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Religion Expanded

Religion Expanded raises the founded-religions-per-game cap to a maximum of 16, introduces more than 40 new beliefs, and adds new, fully-customized religious buildings. In short, religion becomes more dynamic and personalized.

Additionally, the text of nearly every original Belief in the game has been updated to fix typos, be clearer, and make better use of existing font icons.

Religions Limit (Configurable in the Game Set-Up Menu)
This mod adds a slider in the game set-up menu to pick how many religions will be available in the game.
  • Max 16 Religions: To enable a cap of 16 religions, the Gathering Storm expansion AND Tomatekh's Historical Religions mod are REQUIRED.
  • Max 12 Religions: Without Gathering Storm and Tomatekh's Historical Religions, the maximum number of religions you can set is 12.
I highly recommend using Tomatekh's Historical Religionsto get the full experience.

New Worship Buildings
  • Basilica: +3 Faith, 1 slot for Relics.
  • Beth Manda: +3 Faith, +2 Gold, +1 Food, +1 Production.
  • Khalwat: +3 Faith, and +2 Culture.
  • Butto: +3 Faith and 1 random Eureka upon completion.
  • Derasar: +3 Faith and 1 random Inspiration upon completion.
  • Candi: +3 Faith, +1 Science, +1 Food, +1 Gold.
  • Serapeum: +3 Faith, +1 Culture, +1 Food, +1 Gold.

New Pantheons
  • Chthonic Cult: +1 Science from tiles with Breathtaking Appeal.
  • Tundra Spirits: +1 Culture from Tundra terrain.
  • Desert Miracles: +1 Faith from Desert terrain.
  • Rainforest Rituals: +1 Culture from Rainforests.
  • Hallowed Groves: +1 Faith from Woods.
  • Primordial Waters: +2 Amenities and +2 Housing from Holy Sites adjacent to a Coast or Lake tile.
  • Messenger of the Gods: Receive +1 Trade Route capacity and a free Trader in the Capital. +1 Gold from all Trade Routes.
  • Sacred Emissaries: Receive two City-State Envoys. +1 Influence point per turn.
  • Goddess of Calm Waters: +1 Faithfrom Fishing Boats.
  • Animal Worship: +1 Culture from Camps.
  • Votive Offerings: +1 Culture from Quarries.
  • God of Metallurgy: +1 Science from Mines over Luxury and Bonus resources.
  • Sun God: +1 Food and +1 Production from Farms over Bonus resources.
  • Oral Tradition*: +1 Culture from Plantations.
* Requires Gathering Storm (this Belief is a restoration of the original Oral Tradition ability). Additionally, Goddess of Festivals changed to +1 Food from Plantations.

New Follower Beliefs
  • Hieratic Script: Shrines and Temples provide Science equal to their intrinsic Faith output.
  • Worship of Wealth: +8 Gold from World Wonders.
  • Prosperity Doctrine: May Purchase Commercial Hub, Entertainment Complex, and Water Park buildings with Faith.
  • Works Righteousness: May purchase Industrial Zone and Harbor buildings with Faith.
  • Blessed Dedications: +2 Culture and +2 Faith from Religious art, Portraits, Sculptures, and Landscapes.
  • Fervent Spirit: +1 Movement to Builders and Settlers trained in cities following this Religion.
  • Festival Processions: +1% Culture for each Citizen following this Religion.
  • Holy Sanctuaries: +2 Amenities and +2 Housing in cities with a World Wonder.
  • Fruits of Labor*: +1% Production for each Citizen following this Religion.
  • Indulgences**: Trade Routes gain +1 Gold for each Shrine, Temple, and Worship Building in the origin city.
* Requires Gathering Storm (this Belief is a restoration of the original Work Ethic ability).
** Requires Gathering Storm (this Belief is an updated version of Religious Community from the June 2020 patch).

New Founder Beliefs
  • Ecumenical Council: +1 Science for each city following this Religion.
  • Vernacular Liturgy: +1 Culture for each city following this Religion.
  • Evangelism: +1 Faith for every 4 followers of this Religion.
  • Church Property*: +3 Gold for each city following this Religion.
  • Scholarly Tradition**: Upon using a Religious unit to convert a city to this Religion for the first time, gain +20 Science for each Citizen in that city.
  • Religious Syncretism**: Upon using a Religious unit to convert a city to this Religion for the first time, gain +20 Culture for each Citizen in that city.
  • Charitable Missions**: Upon using a Religious unit to convert a city to this Religion for the first time, gain +50 Gold for each Citizen in that city.

