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Bob-Omb Battlefield (King Bob-omb) SM64
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Oct 23, 2017 @ 11:29am
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Bob-Omb Battlefield (King Bob-omb) SM64

Look at my splendid mustache. It's fit for a king! Ho ho! Your mustache makes you look like the peasant you are. What a sad little thing.
~King Bob-omb

Adds Bob-omb Battlefield (SM64) under rule of King Bob-omb to the game.

UA: Short Fused:
Upon training a Combat Unit, a Bob-omb civilian Unit is spawned as well. Two Bob-ombs spawn if you train a Unique Unit or build a Unique Building.
Gains double Coal Resources. Coal yields +1 Production

UU: Chuckya (Replaces the Cannon):
A Siege Unit that really shines in terms of Utility rather than raw Damage.
After it attacks an Enemy Unit, it throws away an adjacent Enemy Unit at the end of your turn, dealing Damage to that Unit per travelled Tile and increasing if the Unit lands on a Land-Tile.
The thrown Unit will also receive a Movement Penalty the next turn if it lands on a Land-Tile. If stationed on a Hill, it can throw Enemies further away.

UB: Bob-omb Factory (Replaces the Factory):
Bob-ombs spawned in this City deal double their Damage when Exploding.
Increases the Production of Bob-omb Battlefield''s Unique Units by 50%, and is cheaper to Maintain and Produce.
Requires 3 Sources of Coal instead of 1.

Bob-omb's acquired through the UA:
A Civilian that replaces no existing Unit. Cannot be trained or bought, and is instead granted whenever Bob-omb Battlefield trains a Unit in one of their Cities. Two are granted instead if this is a Unique Unit, or if a Unique Building is constructed. Buying a (Unique) Unit or Unique Building does not spawn a Bob-omb.
Bob-ombs are suicidal Units that deal damage to adjacent Units by Exploding. Has limited visibility and gains the ''Short Fuse'' Promotion. Costs no Maintenance.
Short Fuse (promotion): Whenever any Enemy Unit enters a tile adjacent to this Unit, this Unit will lit its Fuse. 3 Turns later, this Unit will Explode, dealing 10 Damage to adjacent enemy Units.
If another Bob-omb happens to explode next to this Unit, this Unit will also Explode instantly, dealing 15 damage to adjacent Enemy Units.

Leader and Playstyle:
Bob-omb Battlefield is led by King Bob-omb. King Bob-omb is an easy-to-befriend Leader and a Loyal Ally. He won't be afraid to go to war, and is protective over City States. King Bob-omb likes leaders with splendid Mustaches like his. Bob-omb Battlefield has a tendency to start near Hills.
King Bob-omb shines in the mid-game Industrial Era, where he can finally utilize his Coal Bonus from his UA and where unlocks his Unique Building.
It ensures that he can build his Unique Unit, the Chuckya, faster which is a great Unit in terms of Utility and breaking through Enemy Defenses. It also makes sure that Bob-ombs spawned in that City deal increased Damage, which can quickly add up in terms of Damage once you have a few of them.
Bob-omb Battlefield is guaranteed to be a major powerhouse in terms of military strength in this era, so get ready to blow up warmongering foes with large Military Strength. Use your Bob-ombs defensively early, as you have relatively few bonuses pre-Industrial era.

Custom Assets:
A Leaderscreen
A Dawn of Man Image
A Map
Diplomacy Lines
Unique Diplomacy Lines towards Leaders with(out) a Mustache*
Civilopedia Entries
Icons for the Uniques and Promotions.
A Unitflag for the Bob-omb and Chuckya
A Unit selection sound for the Bob-omb and Chuckya
Peace Music: Bob-omb Battlefield (Remix) - Qumu (Can be replaced with the original version of the SM64 OST in Civilizations.xml See that file for more details)
War Music: Angry King Bob-omb - Mario Party: Star Rush (3DS)

*Supported Civs (as of 23-10-17): Base Game Civs, JFD's and Janboruta's civs, CL's civs, More Civilizaiton's civs, DMS's civs, Tomatek's civs, Senshi's civs, Klisz's civs, AW's civs, Vicevirtuoso's civs, EmeraldRange's civs, Firebug's civs, Leugi's civs, Sukritact's civs, TarcisioCM's civs, Typholomence's civs, OTiger's civs, Vivalahomestar's civs, SOGK's civs, and Troller0001's civs.
Anything missing/wrong? Leave a comment in a discussion-thread with the missing/wrong Leaders (preferably in the form of LEADER_MYLEADER)!

