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Rim of Madness - Vampires
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Oct 31, 2017 @ 10:16am
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Rim of Madness - Vampires

In 1 collection by Jecrell
Call of Cthulhu - Rim of Madness Expansion Pack
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Adds vampires to RimWorld.

Heavily inspired by Vampire the Masquerade, this mod introduces a disease known as vampirism.
There are five Vampire bloodlines included with the mod currently.
Different bloodlines have different abilities: 44 in total (check the vampire character menu).
Adds in "vitae" and blood mechanics (check the needs menu).

Watch BaRKy play the mod here:

How to play as a vampire in a new game:
  • Choose a vampire scenario OR create your own with the added health condition for Vampirism. Then...
  • a) Have a vampire appear in your initial colonists list. OR
  • b) Find a vampire out in the world. Imprison them. Recruit them. Then select them, right click another colonist, and select "Embrace (Give Vampirism)" from the right click menu options.

How to play as a vampire in an existing game:
It's recommended to start a new game with vampires. The only known method of playing vampires in existing games is to edit save files and add in the vampire health condition or use debug commands. No guide currently available for this.

- Moody. Checks for food in caravans and causes errors.

Available in English, Spanish (by Daru), and Russian (by kr33man).


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Popular Discussions View All (68)
Nov 8 @ 12:12pm
Is there any way to make vampires actually use the "rest" bar properly and sleep during the day?
Nov 8 @ 9:42am
Jittering when vampires work on floors
Nov 8 @ 12:09pm
mr twigs
< >
Firathmagi 4 hours ago 
so can you make it so that vampires from other factions eventually leave the map on thier own rather than sit buried for eternity
101=5, bryan=5 5 hours ago 
feral claws are doing a lot of bruise damage and not much cutting.
Grounded_Locust Nov 17 @ 12:22am 
so nobody else is getting the bug where all vampires lose their vampirism and are downed via extreme blood loss when they enter the map? Really sucks because this was one of my favorite mods back in B18 but now it doesn't work at all for some reason
󰀈llisus_4023󰀈 Nov 16 @ 11:22pm 
Really laggy during Dawn
EvilNecroid Nov 15 @ 6:33am 
is it intentional to have dwarves elves and hobbits to either lose vampirism or just instant drop dead from it?
Mad Max Nov 14 @ 1:09pm 
Loves the idea of the mod, though it is completely broken in its current state.
1) Random extreme lag due to pathing and queing issues due to the sun I assumle
2) Weird issues with random mainstream mods
3) Complete lack of explanations and guidance, which makes it hard to distinguish bugs from intended behavior. Is that normal that my vampire randomly goes unleashed and smash 5 whole rooms before starting to kill everyone? (The thing is undownable due to stupid -300% pain; was getting pummeled by 5 pawns for 5 min and didnt have much of a scratch)
quiggyy Nov 14 @ 8:18am 
No idea what is causing the conflict since i've got 200+ mods but sometimes when traders spawn game locks up forever, removing vampires fixed it, don't have moody installed.
megaboto Nov 14 @ 7:19am 
@ nippel talermachos the thing is,some burn to death,which dammages releationships,and others do not come out if they burry themselves
megaboto Nov 14 @ 7:17am 
also anpther bug:androids get blood loss (not coolant,blood!)when a vampire feeds on them,and if they feed on an animal they sometimes kill them because of blood loss,since they regenerate 1 blood point per day,but get 50 % blood loss
Nippel Talermachos Nov 14 @ 1:33am 
That was such a great game. @megaboto: Normal caravans don't visually stop on map either for rest. One has to assume that the caravan is just simulated (like a video game). I can assure you that, for example vampires do bury themselfs into the sand during daylight while travelling through desert regions.