Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

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Battle Attire
This collection will hold all of the Battle Attire weapons.

Made weapons;
The Medi-Gun - Medic

Planned weapons;

The Black Box - Soldier
The Minigun - Heavy
The Thermal Tracker - Pyro
The Pistol - Scout and Engineer
The Revolver - Spy
The Stickybomb Launcher - Demoman
The SMG - Sniper
Items (2)
War Paint - Battle Attire (Medi-Gun)
Created by Jamais Vu
"Wear your proper clothes to war!" mama said, so you better listen to her before you die in a trench, you fruit-basket!

The first weapon in the Battle Attire collection!

This war paint is made differently -
Instead of a pattern going on all weapons, this...
War Paint - Battle Attire (Stickybomb Launcher)
Created by Jamais Vu
"Wake up, blowhead, you need to ask and answer the questions here." were the last words an unexperienced Demoman heard.

With this exclusive edition of Battle Attire, the last words he'll hear are "Wake up, blowhead. Just put your head in this...
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Jamais Vu  [author] May 19 @ 3:00am 
Thanks, you too.
DudeTheNinja May 19 @ 2:59am 
Fair enough, and you're welcome.

Good luck on the rest of your paints though :)
Jamais Vu  [author] May 19 @ 2:58am 
Hey, mate. Sorry, this is just some side project i'm working on the side, so I don't need help.

Thanks for the offer.
DudeTheNinja May 19 @ 2:32am 
These are coming along pretty well! :)

(Want some help? If you don't that's fine, but if you need help, I don't mind lending a hand)
Jamais Vu  [author] Nov 4, 2017 @ 5:53am 
Well, okay.
Name_not_avaliable Nov 4, 2017 @ 3:41am 
pls also make the shotgun!!