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DepthHUD Radar
UPDATE 2018/07/15
Transperancy supported in background colors, etc.

UPDATE 2015/04/16
NPC color changes ...
Division HUD
Created by Reverend V92
When the worst happens, we'll be there

A HUD based on the Division.

  • Ammo counters
  • Segmented Health Bars
  • Segmented Armour Bars
  • Radar w/ markers
  • Options panel to control addon
  • Support for
Created by < blank >
I recommend Crident if you're going to host a server using this.

The product of over 900 lines of code, two days in design, and a week of coding, TFA HUD p...
AtmosphericHUD (Unintrusive Sandbox HUD)
Created by Arctic
Why settle for more when you can get less?

New! Join the OFFICIAL Discord server here:

Recent Updates
28/12/16: Made the red fog effect much, much easier to see through.
5/4/16: Added option to remo...
Animus HUD
Created by Arikay
A HUD for Garry's Mod designed to look like the interface used in the Assassins Creed games, more specifically, Assassins Creed II.


How do I use the weapon wheel?
Bind any key to +weaponwheel with the command: bind <yourkey> ...
Sword Art Online Hud
Created by Gubka Bob

Hud from Sword Art Online.
Workshop dosent allow use custom font, and we cant fap on the sao font :D

Open customiztion menu, type in...
Simplistic Hud - Sandbox (2020 Update)
Created by ketameme

v2 Found here:

A Simplistic Heads up Display for Sandbox.

Features :

• Health Bar
• Health Number
• Armor Bar (Only shows if Armor is present)
• Armor Number...
iHalo Hud
Created by Darken217
Note: This addon is discontinued and will no longer receive updates.

What is this?
A discrete hud, to give a little bit more diversity to your gmod gameplay.
It features dynamic hud animations, a modern design and all the informati...
Ori and the Blind Forest: HUD
Created by Wheatley
HUD from Ori and the Blind Forest

Since some people started to ask about this HUD, why not to release it, right?

This is a simple HUD, made in style of original HUD from Ori and the Blind Forest game.
I ...
Serious Sam 2 HUD
Created by Speedy Von Gofast
This is a re-creation of the Serious Sam 2 HUD.

  • Health/Armor bars (fully re-created for a high definition VGUI)
  • Over 100 health/armor levels
  • Ammo icons for all official ammo types (custom ammo types will have bullets ico
DepthHUD Inline

Functionalities include :
+ You have a menu to customize anything anywhere !
- HUD Lag is still there and customizable.
- You can change how far are the elements from the edge of the screen altogether....
Clean-HUD Jupiter
Created by Zeys
Clean-HUD Jupiter


So, what i wanted to have, is just a very clean HUD, with no annoying inteface stuff,
no eye-catching colors, just nothing annoying al...
Fallout 4 HUD (Unofficial)
Created by HaloEH
Hello guys! Here is something I made in about a hour.

Thank you Ollie for the compass part <3

Credits to Bethesda for original design, all I did was kinda pull it out of video and make it into a hud lol.

Have fun and happy hunting!

More to come...
Created by pyro
Back in Garry's Mod 12, there used to be an assortment of huds that I really liked. This is one of them. And since someone brought back (new domain is, just in case if you were misinformed) and reuploaded almost all of the old ...
Created by A Wet Sandwich
The sleekly styled Skinny lil HUD thats blue black and White.

Its a HUD. It REPLACES the default half life 2 HUD garrysmod uses
It has the following Features.
*Time and date with second counter
*Yournamehere's HUD in main HUD ...
[TFA] Half-Life 2 Beta HUD - White
Created by pyro
This is a sprite based replica of the Half-Life 2 Beta HUD, originally created by The Forgotten Architect in 2015. This is a modified version that changes the HUD's colour from orange to white.

Galactic HUD [DarkRP support]
Created by ZeroXitreo
This is a redesign of the original HUD to cut out a cleaner look.

-- THEMES --
If you want to customize the current theme, follow the steps below
1. Open console
2. type "ga_menu" and press enter
3. navigate to theme tab

-- Features --
Reacts to...
Blur HUD - DarkRP/Sandbox
Created by A1steaksa
Fully functional DarkRP and Sandbox HUD

Features a blurred background for HUD elements for a sleek look without being in the way.

This is an entirely clientside HUD and will have no impact on server performance.

[TFA] Half-Life 2 Beta HUD
Created by < blank >
As of January 1, 2017, this mod is no longer supported. Do not expect further patches!
This is a sprite based replica of the Half-Life 2 Beta HUD. This was my reference image:
QuantumOS HUD v 1.11
QuantumOS is my new update for Sci-Fi HUD that brings new features:

• New stats;
• New ammo counter;
• No resolution bugs;
• "Loading" feature;
• You can move the hud after 1.02 update!
• Minimap added in 1.03 update!
• Sounds that improve
Masks and Helmets H.U.D. Overlay Mod
Created by WebKnight

This addon adds six overlays:
1)Star Wars Republic Commando helment overlay
2)F.E.A.R Delta Force overlay
3)HALO helment overlay
4) Three gasmask's overlay's

You cand find this overlay's in Post processing -> Overlay's

You can also check m...
Created by DyaMetR
In 2017, inspired by games like Mirror's Edge I made this HUD. Although now in retrospective I've got to admit that so much could be done to it. So I've remade it

VIGNN3TIK is a minimalistic/atmospheric heads up display which discretely di...
BF Hud
Created by Gonzo ⁧⁧Gonzo
Hi everyone, i wrote it on 8 hours...Enjoy

Use the command: "gzg_hudpos" for change the height of the hud (good when you want it upside of your screen)
If you don't like the vignette, use "gzg_vignette 0" for disable it

You can disable it with cl_dr...
HL2 Quick Info
Created by zamboni
This addon has been made obsolete by a recent Garry's Mod update. Please use the built-in version from now on.
Thank you all for your support.

The quick-info bars from HL2. Not present in GMod by default for some reason.

This will function ...
Accurate HL2 Beta HUD - White
Created by pyro
This is a sprite based replica of the Half-Life 2 Beta HUD originally created by The Forgotten Architect in 2015, and modified by Matsilagi recently. This is a modified version that changes the HUD's colour from orange to white.

Simple Fallout Hud for DarkRP
Created by JohnyReaper
What is it?

It's a HUD based on Fallout series with clear looking and circle design.
HUD working on darkrp and based off darkrp gamemodes.

Currently circle effect isn't generate by Lua it's just a simple picture.

Created by CobaltChris
Please check out the official group for my Workshop You get live updates on progress as well as notifications of new addons.

I was tired of using the default HUD. It was small, graphically bland, and it lacked...
Human Revolution HUD
Created by AwfulRanger
Based on the Deus Ex: Human Revolution HUD.

Includes custom health, armor, ammo and notification HUD, as well as a color editor for the HUD.

If you're running Sandbox, you can use the color editor by opening the spawnmenu, selecting the "Options" tab...
Created by Kenzie Katsu
I have stopped working on this mod. Do NOT ask for things to be added because it won't happen. I have moved on to bigger and better things. I have left it up because its fairly popular and it would just get re uploaded anyways.
HUD Battlefield 2142 HUD
Created by RGBW
[RUS]-- Это худ - моя реплика оригинала с игры battlefield 2142

Аддон я ещё буду дорабатывать, так что не следует писать мне чтобы я его доделывал


[EN]-- This...
Minimal HUD
Created by Punkable <3
So, this is my version of the Mint HUD of GMod 12, this HUD have a minimal style, when i see the Mint HUD i want to make it Minimalist but keeping the rights of the creator. (Sorry for my english but i am from Venezuela)
Ok, that is all, Greetings

IF Y...
Fallout 4 Hud
Created by 루디 (Руди)
Hud из Fallout 4.
Полоску здоровья
Полоску заряда брони
Имя врага и его здоровье (Действует на игроков и NPC)
Прицел из Fallout 4
Hud from Fallout 4.
Health bar
A strip of charge reservation
The name of the enemy and...
Sword Art Online II: GGO HUD
Created by Wheatley
HUD based on Sword Art Online II GGO interface

Simple and minimalistic HUD based on interface from VRMMORPG "Gun Gale Online" from anime Sword Art Online II: Phantom Bullet.

  • Nice and clean design

Warning! Hud have bugs!


•Futuristic design;
•Text "anmation" (can be turned off);
•Glitch effect on low HP;
•Highly customizable;
•"Deus Ex" prop/entity/npc display;
(I removed DarkRP elements due to uselessness)

Fallout HUD
Created by Gonzo ⁧⁧Gonzo
I lost the source files of fallout! DON'T ASK ABOUT AN UPDATE...JUST UNSUSCRIBE!

Hi there! That's my second HUD, if you are looking for another, i have BF HUD (Was really famous)
But for fallout fans, (Including me) i did this hud, so just insta...
Borderlands HUD
Created by Predator CZ
Heads Up Display from Borderlands 1
Include all exept enemy health and weapon info.
Compatible with all screen resolutions

After Disabling or Uninstalling mod please restart game.

Known bugs: When you change resolution in game text maybe have wron...
TFA HUD - SWRP Edition
Created by < blank >
As of January 1, 2017, this mod is no longer supported. Do not expect further patches!
Uses NO Star Wars / Disney IP

Made as a commission for [GG] Stooge, available for public use ( provided credit is given in a server setting )...
Fallout 4 HUD
Created by crt monitor
This is a HUD meant to recreate the HUD seen in some of the Fallout 4 screenshots. It looks almost exactly the same with exception of the font and the "compass" which I haven't added yet. Have fun!

- Fallout 4 HP Bar with animation.
- Fallou...
Half-Life HUD
Created by DyaMetR
This addon has been discontinued in favour of a more updated version.

Hello people! I present you a HUD replica from Half-Life for Garry's Mod!
-Health ...
Created by lil dab
This HUD has been discontinued to make way for more exciting things to come! If you'd like an updated version, don't hesitate to leave a comment below.

Make sure to subscribe for updates! Also check out my upcoming DarkRP server where you can try out al...
HexaHUD [DarkRP HUD] - Materials
Created by Cetex
These are only resource files of the following addon:
Accurate HL2 Beta HUD
Created by Matsilagi
Based on the HL2 Beta HUD made by TFA, but edited to look like the Twitter pics posted by

I take no credit for anything aside from the edits!...
Half-Life: Opposing Force HUD
Created by DyaMetR
This addon has been discontinued in favour of a more updated version.

Font download:
Created by Eljack
[Gmodstore] [#2974] Lapis [Resources ONLY]
Created by Richard

Introducing the next script in the "Gemerosity" collection; Lapis. I've constantly tried to focus on designing scripts that all have a design and flow to them that will match one another. And Lapis should be no different. This HUD is strictl...
Armor Regeneration
Created by Jordan Venti
After the good feedback and many requests to make an Armor Regeneration version of my Health Regeneration addon , here it is. Because none of you couldn't spare 3 minutes to change the code..

armorregen_delay - Sets the delay which you...
Health Regeneration
Created by Jordan Venti
With this addon you will regain your health back to your maximum over time.

