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Stoic LBV Build [OD]
By M@gicTrick
new perk + new gun make this one looks cool.
crits + fire + old but gold gun.
What is Stoic? and how does it work?
Stoic is a new perk from crimefest 2017. It focus on taking damage and healing
How does it work?
The perk benefit

#1: Virtue
Unlocks and equips the Stoic Hip Flask.

Damage taken is now reduced by 75%. The remaining damage will be applied directly.

The 75% reduced damage will be applied over-time (16 seconds) instead..

You can use the throwable key to activate the Stoic Hip Flask and immediately negate any pending damage. The flask has a 10 second cooldown but time remaining will be lessened by 1 second per enemy killed.

#3: Un-moved
All of your armor is converted and applied to your health.

#5: Calm
After not taking damage for 4 seconds any damage-over-time you are still waiting to receive will be negated.

#7: Imperturbable
When your health is below 35%, the cooldown of your flask will be reduced by 2 seconds for each enemy you kill instead of 1 second.

#9: Enduring
When damage-over-time is removed you will be healed for an additional 50% of the damage-over-time remaining at that point.

Basicly with full perk means
1.You don't have any armor cause all of them convert to health
2.For any damage you take quarter of them is instant ( Like normal ) the rest of the damage is convert into DoT over 16 second
3.When you remove DoT by either wait 4s after not taking damage or using flask you'll heal for 50% of DoT that have been removed.

For the flask
1.10s cool down
2.Killing a cop reduce the cooldown by 1s
3.If your HP drop below 35% killing a cop will reduce the cooldown by 2s

That pretty much all of them
Then how/when to use them?
First you need to understand that because you don't have any armor meaning that every first damage will take your health instantly, making you ability to peek out of cover a bit harder and less frequent than any perk without understanding the perk and how to build around them

you need to keep in mind about 3 things
First. Your DoT can go beyond your acual health.
Second. You need to keep yourselve in cover. Watch for any cop sneak behind you.
in OD if you don't keep track of enemy around you you'll get 2-3 shot in no time.
Thrid. The flask and DoT convert make you an ideal for taking out dangerous enemy like bulldozer and sniper.

Then when to use the flask?
1.Use them when your DoT go beyond health.
Doing so will heal you sometime to full health. As your remaining health is important to keep you alive and benefit from the perk.

2.Use them when you run from cover to cover.
runing from cover to cover will likly give cops enough time to kill you since you don't have any armor.
Use the flask mid way when you reach above condition then any more damage just stay in cover for 4s remove.

3.Use them when you got a lot of damage before taking cover
even if taking cover will remove them within 4s. using flask will insure your survival since the flask got only 10s cooldown.

If you down or have low health use FAKs or Doc bag if you need to.
Having low health will make you down easily since instant damage is far enough to finish you.
( Having hostage taker can be useful since most of your gameplay on OD will be staying in cover or doing objective)
LBV Full shotgun Build
Full shotgun
Fully auto dual shotgun use for speical cop
fire shotgun can CC and kill normal cop easily
this build is base around high fire-rate shotgun which make you able to take any enermy in close to medium range

Can take any cop out really fast on close to medium range
high CC with fire shotgun round
high ammo pick up rate make you able to keep shooting without stoping

extremely weak to sniper since you can only hit them on close to medium range

Brothers Grimm 12G
with buckshot use for special cops
Ammunition : 000 buckshot
Barrle Ext : none
Boost : concealment or none (mine is none)
Custom : auto fire
Foregrip : Little Brother Foregrip
Magazine : Big Brother magazine

Grimm 12G
with dragon's breath round use for shields and normal cops
Ammunition : Dragon's breath round
Barrle Ext : none
Boost : concealment or none (mine is none)
Custom : auto fire
Foregrip : Little Brother Foregrip
Magazine : none
Sight : none

Inspire Ace is always useful
Upper ACE or Combat Doctor ACE a core equipment for OD

Convert cop is one of the most useful skill since it's can tank a whole army and kill some cop for you
Partner in crime ACE
increasing you speed and health will increase your survivability
plus this make your convert become a tank for you
Confident ACE
If 1 cop is't enough then make 2
Hostage taker ACE
Help regen your missing health

Shotgun CQB ACE
Alway keep your fire shotgun up
Far away ACE or [/strike]Close by ACE
Far away ACE help your shotgun reach further distance
Close by ACE increase your shotgun mag and enable you to run and shoot.
Swap these skill as you see fit but Close by will make more benefit most of the heist.
Just go with Close by Aced which make you able to run and shoot with shotgun and increase your magazine capacity
make your buckshot deal more damage (+75%)
Fire shotgun can trigger Overkill even with fire damage only but fire damage don't benefit from this skill. (old information need to test some more before i can confirm)

