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Customizable Floating Particles
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Oct 30, 2017 @ 11:52pm
Nov 3, 2017 @ 7:44am
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Customizable Floating Particles

This is a customizable floating particle wallpaper.

----- Available options -----
Scheme color:
  It's a default for wallpaper projects. I did not implement any feature on this option.

Message glow:
  The color glow for the texts.

L message:
  The message coming from the left, which is not bold.

C message:
  The center message, which is bold.

R message:
  The message coming from the right, which is not bold.
  ⭐️You can use emoji in the message⭐️

  The number of particles to render on your wallpaper.

Radius from/to:
  The size range for the particles to generate.

  The time for each particle to float on the screen.

  This option makes the particles follow your mouse when you move.
  Setting it to 0 makes the particle to ignore your mouse.

  Render a shape of choice in the particle.
  Currently there is heart and star to choose.

Move left/right:
  Makes your particles to float in the given direction.

Move up:
  The particles default to the falling direction.
  This option does exactly what you think.

Color 1/2/3/4:
  The particle's color is determined by the colors you pick.
  The background color is a gradient of the averaged RBG value.
  The particle picks a color starting from color 1 and 3's RGB value to color 2 and 4's RGB value

Background accent:
  Your background is a combination of 2 layers.
  The first layer is a really dim layer which matches the colors you pick for the particles.
  The second layer is this option which gives you a specified accent to your theme..

----- Future Feature Ides -----
1) Digital time display
2) Weather of your city
3) More shapes

... Leave your ideas in the comment, I may pick some to add to the FFI list.

----- Things I will probably not do -----
Customized background image.
  Due to the render method of the particles,
  placing an image behind the particles cause the particles to have graphical glitches.
  I'm not particularly interested to recode the render method.

----- Change log -----
- Add a speed slider.
- Add a mouse follow slider.
- Add background accent color picker.

- Add 2 shapes: heart and star
- Add text glow color picker

----- Links -----
Customization Example: https://youtu.be/FAPYp6zNNtI

Particles Script Source: https://github.com/MapleRecall/html5-particles
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