Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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Real City V5.0.3.09
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Nov 5, 2017 @ 7:00am
Mar 9 @ 10:09pm
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Real City V5.0.3.09

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Make your city act like a real world!
Combine CS and Simcity in game playing!
1.11.0-f3 compitable

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Important note
(1) Real City works best for population under 65536. With large cities, there are some game limitations that make it difficult for Real City to caculation all trasactions of game. And too many caculations may slow game play.
(2) This mod change a lot compared with orginal game, the conception is totally different, please read detail documents and Q/A in discussion.
(3) Please use new game to play with this mod
(4) Do not unlock all at beginning(that is not real!)

Key Features

(1)Company and resident now have conception of money
1. Every resident family will have their own income expense and deposit.
2. Every Company will have their own income expense and deposit.

(2) More reality expense and income in managing a city
1 New added personal salary-tax income
2 New added Company trade tax income
3 New added outside garbage-deal demand income
4 New added park and monument building tourist income
5 Adjust feedthrough car toll income
6 New added garbage recycle center export product income
7 Adjust fixed in-game land income (deeply decreased)
8 New added government employ salary expense
9 New added electricity and heat and shelter material expense
10 New added city resource department material expense
11 New added government vehicle expense
12 Adjust fixed in-game maintain and policy fee(deeply decreased)

(3) New outside connection (Move to More Outside interaction Mod)

(4) New Chanellage (Resource chanellage!) (Move to Real Construction Mod)

(5) New Feature (Parliament!)
1.City will have Parliament
2.Citizens have their politics trend based on their money education gender workplace and age
3.Five party will have Parliament seats and have their own politics trend
4.Mod policy will depends on Parliament meeting
5. Parliament will auto adjust tax and expense to help manage city


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pcfantasy  [author] 16 hours ago 

Yes, this budget is just to make a constraint of their transport fee. Otherwise you will increase your ticket price to make huge money from tourist.

Tourist will spend money on other place, this UI is just for debug, when money is went out, tourist will try to leave city.
gorter127 16 hours ago 
I have a little problem wth tourists.

I followed several tourists and i see they don't spend any of there money. Only when using public transport they spend some money but in shops, hotels or other attrations i see no one spend any money.
king | dekoning 21 hours ago 
This is soo cool, i am so hyped to get started with a city which really needs your help!

I always get bored whenever I make profit (too soon) and reach high density easily without problems.

Will try today!
gorter127 Mar 16 @ 8:24am 
This mod is amazing. It brings a lot of depth in the game and it makes you think out the best strategies too build your city. This is how a management game should work.
pcfantasy  [author] Mar 12 @ 4:32pm 

Living allowance is paid for those residents who lack of money. resident moving in with no money, when they start to have a job, this cost will drop.

I will update document for that
gorter127 Mar 12 @ 1:23pm 
I was playing another new city today. This time with real construction mod. I discovered in my financial overview that there was a huge costs of policies but i had no policies enabled. I'am not sure about it but it seems this have something to do with the costs for licving and allowance.

How does living and allowance actually work? because in the manual i was not find anything about it but the costs destroyed my city
pcfantasy  [author] Mar 11 @ 7:19pm 

That is what RealConstruction Mod updated, and I have fixed this problem now.
sagiluv1 Mar 11 @ 1:09pm 
Unfortunately this mod when an updates occurs, it sent my city into the gutter lol Used to have a healthy city of some 80k+ cims and now some 750+ cims lol
gorter127 Mar 11 @ 4:00am 

At the moment i got a better economics in my city. Its stilll a weak econony but i starts too love this mod. It brings a whole new way of playing cities skylines.
At the moment i'am trying Transportation Line manager instead of IPTD because of the line managment on diffirent hours on the day.
sagiluv1 Mar 10 @ 6:47pm 
Dp keep in mind that the author did exclude non road items from requiring resources BUT the gates are still fair game. Also keep in mind Park Life specialization do not function past a certain hours. This is reflected in both RealCity and RealTime mods. It is the night time that is always going to be one that often will break the camels back.

I take you might have a small fleet of public transportation in your city I assume. If the is the case; whether be it Transportation Line Management mod, Improve Public Transportation part 2 mod or vanilla due keep in mind the facilities still has fix cost that are not going to disappear just because it is night time.