Wreckfest (April 2018)

Wreckfest (April 2018)

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Figure 8 Track Pack - P44
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Oct 28, 2017 @ 5:30am
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Figure 8 Track Pack - P44

Figure 8 Track Pack by Purple44.

>>>> BIG NOTE: Will need to load End's The Very TrackPack to fix Nevada Depot Figure 8 and Warehouse Derby tracks. And the Old Wreckfest texture files for missing textures.

List mods in this order in Mods tab:

Old Wreckfest texture files
The Very TrackPack
Figure 8 Track Pack - P44


This mod a collection of tracks that have at least one track crossing, most tracks have 2 or more crossings for some good T-bone action! :)

Give the videos a look to get an idea of how a track flows. AI can get confuse sometimes and miss taking a round-about. If trigger a red circle, usually you can ignore it and it will go away, but if you cheated a checkpoint and red circle does not go away, need to reset your car. Look for red arrows to help point you in the right direction.

Track list:

Derby double Fig8
GRID Oval 2 Figure 8 - This track base on the GRID 1 derby figure 8 track, think jump ramps. :)
Mud Pit Figure 8 - Figure 8 track uses the Mud arena.
Gravel Figure 8 - Figure 8 track using the inside of the Gravel track, think off-road.
Nevada Depot Figure 8 - Figure 8 track using End's Nevada Depot track, watch out for them trains!
Warehouse Derby - Derby in the Nevada Depot warehouse.
Oval 1 long Figure 8 - Figure 8 track using the Speedway 1 oval track.
Figure 8 Derby Ramps - Figure 8 track using the big derby ramps.
Figure 8 Derby Ramp Jump - Figure 8 track jumping between 2 derby ramps.
Tarmac Figure 8 - Figure 8 track using the old Tarmac 1 track.

Hurtfull Five - Flower-shape Figure 8 track design done by Very End, many crossings!

For the details on the making of the Figure 8 Track Pack and other figure 8 track plans, go here:

WIP download page for the Figure 8 track pack[community.bugbeargames.com]

Please post if find any issues with the tracks. But be warned, mod is a little unstable, may crash sometimes ( Figure 8 Derby Ramp Jumps worse track for crashing ), like after running a track, go back to main track menu and start track from there, can trigger a crash. If just restart the track for another race, usually track will load without crashing. Also best to run mod from a freshly booted computer.

Thanks go out to:

Zebulon55 track ideas and menu pics

Mazay for his custom ramp and the ai route visualizer!

The Very End for some general help on how do things, menus and trackside cams and the Hurtfull Five track and letting me steal the Nevada Freight Depot track. :)

Funeral Machine for the files to fix Oval 1 long Figure 8 and Tarmac Figure 8 tracks! :)

Vin Petrol for letting me add some his Pro Series car skins!

Daystar for his cool weather maps!

Bugbear Dev Andrei Räisänen for explaining how AI sectors and checkpoints work in Wreckfest!

And for Bugbear in-game track tools, when they work. :P
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Purple44  [author] Mar 12 @ 11:12am 
I can't fix stupid AI, that out my hands. My tracks are meant to be race online, with real players, if I can get them load!! AI want to race on simple tracks.
Purple44  [author] Mar 12 @ 11:08am 
Hosted Fig8 mod last Sat at the Saturday Night Mods night event. Bad news, some tracks crashing when we started the race and the cars started banging together triggering a crash of server. :( I see this happen offline too, just not as bad, usually offline, a second start of crash track, race will run without crashing.

Tracks that did not crash online: new Derby double Fig8, Warehouse Derby, Oval 1 long Figure 8, Figure 8 Derby Ramps, Hurtfull Five and Tarmac Figure 8.
Steven, A.D. Mar 12 @ 11:03am 
Making it around eventually does not equal properly functioning AI
Purple44  [author] Mar 12 @ 10:58am 
Pretty sure most AI make it around the track route first lap. But AI not smart, they can run into objects since they can not see them. And can get confuse after getting hit at a crossing and take off down the wrong path.
Steven, A.D. Mar 11 @ 4:59pm 
These tracks need a lot of work. I tried to race on them but you can never tell where the hell you're supposed to be going. And the AI is completely broken on all of these. The only one that's decent is the Hurtfull track, and I'm pretty sure it's just a worse version of one of the tracks from the two really popular track packs on the workshop...
Purple44  [author] Mar 8 @ 6:39pm 
Fig8 mod updated again. All tracks load with the March Build now, some tracks may crash first race, try again. Working on a new track, hope have it done in time to update mod in time for this Saturday Night Mods night March 10. Go here for details >> http://community.bugbeargames.com/index.php/topic,10065.0.html
Purple44  [author] Feb 5 @ 9:06am 
Thanks to the new January Build, I'm seeing pink missing textures again. To fix most missing textures will now need to load the Old Wreckfest texture files ( http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1105366555&searchtext= ) mod again.

Here how to list mods now:

Old Wreckfest texture files
The Very TrackPack
Figure 8 Track Pack - P44

These two tracks will crash game if try to load, so avoid these 2 tracks for now:

Nevada Depot Figure 8 - Figure 8 track using End's Nevada Depot track, watch out for them trains!
Oval 1 long Figure 8 - Figure 8 track using the Speedway 1 oval track.

Also Gravel Figure 8 is unstable because of an old object file. Will get fix when I do next update. Working on new fig8 track or 2. Maybe release new update this Friday.
Purple44  [author] Jan 21 @ 6:10am 
K got new upload done, that fixes the broken tracks. Be sure read Change notes post and new DESCRIPTION above.

Here how to list mods now:

The Very TrackPack
Figure 8 Track Pack - P44

No old texture file now.
Purple44  [author] Dec 30, 2017 @ 12:53am 
The Dec Build broke 4 tracks:

Nevada Depot Figure 8
Warehouse Derby
Oval 1 long Figure 8
Tarmac Figure 8

The others tracks will load, some may crash at start of first race. Restart Wreckfest and try again, odds are track run then.

I'm thinking the Old tarmac track going be unfix-able, unless Bugbear is willing to some how fix old Tarmac 1 trackmap for me. The other 3 tracks I should be able to fix when I have time to work on Fig 8 mod again.
Purple44  [author] Dec 5, 2017 @ 5:58pm 
A reminder, will also need the Old Wreckfest texture files mod: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1105366555 If you don't want see pink textures on the old Tarmac 1 track.