Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

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SpiffoSpace Russia
Earlier all these modifications were exclusive for SpiffoSpace Russia server and distributed in modpack.
When I decided to take a break in PZ-servers master race, I split and made public all mods I wrote.
Another reason for that was my realization that modpack format is absolutely inconvenient to maintain.


Feel free to use all the mods above on your servers, but, please, refrain from including them into your modpacks. Don't forget to leave credits!
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SSR: Core
Created by Oneline
This mod does a lot of magical things make other modules work

I shall ask you not to add this mod to your modpack. It's designed for being used separately

Workshop ID: 1178769629
Mod ID: ssr-...
SSR: Examine Panel
Created by Oneline
This mod implements item examine function

It consists of two parts: API and example mod, that shows you how to make your items examinable.

How to use:
1) Subscribe on Steam and server (mods=ssr-examine)
2) Go to steamapps\workshop\c...
SSR: Newsboard
Created by Oneline
This mod implements newsboard with real-time updates

After installing mod to your server, go to Zomboid\Lua directory and create two files:
en-news.txt and ru-news.txt (optional).

Use the following example to fill both:
<VERSION: 1.0> Gene
SSR: Safehouses Overhaul
Created by Oneline
This mod implements factions-based safehouse capture system
(this includes auto raid-times and blood effect on damage received)

Installation of this mod requires some knowledge in java modding
By changing java code you agree...