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like idk just my ♥♥♥♥♥♥ L4D2 mods to share the love with people
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Frozen OST Let It Go Ending Credit Music Mod
Created by Ammonite
(Frozen OST) Idina Menzel - Let It Go

Volume is low than video

Song starts form Verse 2.

Compare to orginal song, this mod will be heard a little awkward

Apply on Both Left4dead1,2 maps...
Adrenaline Shot - gold
Created by TOG | K1CHWA 2nd
element 79 in a shot..for when wearing gold just isnt enough.
custom normal map
custom exponent map
mod works best on very high shader settings
(gold/gloss fx does not work on lower end pc)
please dont redistribute my custom textures/normals....be ...
Ammobox - military
Created by TOG | K1CHWA
new look for the ammo boxes.
please dont redistribute my custom textures/normals....be original and make something on your own
[url={LINK REMOVED}...
Aperture Science Boomette
Created by yls1de
Boomette re-Skin

Test Subject #1450
Applejack's Autoshotgun (Glowing)
This is my first weapon mod. It glows in the dark and really fits my "Francis Applejack" mod....
[Sexy Beast] Boomer Thong
I originally made this for Left4Dead at the time, made a couple of changes to make it work in Left4Dead2, Enjoy....
[L4D] Halo Spartans
Replaces Bill, Francis, Zoey, & Louis with colorful Halo Spartans!

These are never-before-seen textures for the Halo 3 Master Chief model!
They're about 90% made from scratch; Only using the basic outlining/shading from their original Halo 3 textures/norm...
[L4D2] Halo Spartans
Replaces Coach, Nick, Ellis, & Rochelle with colorful Halo Spartans!

These are never-before-seen textures for the Halo 3 Master Chief model!
They're about 90% made from scratch; Only using the basic outlining/shading from their original Halo 3 textures/no...
[HD World] Books
Created by Szalitar PL
It improve all books in game, even the survival guide.

Please check my [HD World] Collection maybe you will find something decent for yourself

Xmas Tree Decorations
Created by Keep Staying Puft
Nothing like killing zombies during the holidays. Now with some lights and decorations on the trees, it really does feel festive. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!...
Winter Woods Blood Harvest Color Correction
Created by Olde
This is a cold, light blue color correction and skybox change for Blood Harvest. This changes the skybox to a white/very light grey cloud cover. Fog is light blue. Credit to nick for the skybox, which can be found ...
Created by мяFunreal
This Sceptre was shown S4E1, people absolutely love it (for whatever reason)
It replaces the Crowbar.

The One Free-Man - Model, texture (TF2 Mod)
MrFunreal - Port, texture edit (gold effect, blood overlay), HUD icon

Visit the [url
Tourettes Smoker
Created by TheDouge
This mod makes the smoker sound like our all beloved tourettes guy....
Titanfall Smart Pistol MK5
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Titanfall Collection
So well, after working on other stuff and this one as well, alot of people have been asking for the Smart Pistol MK5, ...
Tiny Tina Spitter soundpack
Created by biggiantcircles
Borderlands 2's Tiny Tina as the Spitter


I did my best to make the clips relevant to what's happening (idle/lurk, attack, pain, death etc).

Some of the sounds do cut off, I'll look into fixing this eventually. I will say that Valve programmed...
Created by Turnoverman
From the new line of GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE products comes THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE FRYING PAN! Fry hay! Take advantage of the MAGICALLY NONSTICK SURFACE! (results may vary) Cook.... Okay... THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE is goin...
Created by Turnoverman
THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE did not take TWILIGHT SPARKLE's jarred attraction spell, dye it, and change the label! THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE made a COMPLETELY NEW SPELL.

It's hard to tell from the screenshot (I was trying to get the new jar and the ...
Taylor Swift -1989 concert
Created by Slushiiiiii
Hello,everyone!First of all I want to say, thank you for your support!And happy new year!Your support is my power.
Now Taylor Swift have a new album ----《1989 (Deluxe)》!I bought this album!I'm very like this album.("1989" is Taylor Swift's fifth albu...
Sonic R Charger- Super Sonic Racing!
Created by Captain Cowboy
*Requested by BakuHakuNoPickle on Steam*

This addon replaces some charger sounds with the Super Sonic Racing theme! Thanks for supporting my addons!

