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Alpine City Lot Pack - Update 1/20/2018 - Four more lots, Including My First Base!
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Oct 18, 2017 @ 10:41am
Jan 20 @ 10:06pm
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Alpine City Lot Pack - Update 1/20/2018 - Four more lots, Including My First Base!

I was finally able to upload this to the workshop with the help of Snapper the Twig Himself. I really need to thank him for that, along with making this great game.
I decided to upload a group of my lots together instead of just uploading them individually.
The overall theme of this pack is a city in an alpine region, so many of the lots include custom made pine trees. However, it is also an urban pack, so it includes some really tall buildings.
I'm planning on updating this eventually and adding even more lots, including more of the "alpine houses" and another "alpine mansion."
In addition I'm planning on adding some fortifications and maybe some commericial lots. I hope you're not too disappointed that I didn't include any light switches.

Lots included so far
1. Picnic Spot - Park 1x1
What a lovely little place to have a picnic!
2. Community Garden - Park - 2x1
A nice little place for the community to hang out and garden, how boring!
3. Cross Section Park - Park - 2x2
A park that's a cross section of other parks
4. Suburban Park - Park - 3x3
A great park for the suburbs, or even downtown if you would like. Includes a small playground for the kiddies.
5. Drunk Driver Brewery - Industry - Workers 35 - 2x2
This is one of the those places that makes the lovely past time of drunk driving possible! Always drink irresponsibly!
6. Textilemill - Industry - Workers 45 - 2x2
Ah a glorious swetshop!
7. Toy Factory - Industry - Workers 58 - 2x4
What? You thought they were made by elves at the Northpole? Next you'll tell me gravity is real.
8. Little Wooden House A - Housing - Residents 3 - 1x1
9. Little Wooden House B - Housing - Residents 4 - 1x1
10. Little Wooden House C - Housing - Residents 3 - 1x2
11. Little Wooden House D - Housing - Residents 4 - 2x1
All these wooden houses are nice and cheap and all, but if there's ever a fire....
12. Alpine House A - Housing - Residents 3 - 2x2
13. Alpine House B - Housing - Residents 4 - 2x2
14. Alpine House C - Housing - Residents 3 - 2x2
15. Alpine Mansion A - Housing - Residents 5 - 3x2
Finally another house for the super rich, maybe the schemer will move in here.
16. The Pale Brick Apartments - Housing - Residents 45 - 2x2
Not actually made from pale bricks, but I didn't realize that at the time.
17. Blue Bell Heights Apartments - Housing - Residents 85 - 2x2
This is actually taller than the original highrise apartment building Snapper put in the game, but there's less room on each floor, so it
makes sense that there wouldn't be as many people living there. It has windows on all four sides through.
18. Creamy Apartments - Housing - Residents 60 - 2x2
If you could eat this building it would taste like peaches and cream with chocolate!
19. Law offices - Office - Workers 30 - 2x2
This is where you go if you are in desperate need of a lawyer, and I'm guessing you are in desperate need of one with all those crimes
you have been committing you gangster you! One of their law libraries may also be a great place to hideout if you're running from the CDF.
20. Oval Corporation - Office - Workers 100 - 2x2
The newest addition to your city's skyline. Some say its a marvel of architectural design, others say its an eyesore, still others say its oval shaped!
You decide!
21. Marble Dragon - Park - 1x1
A statue of a dragon that legend says once attacked the city, and than was turned into stone by a wise and powerful wizard!
This is actually the first of many statues that I'm planning on eventually including with this pack.
22. Whale Saop - Industry - Workers 20 - 2x2
Saop, made only from the blubber of the finest of sea mammals!
23. Fishing Spot - Park - 2x2
You might like this place but the fish sure won't!
24. Fountain - Park - 1x1
Toss a coin, make a wish. It couldn't hurt, could it?
That's it for now folks! Please let me know what you think. I would really like your honest opinions.

Update 10/22/2017

New Lots!
25. Alpine House D - Housing - Residents 4 - 2x2
Another one of my Alpine Houses. This one with a red roof and white weather board walls
26. Industrial Bakery - Industry - Workers 104 - 2x4
A growing city has got to eat and bread is one of the most common things out there. Hmmm... delicious carbs!

