The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Talos's Voice(amulet *standalone*) and upgraded bolars oathblade
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Oct 26, 2017 @ 11:51am
Oct 26, 2017 @ 12:14pm
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Talos's Voice(amulet *standalone*) and upgraded bolars oathblade

amulet of talos but better now with fancy effect what effect well youl have to see when equiped enchat custom 95%reduse on shout time 30% magic resist and waterbreathing cus why not
bolars oathblade 37stamina absorb fear 30 sec up to lvl 1000 paralyze 3sec chance and yet agin another fancy effect when killing enemies sometimes they will ... well youl figer it out (hint look at the enemies you killed with it... found at bloated mans grotto or crafted tho id go for the grotto unless you want to make a trip to blackreach for the one ingredite every skyrim player hates is crimson nirnroot

LORE after talos ascended to godhood one of his followers found a amulet of talos a man name bolar when bolar placed it around his neck the spirit of talos appered to him stuned to see his god before him bolar collapsed to his knees talos greated bolar and proceeded to explan that this amulet once belonged to him in life so he could use it as a gate way to the relam of nirn to help and guide his followers now bolar full of questons asked why he found it asked to which talos responded "you are chosen..." what is your will bolar asked to talos responded "great termoil is comeing to tamrial" visions of the dragons riseing from the dead and alduin appearing flooded bolars head then again talos spoke"there is still hope the last dragonborn shall arise draw your sword behold the glory of the blades" then the blade glowed with power never felt by bolar before again talos spoke " i shall guide you..." so bolar packed and left for skyrim however the thalmor were on to him and hunted him to skyrim finding him self cornerd in the bloated mans grotto talos spoke to him one last time "you have done well but time has ranout..." bolar understanding the meaning placed his blade and the amulet at the altar wrote his writ and met the thalmor who were just about to reach the cave and so it was that bolar made his last stand taking 3 of the 7 thalmor with him to sovenguard...

CREDIT/how this mod came to be went to watch some twitch and started watching chewiebaccie play skyrim later in the cast i had him pick a item that id mod he chose the amulet talos credit for the pick then i got to work hour and 30 later i finshed testing and started writing lore (witch wasnt part of the plan it just came to me) anyway after 3 rewrightines and edits i added the uppgraded bolars oath blade if your still wondering why that blade then you havent been throu the lore well thats about it a link to his twitch will be where the links are on the mod page give him a visit/follow... due to the lack of a twitch link choice ... here is the link