Smooth Rainbow Katana
Created by Turnoverman
This is a 36 frame version of my Rainbow Katana. It's also 24MB, and all it changes is the texture of one weapon. People keep asking for a slower or fading version, so I finally gave in. I'm *not* going to make a version of the Rainbow *Dash* version with ...
Created by filthy
Replaces the viewable billboards with Rick and Morty advertisements, therefore not compatible with other billboard mods - please disable any before using.

In-Game Billboards:
Rick and Morty Wanted Billboard
Jerry's Hungry for Apples Campaign
Rick and...
Silent Hills Siren Replacing Zombies Horde Alert Sound Call
Created by addbue

"Every Town has secrets...Some are just darker then others"

This is the Silent Hills siren sounds replacing the Zombie alerts.


Scorched Dusk Swamp Fever Color Correction
Created by Olde
This is a color correction for Swamp Fever only. This color correction won't be for everyone, as it imbues Swamp Fever with a lot darker, browner tones similar to a sepia filter, which I admit may strain the eyes. However, my goal was in trying to recreate...
School-live! Style loadingbar&Spinner
This MOD used the animation "School-Live!" in the material replaced the loading bar and spinner......
Ver1.3:Change the loadingbar

***The above content uses Google Translate,My english is too bad= =||..Sorry.........
Rustic Night Death Toll Color Correction
Created by Olde
This is a color correction for Death Toll. I wanted to do something different here. As we all know, this campaign is already really blue, and there are a number of great color corrections to make it even more blue. But instead of doing the same thing as ev...
Safari Assault Rifle
Created by Flasky
A replacement skin for M16A2 aka Assault Rifle.

It has been spray-painted with zebra stripes pattern....
Reisen medical box
Created by Sakura
Just modified the L4D2 inside the red medical box....
Rainbow Dash's Molotov
Created by spencer8833
I'm back!

Recommend by
Rainbow Dash Pipe bomb
now the pipe bomb is 20% cooler....
Rainbow Blood
Created by K"ashimura♦
Replace the game monotonous dark blood.
So that the blood has more rich colors.: )

Replace the list
  • Blood map
  • Shoot the blood
  • Cut the blood
  • Smoker tongue
  • Smoker die smoke
Purple Haze Swamp Fever Color Correction
Created by Olde
This is a color correction for Swamp Fever only. The idea was to make the first three maps look closer to evening, which meant bringing out the darker twilight colors such as purple and violet hues. The plantation map, by contrast, has a bit of a softer cy...
Pink Lady The Passing Color Correction
Created by Olde
This is a color correction for The Passing only, bringing in much more pink and peach hues that are more vibrant than the drab, gray color correction of the original, yet still subdued enough to fit the hazy, drizzly atmosphere of the campaign.

This will ...
Nurse Redheart's Medkit
Created by Runu™
Nurse Redheart wants to help you! Take one of her medkits and patch yourself right up!...
Frozen Main Menu Overhaul
Created by Flash Zombie
Replaces game mode icons with picture from or inspired by Disney's Frozen

Since I can't figure out how to make background videos work with vpk I uploaded them on a filehost and you have to put in your left4dead2 folder \Left 4 Dead 2\left4dead2\media
Moon | Neptune
Created by Ƨolitude
Mod replaces default moon for Neptune from Hyperdimension Neptunia....
MLP Bus Stop Ads
Created by Tя!cky 3 ツ
MLPFiM Comic Con 2012 Trolley Posters Animated

Mad Moxxi's Desert Eagle
Created by Kira Yoshikage
From Borderlands to Left 4 Dead 2.

Desert Eagle with new texture,
inspired at the custom weapons of Mad Moxxi (From the Borderlands game).
With glow details, and reflections.

To use it,
let your video settings to high values.
Frozen Anna for Rochelle
Created by Twilight Sparkle
Well something out of the BF3 stuff, i decided to do something for Rochelle, and so i did this, Anna from Frozen, this was my first project by doing a player model replacement, when time start passing i encounter bugs and bugs and glitchs and other stuff t...
Left 4 Teletubbies 2 Official
Created by FlameKnight7
Left 4 Teletubbies is back in full force for Left 4 dead 2! More horror for your childhood and bleeding eyes.

I've originally created this Mod for L4D1 and thought it was necessary to share the madness for L4D2! This is the official version for L4D2!
Lavender Clarity No Mercy Color Correction
Created by Olde
This is a color correction for No Mercy. I wanted to give this campaign more color and an overall less depressing feeling while also keeping it fairly dark, yet at the same time not sacrificing vision as some other color corrections do. Here the brightness...
Juliet Starling Racecar
Created by makkles
A little something different from me this time.