Update 10/30/2017

New Lots!
27. Sausage Factory - Industry - Workers 104 - 2x4
Now our Oktoberfest will never be ruined again!
28. Cupcake Factory - Industry - Workers 35 - 2x2
So much saturated fat, so much sugar, so much yummy sweetness!
29. Larger Textilemill, - Industry - Workers 60 - 2x2
Now you can cram even more workers into a small space with unsafe working conditions, to help build your urban capitalist empire!
Two of these raises residential demand by 120 points, so they should really come in handy for people who want to build huge cities.
They look just like the regular textilemills, but with four floors instead of three.
30. Rowhouse Red - Housing - Residents 4 - 2x1
31. Rowhouse Blue - Housing - Residents 4 - 2x1
32. Rowhouse Green - Housing - Residents 4 - 2x1
33. Rowhouse Yellow - Housing - Residents 4 - 2x1
Think of the different rowhouses as basically different color swatches of the same building. The only difference between them is their color, and the picture placed next to the dining table.
I made them each individual rowhouses so people could place them individually in any pattern that they wanted.
Unfortunitally you will probably rarely get two of them appearing next to eachother in procedurally generated cities, or when you zone for residential.
34. Sad Apartments - Housing - Residents 30 - 2x2
This apartments have an overall miserable vibe to them. Maybe its the color scheme, or maybe its the fact that the people who live here don't want to live in the city.

Update 11/11/2017

Not only have I added a bunch of new lots, but I think I fixed an issue with the Brewery. Now people should have access to the blocked off areas, so they won't need explosives to gain access to them, if they have to fight bandits there. Go to local files and tell steam to verify the integrety of your game. Hopefully that will stop the older version of he Brewery from appearing when you zone and on your randomly generated maps. Now onto the new lots, and there are a lot of them!

New Lots
35. Alpine Mansion B - Housing - Residents 5 - 2x3
I finally made the section Alpine Mansion!
36. Victorian A - Housing - Residents 3 - 2x2
The first of the non alpine houses in this pack on a 2x2 lot. This house is a new style.
37. Brownstone A - Housing - Residents 5 - 1x1
This my look like a little apartment building from the outside, but its actually a single family home. Note that there is no floor below the top of the stairs, since I didn't have room on the lot.
38. Voxel Times HQ - Office - Workers 50 - 2x2
The Newspaper of record!
39. Man's Best Friend - Park - 1x1
If you can't have a real dog, or a robot dog, this maybe the next best thing, except its clearly too be for your house!
40. Catnip - Park - 1x1
This will turn any park into a cat jungle!
41. Deluxe Hamburger - Park - 1x1
Only two dollars more to add fries and a coke to make it a combo!
The remaning new lots can be snapped together anyway you want to make a unique custom park! I highly recommend using the Picnic Spot along with these!
42. Sidewalk Turn - Park - 1x1
43. Sidewalk Pine Trees - Park - 1x1
44. Sidewalk Dirtpath - Park - 1x1
45. Dirtpath - Park - 1x1
46. Dirtpath Intersection - Park - 1x1
47. Dirtpath Tsection - Park - 1x1
48. Dirtpath Turn - Park - 1x1
49. Dirtpath Non Alpine - Park - 1x1
50. Dirtpath Rocks - Park - 1x1
51. Dirtpath Turn Rocks - Park 1x1

Check comments for descriptions of future updates

Uploader's Turf Version: 1.0.28
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bi204-1  [author] Jan 20 @ 10:16pm 
Update 1/20/2018
New Lots,

