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All Divinity Original Sin 2 Achievements Guide and how to actually get them
By OscarMayerWinner
Well hello everyone,

What I have here is a complete guide for all the achievements in Divinity: Original Sin 2!
This guide goes in depth on how to actually complete the achievements, as some of them tend to be a bit more complicated than what the description for the achievement actually says.
As some comments have pointed out, there are some extra methods to getting the achievements, not just what I have typed up.
Unfortunately I will not be updating this achievement guide with the new comments.
But please continue to post anything you find to help others who come across this guide.

I hope you enjoy!
General Info
Quick Guidelines to my guide just incase I come off as being a little unclear.

The Sections
In this guide the achievements are split up into sections. The achievements in the story section, are ones you will get when just playing through the main campaign. All the ones in the other sections, are achievements that you could potentially miss. Example: In the Nameless Isle section there are more than 5 achievements there. The ones in that section just have to do with the ones you can miss.

Under each achievement you will see a "Desc:". That just means the Description that is given with that achievement. Most are hidden unless you get the achievement, so I felt that I needed to share what is actually there.
Side characters. I say this a lot in the guide and all it means is that a side character is a character you recruit into your party and you now control. Example: you recruit Beast into the party, he is then a side character. When you create your character, that character is now your main. Anyone else is a side character.

Order of achievements
So the in the achievements you can miss parts, they are not in any particular order. I would highly recommend that you read all of the chapters achievements in the missable section if you want to go for all the achievements there. Example, the Dallis hammer achievement was in Part 2 of the Fort Joy and someone ended up missing the achievement (it's fixed now, it's in part 1). So yeah, I would say just go ahead and read everything for that chapter just in case something is not in the order you would see the things.

Now with coordinates! I've updated a lot of the achievements to now include coordinates of exactly where things are! WOOH! Some of them do not have coordinates with, and that is either because there really isn't a need for coordinates, or I somehow missed it when updated the guide. If you think there should be a coordinate for an achievement please let me know and I will get the coordinates for it (if it needs any) and update the guide.

This little buggars might appear in the guide. If you happen to see one, it means that for that achievement, there are some unknown things about that said achievement. Hopefully these will soon be extinct.

I am not the best of writers, and I'm 100% sure there are some spelling errors in here. If there are, please message me somehow and I will fix the mistake. I want this guide to be as helpful as possible and that might be difficult if the things I type are not understandable. So please help me fix the errors of my ways.

If you do help out, then I will put you in the credits. I plan on linking your profile, but if you wish to not have your profile linked then please let me know and I will just put your name in it.


Why are there a lot of parts?
Well I found out that the guide actually only lets you have a certain amount of characters per 'guide section'. So In order to fit all that I have typed, I had to make multiple sections of the same area.

Why did you make this guide
I'm kind of an achievement ♥♥♥♥♥ (kind of), and I couldn't find a guide online for this game anywhere that told me how to actually get the achievements. So I decided to make one myself.

What is your favorite class in the game?
Summoner is a big fav of mine. I don't think it's the best class, but I personally find it the most fun. I love summoning the turrets. (Larian Studios pls buff. I want to have my Incarnate, Skeleton spider, jack in the box, fire slug, and poison plant summoned at the same time. I need this. [That or someone make this a mod. I WANT IT]) (Update: Someone has made the mod! YEEEEAAAAHHHH :D. If you also want to have a broken mod then click here)

Why Skeletor as the picture?
I had a campaign and I played as Fane. I liked to pretend Fane was Skeletor and I did a lame impression. I had fun. But yeah that's why.

Who the heck is asking these questions?
No one honestly. I just felt like these needed to be answered.

For the most part this guide is done. But there is always room for improvement.
Let me know if anything else is confusing so then I may work on it. Thank you.
Story Achievements Pt. 1
I'm gonna try and go into some detail on these, but for the most part these achievements are straight forward. For these achievements you play right through the story however you want and you will get them. In some of these achievements for the story, I have included spoilers in them to try and make them more clear and helpful in case you want to have a little bit of a shove in the right direction. Don't worry. It's going to have the spoiler stuff around it so don't worry about specifics. However if you think something should be considered a spoiler that I haven't put in spoiler marks for yet, then please let me know and will look into fixing it if I agree that it could be considered a spoiler.

Reaper's Eye
Desc: Arrive at the Reaper's Eye.
How: When you start the game you will appear on a boat as a prisoner. Escape the ship however possible. There are a couple of ways to activate the escape. Here are some options.
These give you the achievement Thunders of the Upper Deep.
  1. Once you have made it to the top of the deck, talk to the people on the life raft. Be selfish and dip with them.
  2. Talk to the people on the life raft. Go downstairs and get into a fight with the voidwoken. Once the battle is over, go back to the top of the deck and leave with the people on the life raft again.
  3. Same as 2 but murder everyone except the people on the raft.
These will not give you the achievement Thunders of the Upper Deep.
  1. Kill the people on the life raft.
  2. After the fight with the voidwoken, go and try to talk to the Magister who is unconscious. For some reason this makes the Kraken destroy the ship.
Once you have done one of these, the achievement will be yours.

The Great Escape
Desc: Flee Fort Joy for Good.
How: When you escape from the boat you will arrive at the Island called Fort Joy. This island is broken up into two parts. Fort Joy, and the swamp of Fort Joy. You want to escape the first spot and go to the swamp of Fort Joy. There are a few ways to do this.
  1. Take a boat with a child. Inside of the main hall of the castle at (will get coordinates hopefully soon) there will be two Magisters near a dock and at the end of the dock there will be a kid near a boat. Kill the Magisters and then talk to the kid. He will give you a ride on the boat and take you to the swamp.
  2. Walk through some bloody pipes. There will be a kink chamber at (will get coordinates hopefully soon), and inside this chamber is a sex fiend and a pipe. You do not need to fight the kink master, all you have to do is go through the pipe and you will be lead to swamp.
  3. Lower the bridge and cross it. Outside of the castle at (will get coordinates hopefully soon) there will be some Magisters talking to a Paladin. And to the East of the Paladin at (will get coordinates hopefully soon) there is a wheel. This wheel will lower the bridge. As far as I know, there isn't a way to hop across the gap without taking the bridge. Then walk across to the swamp on the other side.
  4. Walk across the Northern coast of the castle. Just to the North of where the Paladin fighting the Magisters is located, are, you guessed it, more Magisters. Now you can either sneak around them or murder them. But in any case just East of the Magisters is a small pathway that leads to the swamp. Cross that path.
Once you take one of these options, then the achievement will be yours.

His Father's Son
Desc: Defeat Alexandar in Fort Joy.
How: In order to leave the island you need a ship. That ship is being guarded by Alexandar at (will get the coordinates hopefully soon). So in order to get the ship you have to defeat him. Now this fight can be pretty difficult. If playing on Normal/Classic, this fight can be done level 7 with some good equipment. But if you are on Hard/Tactician then I would not recommend doing this fight pre-8 without good equipment. You need some good ♥♥♥♥ in order to do this.

Sails That Glance in the Sun
Desc: Take command of the Lady Vengeance.
How: Once you have defeated Alexandar you will be on Lady Vengeance. But it won't move and you have to make it move.
Here is how to complete this.
So in order to make the Lady Vengeance move, you need to speak a magic phrase to her. This magic phrase is inside Dallis' quarters. However, in order to get into the quarters, you have to make it past these magically locked doors. Now I know of only one way to do this and it requires you to have some points in persuasion. There are two doors, one that is guarding a treasure room, and one that is guarding the main room. Go to the one guarding the treasure room, and I use the Wits option to try and persuade it to give me the password. (I also find this option hilarious). When you have the password, go to to the prison area that has Alexander is being held.
You need to 'loot' Alexander's body. When you do the Magister in the place guard area will try and stop you. Just persuade her and she will let you loot Alexander's body. Grab the giant ass diamond from him. Now that you have the password and the diamond, go to the door that is guarding the main area of Dallis' quarters. Give him the password, and then insert the diamond into the door.
The door will unlock and you can now enter the quarters. Inside of the quarters there is a desk,
and on that desk is a book. You need to take that book and read it. It has the magic phrase that you need. Now that you have it, go to the top of the deck and read the phrase to the Lady Vengeance. You will now have command of the Lady Vengeance.