You can change the settings with these commands:
healthregen_enabled 1/0 - 1 enables the addon , 0 disables it
healthregen_speed - The speed at which you regain your health ...
JRPG Styled Hitmarker
Mostly inspired from Final Fantasy. Feel free to use the code in your own projects.

lua usage on server: _G.Hitmark(entity, damage, damage_position, is_critical, player_filter)

About the video:

The robot, thirdperson and the gigantic antlion guard...
Health Based Post Processing 2.0
Created by Buckash105
NOW UPDATED! Should be entirely client side now, and much less intrusive!

Inspired by this amazing addon's post-processing system, this addon modifies your scree...
Custom Crosshair Loader
Created by Mike76576
Addon info:

* Custom Crosshair Loader


* mblunk

Modified by:

* Battle Bott
* The Mathias/Kiporshnikov
* Vicis/Kaze
* Elite Trooper
* Blah Master


* Easy enabling/disabling
* Material gallery
* Color chooser
* Alp...
Foras Teleas Scriptum HUD
Created by DyaMetR
Hey, this was originally released 6 years ago as a really quick HUD I made in one day. The result wasn't... optimal, so I wanted to give it a new face.

It's the same design, but for all resolutions and a bit more refined.

Foras Teleas Scr...
Halo 5 shield/health bar
Created by Speedy Von Gofast
The sounds effects shown in my video are not included in this addon
Those sounds are a modification made inside Simple Energy Shield and will not be uploaded to the workshop.

This is a reproduction of the Halo 5: Guardians shield and ...
Sandbox Simple Money System (Reupload)
Created by Vexillifer Kool
This is the Sandbox Simple Money System reuploaded to the workshop. My friends and I were saddened by its removal from the workshop. My friend had a .gma of the addon in his addons and out of laziness he gave it to me to reupload.

I don't know anything ...
Weaponry Stats
Created by DBot
This addon adds random Terraria Prefixes and Starbound weapon modifications, and, adds it's own Physical Bullets implentation!
Also this displays DPS of weapon.

Ryu-Gi's Bullet Tracer Prop
Created by Ganryu
The idea behind this was to create a set of props of the kinds of effects that people usually have to edit into their pictures, such as fire, explosions, muzzle flashes, rain, and blood. This particular pack contains the bullet tracer effect.

Colorable [TFA] Half-Life 2 Beta HUD
Created by JC Bent'em

This is a version of TFA's Half-Life 2 Beta HUD that can be enabled, disabled, and colored!
I made and posted this because I was uber-mad that it didn't already exist.

Simple Energy Shield V2
Created by Seris
A simple serverside script that gives players slowly regenerating health and faster regenerating armor. This addon has very nice effects when you are hit along with clientside sounds to increase immersion and let the user know the status of their shield in...
Created by Newansama
-- French --
Bonjour, je vous fais partage d'un HUD SCP de mon ancien serveur.
! IMPORTANT ! Aucune update ne sera faite en cas de bug, je ne fais que partager.

-- English --
Hello, I am sharing a HUD SCP from my old server.
! WARNING ! No update wi...
Beautiful HUD (bHUD)
Created by pati
bHUD is a nice HUD for every kind of Garry's Mod-Server.

All what you need to know about bHUD:
Click here! []

If you found an error, you can po...
Created by Arikay

The Legend Of Zelda HUD
Created by Snivo
My first mod, which is nowhere near completion. As of this very moment it only shows the 20 heart containers that replace the health counter in default garry's mod

Feel free to post bugs below, and I heavily ENCOURAGE that you post resolution scaling is...
Simple Enhanced Bar HUD
Created by Synoxys
This is a HUD I created for my Genius Hour project in English II Honors. What this has to do with English, I have no idea, but that's besides the point.

It features a complete remodel of the health, suit, and ammo bars, as well as providing a new, more ...
Blurred Sandbox HUD
Created by Habo
Its just a simple Sandbox HUD blurred.

NEW: ConCommand to Hide the Playermodel:
Core_ShowAvatar 0
- Changed the text "rank" to "Rank"

Chimera Hud v2.0
Created by LinsaFTW
V2.0 Changes:

+ Added radar and some functionalities.



I changed appeareance of these addons , and of course i made them work in group , NONE OF THE SPECIA...
Diablo 3 Sandbox HUD
Created by FearlessCap.
A Sandbox HUD with a unique flavor.


The same as my DarkRP hud that has ...
Supersonic Bullet Crack
Created by Bans
Like Arma , Squad , Red Orchestra , Insurgency etc...

PTSD Simulator

Sound from RO2 , Insurgency

Original :
Exarous HUD
Created by ✪ Meugui
That's a gmod hud I created for my server a few years ago.

Please leave some feedback what I could improve.
I hope you enjoy it. :)
CoD-like Health system with visual effects !NOW CUSTOMIZABLE!
Created by StaticR
Requires TF2 for the overley effects. Otherwise a pink-black chessborard will block your sight

This is a small addon that makes your health regenerate such like in CoD
I made this for an more arcade-styled and faster gameplay in gunfights

Created by Devocity
30th of August: It's my birthday! Here's a gift!

  • Clean looking HUD;
  • Blurry looks thanks to Gonzo;
  • Reskinned version of my Modern Ammo Counter;
  • Mo
Mesa Gaming HUD [Fix]
Created by Eljack
Improved HUD V 1.0.0
Created by Actual Dragon Tears
This is my first Garry's Mod lua HUD mod, It's a simple HUD.If there is any bugs ( Other than the vehical ) please report them in the comment's.Thank you :D...
FluxVortex's HUD V2
Created by FluxTheGod
i am 80% sure that this addon will not work for servers so i also dont recommend trying untill this message is remove and in that case i have fixed the issue

This is just a basic hud For sandbox or any gamemodes like that
This Dank...
F2S: Stronghold
Created by SpunkPump
F2S: Stronghold is a Deathmatch gamemode where you have the ability to construct fortifications/strongholds to defend yourself and your team as you earn money killing the opposing players. You can create teams, change your loadout on the fly, send and rece...
Neko's Regeneration
Created by |Cynical| Zunith

Regeneration Addon Version 2.0.5
This regeneration script does exactly what its name implies.

I am now accepting support for Dedicated Servers, Local Servers, p2p Servers, and Single Player....
[DarkRp] GTA V HUD
Created by ownerminrazer
Very very outdated addon
but, works..maybe...
[Gmodstore] [#1770] HUDHive DarkRP HUD [Resources ONLY]
Created by Richard
After a HUGE request for a DarkRP HUD by customers; I decided it was time to do so. HUDHive has two goals in mind; the first one being to continue to keep a color scheme going across the board but also giving it a unique personality, and a package that wil...
Gordon Freakman HUD
Created by DBot
Gordon Freakman 2: Kleiner Life returns

Adds HUD from Kleiner Life mod



Damage Sense
Created by zamboni
Ever wanted to know where the FUCK you're being shot from???
Now you too can have spidey senses and find the source of the hurt!

What does it do?
Will add gradient bars around the center of your screen to direct you toward the source o...
Kleiner Life HUD
Created by DBot
Gordon Freakman 2: Kleiner Life returns

Adds HUD from Kleiner Life mod



Splatter Blood Decal Mod
Created by Imurderragdolls
So after accidently deleting all my blood mods on my computer and fucking up my Workshop mods, I'm back now. I orginally made this for CSS but then ported it to Gmod. Goremod recommended.

Map: Raid - The Heist

Goremod: Blood and Gore Overhaul IV...
Ectalia HUD
Created by AzROD
This is my first addon on the Workshop

Language Available:
- French
- English

Type "EctaliaHUD" to open settings menu
Thank Gaerisson for helping me to optimize the script!...
Created by ⎛⎝FealFix⎠⎞

New design.

The image changes depending on the weapon you hold.

- Avatar
- Health
- Armor
- Ping (ON/OFF)
- Weapon class (ON/OFF)
- Ammo
- The picture of the weapon
- Name (ON/OFF)
- Nick (ON/OFF)
- Steam ID (ON/OFF...
Retro Style HUD
Created by DyaMetR
Hello there people! I bring you another HUD for Garry's Mod with a style that's from the era of the 8-bit: Retro Style HUD.
So, why a retro themed HUD? Because ThE_TeRMiNaT0r_ gave me the idea and the materials and I said: Why not? So I made it in less th...
Created by Senoquese
This is a very simple HUD, based on TF2's ToonHUD.
      Like other HUDs, it shows your HP, Armor and Weapon Ammo, but there are also other features, like (optionally) always showing your weapon name and having a new weapon selection menu.

Food and Household items
Created by CHILI
This pack contains well over 200 props, mainly food but also cleaning products and other types of groceries.

McDonald's Food
Kinder Surprise + Box
Chips bags
Cillit Bang
Wine bottles
Much, much, more...

Simple Achievement Heads-Up Display (Abandoned)
Created by Piengineer12
The addon we all deserved. Probably.

This addon shows your progress for your achievements in the top-left corner of the screen, by default.
Options can be found in Utilities > Achievement HUD.
The number beside the progress bar shows t...
Pulp HUD
Created by Injawad Jones
Github repo :
If you have a suggestion or found a bug, please use the github issues tracker :
Trying to move a lot of information on github, like changelo...
GTA: San Andreas HUD
Created by Captain Fatbelly
Hooray! A new version has been released! Enjoy! :)

Urgent hotfixes coming very soon!
- no more HUD on others' computers (server-side fixes) - only yours
- removal of the stars/Wanted
- make the mod ...
Deep Space Nine: The Fallen HUD
Created by DyaMetR
Well, time sure does fly. I initially released this 6 years ago. I've been wondering a while back about the state of some of my older addons and I thought it could use a revision

This addon attempts to replicate the Heads Up Display feature fro...
Simple HUD for SandBox
Created by Shiony
Simple DarkRP HUD v1.0
Created by Pixnutz
A simple HUD.
Displays the players health, armor, name, job, money and salary. Only works
with DarkRP. Also displays the players steam profile picture.

Report if you find any bugs and tell me if there is any feature you would like me to add. If you fi...
aDarkrpHUD | Free HUD for Darkrp
Created by Alexis
a Free HUD for your DarkRP Server

Hey !

This is a hud designed for Darkrp,
He show Health, Armor, Hunger, Money, Salary, Job, Wanted.
Feel free to use it on your server, just extract the addon with Gmad extractor
If you want to make me happy sha...
Quake II HUD
Created by DyaMetR
After two months of hiatus, finally here it is.

This addon attempts to replicate the Heads Up Display feature from the game Quake 2.

- Health indicator
- Armor indicator
- Ammunition indicator (two variants)
- Custom pickup effect
- Cu...
Viewmodel Lagger
Created by zamboni
"Lags" your weapon viewmodel, as in HL2 Episode 2.

What is it?

makes your viewmodels wobble like HL2 episode 2 when you look left, right, up, down...

Why do I care?

dunno, perhaps you appreciate the immersion tha...
Meteor Shower
Created by Asymmetric Footwear
This is not mine I just updated it. Original addon by Meoo~we

Original description:

It pack contains 2 stools:
- Single meteor:
Shoot a meteor from the sky or from your tool gun.
- Meteor shower:
The zone you aim at will be bombed with meteors.

