ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

Mesothelae Dossier [FANMADE]
""Everyones Favourite Vile Flaying Assassin"

Species - Mesothelae hekatonkheires
Time - Late Carboniferous
Diet - Carnivore
Temperament - Patient


The Mesothelae hekatonkheires is a far larger specimen in comparison to its smaller scaled relative growing from the size of a human head to the point where it can stare a Triceratops dead straight in the eyes. Mesothelae are known for their dreaded trait to flay & wear the hide of their victims as a crude coat of armour.


Compared to the Spiders of the Islands underworld, these vile natured creatures are a unique mount most hunters & raiders alike value. Though it has a silk sac that allows them to ensnare & incarcerate prey they instead rely on the strangest ability to become invisible through scent. Not to also mention their uncanny ability to scale any surface & possessing a venomous bite that drains the life of prey almost instantaneously. But one must be fearless to tame one…


Mesothelae are insidious predators notoriously known to wear the skin of its quarry not only as protection but also houses it’s own special ability. Since most of the creatures of the island detect each other by scent & pheromones, the spider uses this to its advantage using its flesh cloak as an infiltration method giving off a familiar scent. Invisible to the unknowing target all it has to do is strike when it’s hungry.

Trivial Notes:

Mesothelae name means "Middle Teat" in Greek. In reference to the the position of the spinning organs, which are in the middle of the abdomen in Liphistius spiders and nearer the end in all other spiders.

The Species name of Mesothelae hekatonkeires comes from the names of the mythical Greek titans known as the Hekatonkheires. The Hekatonkheires were hundred armed giants that fought alongside the Olympians against the Titans in the Titanomachy. The term also hones in to the Mesothelae's tactic of collecting hide & pelts from many species of creatures that it preys on putting them on its body as a cloak.

In real life, Mesothelae were only the size of a human head or the size of a cat or a small dog. But as the dossier states that it had grown to the size where it can stare a Triceratops in eyes could factor to the atmospheric change of the island. In which results why most of the Islands Arthropod creatures have grown so large.

Mesothelae was actually a late name change from the name Megarachne. It's also been a fact that Mesothelae are not technically a spider at all but a species of terrestrial Euryptid that inhabits swamps in the late Carboniferous era.

Mesothelae's hunting tactics home in a familiar style as Acanthaspis petax, a species of Assassin Bug that lives in East Africa & Malaysia. Both species uses the body parts of it's victims as camouflage & invisibility through scent.

Mesothelae takes a strong inspiration to the Temnoceran from the Monster hunter series, Nerscylla.

The skin of various species can be seen on it's body:

- Allosaurus Hide
- Direwolf Pelt
- Hyenadon Pelt
- Iguanadon Hide
- Quetzalcoatlus Wing Webbing
- Spinosaurus Sail Hide
- Stegasaurus Hide
- Triceratops Hide
- Tapejara Wing Webbing

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Paleodude Nov 2, 2017 @ 5:40pm 
Mesothelae was actually found to be a eurypterid that adapted to land. Still a really cool idea for a creature function plus I always love a good MH reference.
alexandre00650 Oct 31, 2017 @ 4:43pm 
in araigner volante LOL
Dinochuck Oct 30, 2017 @ 8:18pm 
dude, tone down on the colors. I can't tell where this thing starts and ends.
Drag0nflash Oct 30, 2017 @ 6:13pm 
someone mod this thing. i must skin my foes to dress my spiders
Djaymasi  [author] Oct 30, 2017 @ 5:36am 
Thanks guys, I try. & also yup it's heavily based on Nerscylla & over exaggerated as an ark species 😅
Scanova the Carnotaurus Oct 29, 2017 @ 3:05pm 
Nice Nercylla inspiration there.
Njiko Oct 29, 2017 @ 5:28am 
Wow cool idea, really