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[WOTC] Re:Character Prop Pack
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Oct 28 @ 7:07pm
Nov 4 @ 1:50pm
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[WOTC] Re:Character Prop Pack

Update 1.1:
- Winter Soldier and Starlord masks available for females
- New glass texture for Winter Soldier Goggles
- Krieg mask added

10 New Masks - Updated for WOTC
The prop pack is back with another random selection of game/movie/comic masks. Black Panther and Tokyo Ghoul make their return and are accompanied by 3 new Star Wars masks, 2 additional Marvel masks, Rorschach, and Borderlands' Psycho + Krieg.

As usual, I'm a lazy pos and some (many) faces clip through. Only about half fit Skirmisher faces; will fix soon.


- Arcann[sticklove.deviantart.com] and Revan[sticklove.deviantart.com] by Sticklove
- Kylo Ren[sketchfab.com] by jmrudent
- Starlord[shaunsarthouse.deviantart.com] by ShaunsArtHouse
- Black Panther[sketchfab.com] by Taiga - Model deleted.
- Winter Soldier[xelandis.deviantart.com] by Xelandis
- Rorschach[texpool.deviantart.com] by TexPool
- Psycho[ogloc069.deviantart.com] by OGLoc069
- Krieg[oo-fil-oo.deviantart.com] by Oo-FiL-oO
- Kaneki Mask[www.♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.com] by Akzyra
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Big Dick Bee Nov 14 @ 1:50am 
Needs a Dark Knight Rising Bane mask.
audioIX  [author] Nov 10 @ 6:26pm 
@#Unknow - It's a bit of a pain to make female versions and I personally don't have a use for them so progress on connverting them is slow. I'll make it the next one I work on.
#Unknow Nov 10 @ 6:15pm 
Kaneki Mask Why only man can use ...
Majoras Vox Nov 4 @ 5:19pm 
Man this mod getsbetter and better, nice one! If you ever find more Borderlands stuff I'll be keeping and eye out, those masks are really cool
audioIX  [author] Nov 1 @ 2:26pm 
@Majoras Vox - Yeah, I'll try to get a couple done soon.
Majoras Vox Nov 1 @ 1:14pm 
I'm curious, are there plans for a female option? The Star Lord mask if what I'm aiming to get working XD
audioIX  [author] Nov 1 @ 10:16am 
@SHADOW_MM - I can look into it. Not until the weekend though.
SHADOW_MM Nov 1 @ 8:15am 
any way we can get kriegs mask from borderlands?
TristeCoeur Oct 30 @ 3:29pm 
good update. fix all my bugs thx man
audioIX  [author] Oct 30 @ 12:33pm 
@TristeCoeur - slight update. Let me know if it helps.

@samkeep - Not likely. I have the black panther one from the old mod, just have to fix it a little. Kylo might be doable when Battlefront 2 comes out, but these models aren't really good enough quality to work well.

Most of these guys should be easy to make in game though, with the reaper coats and such.