Created by Only.
My first HUD
Thanks for subscribes and likes
How to install:
drag "nwrhud" folder to = garrysmod/addons/darkrpmodification/lua/darkrp_modules
or garrysmod/gamemodes/DarkRP/gamemode/modules...
Combine HUD
Created by SeanWoo
Version: 1.1

English (Английский)

In this HUD, the standard HUD is changed to a new one:
- Changed health HUD, 2 bars added. (Smooth bar.)
- Changed the HUD cartridge.
- Added speed indicator.
- Changed sight.
- Changed the HUD zoom.
- Added FP...
Pde hud
Created by TCN
Hey there. On the Internet, a lot of things like that, but many of them are beautiful, and the other just tired. So I decided to do something new.-Paradice1337 2015

For sandbox

This also goes with it its the score board
Created by Habo
Here is a SimpleHUD for Sandbox

Core_ShowFPS 1 // Show the FPS bar <- The blue bar over the HP bar
Core_ShowFPS 0 // Hide the FPS bar

Core_ShowClock 1 // Shows the Clock
Core_ShowClock 0 // Hide...
Multicolored HUD
This hood is presented for the Sandbox mode. The screen shows: player's nickname, his steam ID, health, armor, crosshair, rank.

TTT - Octagonal HUD
Created by Exho

*** Info:
Simple, octagonal-font based TTT Hud. It was a clone of HumbleTH's hud that he posted but his was never released so I went ahead and copied the design. Its got a custom weapon pickup, weapon scroll bar, and punch-o-met...
HudSplitters: A TimeSplitters HUD re-creation
Created by Speedy Von Gofast
This is a re-creation of the TimeSplitters HUD. (not 100% accurate)

The health and armor bars appears after taking damage or picking up health/armor items and then fade out if those values remains unchanged.

Also features ammo counters with ammo icon...
TurtleP's HUD
Created by TurtleP
A HUD design originally for a gamemode I wanted to make. Now it's improved!

1) HUD is panels so that changing screen resolution doesn't mess it up
2) New Cvar: ShowTurtleHUD. 0 turns off the HUD and restores the HL2 one, and 1 turns on the HUD
3) Part...
Big Dog's HUD
Created by Retarded Horse
A basic HUD to display health and armor levels. This is my first addon and you can expect many more soon (mostly SWEPs)...
All S.T.A.L.K.E.R. HUD (SoC,CS,CoP)
Created by Right
Maps from screenshots:
Nuclear Winter 3
If you will find ...
Created by Nogitsu
Inspired from the original SCP Containment Breach[] HUD

  • A lot of convars to get the HUD better for you
  • Faithful to the original game
  • Options/Settings ta
DarkRP Novice HUD
Created by 76561198070943403

This is the first HUD that i have made, i know it is way to big, but i will not be improving it, instead i am going to make a new HUD, I put this up so people could possibly use it or look at the code and make one themselves, I hope it ...
CyanPower HUD (Not supported, old)
Created by KlyaniX
Simple HUD for Garry's Mod.
This is alpha version, lua error is common stuff for ya....
The Last Frontier (Pre-Alpha) HUD Content.
Контент для HUD. Специально для THLR...
Star Line Content - Battlefield 1 HUD [RESOURCE]
Created by Slim Shady
This is pack for server content Star Line StarWarsRP.
Server ip adress:

Server owner Manchester!

This Pack Contains
-Resource for BF1 HUD...
Simple Weapon / Item Highlights
Created by Darken217
Note: This addon is discontinued and will no longer receive updates.

What is this?
Some simple highlight system to mark the position of close items and weapons.
Supply items, like healthkits or batteries will appear green, ammo bl...
Created by Fire Sparkle
Disclaimer: any hate comment related to bronies is subject for deletion if you came here just for doing that because you saw this. Don't waste your breath on comment which will be removed eventually.
Elegant HUD Updated [Ammo, Agenda, Lockdown]
Created by Teddy
Interested in hosting a server? Use code "tedlua" and save 30%

Interested in Premium UI Pack made by me? Click the links below
Dark Transparent Hud
Created by brandon
A simple hud which displays the users profile picture, health, armour, weapon and weapons ammo.

**This was tested in Sandbox and on a 1920x1080 monitor, so if there is any compatibility issues please note it in the comments.**...
Dr. Apple's HUD
Created by Justy
It's just a simple little HUD with Health/Armour bar on the left, and a indicator to show how many grenades someone has, as well the ammo they have on the right.
If you have any concerns, I suggest you visit this page, as I pay attention to this more than...
Basic Hud
Created by Ellie
Im learning lua scripting so i decided to make a hud it turned out pretty well so i published it :).I hope you like my basic hud.If you find any errors or bugs please let me know so i can try to fix them.

This Hud offers:
-Prop Info(includes health...
Minimalistic HUD
Created by macsleggemek
A small HUD with simple colors which provides you with all info you might need. It's intended for sandbox use.

The HUD can be hidden with minimalisthud_hide 1. It saves across sessions so if you come back later with it missing, go to the console and typ...
SandBox HUD
Created by Shiony
Avalon HUD content
Created by SGM ツ
WhiteHUD [HUD]
Created by Sera
Simple HUD for SandBox.
-Health bar
-Armor bar
Smooth HUD
Created by OrangeFlare
This is a smooth hud that is in alpha currently. It will be updated regularly. Thanks For Subscribing! (If you did :P)
BTW this is my first addon for gmod and I hope you like it

Half-Life 2: Missing Information HUD
Created by DyaMetR
This addon is a interpretation of the HUD showcased in the mod Missing Information. It resembles the HUD from the 2002 leaked build of Half-Life 2, but with time it has proven to not be an accurate replica.

Nonetheless it's a different take so I'll leav...
Kingdom Hearts HUD (BETA)
Created by D MAS
This is no longer supported. I will not work on this anymore and apologize for any mention to continue this I may have made before. I might make my next project in gmod a better version of the vanilla HUD instead

Replaces the vanilla HL2 HUD with a King...
Sieze HUD Slim-Beta
Created by A Wet Sandwich
A even slimmer version of the HUD less screen space hungry and a bit more visually pleasant. still in beta a known issue on 1080p ammo bars go to the center of the screen even though they are ScrW set for there position....

-So whats different from the ...
Gamemode Shaped [HUD]
Created by Cliffford
Welcome to the (from what i know) first Gmod HUD with multi-gamemode support. Welcome to the Shaped [HUD]!

Current Features:

- Sandbox HUD
- DarkRP with Hungermod
- DarkRP without Hungermod
- Hideable HUD for Sandbox and DarkRP in the C...
GoldSrc HUD
Created by DyaMetR
This addon attempts to replicate the Heads Up Display feature from Valve's 1998 game Half-Life and those mods/expansions that follow a similar structure.

  • Health indicator
  • Suit battery indicator
  • Ammunition indicat
Fallout 4 V.A.T.S
Created by Extra
**IMPORTANT** -This addon has now been updated!
TO DISABLE THE CHANCE SYSTEM, type: 'vats_chance 0' in the console

As promised I have released my second Fallout related addon. This is Compatible with the Power Armor addon.
**NOTE** The 'Laser Rifle' y...
Unreal HUD
Created by DyaMetR
Time does fly, and it was showing quite a lot in this addon.
So, I first released this addon back in 2013 (that's 6 years ago) when I had first finished Unreal. Time passed and some well founded complaints were made: It's too small, it's not a...
Damage Slow
Created by GaussTheWiz
End of Support: This addon will no longer be updated.

Feel the pain!

Damage Slow is a lightweight gameplay mod that aims to make combat more immersive, realistic and interesting by restricting the mobility of dying players. When any p...

Automatic changing moods and model backgrounds. Mood auto changes if you die. The model background changes automatically. Many features are av...
Fixn's HUD
Created by finn
This is the first HUD i've uploaded, its pretty basic but i hope you will enjoy it!...
Jason's Simple Regen Beta
Created by jasondokusis
This is a potentially better but untested version of the simple regen addon in my workshop files. The simple regen addon is a simpler version of the first addon that I created. It was too complicated to understand, because before regenning, there were a lo...
Modern Hud
Created by nick
I wanted to make a new HUD for gGmod as the one avaliable at the moment isn't that nice looking.

What does it include:
-Working Health Bar
-Shield Bar
-Ammo Counter
-Weapon Name
-An okay reticle for you to look at

Known B
Created by finn
Update 1.2.5 -

General performance stabalisation.
Fixed some bugs with the HUD.
Removed Health icon for stabalisation.

Update 1.1.5 -

Fixed weapon display bug.
Added an armour count.
Speed Hud
Created by Columna1
This is a simple HUD that is made for the Mysterious Engineering server. It has options to switch between km/h and mi/h as well as an opion to disable it entirely. I might add options to change the color/positions in the future but as for now I'm to lazy t...
Initial D Arcade Stage HUD Materials
Created by Toastur
For use mainly with EGP HUD.

I created this addon for mostly personal and friend use, but if you can make something with it, go ahead.

I did not make any of this. All credit goes to the original creators.

Rust Legacy: HUD
Created by Shiony
---- ENG ----

This is HUD in game Rust Legacy for DarkRP gamemode

---- ATTENTION! ----

You need DarkRp Gamemode and
toggle hungermod!


---- RUS ----

Это HUD из игры Rust Legacy для режима Dark...
Customizable Hit Indicators
Created by Burger
Replaces HL2's regular hit indicators with something a little more noticeable and customizable. Inspired by the Turok games. Type !burhit in chat to open the menu.

Should work with any gamemode that involves taking damage, if not, let me know.

Russian HUD for sandbox
Created by Neonpk
Функции HUD:

- Здоровье
- Броня
- Аватар
- Кол-во игроков на сервере
- Пинг
- Ник (Цвет группы сервера)
- Ammo HUD
- Реальное Время...
Call of duty MW2 hud for sandbox
Created by SigmaSalt
i got it from here
i just fixed a issue and added the steam icon in the bottom corner, that doesnt work all the time for some reason not sure why im new to this just messing around with this to disable...
Particle Effects Rework Pack
Created by Dopey

I have decided to make my own approach to the most frequently encountered effects from the HL2-niverse.
Thus far, this pack includes:
-Animated Muzzle Flashes;
-Revamped Animated Sparks;
-Reworked Animated Tracers...
Dying Light Hud Content
Created by 1 Star Beast
This is material and font for my Gmodstore script.

To get this script please purchase it from Gmodstore[]

Blood and Gore Overhaul 3
Created by < blank >
As of January 1, 2017, this mod is no longer supported. Do not expect further patches!

  • Highly Configurable - Over 60 Convars
  • Blood on Screen
  • Blood on Weapons
  • Dismemberment
  • Realistic Ragdolls, with
Grand Theft Auto V HUD Content
Created by Doliman100
The content for Grand Theft Auto V HUD addon.

The complete addon is available on GitHub[].
TF2 Freezecam + Death Spectate
Created by pillow
TF2 Freezecam + Death Spectate
Please watch the video and read the description
*Supports Players and NPCs!*

This addon adds multiple Killcam and Spectate options to the game, each occuring when someone is killed.
For a be...
X-Ray Killcam
Created by Krede
I noticed a majority of the people who downloaded my XRay Deathcam had hoped for a killcam.
So I decided to make a killcam version. This is not complete and probably never will be.
This script depends on the server, meaning you wil...
HUD Syndicate - PJGame
Created by PJGame
Alien: Isolation - HUD
Created by Wheatley
HUD from Alien: Isolation game
I enjoy this game so much so I decide to make a few things from it, like HUD.
You can hide it using those console commands:
AIH_Hide 1
AIH_HideCrosshair 1
StarWars RP HUD
Created by ROAG
Made for the Synthetic Gaming community.

