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Squaddie XCOM Skills
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Squaddie XCOM Skills

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Warning: When using this mod for the first time, load into the main menu, exit, go to Documents/My Games/XCOM 2 WOTC/.../Config, open XComModOptions.ini, and move SquaddieXCOMSkills to the top five mods. This should prevent the game from creating soldiers with incorrect skill trees.

Leverage the full power of the new Training Center facility and the XCOM skill tree with this mod, which gives all classes an XCOM skill once they hit Squaddie rank. These skills, mostly from the LWS Perk Pack, shore up weaknesses or boost the strengths of each class.

Also included is a rebalanced Ranger and Grenadier skill tree. Rangers gain Implacable as a Squaddie skill in the Scout path, with Slink Master, a 50% detection radius reduction skill, taking its normal place. Grenadiers gain Suppression as a Squaddie skill in the Heavy Gunner path, with Holotargetting moving down a rank and Cone of Fire, an AOE Suppression ability, taking its old place. For WOTC, Cone of Fire gains a higher hit chance for the reaction shot if an enemy moves.

Only use this mod on new playthroughs, as the game will not accommodate changes to Squaddie level skills after your first soldiers are promoted.

Some classes have two options, which can be changed via editing the mod's XComClassData.ini file. To switch between options, CTRL+F ";replace" for the instructions.

Ranger: Close and Personal/Infighter
Close and Personal - Confers +30 critical chance against adjacent targets. The bonus declines with distance from the target.
Infighter - Gain 25 dodge against attacks within four tiles.

Specialist: Interference/Sentinel
Interference - GREMLIN cancels overwatch on targeted unit. Use three times per battle.
Sentinel - When in overwatch, you may take two reaction shots.

Grenadier: Traverse Fire
Traverse Fire - After taking a standard shot with your primary weapon with your first action, you may take an additional non-movement action.

Sharpshooter: Snap Shot/Precision Shot
Snap Shot - You may take standard shots and enter standard overwatch with your sniper rifle after moving, but you suffer severe range penalties beyond 5 tiles of squadsight range on all shots.
(NOTE: Implemented differently than in Long War mods. Snap Shot and Snap Shot Overwatch are separate skills from normal sniper fire and overwatch, allowing you to pick between long range accuracy or the ability to move and shoot.)
Precision Shot - Take a special shot with +30 bonus to critical chance and 33% bonus critical damage. Three-turn cooldown.
(Precision Shot exists as an alternative to Snap Shot if you prefer single action cost sniper rifles/DMRs from mods.)

Reaper: Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf - Gain +10 aim and +10 defense when 7 or more tiles distant from any ally.

Skirmisher: Aggression
Aggression - Gain +5 critical chance for each enemy you can see, up to a maximum of 30.

Templar: Cutthroat
Cutthroat - Your melee attacks against biological enemies ignore their armor and have a +10 critical chance.

Special thanks to:
-Parvonis Interactive for the use of their code and assets.
-FXS_ArcticPyre for explaining how the Faction Heroes get their XCOM skills.
-Everyone who helped develop the original Cone of Fire and Slink Master mods.

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Oct 23 @ 1:03am
GTS perk?
< >
Downloaded Skill Nov 16 @ 12:10pm 
Can confirm I am also getting crashes at the skyranger screen directly stemming from this mod. I really want to use it, but it just affects stability too much for me at the moment.
slnich2 Nov 11 @ 5:23am 
It is crashing for me as well, but only when loading the Advent Retaliation mission. Specifically the mission where you have to help the resistance fighters. I think the resistance fighters is where the issue is but I have no idea. Hopefully this helps you figure out what is going on.
Jorkie Nov 7 @ 11:52pm 
It is very strange.

I run about 230 mods without probs. If i have yous active i normaly crash in the loading screen of the second mission.

Do i turn it off at this point i can load the mission.
Do i turn it on and try to load the mission again (not continue but loading at the exact point befor thhe mission where it failed in the first place) it works .... but will crash at the loading screen of mission 3.

However at lost and abandond is end station.
kregano  [author] Nov 7 @ 6:12pm 
@Jorkie: Hmm... Okay, I'll have to run a debug campaign to see what's up with that.
Jorkie Nov 6 @ 11:56pm 
Generaly it crashes at first mission after gate crasher. If you can make it beyoned this point (their a ways but it has no logic) it crashes at the next mission. If you can also make it beyoned this point ... (again possible but no logic behind it).... it crashes after frist cut scene (meeting the reaper) when you should get controll back again.

Btw Traverse Fire is missing the line, ApplyToWeaponslot ......
kregano  [author] Nov 6 @ 6:26pm 
RowdyRoddyPipeSmoker: I might have a line on what's causing it, but is it crashing before Lost and Abandoned, or when you try to load into the first part of Lost and Abandoned?
RowdyRoddyPipeSmoker Nov 6 @ 3:31pm 
this mod crashes the game for me. tried removing everything else, still crashed, removed this, works perfectly fine even with a ton of mods. I can't tell exactly when or why it's happening, but it seems to crash at the start of one of the first 4 missions no matter how many times I've restarted and tried to get past that point, no matter what other mods are or aren't active, it always crashes right before dropping into the mission zone. Removing this mod fixed the problem every single time so I know it's this mod. And yes I made sure it's in the first 5 mods loaded. I can't believe I'm the only one having this issue...
kregano  [author] Nov 6 @ 11:59am 
Modified SnapShot so it doesn't ruin the default shot, but still need to do more work to get the aim modifier working. Currently uses the regular range table.
Jorkie Oct 23 @ 1:06pm 
Traverse Fire works if you change the ini file from 1 time per round to something like 99.

But i had to unistall since i can t load a missions exept the first one with this mod on. Dunno why.
bstar Oct 23 @ 11:44am 
Traverse Fire is not working for me. My soldiers get the perk but it doesn't give me the extra action after taking a shot with the cannon (I'm using weapon mods, maybe it doesn't recognize the modded weapons?)

Snap Shot seems to work differently than I remember. With the aim penalty on all shots, squadsight is now almost useless.