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Religion Expanded
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Religion Expanded

Fully compatible with Gathering Storm

Religion Expanded raises the founded-religions-per-game cap to 16, introduces more than 40 new beliefs, and adds new, fully-customized religious buildings. In short, religion becomes more dynamic and personalized.

This mod does not alter or remove any beliefs already in the game.

Religions Limit
The mod will automatically decide between a maximum of 16 or 12 religions.
  • Max 16 Religions: To enable a cap of 16 religions, Tomatekh's Historical Religions mod (or any other mod that adds named religions) is REQUIRED.
  • Max 12 Religions: If you do not use mods to add more named religions, your religions cap will be 12.
I highly recommend using Tomatekh's mod with this mod to get the full experience. The mod can be found here:

FINAL NOTE: Reducing Max Religions
If you don't like the increased number of religions able to be founded, follow these instructions:
1. Go to the mod's folder (Steam --> Steamapps --> workshop --> content --> 289070 --> 1178185727 --> core)
2. Delete the "Config" file

New Religious Buildings
  • Atashkadeh: +3 Faith, +2 Culture
  • Poseidonium: +3 Faith, and +1 Gold and +1 Production from Fishing Boats.
  • Saturnium: +3 Faith, and +1 Production and +1 Gold from Plantations, Camps, and Lumber Mills over Luxury resources
  • Minervium: +3 Faith, and Gold equivalent to the Holy Site's adjacency bonus
  • Serapeum: +3 Faith, and +1 Influence Point towards envoys every turn in cities that have at least 1 other specialty district aside from the Holy Site
  • Surau: +3 Faith, +1 Science, +1 Culture
  • Chapel: +3 Faith, +1 Food, +1 Production
  • Priory: +3 Faith, and 2 slots for Relics

New Pantheons
  • Messenger God: +1 Trade Route and a free Trader. Trade Routes yield an extra +2 Gold and +1 Faith. Other civilizations' Trade Routes to you gives them +1 Faith
  • God of Creation: Newly-trained Builders gain 1 extra build action
  • God of Artisanry: +1 Culture from Mines over Luxury and Bonus Resources
  • God of Metallurgy: +1 Science from Mines over Luxury and Bonus resources
  • God of Diplomacy: +2 Influence points per turn toward earning city-state Envoys
  • Sun God: +1 Food from Wheat, Rice, and Bananas
  • Goddess of Calm Waters: Shallow water tiles provide +1 Food
  • Sacred Beasts: +2 Faith from Ivory, Horses, Furs, and Whales. (Also: Oxen from Resourceful, and Bison and Camel from Sukritact's Resources)
  • Tundra Spirits: +1 Culture from Tundra and Tundra Hills tiles
  • Rainforest Rituals: +1 Culture from Rainforest tiles
  • Miracles of the Desert: +2 Gold from Desert and Desert Hills tiles
  • Hallowed Groves: +2 Gold from Forest tiles

New Follower Beliefs
  • Seminaries: Shrines and Temples yield Science equivalent to their intrinsic Faith output.
  • Prosperity Doctrine: May purchase Commercial Hub and Entertainment Complex district buildings with Faith.
  • Sacred Ships: May purchase Harbor and Water Park district buildings with Faith.
  • Almsgiving: +2% Gold for each follower.
  • Votive Offerings: +1% Culture for each follower.
  • Thesmophoria: +1 Gold to all tiles with Luxury resources.
  • Symbols of the Gods: +2 Amenities in cities that have a World Wonder.
  • Plutolatry: All World Wonders provide +8 Gold.

New Founder Beliefs
  • Pontificate: +5% Faith per city-state you are the Suzerain of.
  • Neptunalia: Each Harbor or Encampment district in a city following this religion provides +1 Science or +1 Culture respectively.
  • Monastery Brewery: Tiles adjacent to Holy Sites yield an extra +2 Gold.
  • Hecatomb: Tiles adjacent to Holy Sites yield an extra +1 Food.
  • Eudaimonia: Tiles adjacent to Holy Sites yield an extra +1 Production.
  • Divine Revelations: Tiles adjacent to Holy Sites yield an extra +1 Faith.
  • Hejazi Calligraphy: Tiles adjacent to Holy Sites yield an extra +1 Culture
  • Scholae Monastica: Tiles adjacent to Holy Sites yield an extra +1 Science.