Note, this is just the materials for the HUD, there is no lua in here to make it function!...
Waypoint System (Minecraft style)
Created by Zak
This allows you to create simple waypoints in single player!
It can also be installed onto a server although, only the clients who placed the waypoints will be able to see them.

Chat commands:
- "!waypoint add" Lets you add waypoints.
- "!wa...
Mafia 3 HUD (DarkRP&Sandbox)
Created by Deathwalker9959
A Darkrp/Sandbox Compatible Hud Based Off The Upcoming Game Mafia III...
Created by RectangleNacho
Just like the one exlusivly for DarkRP, but this one works for (nearly) every addon. I would have just updated the other addon, but I can't change titles and people would have gotten confused.

The stars are basically pointless. Not much of a system to t...
Medieval Hud Materials
Created by Pr3570
Textures for Medieval Hud for Roleplay Server
Please Subscribe and favorite.

Buy on Script Fodder for $4.99...
Between Lines HUD
Created by DyaMetR
Hello there people!
This time I bring you a HUD that I designed in the bathroom mirror! (lol, it was fogged)... Between Lines HUD!
I know it's not a very original name, but I didn't knew how to call it (I was going to call it "Line HUD" but it would be k...
Steampunk HUD
Created by Reverend V92
Vanover Gunworks Visual Informative Aid System

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages! I present to you the latest and greatest innovative product from Vanover Gunworks!

The Steampunk Optical Feedback Device Additi...
Red Deathscreen Remover
Created by Awberry
This just removes that pesky red default deathscreen...
[DarkRP] Printers by BM
Created by BlackMaska [PL]
Money printers for DarkRP.
Three multi-colour printers capable of choosing a number of prints every 60 seconds.

The printers require:
-Cooling liquid

Display 1#
Yellow bars indicate printer's resources. ...
Created by Draco_2k
Prints a small eulogy for any recently-deceased player in the chat area.

Our revolutionary built-in forensics algorithms are able to determine the cause of death with 99,98% certainty, and make fun of it with 98,78% efficiency....
Death Screen v1.5
Created by Pixnutz
This addon makes your deathscreen a lot more pretty. The screen turns black and white for the player when he dies and a message will be displayed that he is dead. You can enable that the player will autorepsawn after a certain period of time. This addon wo...
Created by Habo
Thats my "new" HUD, its very simple but not everybodys taste!

Now you have 2 consolecommands:
Core_ShowKD 1 // Show the Kill/Death score on the top
Core_ShowKD 0 // Hide the Kill/Death score on the top
Sandbox: Evolved HUD
Created by Jordan Venti
Probably the last HUD like this that I'm making. The next one will be better and related with my name , good luck figuring it out!

This is mainly something I made to use on CapsAdmin's Meta Construct server , but here you guys could also use it. It's a...
DHud - Circular, Customisable HUD
Created by Rex Dangervest
A simple circular HUD, with colour customisability.

Colours can be changed within the spawnmenu, within Utilities -> DHUD.

On supported weapons, the ammo dial can be displayed next to the muzzle of the gun (Currently this is just for fun and only 'su...
Fortnite Hud
Created by Jimbo
This HUD is based on the HUD from the game Fortnite create by Epic Games.

This probably won't get many updates. However if you need something added that is important that can help the HUD I wouldn't mind adding it.

1. Fully working Compass...
Quake HUD
Created by DyaMetR
I know how to code something that aren't HUDs I swear

Hello there folks, it's me again.

This addon attempts to replicate the Heads Up Display feature from the 1996 game Quake.

  • Health, armor and ammunition indic
SharpeYe - No Stamina (deprecated, read description)
Created by JusFoNo

Apparently this version of the mod no longer works. If the original mod by Elec still works, then you can follow this guide to remove the stamina module yourself:[/...
Multicolored HUD 2
Modified Multicolored HUD

The screen shows: player's nickname, his steam ID, health, armor, crosshair, rank, avatar.

SimpleSpeedo v1.0
Created by CLazStudio
SimpleSpeedo - Simple speedometer (HUD) in Garry's mod.
This is my first addon, but a bit fixed. Enjoy ☺!

cl_simplespeedo_enable (1 or 0) - Enable/disable SimpleSpeedo
cl_simplespeedo_locale - Change language
cl_simplespeedo_theme - Change ...
PUBG hud - Overhead - Sandbox
Created by Tysk

- Healthbar / Name

Health display
- Smooth animation / Appears at -100 health
- Blink animation at 25% health / Color change 50% health

Armor display
- Smooth animation / Seperated in 5 ba...
Nub's Simple Customizable HUD
Created by NubTheFatMan
I originally made this HUD because I have never seen a HUD you could change the style of. I am interested in developing cool addons for the community, and this is one of my addons.

Current Features
  • Health regeneration system (is a lit
Postal 2 HUD
Created by pizdddetts
Rate it if you enjoy it pls
[IMG] [/img]
It's HUD with original textures from "Postal 2"
DevHUD Resources
Created by Dev
Resource package for DevHUD - Automatically installed if running DevHUD on your Trouble in Terrorist Town server....
DarkRP Hud (Blur, Flat, Simple)
Created by Curve.
A custom HUD for DarkRP, just install it and there you go.

-Blured HUD
-Simple Ammo and Armor/Health/Enegery(Food) Display
-Agenda Display
-PlayModel Display
-Salary and Money Display
-Wanted and Gun License Display
- - - - - - - - - - ...
FluxVortex's Hud V1
Created by FluxTheGod
This is just a basic hud For sandbox or any gamemodes like that
This Dank Hud includes:
Health Bar
Armor Bar
Date & time
profile icon
and your steam ID

This is my first proper addon there maybe an error if so please talk to m...
[E2]Hud Element Hider
Created by NubTheFatMan
This addon allows you to hide HUD elements in expression 2 so you can create a custom HUD element, such as ammo counter, health, and armor. I have also created a more simple way to get information on your gun. Here are all the functions:

Hotline Settings
Created by Danny Judas
What is this, Danny?

Hotline Settings is a gameplay overhaul modification that brings the lethality and breakneck speed of Hotline Miami into Garry's Mod. It also comes with it's own HUD and visual effects to help heighten the experien...
HUD Info
Created by lizclipse
This is a simple addon that provides a little box with info in it. There is also an entity pop-up, so you can see stats of an entity. It is highly confiuable, everything on the normal info box can be toggled on and off, the entity info can be toggled on an...
Created by Eagle
A simple HUD that displays numerous values.
ULX Infinite Ammo
Created by apoc
Tested in singleplayer and local multiplayer server and it's working 6/27/20.

Not recommended to use on servers prone to abuse from modders, GMOD addons are not my forte and this could potentially be exploited.

Should work with all guns whether they...
ZSHud: Zombie Survival's HUD in Sandbox
Created by Global
Oh look, it's a mini you!
Get this version instead, it's superior in every way.

Current Features:
  1. Zombie Survival's lovely animated portrait
  2. Ani
Republic Commando HUD Overlay
Created by AussiWozzi
I know this like the 5th addon featuring the Republic Commando HUD but I personally feel we could have used a bit of a update.

You can find this in Post-process > Overlays > Clone Trooper HUD

This is a general purpose HUD for SWRP and any Sci Fi rela...
Created by Reverend V92
Get out of Here Stalker


  • Health
  • Armour
  • Ammo
  • Magazine
  • Stored ammo
  • Secondary
  • Vignette Effect
    • Players
    • NPCs
    • Name Tagging
    • P
MrRangerLP's Simple Hud
Created by [TÐiso] Meteor ❤

This is a Simple and yet Informational HUD i made in roughly 5 hours total coding time.

-Fixed screen alignment issues. The HUD should now properly align for every screen resolution and aspect...
Simple HUD
Created by MysteryPancake
A very simple HUD.
The blue bar (which turns green if you're in a vehicle), represents the speed of the player, or the speed of the vehicle the player is in respectively, the red bar represents the player's health, and the orange bar represents the player...
DHUD 2.0 (DHUD2)
Created by DBot
Color customization (With GUI!)
Clientside convars
Serverside convars
Serverside control of loaded modules

Dynamic position
Dynamic smooth bars
Player dispaly
Entity display
What Proxi is nothing else than a camera.
Acts like a third eye, Place it..
..Above your head to turn into a radar.
..45 degrees up on your back into a drone camera.
..Align with your eyes to let show your proximity.
..Pull back away from your eyes ...
DHUD 2.0 Damage Numbers
Created by DBot
This addon adds Damage Numbers from DHUD/2. it is meant to be used with HUDs which do not provide such feature, or used completely standalone from any other HUD. It is similar to D...
Veterian Core Gaming | Deadspace Security Suit HUD
Created by Jones
VeterianCore Gaming DeadspaceRP:

A seperate HUD for a more immersed Deadspace engineering experience.

Features a nice little health bar that works just like the rig.

This HUD is soon to be incorporated into a seperate ad...
Created by DBot

With 4Hud installed you will feel like you are playing very modern game at 69.99$ cost, but actually playing old source engine based game. 4HEad productions - ...
HUD by Stepan154
Created by Stepan154
That Free DarkRP HUD
Created by Tickles


That Free DarkRP HUD!

So I was pla...
Metal Gear Solid 3: Death Screen
Created by DyaMetR
Hello people! So, I've randomly decided (after a couple MGS jokes with a friend) to make a mod about it for GMod, and it's the Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater Death Screen/Game Over screen!

-Actual effect
-Username adaptation
[DarkRP] Bloody HUD | Hunger Mod Compatible!
Created by Micro

A bloody spooky option for all of your creepy activities! Fully custom made artwork for a DarkRP HUD.

All unique artwork for the HUD panels
Custom font used on doors and player names as well as in HUD
Command & Conquer Renegade HUD
Created by A1steaksa
Command and Conquer: Renegade is alive again in the source engine!

Or its hud is, at least

This hud has all the great features of the original including health, animated armor icons, functional radar, friend and enemy highlighting, and more!

This ...
Black Mesa Blood Decals (for Paint Tool)
Created by Big Black Orc
Donate me some money.[]
NOTE: These are Decals for Paint, not Decals per se. This means that it will not replace the blood splatter seen on enemies. The title says it itself anyway, these are blood de...
Neko HUD [Colorable]
Created by DarkFox
New rewritten version here!:

Pawprint HUD replacer designed for Sandbox or other gamemodes that use the default HL2 HUD.
It should work with all resolutions.
Colors of the paws, boxes, a...
Created by RuDiX
Call of Duty 1 HUD
Created by kartjom
Call of Duty 1 HUD recreated as close as possible to the original one. There's an alternative HUD built in (see in the pictures).

  • Two styles
  • Health Bar color depends on your current health
  • Sma
ShitHudV1 [Sandbox Hud]
Created by em ツ
Introducing the all new ShitHud..

