ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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365PVP 5xALL Modpack
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ACM V2.7.1294
Created by Woeful Macabre
ACM V2.7.1294
ID: 558079412

Server Admins - Follow my twitter to be warned about updates. This is not a means of contacting me.

Structures Plus (S+)
Created by orionsun
The Ultimate Building Mod!


- All items can be picked up(can disable pick up when damaged or prevent pick up after a certain time has elapsed)
- No building height limit
- Foundations are stackable
- Internal pipes and wires allo...
Meat Spoiler
This meat spoiler will spoil all your meat quickly over time. Yucks!
Clean and stackable with other mods.

Put all your meat inside, switch on, and they will turn into spoiled meat over time. Small and simple.
No Stacking problems. Also comes with a ca...
S.R.S - Rebalanced Stacks
Created by ShaZZa
A realistic size of stacks.
A re-upload of my previous mod that is now updated.


For stack sizes check the pictures or Discussion...
Dino Costumes
Created by Sicco0803
ModID: 1297026149

Current Version: 1.1

This mod gives you all the dino costumes which are in the game plus Aberration costumes. The mod is stackable.

List of all costumes:

Aberration Costumes:
- Arthropluera
- Baryonyx
365PVP Dinos
Created by Tbjbu2
365PVP Dinopack for event rewards

Custom made mod for 365PVP...
Tools Evolved
Created by Aelsius
Re-usable items as well as some re-imagining of others.

Mod ID = 1256264907

Tools Evolved

Created for the Salamandastron cluster! Check out our website at, and our other quality of life mods.

A collection of basic tool...
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how long do they usually take to intsall