Seascape or Swashbukler
Desc: Escape Dallis' siege on the Lady Vengeance without/with killing every minion.
How: After getting the ship to move, you will be forced to get one of these achievements but Swashbukler is definitely the more difficult one. It will be a lot easier for you if you are playing on the easist difficulty to get Swashbukler. If you want, just save before getting the ship to move to go for both achievements. Once you get the ship to move then you will be in this predicament. But either way, keep Malady alive in order to escape. If she dies, you fail.
In addition to the killing every enemy on the ship, you have to be careful about Dallis. The achievement states killing every minion. Dallis is not a minion. So if you attempt to kill her, then you will forfeit the Swashbuckler achievement. Credit to Elaeus
Story Achievements Pt. 2
Heaven's Gate
Desc: Enter the Hall of Echoes.
How: Once you have escaped Dallis' clutches you will go into a spoopy place full of hexagons. Continue to chat along with them ghosts to continue on to the very next achievement.

A Million of Waves
Desc: Arrive at Reaper's Coast.
How: Once you have talked it up with the ghosties, you will be back on the ship. Chat with Malady a bit and the head on over to the next act. Reaper's Coast baby.

Island Hpper
Desc: Arrive at the Nameless Isle.
How: So in order to leave Driftwood, you need to find out about the location of where the next location is. There are 3 ways to do this. These ways are also achievements. They are Isle of the Gods, Lawyer Up, and The Isle of Last Resort. I go into detail on these in the Driftwood Achievements Pt. 1 section.

Back to School
Desc: Enter the Academy.
How: In order to leave the island you have to enter the academy. There are two ways to do this achievement, one is to enter through the main academy, and the second way gives you another achievement but I explain how to get that one in the Nameless Isle section.
The entrance to the academy is located at (will get coordinates hopefully soon). If you want to enter through the main entrance, then you have to unlock the door. Unfortunately there isn't a way to lockpick it. Outside of the door, there are 7 symbols and you must get the combination of them correct. There are two symbols, Sun and Moon. Then when you have it correct, you must place a (insert name of weird triangle based x2 pyramid object here) on the electric platform near the door. Then you will be able to open it up. In order to figure out this combination, you can go about this a couple of ways.
  1. Find all seven of the altars on the island. If you follow the altars directions properly, it will give you it's sign. I go into detail on where to find these altars and how to get their sign in the Arx achievement section.
  2. Get the info from Alexander. Alex is hanging out in the Elf temple and you can persuade him to give you some info on how to get to the temple.
  3. You can destroy all of the pillars.
  4. Just be lazy and use the info I give in The Seven Altars achievement.
Once you have entered you should get the achievement.

Get In The Ring
Desc: Enter the Arena of the One.
How: In the Academy there is an Arena you have to enter in order to become "The One" and whatnot. Just enter it and you should get the achievement.
Story Achievements Pt. 3
The Wreck of the Titan
Desc: Arrive at Arx.
How: Once you have escaped from the Nameless Isle you will be taken to the spoopy place. There is some potentially pretty kinky stuff that happens here but I'll you find out exactly what on your own. Anyway, once the kinkiness is over, talk to the ship, she will get Malady, and then you will be on your way to Arx!

The Back Door
Desc: Gain entrance to Lucian's Crypt without following the Path of Blood.
How: Now to anyone who has played the game might question why this is in this section of the guide. Let me explain. There are two ways to get to Lucian's Crypt. By doing the Path of Blood, or by not doing the Path of Blood. And the only way to complete the Path of Blood is by being the most pure person in the game. And I sure as hell know that none of you are going to do this on your first playthrough. The first test is on not murdering anyone. And if you have made it here then there is a 100% chance you have murdered someone. So that's why this is here. You are pretty much forced to use the Back Door. Ain't no way you will be able to walk the Path of Blood successfully first time. There is a REALLY easy way to do it though and I'll explain that in the Arx section. But anyway, here is how to go about opening up the secret back door:

In order to open up the path, you are going to need two things. (1) The Scroll of Atonement and (2) an amulet. And both of these items can be found with the Toy Seller who usually chills at X:268 Y:307. There are two ways to get the Amulet from this man without violence. Both ways are explained in the achievements Cat Person and Toy Story. The other method is to just kill him. Now you have to get the Scroll. If you go with the non violent method, then the Toy Seller will give you directions on how to get the password. But in case you went the violent direction, here is how to get the password. Go upstairs and go to the altar at (will get coordinates hopefully soon). Choose the word "Giyora". You will now have access to the Scroll of Atonement. Now you have the Amulet, and the Scroll. In order for the Amulet to work, you must absorb 5 source points into the Amulet. This means that if you have 0 source points on your character and 0 source points on the collar, then you have to absorb 8 source points. When the Amulet is full of source and you have the Scroll, go to the Puritan's walk. To the left side of the statue, there is a hidden switch. Once you find it, activate it. Use both of the items and you will unlock the path.

Once you enter this path you will get the achievement.

Desc: Ascend to Divinity.
How: So if you are doing this solo, then no problem, just become the Divine. However if you are doing it with friends then prepare for a battle baby. Whoever wins becomes Divine. Neato.

One for All, Supreme Sacrifice
Desc: Share Source with all of Rivellon, Purge Rivellon of all Source.
How: So these 2 achievements can all be gotten pretty easily. Once you have chosen to become the Divine you will be given at least 2 options. Whichever one you choose will give you a nice end story and the achievement for that choice. What I would suggest is saving before you make the choice, choose, then reload. Easy achievements right there baby. However, I you cannot get these achievements if you have made a pact with the god king. He will force you to choose the other option which is described in the next achievement.

Return of the King
Desc: Submit to the God King.
How: First off, you can get this achievement by following the rule of One for All and Supreme Sacrifice. So why is this separated? Because it's possible to not get this option if you have made some other decisions. Example: if you make a pact with the Doctor, he will deny you the option of choosing this achievement. So if you didn't make any special pacts with anyone, this option (as well as the previous two achievement options), will be available for you when you ascend.

Sourcerer/Godwoken/Divine/For Honour
Desc: Complete the game in Explorer/Classic/Tacticion/Honour Mode.
How: Complete the game, on any of these difficulties. This does not mean become Divine at the end. Once you have become Divine you must talk to Lady Vengeance. Once you have talked to her you will get the achievement. If you beat the game on a higher difficulty, you will unlock the achievements for any difficulty that is lower than the one you just played on. Example: if you beat it on Classic, you will get the achievement for Sorcerer and Godwoken.
Fort Joy Achievements Pt. 1
Thunders of the Upper Deep
Desc: Escape the Kraken's clutches.
How: I've moved this achievement to the Fort Joy section because it has come to my attention this isn't a guaranteed achievement. This isn't exactly at Fort Joy but it's close enough. It takes place on the boat at the very beginning. So instead of me telling how to get the achievement, I'm going to tell you how to fail this achievement.
1.) When on the top deck of the boat, there are two Dwarfs wanting to leave. If you kill them, the Kraken will show up and you will forfeit the achievement.
2.) If you choose to go underneath the deck and fight the Voidwoken, and then choose to go talk to the Magister who became unconscious when the crazy lady killed almost everyone. Once you talk to that Magister the Kraken will attack the ship forfeiting the achievement.

Desc: Force Dallis to retreat from combat in Fort Joy.
How: So, in order to fight Dallis, you have to avoid the chat at the beginning. How you do this is go West of Dallis and there will be a ladder. Take it. If you have that first chat with Dallis and the Lizard then you will forfeit this achievement. In order to have a chance at this achievement, you must be level 4. Once you are level 4, go back to the same wall where the ladder was. In order to do this the best way, you will need to block all the paths in order to get up there. To block the paths, put boxes on top of the ladder or at the base of the ladder. The enemies won't destroy the boxes, therefore can't use the ladders. There is also a set of stairs that have a bridge that lead to where you are. You have to block that path as well. Once all paths are blocked, Teleport Alexander up to you. He can't escape and no one can get to you. HOWEVER, DO NOT STAND NEAR THE EDGE. The assassins can backlash up to you and the archers can shoot at you. Begin to wail on Alexander. Dallis will dip with Alex once you have done enough damage to Alex's health. You cannot kill him. Once she dips, you should get the achievement. She also drops a hammer.