Mod Support:
- Custom DiploModifiers introduced in VMC/CP

Mod Compatibility:
- Should be compatible with DLL Mods, since this mod does not use one. This is however still untested.
- Requires the Brave New World DLC (BNW)

No bugs reported or found yet

Possible Future Plans:
Add in a model for the Bob-omb and Chuckya.
Add in an Explosion effect for the Bob-omb
Add in Floaty text for the Short Fuse Promotions
Add in Specific Leader Diplomacy Lines towards other Mario/Nintendo civs in the workshop (similarly as in Typhlomence's Koopa Troop)

Nintendo: Almost All images belong to Nintendo or were edited based on images belonging to Nintendo. The War Theme Music belongs to them too, as well as the Unit Selection Sounds.
Firaxis: Many promotion Icons were based upon Firaxis's icons from CivV
The Mario Wiki: Special thanks to the Mario Wiki, from where I plagiarized... ehrm... copied Images and Information about many Civilopedia Entries
Mario Fan Games Galaxy (Trasher and AgentTer specifically): For ripping the Unit selection sounds from SM64 and NSMB Wii
Typhlomence: For making UniqueDiplomacyUtils. Also Special thanks to his Koopa Troop, from which I got the reference for the custom Diplomacy Lines
Whoward69: For making the Custom DiploModifiers in VMC
Qumu: For his Bob-omb Battlefield Remix
Coding, Editing, and Design by Troller0001
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O R'lyeh Grasses On? Aug 24, 2019 @ 10:10am 
This mod dos not appear to work with promotions expansion.
KingOCake Nov 24, 2017 @ 9:58am 
Pretty good
Troller0001  [author] Oct 26, 2017 @ 6:28am 
I know there's a Mushroom Kingdom Graphics mod out there which places Goomba Unit-graphics in the game (for Barbarian Units), so I'm probably gonna end up looking in there as a base/reference. I've not played with it myself so I don't know how it actually looks like in-game, but from the showcase art it looks REALLY good. (Luckily for me, Goomba's share quite a few similair features to Bob-ombs. E.g. no arms or knees, and they're pretty round)
Don't expect much though till next week for sure, as I've got exams coming up which I'd like to pass :steammocking::sans:
Kaizoku_Panic Oct 24, 2017 @ 11:41am 
There are a few nice guides on how to utilize blender for that. The problem is that you'd need to use a certain skeleton and animation base for your fsxml files (like the lancer or spearman, whatever) and that'd be pretty hard for these uniques. But again, if you manage to pull it off, major kudos to you
Troller0001  [author] Oct 24, 2017 @ 1:02am 
@PHXHRC, Thanks :p2chell:

@Kaizoku_Panic, finding a model isn't that difficult (quite a few models that were ripped from games like SM64/SMG are available online). Moving it into civ5 is probably what is gonna give me trouble, so I'll see if I get that done, if ever. You can of course expect a comment in this comment section if such a thing gets added :steamhappy:
And of course thanks for your kind words :p2cube:

@Sam :Uranium:
PHXHRC Oct 23, 2017 @ 6:20pm 
Well done!
Kaizoku_Panic Oct 23, 2017 @ 1:09pm 
Finding a model for the Bob- omb and Chuckya might be hard to do unless you have experience with blender and the like, but apart from that this is a really well made civ imo, especially since there isn't too much source material to go off on. Very original and creative :)
Sam Oct 23, 2017 @ 11:51am 
Explosive elephants 10/10 :emofdr: