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Immersive NPC Loot System
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Oct 28, 2017 @ 5:00am
Jun 28, 2018 @ 2:28pm
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Immersive NPC Loot System

26/01/2020 - Progress Update

Please note that the mod itself has not been updated on Steam as yet. I plan to release updates over time.

Mod Roadmap:
- Redevelop the mod (because the source files were lost)
- Add guaranteed arrows to Archer NPCs inventories (on death)
- Strip out specific items from dropping (such as Szeth's drunken attack)
- Provide a simple Config Settings window. This will allow various options to customise the mod.
- e.g. remove all Legendary items from the NPC loot tables.
- Customise the durability of dropped weapons and armor. (minimum and maximum values)
- Customise the chance (% based) that the item dropped is "Broken".
- Integrate with the Mod Control Panel mod.

As of 26/01/2020, I've redeveloped the mod from the ground up to take into account several new developments that I have outlined in the Roadmap above.
I am not releasing the current version until I've had a chance to go through and test various things properly, but I plan to release the updates in three stages.

Stage 1 (Complete, undergoing testing)
- Redevelop the mod.
- Provide a new loot table for randomly adding specific arrows to specific Archer type NPCs. (Needs tweaking).
- Provide a new simple way to strip specific items from the loot table chances.

Stage 2 (Not Started)
- Provide a simple Config settings window that influences how the mod works.

Stage 3 (Not Started)
- Integrate the mod with Mod Control Panel.

Mod ID: 1183199682
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Jul 11, 2019 @ 4:25pm
Servers running this mod
< >
Mirax Nov 10 @ 10:31am 

We decided today to uninstall your mod on our server (PvP), because it gives too many advantages to the players.

As it is, this mod is too "generous". Some players don't even collect materials on the map anymore, they just kill NPCs and dismantle weapons and armors.

Coupled with the "River Boats of The Exiled Lands" mod for instance, it's even worse, since the villages added by this mod contain many NPCs with legendary weapons and armor. A simple raid in these villages provides players with dozens of legendary pieces.

I hope that a future version of your mod will allow server administrators to be able to set the percentage of collectable weapons and armor, as well as being able to disable the collection of legendary weapons and armor.

Thank you, kind regards,

Chris  [author] Nov 2 @ 9:59am 
The mod works as is, and has done so since conan exiles was in early access. It's been re-written a couple of times (because the modding tools aren't brilliant, and files got lost due to hard drive losses, etc)

The updates outlined in the description are "plans", not "guarantees"
Hanyo Nov 2 @ 8:45am 
Looking to discover if this mod is still under development etc. Am looking for a solid mod to let NPC's drop their loot.
Chris  [author] Oct 29 @ 5:17am 
Tested last night and still working after 2.1
Mirax Oct 29 @ 3:37am 
Hello, mod compatible with 2.1 ?
Sonja Babs Oct 19 @ 11:26am 

From what Chris has posted it would seem the version 2.0 will allow server admins to configure settings which effect drop rate. I don't want it removed entirely, but maybe a slider for the number of items to drop, I agree it makes it way to easy to get Silent Legion, Cimmerian, and hardensteel, seeing a level 19 run around in end game gear solo farmed is funny but game breaking XD.
Sonja Babs Oct 19 @ 11:23am 
Hello Chris,

Let me start off by saying THANK YOU! In all games it bugs me to NO end when the NPC is swinging a great axe of death and drops a stone axe. That being said, due to the addition of the crafting station which lets you break down items, Nordheimer and Cimmerian NPCs really break the game. The armor they drop now is classified as "Epic", and breaks down into end game materials at a rate which rivals some 3x harvesting servers.

We are a 1x server which makes it even worse. Hardened Leather, Star Metal, Hardened Steel can be farmed by the dump truck loads in one clearing of these areas.

I am hoping since you are working on re-doing the mod this can be corrected with your new settings. Please keep up the good work. If Funcom had not changed the Cimmerian armor to epic levels it would not have been a big deal. XD
Mirax Oct 16 @ 5:48am 
Hello, thank you for this mod.

Is it configurable (admin side) ? Because some players complain, especially about the armors, to get some of them too easily (Silent Legion for example).

Thank you, kind regards,

Chris  [author] Sep 24 @ 9:59am 
Glad you got it sorted
tayhorz Sep 24 @ 7:06am 
Map is Exile Lands, with a hosted server, I managed to solve it, or I managed to solve it by itself, there must have been some bug with the 9/15 update, that even without the mod it was still active, I just put the mod, I restarted the server and right after I removed the mod, restarting then, this resolved this drop, but thank you for your concern and attention! I will be waiting for the update that creates a simple configuration window for the drops, because some drops, like Cold Embrance's, are very strong haha, and this for a role play server is not pleasant xD, at least for our purpose. But anyway, thank you very much, and good luck in configuring the mod, it brings an excellent idea.