There is another more easier way to get the achievement that is a little cheesy but fun to pull off. Now if you just want the achievement and don't plan on carrying through with the story, then it doesn't matter what you choose, but you have some options here. You need to be able to grab the death fog barrel that is behind the skull door on the ship you start off on. You must have a character that knows Haste, Telekinesis, or Haste, Strength 14, and Lone Wolf. Why Lone Wolf? You can only put a max of 3 points into one skill at character creation and Lone Wolf doubles the points put into a skill. So to get 14 you need Lone Wolf, or just wait to put points into Strength later on in the playthrough if you plan on actually using the character. When you have the skull door open, you must have Haste on the chosen character and run in there and grab the death fog barrel. I would suggest you save before doing this as it might glitch a bit or you might accidentally misclick or something. But once you have the barrel continue on as normal. When you get near Dallis, you can either go up the ladder as mentioned earlier and throw the barrel at Alexander and then destroy it, or place it behind him and destroy it. Either way, once it is used on Alexander, Dallis will dip and you will get the achievement. Credit to Aeon.

Desc: Become the champion of the Fort Joy arena.
How: On the other side of the Fort Joy Square fast travel point, is Griff's camp. There is a small hatch on the South East side of the camp at X:215 Y:131. Enter through there and you will be at the arena. All you have to do is enter and win. The enemies are level 2, and you can do it anytime level two and onward. If playing on tactitician or higher I would suggest doing it on level 3 or higher. If you are doing this solo then you will get the achievement once you have beaten the others in there.

If in a party with others then you must ACCEPT to have the fight after defeating the npc's in the arena, otherwise no one will get the achievement. Do not worry if you character was dead at the end of the fight. You will get the achievement. Credit to Elaeus.

Cat's Out of the Bag!
Desc: Escort the Black Cat out of Fort Joy
How: When you arrive at Fort Joy you will meet a black cat on your way and it will refuse to leave you. And if you have Pet Pal you will see that it thinks you are following it. In order to get the achievement, you actually have to bring the cat with you out of Fort Joy in one of the ways I explained earlier. The only "tricky" thing about this achievement is that the cat can climb down ladders but can't climb up. So if you travel with it somewhere, it might end up getting stuck, and you have to travel with it up some steps or whatnot to escape. Once you do leave Fort Joy with the cat though, the cat will talk to you and become a summon for you, as well as unlocking the achievement. Be forwarned in Fort Joy though near the gate to the castle though. The magisters hate cats and will attack the cat if you get to close. So just be careful.

Spira, Spera
Desc: Arrive at the Sanctuary of Amadia.
How: After you have escaped Fort Joy, there is a small encampment South South East of the Marsh fast travel point. You can get there two ways.
1.) The Lizards. You will have to fight them unless you have an ability to jump. But if you don't then you will fight them and just south of the fight area is a Lizard who will be waiting. Talk to her and she will let you up. Entrance to the Camp is X:476 Y:31
2.) Through the electricity. Just West of the lizards there is a path going downhill that has poison and electric puffballs. If you have alright magic armor you can just walk through it. And even if you don't have the best magic armor you can still go through, you just might get stunned and risk dying. If you choose to do this route, maybe save before doing it. Once you have made it past the puffballs, you have to ring the bell to bring someone near the entrance and lower a ladder for you. Entrance is at X:412 Y:89
Once you enter the camp you should get the achievement.

Abound with Blessings
Desc: Face a higher power.
How: You'll have to face your higher power at some point later on this story, however I received the achievement on Fort Joy so that's why I'm including it here. There are two ways I know of currently.
1.) There is a cave at X:514 Y:72 just to the East of where the lizard fight was. It's hidden but you don't need high Wits in order to find it. Just walk near the cave and it will show itself. Go throughout the entire cave and at the end there will be a statue of an angel at X:691 Y:508. Click on the angel and you will transported to a hexagonal plane. Talk to your higher power and you will get the achievement.
2.) In the swamp there is a battle you can do with a Voidwoken and some skeletons. When the battle ends there is a shrine at X:516 Y:171 on the same level where the Voidwoken was initially. Talk to that statue and you will be taken to the hexagonal plane. There you can talk to your higher power and get the achievement. Credit to gimmethegepgun.
Fort Joy Achievements Pt. 2
Desc: Kill Slane
How: Pretty straight forward. There is a dragon on the East side of the island, at X:577 Y:160, all trapped and such. Free him of his chains, and then attack him to kill him. Attacking him while he has the chains on will do nothing. Once he's dead you will get the achievement. (However he's super cool so you should free him instead. Save, kill him, reload. If you don't reload you are a monster).

The Weird Sister
Desc: Kill Radeka.
How: So this ♥♥♥♥♥ is the one that trapped Slane. Kill her ass. She's in a cave just South of Slane . The entrance is at X:588 Y:96. She is at the end of the cave. Go in there and destroy her. However this can be a difficult fight. She decides to cheat and summon a bunch of monsters to aid her. I would suggest not fighting this pre level 7. There are ways to kind of cheese the fight but why spoil it? Kill her in anyway you desire. Just make sure not to leave the island without killing her because I hate her.

Scholar of Secret Arts
Desc: Welcome Tarquin to the Seeker's service.
How: This achievement isn't really on Fort Joy but can get it right after Fort Joy. When you are doing the quest to go to Driftwood, you will meet Tarquin. Become friends with him and have him join your crew and you will get the achievement.

Walk at Liberty
Desc: Remove the Source Collar.
How: That collar around your neck that forces you to not cast source. It's finally gonna come off and here is how you do it. You have one of two ways that I know of to remove the source collar.
1.) Be the winner of the arena. When you have won the arena, talk to the blacksmith at X:224 Y:178. She will remove the collar of whoever won the arena, so only one person. However, if you do this then the Magisters will fight you instantly.
2.) In the Sanctuary of Amadia, there is a female Dwarf (or human, I don't recall) sobbing about Gareth and another male Dwarf trying to comfort her. They can be found here X:441 Y:20. If Gareth has been saved and brought back to the fort, she will remove all of your source collars of your team. NOTE: You must come talk to them first before you save Gareth or else this method will not work.
3.) If you have Beast in your party, you can talk to Duggan the Dwarf as Beast, and Duggan will request the female Dwarf remove the collar. If you are the player controlling Beast then Beast will remove all the character's collars you are controlling. Credit to Elaeus for this method.
4.) If you end up not being able to remove your Collar by any of these methods, do not worry. Once you have beaten Alexander and meet Malady, she will remove the collar for you.
Once your collar has been removed you will get the achievement.

A Good and Faithful Servant
Desc: Rescue Gareth from Braccus' Armory.
How: Now this achievement is probably mandatory, but I've never tried to just leave Gareth. And seeing as how many options Divinity gives you, I think it's very well possible to just abandon Gareth. But to do this, you must travel to Braccus Armory, or the Ruined Castle in Fort Joy located here X:469 Y:264. You must go through a battle with Gareth in the Ruined Castle. Once you win the battle and talk to Gareth, you will get the achievement.

Criminal Intent
Desc: Get caught breaking the law.
How: This can really be done anywhere, however it can be done here just to get it over with. Steal in front of a Magister on the island and follow the dialogue that doesn't persuade them or pay them. There will be an option to go to jail instead. Choose that option. Once inside the jail you should get the achievement. I would suggest saving before doing this achievement.
Driftwood Achievements Pt. 1
The Meistr
Desc: Meet Meistr Siva.
How: Malady will tell you to find the Meistr on the island. She is being 'held up' (hehehe) at X:437 Y:152 by some Magisters. Help her out and you should unlock the achievement.