A enhanced UI with a sleek brown shitty theme.


ps: My first creation on the GMod Workshop!...
DHUD 2.0 Damage Sense
Created by DBot
This addon adds Damage Sense from DHUD/2. it is meant to be used with HUDs which do not provide such feature, or used completely standalone from any other HUD. It is similar to alr...
Insurgency Impact FX
Created by < blank >
  • Works on ALL weapons which use EntityFireBullets, including CW2, TFA, and HL2
  • Singleplayer and multiplayer support
  • TFA - PCF conversion, Lua
  • NWI - All assets
Meister-HUD For DarkRP
Just a "classic" HUD for the DarkPP server.
like pls

# Health
# Armor
# Hungermod
# Lockdown
# Agenda
# Gun license
# Wanted Icon
# Jobmodel 3D Icon

⚠️Maybe wor...
TES IV: Oblivion HUD
Created by Burger
Heads up display based on Bethesda's game "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion".

All HUD assets extracted using BSA Extractor. All materials rightfully owned by Bethesda.

Map used in the icon is gm_fork
AzHud - DarkRP Hud 1.1.2 - FR/EN
Created by AZDRA
● Free
● All versions of DarkRP
● Hungermod
● Lockdown
● Wanted
● Agenda
● Weapon
● Color Customisable

1) Just drop content into the folder /garrysmod/addons/...
Doki Doki HUD
Now you can have your favorite Doki on your HUD/screen, cuz why not

includes for now:

make sure to check out my other addons if you are interested.
DarkRP TPrice - Pricing Table for DarkRP
Created by Balemika
What is TPrice?

TPrice - Pricing Table for your shop in DarkRP...
Sniper Scope Overlays
Created by Anime was a mistake
Small pack of realistic sniper scope overlays.

Original sniper scope overlays and preview pics: Patrick Hunt
Gmod conversion: SuperCheater5

These are OVERLAYS, you can use them by accessing the OVE
Nightvision mod
Created by Asymmetric Footwear
This is not by me, I just fixed up the code.
Please tell me about any bugs.

Original description:

Fully customizable nightvision,
An addon by DylanB.

- Fancy Overlay
- Emits dynamic light
- Warns if flashlight is on
- Contrast sett...
OpenRPG Stats and Weapon Unlocks System (DarkRP Leveling)
Created by 76561198002525703
Major Note:

Due to my job I cannot support this addon at all anymore, so it's now officially completely free. However, it suffers from a major exploit that can only be fixed by moving all of the stat calculations from frame.lua to serverside...
Garry's Mod - Revive Mod Redux [OPEN BETA]
Created by Dopey
Hello, everyone!

I bring you a cool mod that encourages teamwork on your server when fighting off combine forces, zombies or God know what other SNPC's the workshop provides; this revive mod features the following:

►A simple, yet useful GUI...
SimpleHUD - DarkRP & Sandbox
Created by Guthen

You can use this HUD in your server if you want, it's free.

Compatible in DarkRP and in SandBox.

Features (Sandbox and DarkRP) :
• Smooth Health
• Smooth Armor
• Smooth Ammo
Sandboxie HUD
Created by Spaenny
A simple Sandbox HUD, which I made to test out lerp. If it gets many request I may add features to it. Just don't expect me to do it! Have fun using it!

Greetings Spenny....
GCraft HUD
Created by Jordan Venti
GCraft HUD for Garry's Mod 13

This was first a World of Warcraft-like HUD but then turned into something similar but better in my opinion. The HUD will show your armor , health , ammo and steam avatar. Feel free to leave suggestions on how to imp...
bac hud
Created by EAX
Hud are incomplete. Work in progress, maybe ... :D...
Pure HUD
Created by Guillaume
Pure HUD is a simple HUD compatible with any gamemodes and DarkRP.

Available on Github :

For server owner :

Edit your server.cfg and add :
  • For edit server name on HUD :
Created by Spaenny
This is currently a simple Sandbox HUD, I made this for test purposes. But now it ended to be a small project. Feel free to use it, and have fun with it. If there are any suggestions or issues or you want to commit an improvement just post in the comments ...
Gunman Chronicles HUD
Created by DyaMetR
Hello there! I present you a HUD replica from Rewolf's game: Gunman Chronicles!

-Health meter with heartbeat.
-Armor meter with armor bar.
-Ammunition meter with images that tell you what ammunition is your weapon using.

Created by gregg
Created by Snivy

Credit goes to Snivy for helping in creating the HUD.
IsolationHUD - Now with DarkRP support!
(Updated as of November, 4, 2018)

IsolationHUD ...
Zl HUD | Sandbox
Created by ✞Zɛʟɖʀɨӄ✞
Addon remake by Zeldrik's

cette addon est une modifiquation du hud tfa.

Gamemode: Sandbox

Screen by ChanceSphere574

Créateur d'origin:

Gears of War - Horde Fortification Pack
Created by Dopey
Hello, everyone!

I bring you a cool mod that allows you to spawn the fortification elements from Gears of War 3 in Gmod now!
Each fortification has a different damage threshold and health value as well as custom sounds.
Dead Space Gun HUD
Created by Crestfall
This is one of my effort to gain the thumbs achievements. Still better than the one who uploads watermelons to gain thumbs.

One day I suddenly remembered about this addon. So I searched it, and found it. Unfortunately it's glitching due to the code is n...
Papate Health HUD
Created by Sir Papate
Information displayed:
Health - In red
Armor - In Blue
Ammo - In Yellow
Colorful circle - Color of your rank

If a bar is empty or you are in Godmod, it retracts.

It work with ULX or Evolve, the other admin mods were not tested....
Extended HUD
Created by YourBunnyWrote
Extended HUD for Garry's mod 13

- Health
- Armor
- Ammo
- Time
- FPS...
Information Overload Hud
Created by Robert7301201
A HUD to give you a little more information like how much health your enemy has.

I hope you like it. Post any suggestion in comments.

Now shows enemy name and health....
Created by {SwAg}
An amazingly configurable but kinda clunky HUD.

I wanted to make a HUD, someone wanted me to make a HUD, so I made a HUD. It's kinda annoying and large but I'm kinda proud of it's feature set.

STHUD is your HUD. You can configure any parts o...
Système d'event [Traduit FR]
Created by Aperture
## Lancer un event ##

- Ouvrez la console (F10)
- Tapez ' eventstart '
- Ecrivez le nom de l'event

## Arrêter un event ##

- Ouvrez la console (F10)
- Ecrivez ' eventstop '

/!\ Vous devez être superadmin pour lancer ou arrêter un event. /!\
Abby's Blackout Deathscreen
Created by Awberry
The screen fades to black in 10 seconds by default, to edit this value you can use console command glxy_blackouttime to set it to any desired length in seconds. Incompatible with many well known gore mods and other mods that alter the player's death....
Cry of Fear HUD
Created by DyaMetR
Hey there! It's been a while, I thought this would've taken less to make but, oh well.

This addon attempts to replicate the Heads Up Display feature from the Half-Life total conversion mod Cry of Fear.

  • Health indicator
Sandbox hud
Created by BlueAngel
Just a sandbox hud nice to have on a dev server :) (SandBox ONLY)...
[NewByte] Minecrafty Sandbox HUD
Created by e^3.4967
A simple yet elegant Minecraft HUD for Sandbox


- Minecraft hearts which display the current health
- Minecraft hunger bars which display the current ammo
- Options in the cl_minecrafty.lua, where you can change so...
Republic Commando HUD by BLN Clone Wars
Created by [Burst Link] Resh
Made for fun, enjoy!
Burst Link Network Clone Wars Roleplay Server

Want to join the Burst Link Network server? Visit our Garry's Mod Server using the ip below!

Visit Our Website her...
(DarkRP) Lerix's Blur HUD
Created by 76561198192559423
Hello and welcome to my first online addon! This is a simple blur HUD (like the name suggests) that is made for DarkRP.

(didn't tried other rp actually)

Counter-Strike: Source HUD
Created by DyaMetR
No, I don't need that hat, thank you.

This addon for Garry's Mod attempts to replicate the Heads Up Display feature from the 2004 game Counter-Strike: Source.

  • Health indicator
  • Armor indicator
  • Ammunition in
HUD Attack Indicator
Adds a pointer in the center of your screen that shows where attacks are coming from. It shows up when you are shot at, even if a bullet misses you.

NOTE: This is not entirely client-side, the server must have the addon enabled to work.

Borrowed Blood
Created by Vondervol
What Could It Mean?

Now you might be thinking to yourself, "Another mod to change the blood? There are entirely too many of these." And you're right.

So, I've taken the hard work of other far more talented programmers and graphic artists,...
Metro Redux Gas Mask Overlays
Created by Morganicism
Brief Summary
These are 6 different gas mask overlays from Metro Redux. Each overlay is a different level of damage.

Are gas masks included?
No. These are overlays only. (Overlays are image effects that are applied...
Tactical Intervention HUD
Created by YuRaNnNzZZ

Lightweight HUD ported from Tactical Intervention.

Vigul's Blood
Created by Vigul
Replaces particles only! Requires CS:S to see smoke! Make sure you have no other blood particle mods installed!
A realistic / movie-like blood particle.
None of the other blood particle mods perfectly nailed it for me, so I made this. I consider th...
Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory HUD
Created by Dopey
Hello, everyone!

The first proper Splinter Cell HUD developed by DyaMetR himself!


►Stealth/Visibility meter for use to monitor how easy you are to notice;
►Sound meter to keep track of the noise you make;
►Custom Weapon/Ammo...
Created by 76561198163814721

Like this addon? press Like button pls :з

customizable. :D
bug fixed!
bug fix with ( -1 ammo )
bug fix with lua error after death.
command ( cl_drawhud ) working!
DarkRP compatible

Splinter Cell: Double Agent HUD
Created by Dopey
Hello, everyone!

Another great Splinter Cell HUD developed by DyaMetR himself!


►Stealth/Visibility meter for use to monitor how easy you are to notice;
►Sound meter to keep track of the noise you make;
►Custom Weapon/Ammo Di...
Neptunia HUD
Now you can have your favorite CPU or DLC character on your HUD/screen, also comes with a few optional features such as a simple crosshair and lensflare.

-Black Heart
-Black Sister
-Green Heart
-Iris Heart
Actualy, it's my first addon and i'm russian xD. Simple hud. Alert about crashes....
Death Animations
Created by MysteryPancake
After 6 years since the original thread[], hopefully it'll be worth the wait.

This addon adds death animations to Garry's Mod similar to the ones in TF2, meaning when a player or...
Custom HP v2
Created by Yuberee
Welcome to the updated version of the CustomHP addon I made!
To open the menu type in chat: !chp

If you are a super admin on the server you can use these commands:

chp_open to open the menu (If you are unable using chat)
Created by upset
Happy New Year! This time I released DOOM 3 SWEPs, I tried to make it the most faithful possible, so some things are still WIP.


doom3_crosshair (1 or 2) - Doom 3 crosshair with hit checker or just white stripes
doom3_hud (0 ...
Clone HUD
Created by Reverend V92
Star Wars: Clone Wars-esque HUD

  • Radar
  • Nametag
  • Clone Helmet overlay
  • Armour
  • Health
  • Compass
  • Ammo counters

You can toggle each part of the HUD in the opti...
TTT Octagonal Themed Sprint HUD
Created by Ethang70
Using the Sprint from the sprint mod by Fresh Garry here;

This Addons themes it so that it fits in with the Octagonal TTT Hud by Exho here;
Created by SilentNinja
DarkHUD is a HUD which can be used for any Gamemode (except TTT), It should be used for DarkRP, because I didn't integrate any other RP Modes, they can be added if you want!

