Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2

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Source Only Spells
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Oct 17, 2017 @ 10:36pm
Oct 19, 2017 @ 1:22am
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Source Only Spells

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Source Spells only use Source, no action point needed.

I made this mod, as I didn't feel the need to use Source Spells in most of my fights.
Compared to normal spells, they take too much ressource to cast, if you take in consideration the fact you have to cast "Source Vampirism" to be able to use them.

For example, the source spell "Epidemic of fire" requires 2 Source points and 3 Action points to be cast.
Reality is, while in a fight, you'll have to use "Source Vampirism" twice to get your source points back and cast this spell, which adds up to 2 Source points and 5 Action points in total.
Removing it's Action points requirement, does in fact Lower it to 2, not 0.

With this mod, in practice, this spell now requires 2 Source points and 2 Action points to be cast, as you'll still have to cast "Source Vampirism" twice.

Note about Apotheosis :

This spell lets you cast Source Spells, without requiring source.
Using it unmodified with this mod, would let the player spam all the source spells of the game, without any Source Point or Action Point required.
In order to keep the game balanced, it was modified : it now increases AP Usage by 2 (instead of 0 in Vanilla), so use it tactically.
It's also the only Source Spell requiring AP in this mod (like in Vanilla), to keep battles balanced.

In detail :

Let's take a character without Glass Canon : he gains 4 Action Points (AP) per turn and has 3 base Source Points (SP).
Apotheosis lasts 2 turns + your actual turn, meaning a total of 12 AP + 3 SP.

After casting Apotheosis (2 AP + 3 SP), a multi-classed character could cast for example :

- Vanilla : Master of Sparks (1 AP) + Deploy Mass Traps (3 AP) + Summon Fire Slug (1 AP) + Epidemic of Fire (3 AP) + Mass Sabotage (2 AP), for a total of 12 AP and 3 SP.

- Modded : Master of Sparks (2 AP) + Deploy Mass Traps (2 AP) + Summon Fire Slug (2 AP) + Epidemic of Fire (2 AP) + Mass Sabotage (2 AP), for a total of 12 AP and 3 SP.

List of my mods :

- More Monsters' Spawns

- Monsters Madness

- Controls are Back!

- 8 AP Max

- (Less) Fast Casting Mages

- Combat XP Rebalanced

- No Psychic Enemies

- Tougher Bosses

- Infinite Spirit Vision

- Source Only Spells

Frequently Asked Questions :

- "Is this mod compatible with your Fast Casting one?"
Yes, all my mods are made to be compatible.

- "Can you make a version of this mod which does X instead of Y?"
I'm currently working on multiple mods and don't have time for personnal requests, sorry.

- "When loading the mod for the first time, my game takes a long time to load".
This is normal, you'll have to wait up to 10 minutes, but it'll only happen once.

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Justin_760 Apr 2 @ 8:21pm 
Damn, sucks that definitive edition doesnt let you use these mods. THANKS A LOT DUDE, its all your fault modder! Naw Im just pulling your leg.
pingpan2 Sep 20, 2018 @ 10:20am 
Hope someone can help port this to DE
( * )  [author] Sep 15, 2018 @ 3:17pm 
Scarecrow : sorry I don't have time to mod, right now.
Scarecrow Sep 15, 2018 @ 10:59am 
Any chance this will make it to the DE? Slightly late to comment, but it'd be awesome. :3
Justin_760 Apr 24, 2018 @ 1:17am 
Great idea. I also almost NEVER used source abilities, they are supposed to be ultimates of sorts but they dont ever feel that ultimate. Excellent mod.
K.DeWitt Mar 20, 2018 @ 11:47pm 
Take care man. Appreciate the work you have put in. Likely going to try this one with the monster mod of yours and the mod that essentially brings back saving throws using the new armor systems. Didn't even realize I already used your Infinite Spirit Vision and No Psychic Enemies in my previous run until now.
( * )  [author] Mar 20, 2018 @ 2:32pm 
K.DeWitt : sorry I really don't have time to mod actually.
When (or rather if) I come back to this mod, I'll consider your suggestion.
K.DeWitt Mar 20, 2018 @ 2:11pm 
Man I wish I could edit my comment. Just to let you know I did see the " "Can you make a version of this mod which does X instead of Y?"
I'm currently working on multiple mods and don't have time for personnal requests, sorry." but I'm not even really requesting it. I just thought it might be a good enough idea you might decide you like it enough to add it to your personal agenda of your own accord. Not for old me. I just really like this game.
K.DeWitt Mar 20, 2018 @ 1:58pm 
have experience modding but with a 100% guess I would say as long as it isn't hard to make sure this affect won't stack with Elemental Affinity it wouldn't be that hard? Clearly we wouldn't want out Hydrosophist casting 1 AP Ice Fans or 2 AP Deep Freezes because hes on an ice surface and has Elemental Affinity. I would be absolutely fine in fact if this modified Apotheosis did not affect Pyrokinetic, Hydrosophist, Geomancer, Aerothurge, or Necromancer spells even if the cast doesn't have Elemental Affinity. I would think making it not affect those schools at all would be an easier design?
K.DeWitt Mar 20, 2018 @ 1:58pm 
I am probably way too late to this party and our dear author may never even see this but I wanted to ask a question, I very much like the idea of this mod however I have an alternative solution to the Apotheosis issue and would like to know if it would be difficult to produce this alternative and specifically if not, should you ever find the spare time to add it as an optional download. My idea is to change Apotheosis from its base spell reducing source cost by 3 for 2 turns for 3 source to decrease the cost of non-source spells by 1AP for 2 turns at a cost of say 1-3ish AP based on what you think is fair and give it a four turn cooldown. Not to reduce the cost of an ability below 1. Essentially we turn it into a temporary elemental affinity that affects Warfare,Huntsman, Scoundrel, Summoning and Polymorph spells. I don't