Resilence ACE
Reduce effect duration of flashbang by 75%
Die hard ACE
make you tankier when doing objective + 20 more health with this perk
(make you have 300 total HP on LBV)

pretty much nothing here

Inner pocket
more concealment for crit
Low blow ACE
main damage on this build
Fire can do crit damage even without hit confirm making this an ideal way to clear cops without waste too many ammo

Nine live ACE
you got only OD...
this skill is a must have on OD making you down one more time
Swan song ACE
delay your time to down with $wag song

with all skill and weapon you will be like this

LBV Garant variant Build
Single shotgun + M1 galant
this build focus more on utility, with garant you can take any enemy except captain winter and you need to aim properly too
Can take out any enermy at any range include sniper
high ammo pick up rate both galant and brother grim 12G

Require some aim
Clearing rooms slower compare to full shotgun variant
Galant Rifle
use to kill any special cops include sniper
Barrel : Tanker barrel
Barrel Ext : Stubby compensator
Boost : concealment or none (mine is none)
Foregrip : none
Gadget : compact laser module or none
Sight : none
Stock : magpounch stock
Grimm 12G
with dragon's breath round use for shields and normal cops
Ammunition : Dragon's breath round
Barrle Ext : none
Boost : concealment or none (mine is none)
Custom : auto fire
Foregrip : Little Brother Foregrip
Magazine : Big Brother magazine
Sight : none

Most of the skill is pretty much the same






final result
then you're all set up for OD!!!
if you have some concealment boost for each gun you can mod them some more like mag or any thing you see fit.
I prefer playing with galant cause my team alway leave sniper to shoot me + galant empty reload sound so good.
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peter Mar 12 @ 3:43am 
welll damage was awesome but i suck a doge though it's my first try using doge builds and i die alot..thanks for this maybe one day il'l improve.
๖Delta Jan 7 @ 11:33am 
Wow completely overkill pack masks

the packs are worth 100$+, if anyone even has any spares
Old Manny Sampson Dec 9, 2017 @ 4:09pm 
Thanks for that.
M@gicTrick  [author] Dec 8, 2017 @ 7:25am 
@Sad pyro the Judge perform really well on any type of ammo mod, however the Judge have low total ammo and low ammo pickup rate so I dont recommended for Dragon's breath round.

You can use the Judge with buckshot and change brother grimm to Dragon's breath round, that way you can deal high amount of damage in short time and keep the fire around too.
Old Manny Sampson Dec 7, 2017 @ 5:27pm 
could you use the Judge as alternative?
M@gicTrick  [author] Nov 29, 2017 @ 5:42am 
Other safe method is spaming your fire round to lower their hp (you can kill them with this if they just stand around) and only use Brother grimms with dozers in small and secure area ( Ex. when dozers rush in your room) so you won't risk getting down too many times.
M@gicTrick  [author] Nov 29, 2017 @ 5:42am 
@Doggo sorry for late reply. To deal with dozers you need to have your flask ready, then time your flask as you shooting using Brother grimms .If you time it correct (when your health is around 1/4) then you'll kill them after they deal about half of your hp right after you use the flask, be sure to take cover after you're done with killing dozers. but note that while you can take up to 2 dozers you need to check for another treat like SWAT units since they deal lot of damage and can take you down from far away too.

Try using your mobility to make dozers miss their shot before you go face to face with them can help you alot in many situation since OD dozers carry a reinfield shotgun (As much as i remenber but Im sure it's a shotgun) with 7 bullet in the mag (info from spreadsheets ) so they'll empty their shotgun and have to reload right in front of you
Doggo Nov 27, 2017 @ 3:16pm 
How do you deal with dozers? Brother grimms really struggle with dozers.
Iberian Husky Nov 14, 2017 @ 9:39pm 
Good build, but I'd make a few changes for the Galant variant:
1. Swan Song isn't really that good with Stoic, so you can free up some points there.
2. I'd get rid of Aggressive Reload ace to free up some more points.
3. Put points into Specialized Killing basic and Optical Illusions ace so that the Galant can reach the 191 damage breakpoint when underdog is active
4. Use the remaining points for Parkour ace and Hardware Expert basic since those are nice QOL skills.
Mona Nov 14, 2017 @ 2:02am 
@OmeOmy same