Desc: Become the Champion of the Driftwood Arena.
How: There is a tavern near the Town Square. In the tavern is a Dwarf guarding some stairs at X:294 Y:160. Get past him however necessary and you will be at the Undertavern. In the tavern talk to the the male trader Dwarf at X:402 Y:821 and he will let you partake in the arena. And if you want more of a challenge, there is a female Dwarf to the sitting by herself in the North East of the tavern and she will think she's all that. She will give you a challenge do to the fight blindfolded. It's possible but it can be difficult. This arena has the same rules as the first one in Fort Joy. Once you have beaten the arena you should unlock the achievement.

Desc: Use your first Source Skill/Unlcok your second Source Point slot/Unlock your third Source Point slot.
How: So surprisingly enough, these are NOT needed to complete the story. Thus why they are in this 'miss-able' section. There are 6 people in Driftwood who can potentially teach you Source. Find two of them and follow the proper text to get the Source. You will be forced to use your first Source point somewhere along the storyline, and will get the other achievements once you have gotten the Source from the teachers.
I said in an old version of this guide, that if you go for the "Isle of Last Resort" achievement, Malady gives you the source anyway. That was a lie. I just tested it myself and you are stuck with having only one or two source points (depending on how many you went for). I give a tip on the "Isle of Last Resort" on how to get all of these 3 and the Last Resort one.

Furious Rebuke
Desc: Set Gareth on the path of vengeance.
How: At the coordinates X:386 Y:276, you should find Gareth in a hut with a Magister's body. Do some chatting with him and persuade him to be angry at the Magister and kill him. He will be super angry and pissy. Once you persuade him you will unlock the achievement.

Iniquity Forgiven
Desc: Set Gareth on the path of reconciliation.
How: Same as Furious Rebuke except don't make him angry, make him see the light. Once he realizes the error of his ways you will get the achievement.

Isle of the Gods
Desc: Learn of the Council of Seven's location from a higher power.
How: You must talk to the Meistr and she will tell you how to get to your god. Once you go to the hexagonal plane talk to your god. I believe you have to have all 3 Source Points in order for your god to tell you where to go next. Once your god tells you where to go you will unlock the achievement.

Lawyer Up
Desc: Learn of the Council of Seven's location from The Advocate.
How: On the Bloodmoon island there is a lizard/demon who goes by the name of The Advocate. You can find him at X:275 Y:354. If you follow his mission he will tell you the location of the Seven's location, thus unlocking the achievement.
Driftwood Achievements Pt. 2
The Good Doctor
Desc: Perform successful surgery on Natalie.
Note: In order to get this achievement you must have a character with the background of Scholar and at least 12 intelligence and 12 finesse.
How: First off I would suggest doing this sooner rather than later. It requires you to keep Natalie alive and later in the game it might be difficult to not kill her in one shot, or you can just equip crappy weapons at a higher level. Either or. Whatever works. There is a woman suffering from some brain trouble on the East side of the island at coordinates X:665 Y:224. Outside of the house is a man named Swann who says he is a doctor but is having trouble with a patient. Choose the scholar choice saying that you have a background in medicine and you will offer to help. He will accept and give you a key to inside the house. Once inside go downstairs and you will see Natalie. When you get close a you will begin talking to Natalie. Have you scholar be the main person talking and choose the Scholar option. Then choose option 1 about agreeing to try and save her. A fight will begin and she will spawn 4 demon like creatures. Kill the creatures and wound Natalie. DO NOT KILL NATALIE. You have to weaken her to about 25% hp and the battle will end. Wait for Swann to meet you downstairs. When you talk to him he will say "We have to see Natalie". Go to Natalie with Swann next to you. Swann will then approach the body. You must be using your Scholar character. When you perform the surgery, choose these options:
1.) Option 3: Ask Swann to hold her steady.
2.) Option 1: Select a pair of delicate tweezers and gently try to remove the maggot.
3.) Option 1: Slowly close up the wound.
Once you have done this you will get the achievement.

Technical Eggstacy
Desc: Destroy every Voidwoken egg in Reaper's Cove.
How: This doesn't mean destroy every egg in Driftwood, only Reaper's Cove whom's entrance is located at X:72 Y:104. That may seem obvious but I made that mistake at first so just thought I should clarify. So in Reaper's Cove there are a whoppin 99 eggs. These eggs are everywhere so you have to keep an eye out for them. One trick I used was just moving my mouse around in an area that I thought might have an egg. If your mouse hovers over an object and that object turns yellow, you can smash it and make that egg scrambled. Once you have killed all the eggs, you will get the achievement.
Too see how many eggs you have smashed, well, I thought you could look at it globally. But apparently you can't. You have to have a friend who has the achievement look at your progress and they can tell you. As too why that's the only way to do I don't know. But it is. Credit to everyone who has mentioned this issue. If you don't have someone in your friends list who has this achievement, you can add me if I'm online and I'll check it if I get a chance.

Death in the Pot
Desc: Serve Garvan the tainted stew.
How: In the tavern there is a male Elf on the East side hanging out by himself at X:320 Y:148. You have the options of giving him some stews. You can give him normal stew but nothing will happen. You have to craft tainted stew. To craft it just take a void tainted fish and craft it with the stew. Poisoned fish will not work, it has to be void tainted. Give him the stew and he will be running to the outhouse to get you your achievement.
You don't need to do Garvan's quest. You can talk to spooky ghost Dwarf before or after killing Garvan. (Credit to Wolf's rain)
Spooky Ghost coordinates if you want them are X:200 Y:164 (Credit to RedGlimmer)

Kiss of the Spider Woman
Desc: Receive Dorotya's kiss.
How: In the undertavern there will be a female Human named Dorotya at X:434 Y:794. She doesn't always hang out here but this is where she is most of the time. Talk to her and talk about the gift she can offer. In order to receive the gift you must have done something of great achievement. Winning the Fort Joy arena is good enough. There are other options but that's the easiest one to get this early. Choose any of the rewards but my personal favorite is option 5. You get a nice Idol of Rebirth when you choose this option. Once you have chosen your reward head to the West of the undertavern, at X:387 Y:793, and you will meet her. Get a nice kiss from her and you will get the achievement.

Proud Parent
Desc: Adopt Peeper.
How: Just South of where you met Seiva, there is a little chicken farm located at X:444 Y:97. If you have Pet Pal you can talk to them and the head chicken will let you know that their children have been stolen. You do not need to talk to the chickens though, so Pet Pal is not required. Head North of the chickens and you will have to fight a Voidwoken. Kill them all and North of the fight, you can find an egg at X:468 Y:793. Bring it back to the chickens and they will hold onto the egg. Now you have to leave. If you want, keep your camera on the chickens while you leave, then once the chickens are out of sight you should see puddles of blood where the chickens once were. Head on back there and there is one chicken left. Peeper. Talk to him and he will follow you, thus you have adopted Peeper. When you have done this you should get the achievement. Note: He will not fast travel with you. You need to walk to the destination. (At least he never fast traveled with me)
Also if any Magisters are in your path and you have Peeper with ya, be careful. Just like with the kitty cat, these Magisters will attack harmless animals. Those bastards. So be careful when walking with Mr. Peeps. (Credit to Eleaus)

A Nest on High
Desc: Tame Featherfall
How: At X:578 Y:198 there is a tower, and atop that tower there is a bird. You must have Pet Pal in order to talk to him. He will talk about his master and you have to agree with him and such. Persuade him and then partake in the eating of his master. Once you have eaten his old master he will see you as his new master. Thus you have tamed him, and the achievement will be yours.

Bridge Over Trouble Waters
Desc: Help free Mari from the Voidwoken.
How: North of where you first start off, there is a bridge with a child on it hanging out at X:471 Y:42. The child will say he's trying to help his mom and that his mom is on the other side of the bridge. If you have a jump ability, you can jump down to a boat near the bridge that leads to the house on the other side. Take the ladder near the boat, and enter the house at X:497 Y:65. Mari is inside. Talk to her and help her fight off the Voidwoken that are outside the house. Once you help her and lower the bridge to her son, you will get the achievement.
Driftwood Achievements Pt. 3
Cur of Low Degree
Desc: Kill Andras, the necromantic dog.
How: In the graveyard there will be a dog chilling at X:555 Y:137. You can either attack and kill him there, or use Pet Pal and talk to him. Either way he needs to die. Once he is dead you will get the achievement.