76. Peachy Electronics Factory - Industry - Workers 45 - 2x2
Originally this was going to be a lightbulb factory, but I liked the idea of it being an electronics factory a lot better.
77. Historic Skyscraper - Office - Workers 160 - 2x2
When this building was first constructed about a hundred years ago, it was the tallest building in the world.
78. Classic Big House C - Housing - Residents 3 - 2x2
79. Abandoned Toy Store - Fortifications - 1x1
This is actually my first base type lot. Its great for the criminal mastermind who is still a kid at heart! :steamhappy:
Vladimir Dec 15, 2017 @ 9:06pm 
Eh true, but I mean maybe you could do the above ground part, for example, the mine in Montgomery,WV, or you could do a coal fired power plant type thing, just do what you want
bi204-1  [author] Dec 15, 2017 @ 6:58pm 
Thanks for the suggestions. I haven't had any guests post new comments here in awhile. Unfortunitally I think I'm done with the holiday themed lots. A snow machine plant could be kind of fun through. Not sure how I would be able to do a gold or a coal mine, since although it can be done, it doesn't let you save underground areas of lots by default, and I don't think the game counts the underground areas as enclosed space. Maybe I could do some of them as decor lots, but I don't think that people generally want to live next things like mines or oil wells. The positive effect the park lots give to other lots wouldn't make much sense in their case.
Vladimir Dec 15, 2017 @ 6:37pm 
How about a snow machine plant?
Or maybe a gold or coal mine, or oil well?
bi204-1  [author] Dec 14, 2017 @ 8:33pm 
Update 12/14/2017 - Continued

I'm sorry if you were disappointed that I didn't include snow on the ground with any of these lots, however, I wanted them with cities where you wouldn't expect it to snow. Some of the custom lots have palm trees after all. If you would like to see these lots, or any others with snow on the ground, checkout Nikolai_Bukav's Winter Textures mod.

It can be found here.
bi204-1  [author] Dec 14, 2017 @ 8:27pm 
Update 12/14/2017

New Lots

70. Candy Cane Factory - Industry - Workers - 20 - 2x2
The reason for the candy season!
71. Elf Christmas Tree Ornaments - Workers - 30 - 2x2
An entire factory devoted to elf themed ornaments
72. War on Christmas Memorial - Park - 2x2
Becouse "obviously" saying "happy holidays" instead of "merry Christmas" is equalivent to invading the North Pole and committing elven genocide.
73. Cement Snowman - Park - 1x1
Cement snowmen maybe not be as fun to build, but at least they don't melt
74. Daughter of Snowman - Park - 1x1
If Frosty had a daughter, this is probaby what she would look like.
75. Holiday Plaza - Park - 1x1
A plaza with Christmas Trees, to light up those cold winter nights.
bi204-1  [author] Dec 9, 2017 @ 9:49pm 
Update 12/9/2017 - Continued

64. Christmas Tree Square - Park - 2x2
Only Kaiju Santa could deliver presants this big, since it would be too much for regular Santa, unfortunitally Kaiju Santa is known to destroy cities!
65. Christmas Tree Square No Sign - Park - 2x2
Just like the other one, but without the sign, for those who don't share my sense of humor.
66. Victorian B - Housing - Residents 3 - 2x2
67. Classic Big House A - Housing - Residents 3 - 2x2
68. Classic Big House B - Housing - Residents 4 - 2x2
The Classic Big Houses are prettty similar to the big houses in the vanilla base game, except they're more than one floor
69. Pine Tree Row Apartments - Housing - Residents 45 - 2x2
Great for developers who want both high density and high wealth!
bi204-1  [author] Dec 9, 2017 @ 9:49pm 
Update 12/9/2017

New update, new lots!

62. Starter Offices - Office - Workers 10 - 1x1
A small, crummy office building for a small business just getting started.
63. Fancy Lowrise - Office - Workers 50 - 2x4
I was creating so many big factories on 2 by 4 lots, that I decided to try it with something else. I also wanted to create a bit more variety when it comes to the shape of the other buildings. Don't expect this one to randomly pop up through, since buildings other than industrial, on this lot size don't automatically show up, so if you want one in your city, you will have to place it manually. Its nice, but not if you need to save space.
bi204-1  [author] Nov 30, 2017 @ 2:33pm 
Update 11/30/2017

I know its a bit soon for another update, but I made mistake with the last one. I forgot to finish Brownstone B before I uploaded it. Not it should be fixed. I added the missing trap doors on the roof and the fence and the back stairs.

Also I decided to improve the Triangle Tower so that the sliding glass doors on the front and back of the building open automatically when you get close to them.

Sorry no new lots this time around, but you can expect more in the next update.
bi204-1  [author] Nov 29, 2017 @ 10:06pm 
This pack now contains over sixty lots!

Oh I just remembered there's something I should mention about the Triangle Tower. You can't use the two side elevators to get beyond the 7th floor, and you can only use the back elevator to get to the top floor. Keep that in mind if you need to get up to the roof.