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Saboteur Class (WOTC)
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Oct 27, 2017 @ 4:54pm
Oct 31, 2017 @ 4:38pm
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Saboteur Class (WOTC)

Freshly available for WOTC, the Saboteur is a sniper/grenade launcher class with trees that focus on either destroying cover or taking advantage of flanked enemies. It has 12 new perks, 5 of which (Disabling Shot, Shatter Shot, Demolitionist, Sprinter, and Quick Scope) are Training Center enabled. It gets Snap Shot at Squaddie.

Snap Shot: Shoot your sniper rifle after taking an action at a -25 penalty to hit.

Launch Grenade: As vanilla.

Compensation: Reduces Snap Shot penalty by 10 to -15.

Shrapnel Cannon: Fire a special round from your grenade launcher that deals damage and destroys cover in a cone (damage scales with grenade launcher upgrades).

Disabling Shot: Fire a standard shot that, if it hits, forces the target to reload before firing again.

Shatter Shot: Fire a standard shot that, hit or miss, destroys the target's cover.

Perfect Positioning: Gain +15 aim and +2 damage against flanked targets.

Demolitionist: All your grenades (barring Flashbang, Smoke, and Frost) gain an additional frag grenade's worth of cover destruction.

Sprinter: Gain +3 Mobility in combat.

Danger Zone: Gain +2 grenade radius.

Salvo: As vanilla.

Heavy Ordnance: As vanilla.

Quick Scope: Your first shot on a flanked target each turn does not cost an action.

Devastation: Fire a special round from your grenade launcher once per mission that flattens cover over a massive area, but deals no damage.

Exposed Weakness: Your attacks gain +15 crit against targets that are flanked and targets that cannot use cover.

Thanks go to xylthixlm for XModBase (which this uses) and the icon pack that all the new perk icons come from.

Thanks to Long War Studios for the code for Snap Shot.

Thanks to -bg- for putting me on the path to making Demolitionist work.

Thanks to Lanford for the idea that led to Compensation.
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21 minutes ago
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Iridar Sep 7 @ 2:49pm 
If you're gonna give them a sniper rifle, at least give them Squadsight too.
Omega13 Apr 15 @ 10:29pm 
I like the concept but the ranges on the grenadier and sharpshooter abilities seem to be fighting with one another more than they synergize with one another, and it's not really mobile enough to take advantage of its flanking bonuses (yes it can destroy cover, but by the time it gets another turn, the target is either in cover again or dead). The class struggles to have something to do in close engagements. All in all, it feels more like a class that combines the biggest weaknesses of sharpshooter and grenadier, rather than their biggest strengths. (I don't expect it to be without weaknesses, but it feels more weak than strong at the moment and struggles for a real niche on the squad.)
Digger Mar 12 @ 9:39am 
Руссификатор будет?
Again thank you for trying
Emong  [author] Feb 5 @ 5:28pm 
I'm not sure then! I don't know how Overwatch All works internally so I can't really give you any more advice. That's definitely the name of the overwatch ability that Saboteurs use.
... sorry to say that it din't work.. the line that i added to the mod was

i put it between the two line, as you can see:


sorry to keep on bothering you and thank you for the time
Emong  [author] Feb 5 @ 4:51pm 
The ability name should be "EMG_SnapShotOverwatch"
is the ability Snapshot the name you put in the file??
because i just edit it but nothing happen ..
thank for the time
Emong  [author] Feb 5 @ 3:49pm 
You would need to edit the Overwatch All config files to add the special Snapshot Overwatch these guys use to the abilities it triggers
i been using the Overwatch all/other for a long time then i added your mod to the mix, this one don't show the overwatch all/other tab ability..
what can be done to add it ?