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
Desc: Escort Sahelia outside without fighting the Lone Wolves.
How: To the North North East of Driftwood, there is a Lone Wolves camp. There are some steps inside the camp at X:535 Y:451 that will lead you to a camp boss with big wolves guarding him. Sahelia is there. So there are a couple of ways to do this. Btw, you will be forced to fight the Lone Wolf leader. He is not count against this achievement.
1.) Kill everyone outside of the camp, BEFORE killing the leader of the Lone Wolves. If you go this route, then you won't run into any of the Lone Wolves outside, therefore you won't be fighting Lone Wolves with Sahelia. Walk on out and you're good.
2.) Once Sahelia has joined you after killing the boss, just fast travel somewhere. You won't have to fight anyone and you will get the achievement. UPDATE: This might have changed. Not sure if this works or not anymore after the update. Sahelia might try and follow you as if you actually walked to the fast travel spot. I haven't had a chance to test this myself but yeah, this method not work anymore.
3.) Actually be sneaky and leave the camp. This is probably the more cool way to do it but it's also harder.

Over to the Farther Coast
Desc: Take the ferry to Bloodmoon Island.
How: To the North of Cloisterwood there is an undead ferryman at X:161 Y:350. Take the ferry with him. However, in order to live you have to be a skeleton, for you travel across Death Fog. I'm pretty sure you can only get the achievement if you are a skeleton. But once you are across you will get the achievement.
Turns out, you can also just hire someone who is a skeleton! Cool! So talk to the hiring lady on the ship, hire yourself a skeleton and you can get the achievement through that way! Credit to HandOfKane.

The Isle of Last Resort
Desc: Learn of the Council of Seven's location from Malady.
How: In order to get this achievement you have to mess up badly. You have to mess up on getting Source from ALL the people who can give it to you. If you wish to get this achievement and the Apprentice/Expert/Master ones, then here is what I suggest. Fail on getting source from 4 of the possible 6. I would suggest leaving Almira and Jahan as the final two, as Almira is easy to get source from with not having to do much, and Jahan just want's you to kill the Advocate for him (which you need to do anyway for the Isle of Last Resort achievement). Save before talking to both of them, then go and talk to them, fail on them giving you source, then have Malady get pissed at you for not learning source and getting the "Isle of Last Resort" achievement. Then once you get it, reload, get the source from those two mentioned, and BOOM, Expert/Master achievement.

In addition, you can't learn about the location from other people. Besides Malady, there are two people who can give you info on the isles. The Advocate, and your god. So it is recommended that you kill The Advocate as soon as you talk to him. Don't even give him a chance. Also when refusing to learn Source from the last teacher available, you will receive a war owl, which tells you that Malady is waiting for you on the Lady Vengeance. (Credit to wcis) Supposedly now the War Owl doesn't appear. So you might not get it. you just have to Malady on the Lady Vengeance now. (Credit to Elaeus)

What's in a Name
Desc: Awaken the corrupted Ancestor Tree on Bloodmoon Island.
How: On the Bloodmoon Island there is a huge tree. If you use your Source Vision and attempt to talk to it, you will have no idea what it's saying. To the North East of Bloodmoon island, there is a hidden vault that leads to a library at X:369 Y:464. In the library there is a book that will tell you name of the tree. Once you have learned the name of the tree, you can go and talk to the tree again. Once you say her name she will awaken and you will get the achievement.

Existential Crisis
Desc: Correctly answer all of Crispin's questions.
How: At the cemetery, there is a grave located at X:628 Y:155. You will know you have found it once you hear a voice asking you to dig it up. Dig it. There will be a skeleton named Crispin and he wants to challenge you to a game of wits. Beat him at his game and you will get the achievement. There are two ways to do this.
1.) There are 3 books of enlightenment hidden in Ryker's house. Find all 3, read them, and go and challenge Crispin and give the answer from the knowledge of the book you have just found. I'm not sure if the books are random or not but here are the locations that I found them.
Since you have now read the books, the correct answers will all be option 3. (Credit to Elaeus)
  • Book 1 - X:509 Y:175 Where Ryker's desk is
  • Book 2 - X:497 Y:147 In the Living room
  • Book 3 - X:175 Y:674 On the Upper Floor
2.) The much easier way is to have a skeleton do the talking for you. Just choose the skeleton options and you will win the challenge. As well as being the easiest option, it is also the most comical.

Desc: Lockpick your way into Mordus' hidden lair.
How: There is a small building just to the West of the Tavern at X:268 Y:138. Inside there will be a female Dwarf guarding a hatch. Do whatever you need to, to get inside. Once inside, on the North part of the area, there is a hidden switch at X:486 Y:739. You need to have some Wits with you to see it. Now you can put a Red Eye in it, but that will deny you the achievement. Once you see it, have someone lockpick it instead of putting the Red Eye in. Once you have lockpicked it you will get the achievement.
This used to not work with Undead but it now works with them. So you all good with them bony people. (Credit to Bioness)
You need lockpicking 5 to get it. (Credit to Elaues)
Nameless Isle Achievements
The Seven Altars
Desc: Pray at every altar on the Nameless Isle.
How: On the Nameless Isle there are 7 Altars spread through out. Now you'd think that just praying to the altars is fine and will count towards the achievement. No. When you pray at the altar you talk to the god and the god will request something of you. You have to do what the god requests or else it will not count towards the achievement. If the altar lights up with an emblem, you have done it correctly. If it does not glow, then you have messed up. I suggest saving right before each altar if you want just incase you mess up. But once all altars are glowing, you will get the achievement.
God Requests (Credit to Elaeus):
Amadia: Give her a Source Point
Rhalic: Accept to help him get his sword and accept being blind
Xantezza: Deny your god
Duna: Bless the Lake (will automatically cast Bless spell on the altar)
Zorl Stissa: Accept the challenge
Tir-Cendelius: seems to be a freebie
Vrogir: Accept his curse
All curses can be removed and will not void the achievement. Make sure you are using the same character. DO NOT use the face mask thingy.

DO NOT talk to other characters with their knowledge about the altars. If you get info on the altars from other people you will void the achievement. (Credit to Chuka4cheese)

Here is some more info on the altars! (Btw I'm proud that I did this so you better appreciate it)
X:112 Y:728
X:607 Y:485
X:200 Y:824
Death or Blindfold (on and remove)
X:274 Y:823
X:115 Y:451
X:326 Y:747
X:520 Y:291
Zorl Stissa
X:201 Y:685
X:270 Y:944
-2 Con
X:109 Y:900
X:402 Y:401

Favored Son
Desc: Convince Alexandar to ally with you.
How: At the temple of Tir-Cendilius, Alexandar will be hanging out there. Unless you killed him on the boat. Maybe. Not sure. I've never killed him on the boat. Either way he should be hanging out up there. You have to convince Gareth not to attack Alex, then you have to convince Alex to join you. So have someone with persuasion talk to them. Once he joins your quest you get the achievement.
Two additional ways to do this:
1) Persuade Alexander to join you, even if you have not done Gareth's stuff. Credit to guig.
2) Persuade Alex at the Arena of The One. Credit to Dannnnnnnnn

Desc: Convince all party members to let you ascend.
How: There are two situations you can run into.
1.) If have a good relationship with your crew. When you are about to enter the library your teammates will not be part of your team for now, and you have to talk to them. If you have a good relationship with you, you can convince them to let you ascend. No points in persuasion needed.
2.) If you do not have a good relationship with your crew, then you are going to need some high persuasion. When I did a playthrough with Sebille, she wasn't a big fan of me, and I needed 6 persuasion to make her agree with me.
Once you have persuaded them all, you will get the achievement. You only need to have at least one other NPC. I don't believe this achievement works when there is no side character in the party.