New Enhancer Beliefs
  • Priesthood: Receive an Apostle every time you finish a Holy Site district.
  • Epistles: Missionaries and Apostles get 1 extra Spread Religion charge.
  • Witch Trials: Inquisitors and Gurus are 50% cheaper to purchase.
  • Visions: Religious units have +3 Sight.
  • Bellum Sacrum: Holy Sites provide +1 Great General points.
  • Paean to Triton: Holy Sites provide +1 Great Admiral points.
  • By the Sword: Cities you conquer automatically convert to your religion.

There is no problem if there are fewer than 16 players in a game. The leftover Great Prophets simply will not be able to be recruited.

Special Thanks
This mod would not have been possible without the enormous help of ChimpanG, who patiently taught me everything about editing 3D assets and making them appear in the game and encouraged me.

Other thanks go to:

SailorCat, for designing the beautiful logo for the mod, helping me test the mod and take screenshots, and bouncing ideas off of. SailorCat also wrote the Atashkadeh Civilopedia entry.

SeelingCat, for helping me name many beliefs and bouncing ideas off of.

Chrisy15, for creating the code that dynamically alters the amount of religions that can be founded.

Sukritact, for helping me fix asset errors and saving this mod twice.

Zebenji, for the French language translation.

Additional thanks to JFD, Tranquility, and others.

This mod is fully compatible with:
Ancient Egyptian Pantheons
Tomatekh's Historical Religions
JFD's Rule with Faith
Random Religions
Sukritact's Resources

Want even more beliefs? Check out Ancient Egyptian Pantheons!, another mod I made that is fully compatible with Religion Expanded. It adds 10 new Pantheons.
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Gan Xodos Mar 17 @ 1:07am 
My hero!
p0kiehl  [author] Mar 7 @ 8:42pm 
Those mods work fine together. Make sure you actually have the Poseidonium built in your city.
Degnomiak Mar 7 @ 3:19am 
The poseidonium doesn't work on my game, no bonus to fishing boats, I have the improved water tiles mod, maybe one is overriding the other?
SabrinaJo90 Mar 2 @ 10:34am 
@skitsosoldier thx we did and it works :)
skitsosoldier Mar 2 @ 8:37am 
@sabrinajo90 it adds beliefs, not the religion emblem/names. try historical religions as stated above for more actual religions
SabrinaJo90 Mar 2 @ 5:38am 
it doesnt hubby and I play together only we 2 and doesnt add new religions...why?
skitsosoldier Feb 28 @ 2:25pm 
@p0kiehl sorry to bother you with this. i'm creating a similar mod (varied pantheon beliefs) and run into icon problems. it'll load and play until first pantheon rewarded, but pantheon choices won't come up (clicking to pick a pantheon does nothing). would you be willing to help? i'd gladly return the favor. (although i'm not a great modder, self taught and your mods have been one of the biggest helps in figuring it out)
Benjamin Feb 23 @ 11:13pm 
@p0keihl Is this mod compatible with Russian Lavra? I though the special building images not spawn on the Lavra.
BINARYGOD Feb 20 @ 2:43pm 
Ok, and now I realize Resourceful is make by the same person, and as several of the mods I use.

Herp derp!!! :-P
BINARYGOD Feb 20 @ 12:49pm 
@p0keihl ok, thanks - guess it's either a bug with Resourceful (the mod author replied to basically everyone but me when I posted in that forum lol) or with Detailed Works (which i removed since it's buggy in ways the mod author damage controls as being 'luck with the map generator' - and also it may not actually play nice with other mods to boot).