* Requires Gathering Storm (this Belief is a restoration of the original Church Property ability).
** Requires Gathering Storm.

Also, if Gathering Storm is active, Tithe is changed to: "+2 Gold for every 4 followers of this Religion."

New Enhancer Beliefs
  • Sacral Architecture: +50% Production towards Holy Sites and their buildings.
  • Witchcraft Trials: The Faith cost of purchasing Inquisitors is reduced by 50%. Inquisitors receive +1 Remove Heresy charge.
  • Laying on of Hands: The Faith cost of purchasing Gurus is reduced by 50%. Gurus receive +1 Heal charge.
  • Pious Merchants: +100% Religious pressure from Trade Routes.
  • Canonization: Activating a Great Person spreads 400 Religious pressure to cities within 10 tiles.
  • By the Sword: Capturing a city with a melee unit or when a melee unit is adjacent to that city automatically converts it to your majority Religion.
  • Militaristic Sect*: Religious units receive +5 Combat Strength in theological combat.
* Requires Gathering Storm or Rise & Fall.

Special Thanks
This mod would not have been possible without the enormous help of ChimpanG, who patiently taught me everything about editing 3D assets and making them appear in the game and encouraged me.

Other thanks go to:

SailorCat, for designing the beautiful logo for the mod, helping me test the mod and take screenshots, and bouncing ideas off of. SailorCat also wrote the Atashkadeh Civilopedia entry.

SeelingCat, for helping me name many beliefs and bouncing ideas off of.

Chrisy15, for creating the code that dynamically alters the amount of religions that can be founded.

Sukritact, for helping me fix asset errors and saving this mod twice.

Zebenji, for the French language translation.

Additional thanks to JFD, Tranquility, and others.

This mod is fully compatible with:
Ancient Egyptian Pantheons
Tomatekh's Historical Religions
JFD's Rule with Faith
Random Religions
Sukritact's Resources

Want even more beliefs? Check out Ancient Egyptian Pantheons!, another mod I made that is fully compatible with Religion Expanded. It adds 10 new Pantheons.
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Laratitan Sep 7 @ 7:28am 
eastwind, from what I understand there's melee and naval melee, then there's ranged, cavalry (light and heavy), artillery, and GDR unit classifications. This is how the engine defines them.

Logically, cavalry is melee in the real world sense, and non-ranged attacks from a GDR should be melee in a real world sense, but I don't think it works like that in Civ6.
eastwind Aug 27 @ 1:06pm 
What units count as 'melee' for by the sword? Does cavalry (light and heavy) not count? What about GDRs? I was getting inconsistent triggering in my game the first time I took this enhancer belief and was perplexed until I went back and read the description above - now I'm just uncertain why I didn't always have it triggered.

I think I conquered nine greek cities without it ever triggering, and was wondering if they had some kind of nullifier, but I guess for those cities I was consistently capturing with cavalry. Then I brought on a GDR, and I think those cities that are captured with it do convert. Not sure as I only just now read the bit about the type of unit mattering.

How can you capture a city in a way that does *not* use a melee unit? Even destroyers are termed melee.
TheSlavicBear Jul 27 @ 12:50am 
Great mod but stumbled upon a bug where i picked the basilica building upgrade and now its saying i cant build the building until i get a temple when i in fact do have a temple.
Laratitan Jul 23 @ 5:12am 
I have "Works Righteousness" Belief, but none of my cities can buy Industrial Zone or Harbor Districts with faith. :\
pabloalejandromedinaayala Jun 28 @ 5:14pm 
I can see a ck3 player here, and I love the idea
Raeyunred Jun 27 @ 12:27pm 
Tried using 'by the sword'. As far as I can tell it wipes out target city's religion -- but then replaces it with your pantheon religion instead of your actual religion. This is more disruptive as it sounds as I dont think even the 75%-reduce apostle ability works on your own pantheon, making it very hard to assert your religion on any conquered city.

Otherwise, really enjoy the mod and new features.
Dreams Jun 23 @ 7:54am 
Can you trade in french pls god is insane
p0kiehl  [author] May 21 @ 7:30pm 
I'll take a look. I think it's because of the way I have the 13, 14, 15, and 16 options check for Historical Religions being activated.
Cultrip May 3 @ 7:55pm 
If i wanted to change a couple of the pantheons a tad how would I do that
SloppyJoppy Apr 27 @ 6:26am 
i have both this and the recommended religion mod to get 16 religions per game, tho the great prophets still dissappear after the 7th have been granted even when religion per game is set to 16, idk why it dosnt work, am i missing something???