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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Callirgos Culinary
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Jan 2, 2013 @ 12:21am
Jan 15, 2019 @ 11:53pm
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Callirgos Culinary

This mod overhauls Food and Drinks.

* Cooked foods now provide lasting Bonuses.
* Beverages now provide a range of effects.
* Over a dozen new Skyrim themed foods & recipes!
* Some classic Skyrim foods now have recipes you can use.
- - This is NOT a Needs/Survival mod.

* Also see Callirgos Alchemy for Alchemy Overhaul


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Simple Rules:
* Food Bonuses last 15min. (except Desserts, which lasts 5min)
* Fortify Bonuses (health, stamina, magicka) are cumulative for each unique food eaten.
* Other Bonuses (resist, regenerate, etc) use the "peak" (best) bonus from a single food.
* All Food Bonuses DO stack with Potions & Enchantments. (both peak and cumulative)

Fun Catagories:
* Seafood provides Magicka bonuses
* Red Meat provides Health bonuses
* White Meat provides Stamina bonuses
* Dessert provides "Sugar Rush"

Contextual Bonus Key:
* Hearty Meal: Regenerate Health
* Nutritious Meal: Regenerate Magicka
* Invigorating Meal: Regenerate Stamina
* Brawny Meal: Fortify Carry Weight
* Spiced Meal: Resist Fire
* Warm Meal: Resist Frost
* Staunch Fortitude: Resist Disease
* Empowered Fortitude: Resist Magic
* Tenacious Fortitude: Resist Poison
* Expanded Mind: Fortify Magicka Rate
* Sugar Rush: Fortify Stamina Rate
* Tell Tale Aim: Fortify Marksmanship
* Desperate Resolve: Fortify Sneak (Beggar's Delight *NEW*)
* Macabre Resolve: Fortify Conjuration (Bone Broth Soup *NEW*)
* Passionate Resolve: Fortify Speech (Orsimer Aphrodisiac *NEW*)
* Elagant Beverage: Fortify Speech
* Strong Beverage: Fortify Unarmed Damage

Eating the same food no longer stacks bonuses.
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ZephyrLuxx Mar 7, 2015 @ 8:10am 
Nice mod. I love the active effects by food type. Cool touch.