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IFA3 liberation Real Panzer
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Oct 22, 2017 @ 6:25am
Sep 5 @ 10:43am
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IFA3 liberation Real Panzer

IFA3 Liberation Real Panzer

This is a mod for the excellent IFA3 Liberation mod. You will need the IFA3 Liberation mod loaded to use this mod. Also you will need the Faces of War mod (third line forcing) and the excellent Iron Front 44 for A3 mod that these other mods are based on.

This is a mod of a mod of a mod. lol.

I recommend using my adaption of the Smarter Tanks mod as well and not to mention my mod for Iron Front 44 for A3. Both linked below.


-Real tank motor idle and movement sounds.
-Improved and additional tank textures.
-Improved vehicle movement.
-More historically accurate tank speed and turning.
-More historically accurate suspension settings.
-Tank motors operate at optimal revolutions and torque, where possible.
-Tanks have historically correct transmission ratios and gear ratios and engine and torque curves.
-Tanks have the historically correct number of forward gears.
-Realistic fuel level and consumption rates.
-Added inventory to all tanks, weapons, flares, tool kits, first kits, ammo like one would find in a tank.
-Tanks included in the mod so far are: Hetzer, Panzer ii + iii + iv, Stug, StuH, KV1+2, T34, Sherman.
-Historically accurate fording depths.
-Other light tanks and other light vehicles are not yet included.


-For more realism and a sense that your tank has been hit turn on cam shake effects in options. It is a standard A3 feature.
-If there is a particular sound that you do not like you can open the mods addon folder and remove the individual pbo for that tank and then it will default to the standard game sound and drive characteristics.
-If you have a better sound that you would like to see used in the mod, please contact me, and I can assess it and see if I can replace the existing one with your new one. The sound must be of good quality with no background noises such as music, a moderator or crowds. If I take the sound up, I can credit you as a mod contributor if you want.
-If you like doing vehicle textures and would lke me to add them to the mod I can do that too if they are good.


- Some of the 3d models are "locked" and it is not possible to retexture them or add additional textures to them in the same as for other mods. Should they become "unlocked" in a future update this mod will put new textures on many of them automatically.
The Arma3 Nvidia PhysX sytem has some inbuilt limitations that hinder the making of a perfect tank simulation:
- One cannot manually shift gears.
- Only one turret speed so unpowered and powered turret turn cannot be simulated.
- There is no off-road coefficient for tanks as there are for cars in ARMA3. This means that when a tank goes off-road the speed does not go slower to allow for the vehicle sinking into the softer ground. I have therefore adjusted the tank physx (vehicle handling) so that the tank is able to at least do its top reported off-road speed when off-road, downhill on smooth ground more is possible. This means that on a hard sealed surface such as a highway or runway the tank is unlikely to reach its top reported historical on-road speed. Given that tanks battle mostly off-road I found this is an acceptable compromise until a proper off-road coefficient feature is created by the manufacturer.
- This mod was made and tested in single player mode and works well in that mode. The MP experience can vary.

Tip jar here:
Place Bitcoins here 35fzccTottsbetg8ogZakAaJaG5CSnqiZf

You can contribute sounds and textures and models too and I can put them in the game for your to enjoy and make you a co-author.


The Iron Front 44 Development Team.
IFA3 Liberation Development Team.

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Dr.Rebus Sep 30 @ 2:48pm 
Mmmm I see it almost blue. Mmmm
{RP}Alan  [author] Sep 29 @ 12:10pm 
There is no panther in this mod, this panther is in the IF44 main mod and the grey one is fine, straight out of a tank book I have. Scan, cut n paste, smudge, clone and stamp tool and :steamhappy:done.
Dr.Rebus Sep 28 @ 1:25pm 
I hope in some interesting Panther camos.
P.S. the grey one should be fixed in colors.
[III%]PsychosocialPenguin Sep 28 @ 1:16pm 
Is this still being updated?
fycj Sep 5 @ 8:22pm 
thanks for the update
{RP}Alan  [author] Aug 8 @ 1:07pm 
Hello @Tiger King, there is a 222 in the standard IF44 mod.

I might not have the data for the Liberation version as I normally only work on tanks and anything with tracks on it.

I will have a look tho.

king tiger Aug 8 @ 9:18am 
Hello, friend, I'm sorry to bother you again. Can you add sdkfz2?
{RP}Alan  [author] Jul 27 @ 11:49am 
@kingtiger I know what the problem is.
You have to pick the version of Hetzer with the *sdkfz 138/2 Jagdpanzer 38t Hetzer" name and not the vanilla version.
All my stuff has a * in front of the name so that it groups together in the menu and it also has the proper historic name.
My models also have a rp_ prefix in front of the model name, the vanilla version has a ifa3 in the name.
{RP}Alan  [author] Jul 27 @ 10:35am 
@tiger king, where is the screenshot? Please link me to it. Thanks.
king tiger Jul 26 @ 9:53pm 
@{RP}Alan, please look at my screenshot.