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Rim of Madness - Bones
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Oct 25, 2017 @ 10:54am
Oct 10 @ 12:00pm
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Rim of Madness - Bones

Build stuff out of bone!

When butchering animals, you will now also receive some bone material. These bones can then be used to build anything that could normally be stuffed out of wood. This includes walls, doors, furniture, workbenches, weapons, and some armors.


Good For?

Tribal play-throughs, before stone-cutting is researched. Bone has no flammability, so can be used to fireproof parts of your early base.
Extreme biomes, where wood is scarce.
Chicken farmers! Build your hens a new coop out of the bones of their family!
Cultists. After all, alters to elder gods are best made out of bone!
Any hunting heavy colony. Before long, you'll be able to build EVERYTHING out of bone!
Cannibals. Got to do something with all those human bones


How to obtain:

Bones - Butcher any non-mechanoid creature.
Calcium Polymer - A metal material obtained after the first bone research. 40 bones + refinery = 50 calcium polymer.
Bonecrete - A stone material obtained after the first bone research. 60 bones + refinery = 40 bonecrete.
Bone ash - An art material obtained after the first bone research. Created at the Crematorium (not the refinery).

Plasteel - After the second research, Plasteel can be made with steel + calcium polymer at the refinery.


Bone Stats:
Version 2.0 of this mod has bone with identical stats to wood, with the following exceptions

Flammability is reduced to 0 (Bones aren't very flammable).
Sale value of bone items reduced to 75% of similar wood items (hopefully, if I set the correct values).
Bone can't be used to fuel fire items (campfire, stove, generator, etc)
Sharp and Blunt multipliers swapped.



SihvMan (Me)
Nightinggale - Patch Generating Code. HUGE TIMESAVER.



Razzoriel - For pointing out the alternate XML tags for butchering.
damngrl - For initial fish industry patch.
Dark_Inquisitor - New bone textures.
bonesbro - Crematorium bug fix


You are hereby allowed to modify this in any way for your own personal use. Please do not re-release this mod anywhere else.

If you wish to include this in a modpack, please PM me for permission.


Want to Donate?
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Latex Santa Oct 16 @ 3:15pm 
@luh mao Seconded. That would be very useful.
luh mao Oct 13 @ 2:36pm 
glad to see its still active, hoping one day we can get bulk marrow/gelatin recipies
Space Diver Man Oct 13 @ 11:54am 
"Nice house, what'd you use to make this chair?"
ben Oct 13 @ 11:16am 
Very nice, thank you for the update!
KingSihv  [author] Oct 10 @ 12:01pm 
Hotfix for 1.1
There might be some residual red errors on 1.1, but they are benign.
dllau Oct 10 @ 10:53am 
Was gonna report an error, but it seems ShauaPuta already got it.
ShauaPuta Oct 10 @ 10:01am 
the royalty patch is not parsing, and as such is breaking games
you just need to close the <Operations> in the patch
CERBERUSpup2002 Oct 10 @ 9:51am 
Mod hasn't fucked with my game as bad but i am now getting a glitch with the skull thone where my colonist faces the wrong direction, which really bothers me. haven't changed any mods that should affect it, so im pretty sure its the mod. this is on 1.2
jolimoliver Oct 10 @ 8:26am 
Yup, yup. Mod has broken my mod list. Keeps resetting my mod list, reporting that the mod is corrupted. Also running on v1.1.
Senpai Muffin Oct 10 @ 7:29am 
+1 to updated art