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Dragonpunk: Arena of Gods
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Dragonpunk: Arena of Gods

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DragonPunk: Arena of Gods Mod ID = 1186294401

This mod is a work in progress that is designed as a stand alone game mode intended to be used on a fresh server. It will kill any and all tamed dino's on your server. Do not install on an existing server unless you want your dinos to die. It will also be updated frequently

Developed by P0k3r for the in progress Dragonpunk Community Tournament in ARK

This mod allows for multiple game modes similar to: Battle Royale, SOTF, and more coming soon

Mod description & features
You start out with cloth armor, a bow, torch, metal pick and a blueprint for crafting arrows then must make your way to the vicinity of the orange particle beam in the center before the shield shrinks and kills you.
Can be used with or without dinos.
You can find loot in dead dinos, supply crates and special loot boxes that randomly spawn in your vicinity.
There is nothing to build, you don't get hungry or thirsty and the only things you need to craft are arrows and healing brew. (Unless using SOTF Mode and if enabled in admin menu)
Last player alive wins.
All mod settings are handled via an admin only user interface.
Can be used with other mods but I'd only recommend dino and weapons mods.
NOTE: Weapons mods MUST HAVE unlockable engrams for the weapons or you will not find any of those weapons in dinos or loot boxes. Any dino mod should work.
This mod remaps the supply crates so it is not recommended for use with other supply crate mods since only the crates for the mod loaded first will work.

Tested and working on:
The Island
The Center
Scorched Earth
Will work on others if the map maker kept the center of their map near the 000 coordinates

Dragonpunk Servers Running This Mod

Help us add more servers! All donations go directly to Nitrado:

Menu Settings
Min Players To Start - Minimum "ready" players before countdown to match start begins

Match Time Limit - How long till shield fully shrinks

Disable Parachute Drop - Spawn on ground or use parachute drop in at match start

Use Ghillie Suit - Use a Ghillie Suit as initial loadout item instead of Cloth Armor

Center to Win - Require last remaining player to goto the particle beam to end the match

Use Starting Loadout - Enable/Disable starting loadout

Random Loadouts - Gives each player a random weapon and armor instead of base item set at match start

Use Boss Dinos - Enables a single spawn of a claimable boss dino near center 1/2 way through match

Enable Heal Crafting - Enable/Disable ability to craft healing brew during match

Enable Dino Claiming - Enable/Disable periodic dino claiming events

Dino Claiming Interval Min - Minimum time in minutes between claiming events

Dino Claiming Interval Max - Maximum time in minutes between claiming events

Dino Claiming Time Limit - Time in seconds in which dinos are claimable

Reset Players & Start Match - Forces all players in server to become ready and starts the match

Enable Dino Loot - Enable/Disable loot on dead dinos

Enable Start Loot - Enable/Disable loot crate spawns after spawn/land in parachute

Enable Random Loot - Enable/Disable random loot crates that spawn in player vicinity

Start Loot Delay - Time in minutes after parachute landing/match start when start loot boxes spawn

Start Loot Boxes Min - Minimum number of start loot boxes to spawn per player

Start Loot Boxes Max - Maximum number of start loot boxes to spawn per player

Start Loot Items Min - Minimum number of items to spawn per box

Start Loot Items Max - Maximum number of items to spawn per box

Random Loot Interval Min - Minimum time in minutes between random loot spawns

Random Loot Interval Max - Maximum time in minutes between random loot spawns

Random Loot Items Min - Minimum number of items to spawn in random loot boxes

Random Loot Items Max - Maximum number of items to spawn in random loot boxes

Enable Tek Items - Enables Tek item loot spawns in Random supply crates and on dead dinos

Spawn Military Loot - Spawns random sandbag bunkers where you can find real world weapons like M4's & AK's. Military loot also spawns on dead dinos when enabled.

Current Version: 33

Join the Arena of Gods Discord!
Join the Arena of Gods Discord!
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Deagle|TS.PT| Jul 26 @ 11:35am 
where can i find the server to play arena?
Team Dragonpunk  [author] Jul 22 @ 9:26am 
@Everyone please make sure to completely wipe your servers and remove all saves when installing a new server. We just had our tournament matches on Nitrado this weekend and everything went perfectly (no crashes, no "don't go too far message" etc).
Paradoxe[FR] Jul 22 @ 8:37am 
hmm okay mod broken ^^ i start my server with 0 mod just 1 mod arena of god and crash when i start
Paradoxe[FR] Jul 22 @ 8:06am 
How deleted u weapons for the mod ?? beceause = crash all time cause weapons
Lordkaputto Jul 21 @ 9:16am 
Ok, now we have the newest Update. But now, players near the middle get the message "Don't go to far" and they get damage and die, like if they were in the zone. But you can't see a zone/force field. Also, players far away from the middle, don't get the message and also don't see a zone.
Lordkaputto Jul 20 @ 10:03am 
I just made a new server. Maybe it depends on our host (g-portal), because it still says last update 04.07.2018, 02:34:15.
Team Dragonpunk  [author] Jul 20 @ 9:26am 
@Lordkaputto Delete everything on your server (or just make a new server) and then use the new update. Everything is working perfectly for us!
Lordkaputto Jul 20 @ 8:59am 
After the newest update, we can't update our Server. Mod is still shown as updated on July 4th.
123 Jul 18 @ 3:01pm 
Does anyone have a server hosting this mod? Would love to play with some friends
ᅚᅚ Jul 14 @ 8:28pm 
Crashed While equipping this item