzzy Unsure
    Revision on term: "Trans" to "Transport," "Trans" changed as a sub-term
    Clarification on various terms: "Twix" to "Staggered Line/Column," "Men on me" to "On me," "Breach and Clear" to "Clear"

  • gs splashed might wing and back
    Revised phrase term: revised meaning "Over and Out"

  • H4ilToTheKing
    Expanded term: "QRF" = "Quick Reaction Force;" definition expanded

  • JJWolf
    Added Phrases: "Say Again, Repeat, Wait, Wait Out, Fire for Effect"

  • mac defarmco
    Corrected term usage: "Twix" to "Staggered Column"

  • Nico
    Added phrase: "AFAP" --- "As fast as possible"

  • Doctor Rubix
    Corrected term usage: "Over and Out" to single terms "Over" and "Out"
    Grammar O: My dumb ass spelled "Repeat" wrong, he corrected it

  • Sylus
    Broadened term: "10-4" can also be "Copy"
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RPG stands for hand held anti tank explosive, or РПГ in Russian
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I'm very new to Squad and this guide is going to be very helpful... "what, what, wait... what"?

Can you please tell me what 'cap' and 'capping' is? Sometimes is appears to mean 'capture' or, "capturing'. At other times it seems to be something completely different - which I can't understand. I have both read it (in guides) and heard it used, in contexts where the 'capture/capturing' meaning doesn't make sense.
lilshrimp01  [author] May 15, 2019 @ 6:57pm 
@Blitz'-' Admittedly, the Military Lingo itself is not used a lot in communication in this game haha, something I have learned as I've played the game more. However, I have used it in-game before and it works really well for clarifying things. For instance, the NATO phonetic alphabet is so helpful when doing mortars since you hear "Golf" instead of "G" in call outs, which increases clarification and decreases overall confusion. Because, when people are saying things fast, they may slur saying simple letters like "S," "P", and "Z" (I am guilty of this). Or people may get confused when hearing "A," "R," or "U" since those are letters that can also function as words in speech. Also, you will hear some of this stuff used in the game, so it is good to know haha.
lilshrimp01  [author] Apr 30, 2019 @ 9:31pm 
@Flegga I hope the new Vehicle section suffices. I have no intention of going any other depth than what is in-game, so I won't be talking about all of the Stryker variants and what have you :P
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Came on here to find out what the differences with all the vehicles is, specifically with the APC variants, such as the difference between the 30mm and hmg types. C an you please add these?