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Beastmaster of the North - The Owl of the North
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Jan 9, 2013 @ 12:55am
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Beastmaster of the North
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As Beastmaster traveled to the far north, his animal companions like his hawk could not continue on the journey with him to scout for trouble as the icy wind was too harsh on such a small body. So Karroch was traveling alone towards his prey. During his travel to the north a lone owl who took notice, followed closely but never spoke. His silent beats of his wings could not be heard by the beastmaster but gave the hint that he was being followed by the peeping owl. When the beast master spoke in his primal tongue "who follows me with gazing eyes?" The owl of the north complied, surprised that a human can speak in such a tongue without sorcery. Intrigued and curious was the owl, since then accompanied the beastmaster in his travel to the north.