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Mixu's Legendary Lords 1
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Nov 7, 2017 @ 11:01am
Nov 18 @ 9:27am
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Mixu's Legendary Lords 1

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Mixu's mods for warhammer 2
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Updated for pirates, let me know if there's problems

This mod adds unique faction leaders for all Empire elector counts, also included are characters from bunch of other factions and races.

This mod also adds few "unique agents", like Taurox the Brass Bull for Beastmen

If you're looking for more characters, there is a sequel to this mod:
- New lords and heroes will be added to that mod in the future

Faction Leaders:

  • Alberich Haupt-Anderssen, Stirland
  • Aldebrand Ludenhof, Hochland
  • Edward van der Kraal, Marienburg
  • Helmut Feuerbach, Talabecland
  • Marius Leitdorf, Averland
  • Theoderic Gausser, Nordland
  • Valmir von Raukov, Ostland
  • Wolfram Hertwig, Ostermark
  • Bohemond Beastslayer, Bastonne
  • Cassyon de Parravon, Parravon
  • Chilfroy de Artois, Artois
  • Adalhard de Lyonesse, Lyonesse
Other factions
  • Daith, Torgovann
  • Kazador Dragonslayer, Karak Azul
  • Thorek Ironbrow, Karak Azul
Slightly edited leaders
  • Boris Todbringer, Middenland
    - Campaign mounts, new skills and items.
    Mounts require the Beastmen DLC!

    - Captain called Vorn Thugenheim, will also join Boris with his adventures

  • The Red Duke, Mousillon
    - New skills, items and faction effects

  • Elspeth von Draken, Wissenland
    - New textures for her and her dragon + 5 new skills.

  • Katarin the Ice Queen, Kislev
    - New textures for her, new skills and items.

Unique Lords:

  • Markus Wulfhart
    Gained by holding the entire Middenland province, available to all Empire factions
  • Alberich von Korden
    Gained by being at war against Mannfred or Vlad, available to all Empire factions
  • Drycha
    Drycha will start with Argwylon when you start your game
  • Taurox the Brass Bull
    Gained by completing a quest that you'll get at turn 2, available to all Beastmen factions

Unique Heroes:

- Unique Heroes are now unlocked when you start your game
  • Theodore Bruckner, Wissenland
  • Luthor Huss, Reikland

Additional things added:
  • New lore-friendly names added for Marienburg
  • New items for Boris Todbringer
  • Griffon, Pegasus and Warhorse mounts for Boris Todbringer in Campaign
    - Requires Beastmen DLC!
  • Unique "Grombrindal style" campaign mechanic, for Averland, which will give Averland and Marius, various bonuses.

Compatibility with overhaul mods:
This mod is compatible with the CTT - Boyz will be Boyz overhaul

For other overhauls you'll need a submod like this one for SFO:

Known Issues:

  • You can't assign faction leaders to offices after confederating with them, CA will fix this in the next patch
  • Multiplayer may or may not work, i've done all i could about it, so use it at your own risk.

  • The Witcher 3 [Face Textures]
  • Some inspiration for Elector Counts was taken from here []
  • Lt Apollo for figuring out how to use wsmodels and Adopotato for telling me about it


Need help with modding or just wanna know what i'm doing with my mods, join the C&C Modding Den (there's also bunch of other modders, like cataph and crynsos):
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alexej 2 hours ago 
It will be if CA fixes that like they said
onetwothree 3 hours ago 
really hope there's a way to assign confederated faction leaders at office...
Anyway it's still great mod
I've probably missed something but I cant seem to find Bohemond, Chilfroy or Adalhard anywhere or even the hero character. I have Cassyon but cannot find the rest. Any ideas? Sorry if I'm just being stupid. Thanks
tato82 14 hours ago 
I have a question Mixu. Do Alberich Von Corden and Markus Wulfhart become unavailable if another imperial faction recruits them first? I'm asking because I'm playing a campaing where I confedreated with Middenheim and I didn't get the option to recruit Markus and I'm at war with both Vlad and Manfred and didn't get the option to reccruit Alberich either.
Mixu  [author] 23 hours ago 
That was fixed yesterday
DrillerKiller 23 hours ago 
Playing as Ulgrim Ironfist and can recrut unlimited number of Thorek Ironbrow lord, message show up every turn saying that legendary lord is available. I subscribed to so many mods so it may be just me....
King Robb Nov 18 @ 3:20pm 
there is a problem with multipleplayer where the lorods from this mod is not coming in ot the game
God of Urging Nov 18 @ 11:05am 
@GhOsT I have that too. Had for a long time, I think it might be a conflict with the Marienburg overhaul mod (the one that adds the Sword of Solkan and unique units), since it popped up around the time I began using that.
[USSR]`{R} Nov 18 @ 7:30am 
Alberich von Korden quest not works
onetwothree Nov 17 @ 9:20pm 
that's too bad...