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Static Mesh Improvement Mod
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Feb 15, 2012 @ 9:02pm
Nov 5, 2016 @ 12:02pm
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Static Mesh Improvement Mod


IMPORTANT: Load Order Compatibility
The SMIM .esp file (StaticMeshImprovementMod.esp) must be loaded BEFORE (ABOVE) any water mods you are using, otherwise you'll most likely get an ugly water seam at the Riften Docks. To check and change your load order, run the Skyrim Launcher, pick "DATA FILES", and then move your .esp files up and down to ensure the SMIM .esp is BEFORE (ABOVE) any water mod .esp files.

What is SMIM?
SMIM is a massive project to greatly improve the appearance of countless 3D models in Skyrim. SMIM makes Skyrim architecture, clutter, furniture, landscaping, and general visual quality much nicer.

Some mods add a few things here and there. SMIM is a massive graphical upgrade you will benefit from your entire playthrough! The average player will see countless SMIM'd objects every few minutes.

What DLC or mods are required?
None. No Official DLC or mods are required for SMIM. However, SMIM includes fixes and improvements for all the DLCs. Moreover, the Official High-Res Texture DLC is absolutely recommended because it covers many objects not touched by SMIM.

Will this hurt my game or break my save?
No. No. No. SMIM is perfectly safe. SMIM cannot ever harm your save game. You can install or uninstall it as often as you want.

I want some stuff in SMIM but not others. How do?!
If you want to customize the textures and install options, download the Skyrim Nexus version[]. Skyrim Nexus features a very convenient Nexus Mod Manager[] to help you install mods.

What is the performance impact of SMIM?
SMIM increases the polygon count and texture resolution of many objects in the game. Modern computer systems with quad-core processors and discrete AMD/nVidia graphics cards only suffer minimal (1-5) frames per second loss.

Keep in mind Skyrim has engine limitations that cause issues over 60 frames per second. Therefore, on modern hardware, there is a very large headroom where Skyrim could run at 60-100+ FPS, but since physics issues and graphical glitches occur over 60 FPS, SMIM often won't reduce your FPS below 60, assuming you can reach 60 FPS to begin with.

My personal i5 2500k 3.3GHz CPU and nVidia GeForce 680 graphics card doesn't experience any FPS loss at all. Other mods, such as, ENB Series, can be extremely hard on your computer. Both ENB Series and Skyrim 2k HD are not recommended because of their often severe performance impact. Feel free to post questions about performance if you aren't sure your computer can handle SMIM.

What about compatibility with other mods?
As of SMIM 1.95 uploaded October 2016, the SMIM .esp file (StaticMeshImprovementMod.esp) must be loaded BEFORE (ABOVE) any water mods you are using, otherwise you'll most likely get an ugly water seam at the Riften Docks. To check and change your load order, run the Skyrim Launcher, pick "DATA FILES", and then move your .esp files up and down to ensure the SMIM .esp is BEFORE (ABOVE) any water mod .esp files.

As for other mods that edit the same meshes and textures that SMIM edits, all that will happen is the mod lowest in your load order will take priority. Don't worry about it. Feel free to use the big texture replacers along with SMIM.

Credits and Permissions
  • SMIM is 99% my own work based on Bethesda's original game.
  • Thanks to modders NebuLa, raiserfx, Ancient76, Langley, pfaffendrill, tehx3n, and Corepc for letting me modify their stuff or for helping me out in other ways.
  • For the full list of royalty-free and public domain photographs and textures used in SMIM please see the Readme file included in the Skyrim Nexus version of SMIM.

