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Removed Weather Effects
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Oct 29, 2017 @ 12:06pm
May 1, 2018 @ 8:49pm
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Removed Weather Effects

This mod removes all weather effects visually like rain, dust storms, ash, and fog. It keeps the mechanics like wind speed for wind generators, and combat penalties for fighting in a dust storm. I made this for myself because I have a very low end PC and decided to share with others who need the small FPS bump.

Updated: Version 98.23
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SATANSFELCHERS Jul 27 @ 4:30pm 
does this do anything about the fog in the swamp? my pc can handle pretty much all the other weather effects but i went to meet the swampers and dropped considerably in fps
Darkling Day May 4 @ 10:36pm 
Good lord, this mod just single handedly salvaged Kenshi on my PC. My game's no longer chugging at dust storms.
Solid [Dagoth] Mar 25 @ 5:57pm 

GrandMoffTarkin Mar 15 @ 1:29pm 
Thank you so much! Now I can play Kenshi outside on my laptop!
Sprankles Mar 12 @ 12:53am 
I wish there was a mod that would fix fog from following your camera if you jump to a group of your units that aren't in the fog islands... It's really annoying jumping to my settlement on Okran's Plain, only to have a giant ball of fog obstruct everything. I still want weather, but I don't want it to follow my camera.
Beanslinger Feb 8 @ 10:07pm 
extra nice
Raf-raf♀ Feb 2 @ 7:50am 
You said small fps boost...?
This thing just made my pc available to play high graphics instead of my usual fugly
Thebluehulk900 Jan 22 @ 7:29pm 
Jackass he literally said that its for people with low performance pcs
Jæger Jan 17 @ 9:46pm 
oh booo hooo weather is so harrrd
懒惰de灲尨 Nov 6, 2020 @ 9:33pm 

这个mod去掉了所有的天气效果,比如雨,沙尘暴,灰尘和雾。它为风力发电机保留了像风速这样的机械装置,以及在沙尘暴中战斗的惩罚。这是我为自己做的,因为我有一个非常低端的PC,并决定与其他需要小FPS bump的人分享。