- Job model as avatar
- Health bar
- Ammo b...
Created by DrVrej
This is an extension for VJ Base, it enables the HUD features for users.
Source - GitHub[]
Change Log - Change Notes Tab
Metroid Overlay
Created by darku
r_screenoverlay effects/metroid_overlay...
[SCP] HUD by Guthen
Created by Guthen
Hello there.. Here an HUD addon for SCP Servers.
You can use it for any servers or for yourself (in singleplayer).

It is compatible in DarkRP and Sandbox !
There are :
• Health HUD
• Armor HUD
• Name HUD (Steam Name in Sandbox and Roleplay name in...
Az Custom HUD
Created by Azkela
[DarkRP Support]

Version 2.7 +
Might work with other versions.

Az Custom HUD is a DarkRP HUD with many features and innovative design and a custom notifications with an admin menu allowing you
!*$%? ERRORS
Created by Earu
Alright, tell me... Who the !*$%? is not tired of those stupid errors and missing textures uh??!!

WELL GOOD NEWS FRIENDS, just download this addon and about 75% of your missing textures and error models will be gone, and for free ...
DrGHUD for Sandbox | Modern HUD
Created by Dragoteryx

I've spent way too much time using the default HUD and I wanted something new, so I ended up creating this. It took me way more time than I anticipated, but it was fun trying something new.

PlayerStats - awaiting remake
Created by crester
Buggy, ugly and glitchy - awaiting remake.

Simple PlayerStats system without looping on gamemode.
There may be bugs from installed addons with similar sense.

You can enable/disable modules with ConVars. They should be used with sv
Created by Ben
This is the first HUD I have made that I am proud of. For Sandbox....
Half-Life 2 Campaign Content
Created by leiftiger
Content pack for the Half-Life 2 Campaign server.

What it does:
Changes Vortigaunts', Alyx's, Eli's, Kleiner's and G-Man's model to their Episode Two model which makes them have all Episode Two animations.
(Vortigaunts also unlock o...
Game Of Thrones HUD
Created by Louison
Welcome !

I share today my Game Of Throne HUD (it can be also a medieval HUD) made by Walid (design) and me (lua).

Thanks to:
Universal Currency Exchanger
Created by Piengineer12
Entity: Currency Exchanger
(internally known as currency_exchanger)
Exchanges from one unit of currency to another.
Admins can define the transactions that are available.
Currency Exchangers with the same unique name transfer across maps.

Halo Radar Mini Map HUD - DarkRP/TTT Compatible
Created by A1steaksa
Brings radar/minimap in the classic halo style to Garry's Mod.

Server Commands

radar_distance - default: 25 - The range, in meters, of the radar. For client performance reasons I would not recommend setting this value above 75.

Invisible Material.
Created by TitaniumSpyBorgBear
Because Garry's mod doesn't have a completely invisible material included with it I thought I'd make my own, besides that it could also be useful for comics for removing heads like in the icon...
Alien ISOLATION flashlight
Created by Mashingon
Un cambio a la linterna estandard para un ambiente mas misterioso, dado que ilumina muy poco.
Disculpen la calidad del video pero use el grabador del gmod, sobra la mala calidad, pero para una vista previa mas fiel estan los screenshots.

Simple Health and Ammo HUD
Created by Ally
Replaces the default HUD with a clean and simple HUD. Armour is also displayed if you have any....
ACT3: Arctic's Customizable Thirdperson (Weapons) 3.0
Created by Arctic
"I love firing guns. It's an amazing feeling - so sexy and powerful."
- Hayley Atwell

A feature-packed weapon base with bullet-by-bullet magazines, customization, physical bullets, and much more.

Join the OFFICIAL Discord se...
Overhauled Radial Menu
Created by SirRanjid
Version: 2019-10-22
Overhauled Radial Menu for quick tool and commands access. Originally made by FlyveHest, then Cmasta.
Made huge changes to it and wanted to release it because i think not only I could profit from it.

Thanks to Skinhead Larry you...
MK HUD (Supported DarkRP and sandbox)
Created by MrKuBu
My first publical hud!!!
My hud only for DarkRP and sandbox*NEW*!
You can translate, change color and hungermod this hud!
[Sandbox/GMOD 2] HUD (not identic)
Created by Guthen
So, you maybe wait for S&Box / Sandbox / Garry's Mod 2 new game and I tried to make the hud of GMOD 2.

It contains :
• Health HUD (being opaque when you're dead)
• Armor HUD (being opaque when you don't have armor)
• Ammo HUD (Current Ammo to the lef...
Seo's HUD! / DARKRP Or Nutscript support
Created by ♥️流 Flow

Seo's HUD (Copyright)
Configuration :

Steam image or Player Model

Armor Bar

Hunger Bar

Colors :

Armor Bar

Hunger Bar

Health Bar

Stamina Bar

Name(on the HUD and Above the head)

Crosshair Designer [FR] FreeWebWorld
Created by FogHunter
Hello I am not the creator of the addon, here is the original creator
this addons to just was adapted for FreeWebWorld servers

This allows you to create a custom crosshair :D
It's made ...
Customizable Default HUD
Created by 76561198163814721

Like this addon? press Like button pls :з

customizable. :D
bug fixed!
bug fix with ( -1 ammo )
bug fix with lua error after death.
command ( cl_drawhud ) working!

Sci-Fi Suit Zoom Overlay
Created by 016869FD7100FD7001
A custom drawn overlay that replaces the outdated and sometimes immersion breaking suit zoom HUD with a nice Sci-Fi looking Star Wars macrobinocular inspired HUD which includes the distance to where you are looking, the bearing you are looking along,
Octagonal Hud for Town of Terror
Created by Ethang70
This is an addon that adds compatability for the Octagonal Hud and Town of Terror Addon. It adds all five roles to the hud. Both the Octagonal HUD and Town of Terror Addons are needed for this to work.

All credit for the HUD goes to Exho (Who actually m...

Splambob - Creator
ByPoLaT - Fixed this addon

Type console 'toggle_radar' for enable or disable.

Creator desp:

A modified version of...
Crosshair Designer
Created by Zak
The most advanced, feature packed and optimised crosshair addon available for Garry's Mod!

*The crosshair in the icon image is a screenshot from one created with this addon*

Open the menu
  • !cross (chat)
  • !crosshair (chat)
HUD+: The Complementing HUD
Created by Piengineer12
Note: This HUD works best with another HUD addon enabled!

This addon is meant to fill in the gaps that other HUD addons do not offer.
This HUD is very highly customizable. You can set the font, size, colours, positioning and many other ...
Red Laser Crosshair
Created by #itsR1P
A Red dot laser crosshair. This simple addon
is made by me. Material is by me, Code is by me but
not all. Some of the codes was by Bucky....
Advanced Warfare Styled Hitmarkers
Created by Lumehr
This addon adds hitmarkers styled similarly to those in CoD: Advanced Warfare to GMOD. I edited an existing hitmarker mod (

They have a couple of sounds which can be cus...
Sword Art Online Hud FIXED
Created by AIzyka
Original addon: Link


Fixed bug with particles after player or npc death.
Fixed bug with lvl system.
Added death sound.
2 new options in settings menu: Enable de...
Created by HADES BLACK
There have been incidents of addon conflicts. Some subscribers reported that the BlackHUD menu does not work properly. It turns out that installing multiple HUD addons is the main cause for these issuses. Please only install o...
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive HUD
Created by Ced
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive HUD
A re-creation of the Counter-Strike: Global Offesnive HUD in Garry's Mod.

Blur HUD - Clean and simple [ WORKS ONLY DARKRP ]
Created by Sdt. Math
Blur HUD - Clean and simple

- Free
- Clean
- Beautiful

New features coming soon guys :

Configurable HUD
BLUR Display player info
BLUR Weapon Selector

Created by Math =)...
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim HUD
Created by Walid
Welcom !

We share today our The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim HUD (it can be also a medieval HUD) made by Walid (design) and Darkos (lua).
Estranged: Act II HUD
Created by YuRaNnNzZZ

Recreation of a HUD from Estranged: Act II.
Small a...
H0L-D4: Holographic Heads Up Display
Created by DyaMetR
Please read the F.A.Q at the end of the description before posting a question. I'm seeing a lot of people ignoring the description and posting comments without thinking twice.

Thank you!

After 4 redesigns and remakes from scratch, a year ...
Intense Blood Effects
Created by Its9iNE

Please watch the video for a better demonstration of the
ENB Realistic Post Process Overhaul
Created by BASYA
[img] [/img]
Adds new graphic effects, such as: sun beams, gleams, etc.
Also you can make ENB your style.
[img] [/img]
Realistic Bullet Effects
Created by PickledSosig
This mod replaces the traditional Half-Life 2 bullet tracer effects with brand new ones.

-Works with anything that uses default bullet effects.

-Customizable (under Utilities)

-Will not overwrite textures.

-Useful for scenes, sandbo...
ChromA Damage Indicator
Created by < blank >
If you enjoy this mod, be sure to like it and follow my workshop!

Thanks to Unreal Enhancements, you can now use chromatic abberation as your hit indicator instead of the annoying red screen. Requires Unreal Enhancements to work, but none of...
Created by SheepSeller
Today this hud has:
• New HP & AP panel
• Weapon panel
• Custom crosshair
• Clock
• K/D counter (kills/deaths)
• Killed NPCs counter...
Apex Legends HUD
Created by Tenshi
Hello! This is Apex Legends interface for Garry’s mod.
This interface supports Sandbox, DarkRP, MilitaryRP, StarWarsRP (and its similarities) gamemodes.
In this interface, you can:
- disable / enable HUD (apex_enable 0/1)
- disable / enable player mode...
Gears of War HUD 2.0 (With Health System included!)
Created by Dopey
Hello, everyone!

Bringing you the new and improved Gears of War HUD, an almost exact replica of the original!

What does this add-on feature?

►A custom Heads Up Display that perfectly recreates that from Gears of War, using original...
Hud | Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Created by Louison
Welcome !

I share today the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed HUD (Sci-Fi HUD), I know it's not the most beautiful HUD but I realy wanted to do the HUD of this amazing game.

Do not copy, reupload, edit or in any other way distribute the content tha
Groove Hud
Created by Nett
Ceci est mon 1er hud. Veuiller me dire ce qui ne va pas avec pour l'amélioré !...
Sandbox shadow rounded HUD
Created by الله أكبر
A nice HUD for your Sandbox server / Solo game.
Maybe not that good because i'm new to Lua.
Please ask for re-upload.

Thanks for 100 Subs !

- Fully color fading bars
- Show your health/Armor only if it's over the normal lim
Sandbox simple PVP Hud
Created by الله أكبر
Basic Addon for Sandbox
I'm not good at lua so I don't expect peoples to download/like it.