Version History:
  • Updated 11/05/2016 to use SMIM version 2.03. Fixed a critical unknown error causing game freezing in many locations. Apologies!!
  • Updated 11/04/2016 to use SMIM version 2.02. Shack roof improvements, USSEP fixes, pull chain fixes.
  • Updated 11/02/2016 to use the non-Dragonborn version of SMIM (no hawk fixes but they're minor). I apologize for this oversight that caused people's games to crash if they didn't have Dragonborn!
  • Updated 11/01/2016 to use SMIM version 2.01. Adds various improvements, notably real physics for barrel lids (see video above). The hanging rabbits had their hind legs stretched out to look more realistic. Many meshes had minor technical issues corrected.
  • Updated 10/23/2016 to use SMIM version 1.95. Adds various improvements, notably 3D ropes in Solitude and Riften and bumpy cobblestone roads to all SMIM bridges. All meshes run through the NifScan utility and I corrected minor errors in about 66 meshes.
  • Updated 10/31/2015 to use SMIM version 1.89. Adds various improvements, notably better sarcophagus meshes, doorbars, stone pillars, and wood pyres.
  • Updated 07/20/2015 to use SMIM version 1.84. Adds much awesome stuff.
  • Updated 04/28/2015 to change Part 1 to full SMIM version 1.75 since SW now allows large mods. Consider donating if you enjoy SMIM. In fact, consider donating even if you hate SMIM! Generosity is good for the soul or whatever.
  • Updated 06/21/2014 to use SMIM version 1.72. Now six separate parts.
  • Updated 01/31/2014 to include the missing Dwemer Ingot mesh.
  • Updated 01/19/2014 to use SMIM version 1.61. Now five separate parts.
  • Updated 08/09/2013 to use SMIM version 1.49. Now three separate parts.
  • Updated 02/09/2013 to use SMIM version 1.34.
  • Updated 02/04/2013 to use SMIM version 1.33. Now two separate parts.
  • Updated 05/29/2012 to use SMIM version 1.21.
  • Updated 03/17/2012 to use SMIM version 1.18.
  • Updated 02/28/2012 to use SMIM version 1.12.
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Jay May 17 @ 7:02pm 
I love this mod, but i had an issue when entering markarth where i would have an endless loading screen. I tried many of the safety loading screen mods but, it still created endless loading screen or crashes. Other than that, this mod worked fine for me and i have usually disable it before entering markarth.
Mad_Commander May 17 @ 3:40am 
"StaticMeshImprovementMod.esp" isn't in my Data Files despite being subbed. I do have NMM but tend to use it for Oblivion. I could use it for Skyrim but u tend to use workshop.

Anyone came across a mod no appearing on the list?
Timesplitter May 14 @ 8:06pm 
This mod has been included in collection "The Elders Scroll V: Skyrim: God Amongst All Edition 05/14/2018". Thank you for your perfected addition to this astonishing mod collection. Please check it out at or go to Skyrim Community Workshop Collections, and search for The Elders Scroll V: Skyrim: God Amongst All Edition 05/14/2018 :steamhappy:
Tis_Confusion Apr 17 @ 7:58pm 
For some reason, when i subscribe to the mod, it doesn't appear in my data files. I've downloaded this mod long ago before my old hardrive broke and it worked fine, but now it's just not appearing. Can someone please help?
Lord Arcanea Apr 14 @ 1:59pm 
Some of the food and alchemy ingredient meshes (namely the Mountain flowers and tomatoes) aren't showing, when the rest of them are. Do you have any idea what could be causing this?
Jack Apr 3 @ 2:55pm 
@Brumbek I was wondering if this is going to be put on the mod website for the special edition version. I could have sworn that this game was on there before. Was it taken off or something? Thanks!
threndor Mar 21 @ 8:34pm 
@Brumbek-Yes, I am taking my time and reading a LOT before installing any mods. Yours was the first mod I subscribed to so the effects were immediately noticeable. I uninstalled it and tested a few others but they all put too heavy a load on my old rig:( Donation on the way soon. Sorry, I am poor or I'd send more.
Brumbek  [author] Mar 21 @ 4:42pm 
@threndor: thanks so much for the encouraging comment! Skyrim with mods is a wonderful long as you install trusted quality mods of course. :)
threndor Mar 21 @ 1:28am 
Ok. Thanks, Brumbek. That's good to know. It must be an issue with vanilla then, because I don't think I have any other mods installed that would change the interior of Hjerim. Guess I just never noticed it before. I haven't had Hjerim for very long with this character and never used it much with the others.
The issue looks like there are 2 different styles of chairs meshed into each other in the same spot.

Background-I'm, like, old and have over 2k hours playing Skyrim and very little time with mods because I wanted to play everything as it was intended before I tried new things(and I was afraid of breaking the game before I had tired of vanilla). It is like an entire new game now and I am still learning my way around this modding business.

And I don't like the mod!!!
Brumbek  [author] Mar 19 @ 4:59pm 
@threndor: glad you like SMIM! And in regard to the issues you encountered, SMIM does not change the look of books or book pages, and the out of place chairs is also not because of SMIM. Thanks!