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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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The Black-Mane Brothers: Bjordin and Brandr
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Dec 31, 2012 @ 12:57pm
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The Black-Mane Brothers: Bjordin and Brandr

Welcome to another follower mod by ur_mooseyfate!

This mod brings two very skilled companion characters into the world of Skyrim: The Black-Mane Brothers, Bjordin and Brandr. Both may be found at the Nightgate Inn, located along the main road between Dawnstar and Winterhold.

Bjordin is a two-handed warrior equipped with Ebony Armor, Ebony Warhammer, Leveled Ebony Warhammer, and an Enchanted Ebony Helmet. He has learned perks in the Two-Handed Skill Tree such as Barbarian and Skullcrusher, and then the Heavy Armor Skill Tree with the Juggernaut perk.

Brandr is a BA mage equipped with Adept Robes of Destruction from the College of Winterhold, Iron Gauntlets, Iron Boots, and an Enchanted Elven Sword with the ability to absorb magic from your foes! He knows spells such as Fireball, Healing, Ebony Flesh, and Conjure Frost Atronach...and has so deeply studied the Frost Breath shout that he may use all three words: Fo, Krah, and Diin! He has also learned many perks in the Destruction, Restoration, Alteration, and Conjuration Skill Trees.

Both follower characters have a level range of 20 to 50, and will undoubtedly be of great assistance on any of your quests and ventures. Please notify me of any concerns you have with the functionality of this mod or if you have any comments, please share. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this mod!