- HP/Armor bar with smooth animation.
- Color changes depending on your health for the HP bar.
- Responsive design
- Ammo count box, adapting to d...
Stargate HUD
Created by Louison
Hi, Today I upload a Stargate HUD, it's a futuristic HUD with the movie gate at the bottom left.

Do not copy, reupload, edit or in any other way distribute the content that comes with this hud. It is all forbidden by the Steam User Agreement and co
Camouflage Materials Pack
Created by Raccoon
Adds 31 military camouflage pattern materials to the game. I may add more some day. I did not create these patterns.

Patterns were made by:
Developers of "Medal of Honor: Warfighter"

I think I originally found the textures from ...
Camo Materials II/II
Created by Krau̶t
This addon contains a second pack of camouflage and metal materials
Camo Materials I/II
Created by Krau̶t
This addon contains a pack of camouflage and metal materials
Handy HUD V1
This is my first HUD, if you find errors - write about them in the comments.

Comfortable HUD. Involve:

- Health indicator

- Armor indicator

- FPS indicator

- Ping Indicator

- Online Indicator


Удобный худ. Включает в ...
Всем привет! Это финальная версия этого SBox HUD`a!

Но это не значит, что если вы попросить добавить что-то стоящее, я не сделаю этого, вы все так же можете предлагать вещи для обновлений.

Внутри HUD я все ра...
[TTT] Octagon HUD Mod
Created by Blast1114
Requires More Roles for TTT:

It is required to be installed on the server; having it installed on the client is not enough

Based on:
HUD Sway + Scale - Sway / Scale All HUDs
Created by Piengineer12
Options are in spawnmenu -> Options -> HUDSway.

Sheesh, addon generation has really slowed to a crawl on my side.
This is just a lightweight addon to make any HUD have turning effects.
The "I'm not dead" addon, in other words.

Bullet Tracer Effects (HL2:MMOD)
Created by Dopey
Hello, everyone!

A nice little effect pack that aims to recreate the bullet effects of the popular HL2 Mod: MMOD!

Golden HUD V1 - A DarkRP HUD
Created by chredeur
Here is the Golden HUD V1 a very simple hud.


• New ! Compatibility for SVMod
• Money Hud
• Compatibility for Advanced Medic Mod
• Voice Icon
• Compatibility for Advanced Cooking Mod
• Compatibility for VCMod
• Added a speedomet...
HALF-HUD (DarkRP HUD Replacement)
Created by mewtek
A HUD based off the original Half-Life game

Pretty good for a Black Mesa RP server, or even a normal DarkRP server if you're looking for a HUD that takes up minimal screen space.

Server Content:
SHUD (hud for sandbox)
Created by Alexey
HUD for sandbox...
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (HUD Version 2.0)
Created by Dopey
Hello, everyone!

The first proper Splinter Cell HUD developed by DyaMetR himself!


►Stealth/Visibility meter for use to monitor how easy you are to notice;
►Sound meter to keep track of the noise you make;
►Custom Weapon/Ammo...
Dynamic Crosshair Dot
Created by JUST A SNIPER ツ
This addon replaces the default crosshair of Garry's Mod for a clean looking and dyanmic dot version. The crosshair interacts dynamically with the distance, camera movement, screen shakes, and is highly customizable by the player.

Grand Theft Auto V Death Screen (Now with next-gen mode!)
Created by DyaMetR
Well... I guess it was about time, wasn't it?
5 years ago (before the remake) I released this addon, during the Grand Theft Auto V craze, little did I know that it'd become such an instant hit being one of my most subscribed and rated addons e...
CS 1.6 Shop menu Mod [UPDATED]
Created by BOT Opie

i have created this addon for base gamemode derived compatibility and removing dependencies
this make a lighter addon and mor...
Spy's Bullet Time [Liam's Version]
Created by atlev♥
CREDIT TO SPY for making most of this code and retrieving sounds.


-Added some ambient music and visual effects reminiscent of the movie Dredd (2012)...
H.E.V Mk V Auxiliary Power
Created by DyaMetR
RIP after the November 2019 update, thanks for the support!

Tired of being able to run for hours?
Tired of that pesky perpetual energy flashlight of yours having too much of a lifespan?
Do you miss being able to drown because you left your
Banjo-Kazooie Customizable HUD
Created by VMan_2002
Customizable Heads-Up-Display from Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie.

To change settings, type ' banjokazooiehud ' in the developer console. Previews of settings are available in th...
Carbon HUD w/ Minimap
Created by closeshave
Carbon HUD is a minimalistic, non-invasive, 'heads up display' designed primarily for build servers and builders allowing the user to track their health, ping, frame rate, the amount of props on the server as well as their own, in a clean layout which d...
OSW HUD 2.0 (Oddworld Stranger's Wrath)
Created by Dopey
Hello, everyone!

The awesome HUD from Oddworld Stranger's Wrath done in Garry's Mod!


►All assets directly ported from the original game.
►Scales properly for all resolutions.
►Animated Heartbeat sensor which gets progressive...
Bill's Custom Kill Icons Workshop Edition
Created by TheBillinator3000

Right, here is the workshop edition/expansion to Bill's Custom Kill Icons.

You know how some weapons don't have kill icons? Well now they do. You're welcome. :3

Supported addons a...
BAHUD - Boreal Alyph HUD
Created by DBot
After 15 years in development, hopefully it will worth the weight.
This addon brings HUD from the Boreal Alyph[] game.
Half-Life 2: 2002 HUD
Created by DyaMetR
This addon attempts to replicate the Heads Up Display feature from the 2002 development build of Half-Life 2.

  • Health indicator
  • Armour indicator
  • Auxiliary power indicator
  • Ammunition indicator
  • Custom pick
ET:QW Inspired HUD
Created by Senoquese
A highly customizable HUD based on the one seen in Enemy Territory: Quake Wars


  • Health bar, with armor overlaying on top
  • Ammo bar, with reload timers
  • Weapon names and ico
Created by Frasiu
[Important !]
Works only on 1680x1050 and 1920x1080 screen resolution. ( i think )

it's a simple hud that does not take up much of your screen....
Created by Vaqxai

The HUD is currently fully compatible with Sandbox, DarkRP, and any derivatives of these. If you want me to adapt it to other gamemodes, post the request in the Bugs & Features Discusstion

You can ...
Simplistic HUD v2 - Sandbox [Toggle OFF/ON]
Created by ketameme

Here it is, version 2 of my Simplistic Heads up Display which I created almost 3 years ago.
Features include:

• Health bar
• Armor bar that stays hidden until user has armor present
• Weapon nAme and primary and secondary ammoCount
Matrix Weapon Selector
Created by Selenter

Hello! Have you been looking for a simple and small addon on Weapon Selector with beautiful transitions? Then this addon should suit you.
Addon that modifies your Weapon Selector and disables the old one. This...
Created by Degradka
Простенький худ,который вы можете использовать у себя в игре или на сервере.Только режим Sandbox.

Автор: Degradka

Дискорд Автора: Degradka#2895

Удачного Пользования!...
[TTT2] 'Octagon' HUD
Created by Blast1114
A remake of my older HUD for TTT2 (but much more functional). I know there is another Octagon HUD, but this one is very different and has a few extra features. It is called 'Octagon' HUD as it is based on the old Octagon HUD for TTT 1 (I may come up with a...
Tomb Raider - Classic HUDs
Created by Dopey
Hello, everyone!

A collection of HUDs from the classic Tomb Raider games! (1-3)


►Health Bar (blinks when at low HP);
►Armor Bar;
►Custom Ammo Counters;
►Ammo Display mode is completely tweakable;
►Health Display mode is co...
[Free] Simple Blur Ease-animated HUD
Created by Mr.KTO-TO
Russian: Данный HUD адаптирован под абсолютно все разрешения дисплея

English: This HUD is adapted for absolutely all display resolutions

HUD Изначально предназначен для сервера ZS RHUnion
HUD KOTOR mobile edition
Created by Louison
Welcome !

I share today the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic HUD (Sci-Fi HUD), I know it's not the most beautiful HUD but I realy wanted to do the HUD of this amazing game.

Do not copy, reupload, edit or in any other way distribute the con
Simple Enemy Health Bar
Created by Buzzofwar
A very simple health bar that is placed at the top of your screen. Reads the Enemy name and their health. Its clean and simple.

Works with NPC and Players.

- NPC Health Bar and Name
- Player Health Bar and Name

Please do not re-upload

-- Upda...
Military HUD
Created by Cynass
I share today my World War 2 HUD (it can be also a Military hud)

Do not copy, reupload, edit or in any other way distribute the content that comes with this hud. It is all forbidden by the Steam User Agreement and considert a Copyright in
[WSSkin]Medieval - Custom Weapon Selection
Created by AllDangerInc
YOU NEED THE BASE ADDON (this is currently in closed Alpha. The release version will be available on gmodstore)

Demo Video:
[WSSkin]Fancy Neon - Custom Weapon Selection
Created by AllDangerInc
YOU NEED THE BASE ADDON (this is currently in closed Alpha. The release version will be available on gmodstore)

Demo Video:
Simple HUD for DarkRP Version 1.0
Created by Caprisun_h
Hello I started coding and in one day I managed to create this fully functional HUD only for DARKRP mode.

The HUD includes the following functionality:
Grand Theft Auto 5 hud + map
Created by Usual Dispersive
Simple map and health information
p. s. the map only works on 1920x1080p for now
Простая карта и информация о хп
p. s. карта пока работает только на 1920x1080p...
Created by iKebab897
With its 1200+ lines of code, Ike HUD is designed to enhance your game with a modern, finished look and tons of customisation options, to better fit your playstyle.

Ike HUD comes with:

  • Resiz
Minecraft HUD
Created by Jakey
The Minecraft HUD recreated in Garry's Mod! Including the imperfections ;)

Pretty much all good to go for Sandbox, but DarkRP and Trouble in Terrorist Town support will be added too! <3

Few noteworthy things;
- XP Bar is the ammo in your magazine!
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim HUD V2
Created by Louison
Welcome !

We share today our The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim HUD (it can be also a medieval HUD) made by Walid (design) and me (lua).

MR's University RP OSD (aka. HUD)
This add-on is a slightly customizable OSD for University RP. It is compatible with all gamemodes and it is designed for the DarkRP.
You may install it to check that your buildings & rooms are properly configured.

Created by TheRollmops
🔶A simple HUD for GMOD DarkRP🔶


〰️Steam Profile Picture
〰️Wanted & Licence (Advert Icon)
〰️Ammo HUD (Clip/Ammo/Weapon Name)
〰️Voice Chat HUD
〰️Display Notif
〰️Lockdown HUD
〰️Agenda wit...
Created by Degradka
Simple HUD, that you can use in your game or on your server.Gamemode Sandbox Only.

Author: Degradka

Author's Discord: Degradka#2895

Mandatory HUD
Created by YuRaNnNzZZ
Mandatory HUD. No option to turn it off, only to change the style.

Adds three types of HUD: Blurry (follows viewmodel or right hand in thirdperson), Forced and Mandatory.
You can change the type in Q -> Utilities -> User -> Mand...
Created by Izzya
Красивый худ для игры с друзьями.