This is a simple ( 0_o ) re-skin of the Jimmy Gibbs stockcar from the Dead Center campaign.

Comes with both un-damaged and damaged versions, along with a replacement of the big banners behind it....
Hunting Rifle - m14 synthetic
Created by TOG | K1CHWA
a synthetic M14 replacement for the Hunting Rifle

antman311 - lense phong
arby26 - animations, original compile
Doktor haus - hacking, compiling
Flamshmizer - M14 UV maps
Insurgency team - scope/bayonet/bullet models, textures
K1CHWA - texture...
Glock 18 (SMG)
Created by Doktor haus
The Glock 18 is a select-fire pistol designed by Glock Ges.m.b.H. of Austria. This fully-automatic version replaces the SMG/Uzi. Includes sounds, but no particles/icon to avoid conflicts.

Particles/icon versio[gamebanana.com]...
Gingy Cane
Created by Splinks2
Happy *politcally correct non offensive word*

Brought to you by the following:
Splinks - model, textures, icon, world model
Doktor haus - animations, sounds, 1st person...
Gay Bar - Tank Music
Tank Music is Electric Six's - Gay Bar

This Tank Music Mod is 2 parts:
Long Tank Rampage begins with "Hey Girl - I want take you to a Gay Bar"
Shorter Tank Rampage starts with "I got something to put in you"

Gay Sex Healing Sounds
Created by jizzard
Repect Billy Herrington...
Fluttershy's Defibrillator
Created by Lucy Fur
Fluttershy's Personal Defibrillator :3
Bring those furry critters back to life...
Flamerunner's Military Sniper
Created by Runu™
Flamerunner's personal military sniper
Comissiond by: Flamerunner

Fallout New Vegas Dead Money HoloRifle
Created by Xenecrite
HoloRifle remplacement for Shotgun
Models And Textures:Obsidian,Bethesda Studio
Imported Source Smd:Halokiller38
Sound:Bethesda Studio

Early Dawn Hard Rain Color Correction
Created by Olde
A color correction for Hard Rain only. I wanted to make a version of Hard Rain that takes place very early in the day by making the campaign almost literally explode with bright vibrancy of pink, white, yellow, orange, and red to depict a hyper-realistic b...
Dubstep Witch
Created by What?
Replaces original l4d2 witch soundtrack with:

-Pegboard Nerds - Fire in the hole

If I got you interested please visit:


For a Heavy Tank Theme!...
Dog Day Afternoon Dead Center Color Correction
Created by Olde
This is a color correction for Dead Center. It is intended to give Dead Center the feeling of the end of a long, hot summer afternoon. I was disappointed that the default Dead Center, as well as most of the other color corrections for this campaign, have t...
Diddy Kong (Jockey)
Created by Stay Puft
This mod replaces the Jockey model with Diddy Kong. It's on, like Diddy Kong!...
Deployable Tree v2.0 + Divine Defi (particle fx)
Created by Urik
Deployable Tree has been upgraded!
Now extraterrestrial visitors are coming to help us celebrate Xmas and New Year!
+ bonus, divine intervention to revive your fallen teammates :)

DAO-12 Automatic Shotgun
Created by Lt. Rocky
The infamous Armsel Striker. One of L4d2's most requested weapons.

And here it is, in the flesh, or metal or plastic or whatever: Its Casper, W1LLDAB3AST, DeadPixel, Cigano and 4Echo's DAO-12, topped with Yogensia's shotgun shells and Krycek's flashligh...
Combat Rifle Animated Camo
Created by AeRoStAtIc
Another retexture of the Combat Rifle. This time, combining self illumination with animation. This is a Tron-esqe camo that pulsates and glows....
Christmas Candy Ammo Pile
Created by Thomas Jefferson
A pile of Christmas candy.
-Nutcracker Snickers
-Bob's Candcanes
-Holiday M&Ms
-Christmas Jelly Beans
-Candycane Life Savers
-Reeses Christmas Trees...
Coastal Morning Parish Color Correction
Created by Olde
A color correction for The Parish only. I wanted to depict the time in the early morning with lots of pink, white, and yellow hues, brightening up the campaign and giving it, in my mind, the kind of coastal look that The Parish warrants. As such, it is hig...
Created by MrMik3y
This is my first animated TV mod for left 4 dead 2
35 Frames nothing big but it is my first.
If there is anything I need to fix/improve please leave a comment and i will do my best to do so.

