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The Scoring System of Pawarumi
By Manufacture43
This guide will describe the Scoring System of the game ! Follow it and work with it to reach the top of the leaderboard !
Scoring System

Hello everyone !

Now that Pawarumi early access is finally out on steam, some people might want to start grinding their way to the top of the leaderboard ! So now is the time to speak more about the scoring system !

The scoring system of Pawarumi is like korean food : MIX EVERYTHIIIIIING!

So basically, the first thing you want to do is destroy all the enemies with the crush (max damage). This will give you a lot of destruction points.

Then, to go further, you have to use your super attack. The combo on top of the player progresses with each hit on enemies. So you have to be well positioned on the screen before unleashing it and wait for an area with many or strong enemies. Or both ^^

Starting from there you get into what could sound like an inconsistency : you know have to constantly choose between charging your super attack and crushing the enemies. This is not an inconsistency since, as I said first, the crush bonus is on destruction, not on damage. So what you can do is leech on the big enemies to charge your super and switch to the crush combination right before they die so that you charge your super AND get destruction bonus!

Better than that actually, all the damage you do on enemies gives you points and, more than that, damage points are bigger if you are draining (charging your super) or boosting (charging your shield). So even if your shield is full and your super is full, you can still leech on enemies before crushing them!

So, to resume:
- Crush has maximum destruction points but weak damage points
- Drain gives you more damage points
- Boost gives you even more damage points
- Super Attack has a kickass hit bonus points

It's not balanced yet so don't be surprise if your score progresses differently in the following updates :) The system itself will not change, but the values might change a bit.
Feel free to comment and tell us if you had chance to experiement with this !

Happy scoring !