-Индикатор ХП/Брони.
-Индикатор патронов/спец.патронов.
-Эмоджи здоровья/брони.
-Простой и индивидуальный.
-HUD для режима SandBox.
-Добавлена HEV система.

Beautiful HUD for playing with friends.

Viewmodel Stains
Created by Krede
One thing I've always wanted out of Black Mesa (which they have since removed) was the ability to stain your weapons in different ways.
It's a subtle but immersive way of showing damage and other effects that bring the world to life....
Control HUD
Created by JFAexe

It is HUD from Remedy's Control game

Packed with:
  • Styled health indicator
  • Armor fading indicator
  • Arc ammunition indicator
  • Cr
Mod And Play HUD - (Unreal Sandbox HUD)
Created by Must
Unreal Sandbox HUD (:

Im making this public PURELY for the meme of mod&play lmao
kinda a pog addon tbh

Risk of Rain 2 HUD
Created by Chev
This is a custom HUD that replaces the default one with a Risk of Rain 2-like one. Replaces the health/armor and ammo parts of the default HUD.

There are console commands that let you customize the HUD. They start with ror2hud_.

Planned feat...
Created by Rad Poseidon
(This addon was mainly made for me and my friends)

MinHUD is a a hud that tries to give you as much info as possible while also staying out of your way to let you focus on fighting.

  • Cool Heart Monitor Effect
Created by Speedy Von Gofast
Do you enjoy violence? Of course you do! It's a part of you. And who are you to deny your own nature?

This is a faithful re-creation of SYNTHETIK's HUD and fully replicated animations from the original game.

Animations update:

Added a new...
Created by twenty two

Это простой hud для sandbox в GMOD

Вы можете полностью настроить его и изменить по своему усмотрению


This is a simple hud for sandbox in the GMOD

You can fully customize it ...
DarkRP Hide HUD
Created by vadimhalo
Opacity HUD (Customizable & Sandbox)
Created by morzz1c
Opacity HUD

  • Simple minimalistic semi-transparent interface.
  • A health bar that changes color depending on the level of hp. Armor bar. Ammo bar.
  • Customization (enter cl_opacityhud_settings in the console to open
Bored HUD
Created by Fesiug
HUD I've been whipping up
Simple HUD you can use.
Compatible with TFA, FAS:2, CW2, and ArcCW (arccw hud editting funcs will work on this)
Will also show JMod equipment in the top-left.

Options are found in Options > Bored HUD
commands a
Cyberpunk HUD - Feel Future
Want to fell playing most awaited game? Try this out!
This is CyberPunk HUD, a new, futuristic hud from a famous unreleased game CyberPunk 2077.
CyberPunk HUD includes:
gmod_suit 1 support. [...
Created by Jonas🍉
A little HUD for Sandbox and DarkRP

with custom Colored Crosshair
extra Info for Developer.

You can enable/Change the Color in the Spawnmenu
spawnmenu>Utilities>TinyHud Settings

If you got Ideas to add more Dev-Infos or other stuff, please let m...
Arx HUD - useful addition to any HUD
Created by Darsu
Arx HUD - fully customisable HUD element, that adds smooth arcs with ammo, reload progress, health and armor near reticle. It can make battles more dynamic.

You can be use Arx both together with other HUDs and alone.

The settings menu is locat...
Enchanced Default HUD+
Enchanced Default HUD+ is customizable and enchanced recreation of HL2's hud with customization.
Works on almost all resolutions and dimensions
3D mode
Weapon selec...
Mechassault 2: Lone Wolf - HUD
Created by Dopey
Hello, everyone!

The awesome HUD from Mechassault 2: Lone Wolf done in Garry's Mod!


►A custom menu in the 'Utilities' Tab for you to customize many of the elements the HUD has, such as custom sounds, ...
PAYDAY 2: Mini HUD (+ hit markers, damage indicators)
Created by Shadow Bonnie (RUS)
Player's mini HUD from PAYDAY 2, that shows health and armor with circles, ammo and other stuff.

This addon also have hit markers from PAYDAY 2 and damage indicators with damage sounds. Hit marker will be orange when enemy health below or equal 0.

DOOM 2016/Eternal HUD & Misc Features
Created by Rex
Welcome to the DOOM / DOOM Eternal HUD & Misc Features Mod!

This mod contains:
-- DOOM 2016 HUD
-- DOOM Eternal HUD, with possibility to assign custom colors to it.
-- Double Jump & Dash.
-- Buff Totem & Spirit. ...
TR HUD (Content)
Created by TheRollmops
▶️Content for TR HUD (GitHub Version):
Created by turd shitter 2000
A simple HUD mod for Garry's Mod that scales with resolution

This mod only needs to be installed on the server; no assets are needed to be downloaded by clients

Feel free to extract and modify for your own purposes; just credit me (workshop link)

Trooper / ARF Overlay
Created by Arthos Bane
(I Will add Pictures soon, don't tell me no clicks no pics I could care less about clicks)

A very simple overlay made to add a little bit of immersion. Open for use by everyone to use. Was made to be used with Control Hud, and MCompass

Control HUD: h...
GenoFrisk's Modern HUD
Created by g e n o f r i s k
Modern style HUD :
-when your life is below 20 HP, a warning message appear
and subscribe & like for achievements :P...
Star Wars KOTOR 2 HUD | DarkRP
Created by Ratko Mladić

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 HUD for Gmod.

Assets / Materials are all custom made by me.

Gamemodes with DarkRP base only....
PAYDAY 2: Simple Damage System
Created by Shadow Bonnie (RUS)
Simple damage system contains few features from PAYDAY 2 damage system.

Highly recommended addon as addition to this addon: PAYDAY 2: Mini HUD+

Armor restore[/h1
NextOren HUD
Created by Shaky
Об аддоне
Меняет стандартный худ на худ из сервера по режиму BREACH
NextOren 1.0 (Бета Тестирование)
HUD редактируется в Q меню>Options

HUD assets: Cultist Kun
Omori HUD: Health and Armor Bar Modifications
Created by Gyub
A simple HUD in the OMORI style, it's my first addon ever, so it may be have some bugs and stuffs, just tell me in the comments and I will fix it.

I've started a GMOD x OMORI project, join the discord here for more infor
Arctic's Damage Numbers 2 (Destiny Style)
Created by Arctic
"I don't have time to explain what I don't have time to understand."
-- Cayde 6

A sequel to my first Damage Numbers addon, improved and in Destiny 2's style. An e-girl forced me to make this.

Join the OFFICIAL Discord server ...
ShadeHUD [DarkRP HUD]
Created by lambups
I present to you, ShadeHUD!

This HUD was supposed to imitate the style of some addons on GModStore published by Shendow. I made this hud to imitate that look and get a fitting hud on my server, which you should definitely check out btw
Persona 5 Stylized HUD
Created by CMJN
Hey ! This is my first HUD ever created, hope you'll enjoy it !
Btw, i never played Persona 5, it was just a bet with a friend....
[gStands] HUD
gStands-HUD. Fully supports gStands-Alpha.
Taken from the original gStands-Alpha HUD addon.
All materials are taken from gStands-Alpha.

To enable or disable the HUD enter the command: "gstands_hud_on"...
Battlefield 4 HUD - Simplified Version
Created by Yukami Nee-san

This is a modified version of the famous Battlefield 4 HUD with some features added:

- Removed the radar and entity icon (Grenade, ect), only keeping the HUD.
- A...
[V] Basic Medieval HUD
Created by Pyth0n11{FR}
This module is a simple HUD made for medieval role playing.

All the code is commented in French. If you need help modifying anything you can add me on steam.

And like the module !

map :
Starwars Bar HUD
Created by Pyth0n11{FR}
A HUD for Starwars servers.
Includes display of:

- Name
- Job
- Money
- Salary
- Heal
- Armor
- Ammunitions...
Topher's Level System
Created by Topher III
A good Level system with many features.

- Advanced HUD
- Customisable HUD position
- Prestige feature
- ULX commands
- XP bonus for usergroups (ULX, FAdmin & ServerGuard)
- Customisable XP Amount and Duration

Server ConVars:
- "top...
GWZ - COD:Warzone Hud
Created by URAKOLOUY5
COD: Warzone Head-Up-Display

Since the addon is in heavy development, you can:

MinHud - minimalistic hud [DARKRP and SANDBOX support]
Created by Omen Harvest
Minimalistic hud for sandbox and other gamemodes

· ping
· time
· health
· armor
· darkrp support
· hungermod support

in progress:

· ammo...
Multi Bars Starwars HUD
Created by Pyth0n11{FR}
A HUD for Starwars servers.
Includes display of:

- Name
- Job
- Money
- Salary
- Heal
- Armor
- Ammunitions
- Food...
KinsHud V1
▂▃▅▇█ KinsHud █▇▅▃▂

FR : est un HUD Simple mais qui fait le Taff maméne

ENG : is a Simple HUD but which does the Taff maméne

Coder Pars : wouame
designer Pars : Daiki / Rimk

Libre de Droit...
Escape From Tarkov HUD
Created by Freddy
This HUD is from Escape from tarkov.
I like this EFT HUD so much that I wanted to use this HUD with Gmod, so I made this addon!
This is my first script, so there may be bugs.
Please see [url=
▂▃▅▇█ KinsHud █▇▅▃▂

FR : est un HUD Simple mais qui fait le Taff maméne

ENG : is a Simple HUD but which does the Taff maméne

works only in darkrp

fonctionne que en darkrp

Coder Pars : wouame
designer Pars : Daiki / Rimk

Libre de Droit...
Battlefield V HUD
Created by Smiggy
Made this in around an hour.

Comment any bugs you find.

Theo's HUD for DarkRP - HUD
Hello !

After hours of tutorials by our dear "code blue" I finally took both my hands to make my first code in Glua, a hud that was imagined by me.

Do not hesitate to tell me your opinion on the hud if you have to add something, correct a ...
Created by Smiggy
Icons support every default weapon you spawn with on sandbox and bugbait, everything else uses a generic icon I made.

The blue stamina bar has been converted to use ammo instead of stamina, because y'know, gmod don't got any...

I made this in a few h...
Warframe HUD
Created by Smiggy
Comment any bugs you find please...
SYNTHETIK HUD - SciFi Weapons Fix
Created by ste
A simple fix for SYNTHETIK HUD. Fixes the missing texture that appears when using any weapon that uses Combine Ball's, such as a few weapons in the SciFi weapons mod (this fix was primarily made for it), and changes it into the same one that the SMG ammo u...
Destiny 2 HUD
Created by Smiggy
Comment any bugs found please.

Weapons icons are auto-generated using code from AutoIcons

Created by DyaMetR
9XHUD is a heads up display addon mimicking the style of Windows 95 and 98 user interfaces. A remake of 98HUD.

  • Health indicator
  • Armour indicator
  • Ammunition indicator
  • Fake window frame
  • Scheme cust
Half-Life: Absolute Zero HUD
Created by DyaMetR
It's been a while hasn't it?

This addon attempts to replicate the Heads Up Display feature from Cobalt-57's Half-Life mod: Absolute Zero.

  • Health indicator
  • Armour indicator
  • Ammunition indicator
  • Weap
GoPro live4 overlay hud for HUD maker
Created by Soldier96
this is just a simple texture png on a edited gopro live4 logo to feel like you ar