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[WOTC] Celatid Alien
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[WOTC] Celatid Alien

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CreativeXenos WOTC mod collection.
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-- Mod by CreativeXenos --
-- Modeling, Texturing, Animations, Concept: Stenchfury --
-- Modbuddy, Photoshop: ObelixDk --
-- Modbuddy: fireborn --
-- Coding: Ashlynne_Lee --
-- Coding, Photoshop, Concept lead: Shadow 79 --
-- Reveal Animations: robojumper--

NOTE: Stenchfury and Ashlynne_Lee are not officially members of CreativeXenos but I Shadow79 have worked with each of them very close on this mod and Ashlynne_Lee has helped out with a few other mods, I personally consider both as close members of the unit so its only fitting to credit them both for their fine work! Also, without Stenchfury who created this throwback Alien from the ground up, this mod would not have happend. So a VERY BIG THANK YOU from CreativeXenos to you sir!!

CONCEPT VIDS BY: Stenchfury --
Celatid https://youtu.be/rNy6_kRklYc
Celatid Turret https://youtu.be/DdHBmANanps

As you can all see, the Celatid Alien is a re-imaging of the CLASSIC CELATID for the CLASSIC XCOM UFO DEFENSE!

The Celatid will show up in 3 versions.

Celatid Grub:
The Celatid Grub is just that, a newborn that looks white in color (like a grub). It shows up early in the game has 6 to 7 HP depending on Diff level. Can spit a deadly corrosive acid. This acid is shot much like a weapon, in that its a % based to hit abiltiy unlike the Vipers poison spit that hits all the time. So IT CAN AND WILL MISS. BUT... if it does hit, it will SHRED ARMOR because of its corrosive nature. If hit, you will take a small direct some of damage but also take acid damage.

The Celatid Grub can also do a direct close combat attact called poison Cloud. It will move in close and dispence a poison cloud attack that will poison the target if hit and can add stun or disorient the target.

Celatid Pupa:
The Celatid Pupa is pink in color (based off the classic look) and does everything the Grub does except it has more HP. Is the general form of the Celatid, can heal 2 HP a turn like the Facelss. Is more of a Mid-game unit.

Celatid Adult:
The Celatid Adult is Brown/Purple in color to show its age with the darker coloring. Does everything the first 2 Celatids can but also has increased HP, can heal 2 HP a turn like the Faceless and can (IF IN TROUBLE) call in reinforcments in the form of more Celatids and or Faceless. In our new lore, the Celatid and Faceless are from the same world and the Celatid can also be used as a Terror unit.

Once Autopsied, youll be able to use corpses to build a new type of sword called the Scimitar. 3 versions with each having an inate ability to cause poison damage as well as a slight base damage increase. These Swords are built on a PER SWORD bases. And youll need the tier 1 sword to upgrade to tier 2 and so on. These ARE NOT squad wide built. Each sword has additional abilities as you upgrade them.

Tier 1 Scimitar is unlocked with Hybrid Sword Tech after the Celatid Autopsy. The tier 2 Scimitar upgrade is unlocked with Muton Autopsy (not lancer) so the player doesn't end up unlocking the first 2 tiers too quickly. And tier 3 Scimitar upgrade is unlocked with the Archon Autopsy.

You will also be able to use a Celatid Corpse with resources to build (DEPLOYABLE CELATID TURRETS) these look like a mimic becon that you throw. But once thrown, youll deploy a flying turret that is a Celatid grafted to a turret. They have a good amount of HP and 1 armor. If you do not move them, they can fire twice and overwatch fire twice if needed.

The Celatids are immune to poison. They can be disoriented, panic and mind controled/dominated and can take damage from acid. They cant be stunned. The same immunities apply to the Xcom Celatid Turret. It IS AN ALIEN with an attached turret.

NEW ADDITIONS: The Celatid Turrets now START OUT as a base line turret. Thier HP has been lowered a bit and they now have a Conventional weapon. They no longer have unlimited ammo (was too OP with lost). The Celatid Turret can now interact with elevators in Shens Last Gift DLC. They can also call in Evac points and Evac themselves if needed. Can also lift off with Avenger in Base defense missions.

The Celatid Turret Mk2 needs to be upgraded from the base version (just like you do with Scimitars in this mod). The Mk2 is the Mag version. More HP, better stats, can be deployed 1 space farther and can use the Demolition ability. Great for enemies in cover that you can not get a high % chance to hit. Use Demolition, remove its cover and let your other troops take the enemy out ;)

The Celatid Turret Mk3 is the upgraded Beam/Plasma version. Again, more HP, better stats, has Demolition and also has high Cover Generator. If its sitting in place shooting and doing its job, why not use it as high cover for your soldiers?

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shadow79  [author] Apr 10 @ 5:53pm 
hmmm... ill look into that
mynameactually Apr 10 @ 3:13pm 
Haven’t tried it yet, but perhaps you can have a custom settings with the item durability mod so that when it’s used on a mission, it needs to fully repair before being able to be used again.
shadow79  [author] Mar 31 @ 3:04pm 
cant as its an item you deploy. Like everything else, the only way to lose eqipment is if the soldier dies and you do not recover his/her body and lose the equipment.
MajorHyrican Mar 31 @ 1:06pm 
hi i love u mod but when i use DEPLOYABLE CELATID it not end after this missions so i can make so much that i dont need soldirs anymore. can u make it some how realistik and need after mission some corbs from CELATID to remake this TURRETS. ?
shadow79  [author] Mar 29 @ 11:06am 
thank you sir
Mad_Daxx Mar 29 @ 11:04am 
Posting from my phone causes grammar errors, hands are too big lol :steamfacepalm: Anyway will do Shadow!
shadow79  [author] Mar 29 @ 10:59am 
um you can copy and correct what you see and post those in the bug report section for me.
Mad_Daxx Mar 29 @ 9:26am 
I love this. These little bastards are the bane of my wounded soldiers. I noticed more yhan a few spelling mistakes in the autopsy and corpse descriptions. How do I correct them and send them yoir way? :steamhappy: Thanks for all yoir hardwork on this one. Really shines through!
Theobald Mar 28 @ 6:37am 
Thank you for your reactivity though ! ^^
shadow79  [author] Mar 28 @ 4:00am 
Ok good to hear.