Serious Academic
Desc: Discover the hidden entrance to the Academy.
How: At South East Part of the map, there is an entrance to the academy. However it requires some mad jumps to get there. You can start jumping at X:315 Y:702. You are gonna have to be jumping through some fire clouds along the way so make sure you have some magic armor. You will know you are at the top when you see some skeletons around what appears to be a camp. The entrance can be found at X:378 Y:693. You will need someone who has some Wits with them though in order to notice the entrance. Just dig up the hatch and enter. Once inside the achievement will be yours.
Arx Achievements Part 1
Cat Person
Desc: Rescue Arhu
How: Paladin Kem is holding Arhu hostage in his super secret underground lair. You can find the entrance hidden in Kem's in his garden. There will be a lever that you need some Wits to see near the water pump. Once pulled go on down and there will be some guardians there. Kill them and when they are down drain them of their Source. At the end of the hall there will be a 2 pictures with a gap in the middle. You will need the third picture from a little orphan girl in the sewers. Once you have the picture place it right in the center and you will unlock the door behind the pictures. Before you go in find a picture named "(I don't recall the name, it has to do with strength)" hidden among the junk down here. Go down the pathway and find the God King altar. Place the picture on the pressure plate and a pathway will open. Head on down and you will find a dungeon that Kem has made. Arhu is being held captive. Free him from those chains by using your spooky vision and getting rid of the people holding the chains. Arhu will complain but he will be fine. Paladin Kem will show up and there will be a fight. Keep Arhu safe and kick Kem's booty. Once you have won the fight and escorted Arhu out, you will get the achievement.

Toy Story
Desc: Persuade Toyseller Sanders to give you his amulet.
How: There is a store in the City Square of Arx that is owned by a Toy seller. When you first enter he will always be chilling in his main floor area at X:268 Y:307.
One way to do this is after talking to Arhu. Once you have saved Arhu he will tell you how to get past the Path of Blood without having to go the nice route. Once Arhu has told you how to do it, go talk to the toyseller. Explain to him that Arhu sent you and you need the amulet. He will give it to you. If you steal the amulet from him before this conversation you forfeit the achievement. But once you persuade him you will get the achievement.
The second way is to go and talk to a man named Brother Lyle at the Cathedral. He is located at X:297 Y:446. Then after talking to him, go to the toy seller and talk to him. You should now have the option to persuade him for the amulet. Credit to !Muffin

Puritan's Walk
Desc: Successfully walk the Path of Blood.
How: In Arx, the path of blood must be passed to complete the game. I guarantee on your first playthrough you will go through the other method because this is so darn difficult to do without cheesing. So if you haven't tried the path yet, here's what you need to know. In the temple, there is a Simulacrum of Lucian at X:298 Y:489. There are 4 questions the Simulacrum of Lucian asks you, and if you fail the question, you die instantly. You must pass all 4 questions to take the Puritan's Walk. So this is how to get the achievement the easy way without making yourself suffer. Once you are ready to go do the Path of Blood, instead of going the secret path, actually do the right way. However, what you are going to do is go back to the Lady Vengeance. And there is a female Lizard who will let you hire someone. Hire any person you want and bring them with you to the Path of Blood. Have them go up to the statue called Simulacrum of Lucian and do all the questions. Be careful not to spam the first option since the correct answer changes to different locations. Once they have done the path you can tell them to take a hike and go down the hatch. However I will admit it's pretty sweet to get the buff it gives you. You get wings forever. Pretty nice. Anyway once you have answered the questions the achievement will be yours.
However, if you do want to go down the path of righteousness, here are the questions that you will have to answer so then you can get some sweet wings and what you need to do to get them correct.
1.) Dost thou steal? Don't steal from anyone. Any item that is red, don't touch it. You must buy all the items you want. Never steal or you forfeit this question.
2.) Dost thou kill? Don't murder anyone. At all. You can damage them. You just can't kill them.
3.) Dost thou serve the void? Do not follow the path of the god king. He will try to get you to follow in so many ways, you just have to not listen to him.
4.) Dost thou respect the soul? Whenever you get the spell Soul Vamp, guess what, you can't use it. Never use that spell and you will be good.
Yep. This is what it asks. Now you realize why you pretty much won't get it legit.

Lair of the White Worm
Desc: Discover Reimond's Lair
How: There is a hatch with a code lock in the Magister Barracks. Once you there, you will find 4 hidden buttons behind paintings. Press them in this order (1-3-2-4) and the hidden room will be revealed. The combination phrase can be found on plaques in the burning room. Once you enter that room you will get the achievement. Credit to Morannon3019
Doctor: Heal Thyself

Desc: Defeat Adramahlihk
Note: You do not need Lohse for this however she can potentially make this easier.
How: In the North East of Arx there is the Doctor's lair. You might need to be called in to see him by doing something in Arx first, but maybe you can break in. I've never broken in before though, I've always had Lohse in my party so the door just opens for me. One way for the Doctor to call for you is to kill Isbeil. But either way, go into his lair and attack him. Defeat him and the achievement is yours. However if you want to cheese it a bit and make the fight easier for yourself, you can purchase all the potions off of him before the fight so then he can't use them.
Arx Achievements Part 2
Deal with the Devil
Desc: Make a deal with Adramahlihk.
How: To get this without Lohse, I believe the Doctor must call to see you, otherwise he will attack you for invading, but I'm not sure as I haven't tested it yet. And if you have Lohse in your party then the Doctor will always request to talk to Lohse and he won't talk to anyone else. Now when I had Lohse as my main I chose these options and this doesn't include hitting continue. Choose 1-3-2-1-1-2 where 2 is Take Your Leave. You do not need Lohse to make a deal.

Angel and Demon
Desc: Share Divinity with The Doctor
How: When you make the deal with the Doctor, he will take your soul and say you have to ascend to Divinity. Now you have to finish the campaign while having made the deal with the Doctor. When you have ascended to Divinity while having the Deal with the Doctor, you will get the achievement.
Another way to do this is to not talk or interact with the Doctor while having Lohse in your party (I had her as my main). When you get ready to ascend to divinity, when you have defeated Braccus Rex, the Doctor will appear and kill Dallis and Lucian. When he talks to Lohse, do not choose option 1 as the Doctor will kill Lohse forever. If you choose option 2 then he will let you live and fight with you. However everyone in your party becomes your enemy. If you win the fight with Lohse then you will get the achievement.

The Abysmal Sea
Desc: Defeated the Kraken.
How: In the final fight, just kill the Kraken before you kill off the other main characters. I thought this used to be guaranteed, however some people have pointed out that it is possible to miss this.
1) If you one shot Braccus Rex, he doesn't summon the Kraken. So then you have no Kraken to kill. Credit too Dannnnnnn
2) Kraken can kill itself with Shackles of Pain and you will not get achievement. Credit too Sad@4AM
Sooooooooo I really don't want to spoil anything about this section. It's the best fight in the game in my opinion. As far as I know there isn't a way to fail this achievement. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I still get pumped every time I do this fight.
Miscellaneous Achievements
Desc: Shapeshift into every race.
How: In order to do this you will need Fane's mask, and you can do this in one of two ways.
1.) On the island of Fort Joy at (will get coordinates soon), Windego is in possession of Fane's mask. Kill her and take it. And then use all the faces on the same character.
2.) You can craft the mask but that is annoying takes a lot of resources. You will need to craft a face with a Source Orb and then you will have 1/4th of the mask. But once you do have a mask, just transform into all the faces and you will get the achievement.
I HIGHLY advise going with the first option since the second one uses a TON of resources.

Arcane Author
Desc: Craft a scroll.
How: There are a lot of scrolls to craft. I'm not sure what would be the easiest one but before the end of the game you will definitely find a chance to make a scroll. Just google the scroll options and see what you can make. My personal favorite is the chicken scroll. Life essence and a chicken foot. Simple. But once you craft something the achievement will be yours.

Desc: Craft a skill.
How: Two ways to do this achievement but the second way is hands down the easiest.
1.) Make a scroll with any spell that has to do with a skill. Then find a blank book that is of the same skill as that scroll. Go to the crafting section and craft those two together and you will craft a skill book.
2.) Have two skill books where one is elemental and the other is non-elemental. Go to the crafting section and craft both of those books and you will have made a new skill.
If you do one of these methods then you will get the achievement.

Desc: Craft a grenade.
How: There are a lot of grenades to be made but the simplest one I have found is to get a oil barrel, fill a empty bottle with oil, get some rope, turn the rope into some string, then combine the string with the oil bottle and you got yourself a Molotov. If you want to find more though, google the grenade crafting section and see what works for you. But once you craft one you will get the achievement.