The hardest part on making this mod, was looking for the rig...
Camouflage Safe Door
Created by \/\/iz
Now the safe room door has a Camouflage look to it.
Also the frame is all metal, works in all the maps....
Blue Tiger Uzi
Created by choco
A blue tiger skin for the Uzi!
Based off of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Mini Uzi...
Blue Skies Parish Color Correction
Created by Olde
A color correction for The Parish. This is perhaps a more realistic color correction than my earlier one for The Parish, Coastal Morning. Here I wanted to depict late morning or mid-day o...
Blackfox - Pink CELL
Created by Zkeierea's Storage
Replaces m16. My third attempt at Cell camo.
I made this one specifically for girls who like pink. I been trying to make a good looking gun wih a pink camo, trust me its hard finding a gun that looks good in pink. I hope you all enjoy this!

Arby26 - Mode...
Billy Herrington voices for tank (兄貴)
Created by Taikuri
All of tank's sounds and noises changed into Aniki's voice and other gachimuchi-audio!

In memory of our Aniki
Francis the Space Biker
Created by Lt. Rocky
When Francis said he once drove for Hercsh, he failed to mention that the company was in actuality an intergalactic shipping company that hauled trailers of cargo throughout the stars! In those days he was known as Francis the Space Biker, a ruthless, bear...
big smoke you picked the wrong house fool bat noise
Created by NotMoomy
i made this amazing mod so give me items

I know about the tags, it was my first mod and i wanted it to get out there and to show up, sorry about the tags.

Total ratings 417
Positive ratings 385 (92% of total)
Negative ratings 32 (8% of total) ...
OW: Genji - Bill
Created by N7Legion
Replaces Bill with Genji from Overwatch.

View the model in 3D at Sketchfab: https://skfb.ly/OyGB

Nick: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=688169452

Boomer-puked effect
FPS Hands
I'M GAY Landing Sound
When you jump down idubbbz says some fucking gay shit.

FAVORITE it and give THUMBS UP to show that you're gay for idubbbz!

I also made:
Chef Coach
Created by Salad
"Sit, relax - Coach's gonna make you... DINNER!"

Dresses Coach up as Chef Antoine, the King of Cuisine from Dead Rising 2. Includes HUD imagery, first person arms, wrinkle map, yadda yadda yadda Happy Halloween.

Ghost Rider
Created by Splinks
From the flames of Hell to your computer screen, Ghost rider has arrived.

This mod currently has a 1 nick pick due to the game's way of handling FXs, So the flame will appear slightly in 1st person

If you would like mo...
Gachimuchi Alarm Sound (Not Car Alarm) [哲♂学]
Created by Ms.Kanna
Well....Since there's no Alarm Sound Mod, I'll do it.
This mod replaceing all 4 alarms (Not Car Alarm) into Gachimuchi sound

Mall Alarm (alarm1) --> Loud Scream (Thunder Earrape Sound)
Outpost Alarm (In the Parish stage 2) (perimeter_alarm) --> Van Da...
Telolet Car Alarm
Created by Raftazor
Allahu Akbar Terrorist Boomer
Created by Poseidon
Replaces the boomer explosion sound effect with a terrorist screaming "ALLAHU ACKBAR!" Now also changes the Boomer's idle noises to random terrorist giberish. Enjoy. Report any bugs to me through the comments.

Allahu Akbar Grenade Launcher sound mod
Created by Vintage Sniper
ALLAHU AKBAR!!! The grenade Launcher has recieved an ISIS tuning and now yells the ever so famous Takbir when shot, the grenade explodes and all. Ready for a zombie Jihad?...
Billy Herrington Death Blankets
Created by Judge Candy
Do not weep for the dead of the Avan-Verse, for they live on in the heart of Billy Herrington....
Hunter's rainbow
Created by Twilight
Hanter rainbow trail effect with sparkles!
For charger...
Charger's rainbow
Created by Twilight
Charger rainbow trail effect with sparkles!
For hunter...
Thank You Sir Defib Sound (Gachimuchi/哲♂学/レスリングシリーズ)
Created by Ms.Kanna
Hello bros!

Well, It's long holiday in my country, So I can spend time to make some mod.

This mod replaces Defibrillator sound with Billy Herrington sound yelling "Huh, You like that huh?" when started shocking. And Duncan Mills moans "Thank You Sir"...