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Utility Slot Sidearms WOTC
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Nov 6, 2017 @ 7:39pm
Jan 27, 2018 @ 10:21am
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Utility Slot Sidearms WOTC

Utility Slot Sidearms
Want a sword on your sniper? a pistol on your ranger? A gremlin on your grenadier? Well, then thank Grimy for giving carte blanche to people who want to port his mods!
This mod adds variants of sidearms that can be equipped in the utility slot.

Do these sidearms work with upgrades from your loot mod?
Currently, no. But maybe in a future update.
(Ginger's note: I also ported LootMod, so this question works as is! ^_^ )

Can I have gremlin and psi amp sidearms?
Yes, but you'll need to turn them on in the INI file.
I disabled them by default. Psi amp sidearms and gremlin sidearms don't really make too much sense.

I don't see any sidearms in my utility slots
Try using the UpdateUtilitySlotSidearms console command

When are you going to stop porting other people's mods and start making your own?

How do I get the Hunter's Axe?
My adding function didn't work? Damn.
Try the console command "AddItem PairedAlienHunterAxe_CV 1" (no quotes, replace CV with MG for tier 2, or with BM for tier 3)

Special Thanks
GrimyBunyip - Original mod. Did all the work originally, and then I replaced almost all of it, piece by piece. Sorry, buddy!
Musashi - Most of the code for the rewritten UpdateUtilitySlotSidearms command
PZ - Idea for the new X2WeaponSetTemplate that allows ripjacks and alien hunter axes to work
Team CX - You guys... I love you guys! :D
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ADVICE: How to enable disabled sidearms
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Heard you're talking Smack Sep 30 @ 7:31am 
psi amps arent showing up even when enabled in ini files, is the mod abandoned?
jonlevir Sep 6 @ 6:34pm 
I have been trying to get this to work with Psiamps with RPGO, but it doesn't seem to be working. I did the .ini edits, but it works for the Gremlin and not with the psiamps. The log seems to say that the psiamps are being generated for it, but they only show up in the secondary slot.
Tachikoma Aug 23 @ 8:00pm 
well i have a bit of a problem i downloaded this mod to have the axe throw for the stormrider class without needing to use the second melee slot but my people don't get the possibility is it because they are custom classes or something ? because i tested a few things and it just doesn't work otherwise i found other reasons to keep using the mod but still the axe throw not working is a problem because i thought the axe would be giving the ability and not a class or something else besides the axe
Ginger  [author] Aug 14 @ 12:45pm 
Heh, True Primary Secondaries is definitely the other way of getting around that problem. Honestly, I might look into TPS and make TUSS, myself. Seems like an interesting enough concept to keep my attention
erik.vale Aug 14 @ 2:34am 
I've reported it on all three actually.
There's a 'True' Primary Secondaries mod that gets around the issue, but apparently it can be a bit more unstable than most mods so the author's listed it in Beta. If it ends up stable, maybe we'll get lucky with 'True' Utility Slot Sidearms.
Thanks for the response.
Ginger  [author] Aug 14 @ 12:49am 
Sure. Better report it over there, too. The cause is almost certainly that it adds items to be built without checking what they are (in my case, easiest thing to check is what inventory slot they go in).

All the utility slot weapons are actually two weapons - one for the UI, and one to be equipped on the soldier.

Honestly, at this point I think I (and by that I mean "someone" because I haven't felt like modding xcom2 for ages) should look into finding out if the Highlander can make utility slot items display on soldiers if they have archetypes... it'd solve so many problems.
erik.vale Aug 13 @ 7:03am 
Reporting a bad interaction with Prototype Armoury. This causes all sidearms to be doubled up in the weaponry build item section, with one of the doubles charging for building but not providing the item.

@Ginger This isn't me asking for a fix, but so that if anyone else runs into this problem they can better find the source.
NSilver Aug 12 @ 5:44pm 
To Anyone using this mod with RPGO:
You need to go into the folder for the required mod "LW2 Secondary Weapons"
Open up XComLW2SecondariesWOTC.ini
"bEditAbilityTemplatesForBaseClasses" must be set to false.
Otherwise any secondary weapon you put in your Utility Slot will be missing several abilities related to it.

That said, I thank Ginger for this amazing mod!
cakelover69 Jul 13 @ 7:57pm 
Did anyone figure out the LW gauntlet yet? I would like to know how to do that.
Inaire May 6 @ 6:35am 
aside from having to manually re enable psi amps your mod doesnt seem to work with the psionic training mod a shame.