Desc: Equip runes to all of an item's available slots.
How: Most of the items that even have a rune slot only have one slot. So just grab one rune you found, slap it on in there and the achievement will be yours. You cannot combine the armor and rune in the combination area though. Rune crafting has it's own spot to the right of the crafting section.

Took a Great Fall
Desc: Kill an enemy using Teleportation.
How: Easiest way to do this is in Fort Joy with the teleportation gloves. All you need to do is wait till you find someone low on HP and then teleport them. The least amount of damage I've see the spell do is 7 damage. But once you kill someone with the spell the achievement is yours.

Spirit Animal
Desc: Speak to an animal's spirit.
How: Once you have your spooky vision, just have it on and walk around looking for some dead animals. Pretty sure you can do this with any animal, but if you want, just kill one and then use your spooky vision. The spirit should be there. I know of two that I have done myself. There is a cat near the bar at coordinates X:284 Y:156. You can kill it and the ghost will be there. And if you are going to kill the demon dog, it's spirit will appear once you kill it as well, so you can just talk to that one if you don't feel like murdering innocent animals.

Curse Thine Enemies
Desc: Use the Curse skill.
How: I earned this while I had Fane as my main character. I'm not sure if you have to have him in your party or not, but there will be a point on Nameless Isle where the God King will talk to you and will ask you to work for him. If you choose to do so, then he will give you the Curse skill. It replaces your bless skill. So once you have it, use it on someone and you will get the achievement.

Also to make it easier on yourself if you don't want to play Fane, you can craft a scroll for the achievement. You can find it here [divinityoriginalsin2.wiki.fextralife.com] for the entire list of scrolls, but all you need is a Sheet of Paper, High Quality Shadow Essence High Quality Tormented Soul, and Any Voidwoken Fish or Food. Credit to corlars.

Desc: Gain the Hero tag.
How: There are a LOT of ways to do this, but the fastest one is in Fort Joy. Find the Yarrow flower near the bridge of the isle and bring it to the dude eating bodies on the beach. Once you give him the flower and chat with him a bit, he will give you the ring and then you go take the ring to his daughter that is on top of the walls of the entrance of Fort Joy castle. Talk to her about her father, and you will gain the Hero tag. Thus unlocking the achievement.

Desc: Gain the Villain tag.
How: To get this just be a giant prick to everyone. I earned mine by telling the Lady Vengeance that she is in my control and she has to do what I say. Just don't be nice to anyone and you will get it quickly. Once you get the tag you also get the achievement.

Desc: Win a persuasion event.
How: Have at least point in persuasion, and then talk to anyone in Fort Joy that requires one. There are some persuasion options that are more influential than others though. Just because you have 30 Strength and 5 persuasion, doesn't mean that will win you the persuasion. Sometimes choosing the option where you have 10 Intelligence is the better option. It's rare. But it happens. So win any persuasion and you get the achievement.

Desc: Perform a successful theft.
How: Have a point in thievery, go into sneak mode, sneak around, be careful not to make a sound, and get behind someone and steal an object from them. Easy.

Venture Forth
Desc: Successfully begin a match in Arena Mode.
How: You can do this by yourself. Just start up an arena mode and add an AI. Choose your characters and then start the battle. You will get the achievement.

Gather Your Party
Desc: Successfully begin a Game Master session.
How: Choose the Game Master and host it. You only need one person to join and then you can start it up. Once you have it loaded, you will get the achievement. Apparently all you need to do is start up a a game by yourself and you get the achievement for Definitive Edition. Credit to Nanotheequex

Desc: Obtain Anathema.
How: In order to get this item, you must do the quests for Tarquin. Do not kill him and do all of his requests. Once you do and follow them exactly, he will give you the weapon in Arx. Once he gives it to you he also gives you the achievement.
Character Achievements Pt. 1
I have added the type of what your character must be in order to get the achievement. Side character means you did not create them in the menu and you recruited them in Fort Joy. Main character means that you created them in the main menu and they are yours.

A Dream Undone
Desc: Kill the Red Princess.
Who: The Red Prince
Type: Main or Side
Update: With the Definitive edition out, this scene has changed. And this is how it is done, still as either Main or Side. Keep it the same as in Driftwood, do not meet her, and just dip. Don't sleep with her. When you meet her in Arx, let the Red Prince sleep with Sadha. You then get a kinky scene. The kinkiness doesn't matter in options, but when all the sexual pleasures have been fulfilled, choose these options: 2 (Get up and dressed), 1 (In peril?), 4 (Shake your head), 2 (Rivellon can no longer). After you choose these you will get into a fight with Sadha. Kill her and you will get the achievement.

All-Father, Life-Shaper
Desc: Become the father of dragons.
Who: The Red Prince
Type: Main or Side
How: There are kind of two ways to get this achievement but it's truly only one way. In Driftwood, you will be able to meet the Red Princess. She is at (will get coordinates soon). You have the choice to sleep with her or to not sleep with her. Those are pretty much the options. Later in the game when you are in Arx, you must go through a portal located at (will get coordinates soon). Start following the dialogue that continues The Red Prince's story. Soon you will meet the Red Princess again in an Oasis. If you slept with her, there will be an egg by her. If you did not sleep with her, you can sleep with her now and a baby will pop out in a span of 5 seconds. It's crazy. Once the egg has been laid, spit some hot lizard fire on that baby. Once that egg spawns a freaking dragon, the achievement will be yours.

An Apple a Day
Desc: Banish your demon.
Who: Lohse
Type: Main or Side
How: When confronting the Doctor, Malady will want to help you weaken the Doctor. Do it. She will take you on this elaborate plan and then after some scheming and stuff, you will weaken the Doctor. Go and fight him, and kill him. You will get the achievement.

Demon's Embrace
Desc: Embrace your demon.
Who: Lohse
Type: Main or Side
Main - Just make a deal with the devil. The achievement will unlock.
Side - When you confront the doctor, DO NOT attack him. Leave him be. And after three turns he will possess Lohse. Credit to Dannnnnnn

A Song Unsung
Desc: Kill the Master
Who: Sebille
Type: Main or Side
How: In the Nameless Isle, there is a male Lizard to the South East near Zorl Stissa's temple. He is the master of Sebille. Kill him and you will get the achievement. In order to kill him though with Sebille, she must give someone her song so then she can face the Master. If she does not teach someone the song, then the Master will overtake her and you lose Sebille. So make sure you have some good attitude with her when you approach him!
Another method that works that if you do not have Sebille's trust, you can just start the fight and then have Sebille after the fight has started. This way the Master can't use his enchanting tune to take control of Sebille.

Stay Grounded
Desc: Serve the Mother Tree
Who: Sebille
Type: Main or Side
How: When you reach Nameless Isle, go to the Master you are supposed to kill. He will have a Death Fog bomb. Kill him and take his heart and then take his heart to the Mother Tree.There will be a female elf waiting inside the Mother Tree. Give it to her and you will get the achievement.

Desc: Destroy the Mother Tree.
Who: Sebille
Type: Main or Side
How: When you meet the Master, accept the bomb with a different character. Then take it back to the tree. Do as the Master asks and put the bomb inside of the tree. You will need to fight the elf lady and all her spawns. Then when you have inserted the bomb, go back to the Master and tell him to detonate the bomb. He will and you unlock the achievement. You must do this with another character. Do not have Sebille interact with the Master. Credit to Ben Swolo.
Character Achievements Pt. 2
A Wolf Avenged
Desc: Kill Lucian.
Who: Ifan
Type: Main or Side
How: When you meet Lucian a the end, you must refuse to help him and then get into a fight with him. The easiest way to get this achievement is to focus Lucian first. If you attack Braccus the fight will become more difficult. But if you focus Lucian you will get the achievement a lot easier. Once he is down, the achievement will be yours.

