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Mixu's Legendary Lords 1 [Forge of Starlight mod embedded]
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Nov 7, 2017 @ 11:01am
Jun 24 @ 7:39am
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Mixu's Legendary Lords 1 [Forge of Starlight mod embedded]

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Mixu's mods for warhammer 2
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Updated for Grim&Grom
Katarin the Ice Queen has been removed from the mod, she will eventually be added to Deco's Expanded Kislev mod instead.

My Forge of Starlight mod has been included into this mod now and is now exclusive to Torgovann/Daith.

You can now play with my lords if you use my unlocker:
- Will still work with Crynsos' Faction Unlocker.

This mod adds new characters to Empire, Kislev, Bretonnia, Dwarfs, Wood Elves and Beastmen.

Characters added:

  • Alberich Haupt-Anderssen, Stirland
  • Aldebrand Ludenhof, Hochland
  • Edward van der Kraal, Marienburg
  • Elspeth von Draken, Wissenland
  • Helmut Feuerbach, Talabecland
  • Marius Leitdorf, Averland
  • Theoderic Gausser, Nordland
  • Valmir von Raukov, Ostland
  • Wolfram Hertwig, Ostermark
  • Luthor Huss, Legendary Hero available to Reikland
  • Theodore Bruckner, Legendary Hero available to Wissenland
  • Vorn Thugenheim, Legendary Hero available to Middenland
  • Bohemond Beastslayer, Bastonne
  • Cassyon de Parravon, Parravon
  • Chilfroy de Artois, Artois
  • Adalhard de Lyonesse, Lyonesse
  • Sir Almaric de Gaudaron, all bretonnian factions
    - Unlocked after completing a quest that will pop up after your faction leader reaches rank 12.
  • Kazador Dragonslayer, Karak Azul
  • Thorek Ironbrow, Karak Azul
Wood Elves
  • Daith, Torgovann
  • Drycha, starts with that big tree guy
  • Taurox the Brass Bull, Manblight
    - You can only get him if you confederate with Manblight.
    - He should spawn around turn 30 near Ostland if AI controlled.

Compatibility with overhaul mods:
The mod will require a submod for major overhaul mods, you can usually find one if you just search it from the workshop.

This mod is compatible with the CTT - Boyz will be Boyz overhaul.


Submods are obviously okay, same thing with translation mods.
Both of those types of mods should still require the original mod instead of including the entire mod, it is a "sub" mod after all.
There is no reason to include the entire mod, if you're making a submod.


Mod no worky, plz fix
1. Use Kaedrin's mod manager aka KMM
2. Disable other script mods, one of them may have broken scripts.

Multiplayer doesn't work
- Multiplayer is very difficult thing to get working when you're spawning 10-20 extra armies at campaign start + everything else that happens during the campaign start. Which is why all non-playable lords should spawn during their first turn and not at campaign start. If this does not work then I doubt there's nothing that I could do to make it work.

I can't see X lord on the campaign map
It's caused by a script break:
1. Disable other script mods, one of them may have broken scripts.
2. You might be suffering from "too much stuff happening at the same time" bug, try disabling a few big mods.

I can't play as one of these lords
You need a unlocker for that, use mine or Crynsos'


  • Willemsen made Sir Amalric de Gaudaron's mace, huge thanks to him for that
  • Dindi fixed Daith's head

Contact me / Bug Reports:

I don't really have the time for steam anymore which is why I would prefer if bug reports and other things requiring my attention would be sent to my #mixu_stuff channel in C&C modding discord, link to the discord here[]
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Pamparampampamparam 10 hours ago 
Would Alberich Haupt-Anderssen really be a Priest, nothing in his lore says he is.
Doodel Jul 1 @ 12:28pm 
Will this work okay with Kam's mod (same guy from Rome 2 modding scene) that slows down combat a bit, or will things added by this mod be unbalanced?
blu3 slay3r Jul 1 @ 8:01am 
Is it possible to use the legendary lord mods without the unlocker if I'm not using the unlocked factions and lords, so far every time I've tried using the lord mods without the unlocker it bugs out my vampire count and tomb kings games to the point that I can't end the first turn
dragonblaze007 Jun 30 @ 11:29am 
Whenever you play one of the empire lords their respective province does not show up on the elector counts menu.
kellerblair02 Jun 30 @ 9:51am 
Any chance you could give Bohemond a smaller mace it looks too cartoony
~米~ Jun 30 @ 5:58am 
Really love Alberich Haupt-Anderssen,
But stirland faction effect -10 armour really hurt.
can you remove that effect?
Ren Jun 29 @ 7:11pm 
Just wandering, is this save game compatible?
Kyrios Jun 29 @ 4:00pm 
Yes I know ... I don't understand why Katarin has been removed x)
Dragon32 Jun 29 @ 3:45pm 
First paragraph.
Kyrios Jun 29 @ 3:44pm 
WTF, where is Katarin ? :'(