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Removed Weather Effects
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Oct 29, 2017 @ 12:06pm
May 1 @ 8:49pm
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Removed Weather Effects

This mod removes all weather effects visually like rain, dust storms, ash, and fog. It keeps the mechanics like wind speed for wind generators, and combat penalties for fighting in a dust storm. I made this for myself because I have a very low end PC and decided to share with others who need the small FPS bump.

Updated: Version 98.23
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Pretty Princess Jul 5 @ 6:48pm 
Not sure if I need to do anything besides subscribing, I tried it and I can still see fog in the swamp area. Do I need to do anything to enable the mod?
Animecore Jul 5 @ 2:46pm 
Increases performance on my machine. Less lag. Still have the debuffs without the effects, so I actually want to wonder into Hive areas without seeing that red blood rain down from the sky giving me a seizure.
Dry Milk Jun 16 @ 12:08pm 
You are a hero
H E C K Jun 13 @ 6:12pm 
Lund Jun 2 @ 5:28pm 
fellow potatos thank you i mean i havent tried yet but im assuming itll help a bit at least
nArrAtor Jun 1 @ 12:28pm 
Thank you very much.. as particles are expensive costing objects although it`s the best choice to make weather effects.
Locklave May 24 @ 3:44am 
Thank you for this mod. I love the weather effects but I hate the slowdowns they cause.
Jared3043 May 12 @ 6:31pm 
Wickedly Twisted (Or others getting black/charcoal screens on start): I had this happen, but it was caused by an insanely slow initial renderin, as my computer is ancient. I let it sit and load for five minutes after booting a save for five minutes, and it works like a charm!
Underfall  [author] May 1 @ 8:56pm 
This mod is now updated for Version 98.23 stable branch. I removed a few more weather effects I missed in the first version of the mod. It shouldn't require any more updates until they release the final part of the map, and add any new weather effects in the new biomes. I only left in one weather effect, that being the fiery death beam in the Venge biome because it can be deadly and you wouldn't want a invisible death beam wiping out your party.
Wickedly Twisted Apr 18 @ 9:48am 
On Exp, this was worse than the weather effects. Black screen in patches or everywhere. Had to remove it sadly.