Fool Me Once
Desc: Forgive Lucian.
Who: Ifan
Type: Main or Side
Main - When you meet Lucian at the very end, you will be given a LOT of dialogue. Listen to Lucian's ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, and then once he says, "We only lack yours", choose option 6 (Wave them along). If you have companions they will say not to do it, but then when you are given your 3 options, choose 3 (You shall have your sacrifice). Once you choose this option you will unlock the achievement.
Side - All you need to do is have everyone in the party die except for Ifan. Then approach Lucian and talk to them and accept to surrender the force and the achievement will be yours. Credit to Secretspystuff

Eternal Salvation
Desc: Return the Eternals to Rivellon.
Who: Fane
Type: Main
How: Apparently the way stated below is old. You must now choose the option with [Fane] in it. It talks about where it brings back the Eternals but leave the God King in the void. Credit to Dannnnnnn
When you become the divine, you will have multiple choices. For this achievement, choose the first one, "Fulfill your destiny as the Godwoken. Become the new Divine." When you choose this, the achievement will be yours.

The Adventure Begins
Desc: Embrace this strange new world.
Who: Fane
Type: Main
How: Same as "Eternal Salvation", except this time, choose "Give the Source back to all the peoples. Release Divinity into the world. When everyone is Divine, no-one is Divine." When you choose this you will get the achievement.

The Promise
Desc: Swear to the Covenent.
Who: Fane
Type: Main
How: As soon as you enter the Acadamy from the main entrance, there will be a voidling that will talk to you. This is where he will always be, so if you go through the secret entrance, then you just have to act as if you are going to leave through the main entrance to run into him. He will want you to join them and follow the god king. Swear to the god king and you will get the achievement. Supposedly you need to have Fane as your Main character, but it has been unconfirmed yet. However I got this achievement with Fane as my main and so have others so that appears to be the case.
Credit to Jaycob, Nayuta, Elaeus, and guig.

Desc: Assassinate the Queen.
Who: Beast
Type: Main or Side
How: First you must find evidence showing that Isbeil is the one in charge. Then you'll get into a fight with Isbeil. When you have finished fighting Isbeil you must find the queen, who is being held captive behind a hidden door at (will get coordinates hopefully soon). When you have found her, you will go through some Dialogue, and you must choose the one that pretty much says you hate her. Then you will get into a fight with her. Once you have chosen to fight her you will get the achievement. No need to kill.

Royalty Update: No longer bugged. People have this achievement now.
Desc: Ally with the Queen
Who: Beast
Type: Main or Side (credit to g1ggl1ngf1sh [fix your name bro])
How: Just like the achievement above. Except this time you choose to side with her. Be nice and you will get the achievement.
Well I hope that this guide was helpful. If I messed up on something please let me know and I will fix it and credit you here. There is a lot in this guide and I don't want to misguide someone. Thank you making it down this far. Enjoy your time with Divinity!

Donquixote101 - Reminded me of names when I forgot them.
gimmethegepgun - Helped with informing me of a second way to meet your god in Fort Joy.
Morannon3019 - Found how to get the Lair of the White Worm achievement.
Elaeus - Added a few more details about the Arena and an additional method for the Walk at Liberty achievement. Has also linked to a achievement bug thread found. Added a LOT of info on 7 Altars achievement, and added some more info on the Sebille achievements. He's done even more now. This guys has helped out a LOT on this achievement guide.
here. I have taken the confirmed info from there and updated the guide.
The Hat - Found how to get the Thunders of the Upper Deep achievement in the Story Section.
Aeon - Added more to the Hammered achievement.
Sir Joey of the White - Helped me with my horrible spelling and added more to the Infiltration achievement.
corlars - Showed me that there is a scroll you can create for the Curse Thine Enemies achievement.
Lyekin - Showed how to get the Fane achievements.
patrickmcc4 - For showing me personally that there is more than one way to fail the Thunders of the Upper Deep achievement.
LoneWolf - Showed that you do not need Lohse for Angel and Demon achievement, and thus in addition the Deal with the Devil achievement.
g1ggl1ngf1sh - Added that you do not need to have Beast as your main to get his character achievements. He can be one of your Side characters.
wcis - Added some more info to The Isle of Last Resort achievement.
Bioness - Showed that it is possible to get the Infiltration achievement with a skeleton character.
Chuka4Cheese - Added some info to the Seven Altars achievement.
!Muffin - Added some more info on the Toy Story achievement.
Jaycob Nayuta - Gave the information needed on The Promise achievement.
guig - Gave some info needed on the Promise achievement, the Favored Son achievement, as well as giving some info on the curse you get from the Elf Altar.
剪浪成花 - Gave a nice tip on how to complete the A Dream Undone achievement.
Ben Swolo - Gave all the details needed to complete the Sebille achievement, Liberator.
RedGlimmer - Gave coordinates for spooky ghost.
Wolf's rain - Gave more info Garvan's tainted food achievement.
The End - Updated me on the Curse Scroll Recipe.
Secret Spy Stuff - Found out how to get the "Fool Me Once" achievement with Ifan as a side character.
Dannnnnnn - Updated the Favored Son achievement, noticed Eternal Salvation has changed with Definitive Edition, found out how to do "Embrace Demon" with Lohse as a side character, Fane's achievement, and an update for the Abysmal Sea achievement.
hermitP - Noticed I told people to go to Arx instead of the Nameless Isle to meet the Master. Whoops!
Linio - Updated with how one of the guided parts that was striked through no longer works. So I removed it.
HandOfKane - Updated info for Over to the Farther Coast.
Nonothequex - Updated the Gather Your Party achievement.
Sad@4AM - Updated the Abysmal Sea achievement.
I ManuBAD iT I - Updated with a coordinate for a shrine.
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Mordred2003 Aug 24 @ 7:02am 
for the location of windego, x376, y244
Cliverion Aug 13 @ 7:49am 
i can confirm that "Hammered" cheesy deathfog are easy and fast :thumbs::summer2021racing:
thanks a lot!
Chief Commandeur Aug 12 @ 12:02pm 
For "A Dream Undone" you can actually just follow the quest like you would do for the Father of Dragons one until you reach Sadha. Then simply attack her with the Red Prince (so he doesn't turn hostile) and kill her. You can even do this after you hatch the egg. Source: I just did it this way and got both achievements back to back!
TurkeyFace.Phoenix Aug 8 @ 3:42am 
Couple thing I've found from going through these and excessive playthroughs.

For 'The Promise' (Swear yourself to the covenant) you don't need to be Fane, just any undead character, custom characters included.

Secondly, if you do the 'Isle of Last Resort', it will break Lohse's quest, and you can't get 'An Apple a Day', since Malady straight up dies when you get to arx if you used her to find the nameless isle, and as such cant help Lohse weaken the Doctor (Killing him without malady does not get you the achievement)
MrVader Jul 29 @ 11:31am 
for dream undone.. u can just play normally till act 4 and when u meet her again let ur party member hit her during conversation and it will just start the fight .. just nuke her down and u get achievement. u could save right before the conversation start and reload and do the rest normally and it gives other achievement if u hatch the egg.
karkap Jul 27 @ 3:23am 
which difficulty to play on ? i know this ain t thr place to ask
Augusto Jul 24 @ 7:54pm 
For Thunders of the Upper Deep, i talked with the Magister unconscious, went through all her dialogue and still got the achievement, the only thing i think could maybe have done that is the Script Extender mod i have installed, anyawy, think its worth to point out.
Lizard_ Jul 23 @ 8:13am 

You can get the Red Prince achievements of being the father of dragons and killing Sadha on one save, even without reloading. You just need to hatch the egg and after that attack Sadha with the Red Prince so he doesn't turn hostile.
Umpic Jul 18 @ 6:47am 

I just finished the game for the first time and wanted to say that I got the "Abysmal Sea" (Defeat the Kraken) achievement by simply killing Braccus Rex . I didn't even hit the Kraken at all. Went straight for Braccus . As soon as he died, I saw an animation of the Kraken dying as well and the achievement poped up. Not sure if choices matter, but I agreed with Lucian that I should give up my source .

Hope this helps future/current players.
Police officer Bob Jul 17 @ 1:17am 
Help, I cant choose not to ascend for the Return of the king achievement. Either one of my companions will become divine or if I have full party of people who support me ascending, my character instantly decides to sit on the throne, not giving me the option to decline ascending.