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Jruokis's Milltary Extravaganza
This collection contains Heavy's Soviet/Milltary items and miscs for him to use on the Battefield.

From Arms Race and Frontline to the oldest Records, this collection shows the might of Heavy's milltary strength! Enjoy Comrades!

Did i miss any items or weapons? feel free to comment on my Profile or Collection.
Items (108)
The Persistent Persuasion
Created by CyanPlastic
The PPSh-41 was a bit too small for Heavy, so he made some necessary adjustments!

Model by Uncle Grumpskin
Texture/UV by Frying Dutchman
Concept by 4885
Specular/Promos by Colteh
Name by Captain Neyo...
She might be small but that doesn't mean she can't create an impressive exit wound.
Heavy Artillery
Created by Gadget
This is my submission for the Facepunch TF2 Arms Race design contest which has been voted as 1st place. Thanks to everybody who voted for it!

o Heavy primary weapon
o Jiggling handles on the ammo crate
o 4 LODs (6172/4608/2651/1340 tris)

Update 28t...
Bulletproof Battery
Created by Astute
"They say the best defense is a good offense...

... but they never said you couldn't have both."

A remake of my previous submission, The "Soviet Sidekick". This is one of the first real weapon resubmissions I've done so far, after refining m...
The Peacekeeper
Created by Colteh
Shoots stuff...
The Treadmill
Created by CoBalt
An updated version of this item can be found here:

A tiny tank for a big man.

- The headlights glow in the dark!
- 3 LODs

The Treadmill (v2)
Created by CoBalt
Cooler, heavier, and safer, or your money back.

- 4 LODs!
- Improved design and texture and everything really.

The Portable Ordnance
Created by Snood 🍕
The latest and greatest in Teufortian artillery.

- Model and textures by Snood
- Concept art by Dejected Angel

Created for the community competition, TF2 Arms Race 2

Soviet Suppression
Created by Ruskeydoo
Models and Textures - Ruskeydoo
Sounds - Smiley Dan

Inspired by the M249 Para which was released in 1984. A little bit later than the main aesthetic of TF2 but not by too much. Yes it is an American gun, but the stock minigun's main inspiration (the M1...
The Shrapnel Shredder
Created by Ertz™
"Strike fear into your enemies heart as you ravage the battlefeild with the ultimate weapon crafted from the red army's best metal workers and a dud missle that landed in your backyard"

Minigun for heavy

Comes with ...

- 3 lods


The Riveting Russian
Created by Statyk
"Mann Co recently lost a shipment of Miniguns, so we had Conagher fix us up something in the factory with whatever parts he could find in the meantime."

The design is simply a nailgun rigged to an air compressor. Supports 4 LODs....
Maxim GUN v2
new model. new textures
has styles
has lodes...
Steel Battalion
Created by Mooses Suuri 100
Models: Mooses suuri
Textures: Over Powered
SFM Pictures: King Of The Hill
Other Pictures and Concepting: Master Ville

Join my steam group [URL=
Created by Svdl
A weapon for the Heavy's shotgun animations. Barrels spin on their own.

Made to be a secondary, but could be a fun primary slot weapon.
In the video the weapon is replacing the Family Business, but it also could be a weapon that is not a shotgun.

The Soviet Sweeper v3
Created by Maxxim☢
Is time to clean base.

*Weapon model: 6169 tris, 4 LoDs, 2048x2048 texture
*Pickup model: 1960 tris, 256x256 texture

11/28/2017 - Tajealos has ported this item to Garry's Mod! Check it out here:
The Bolshevik Bomber
Created by FiveEyes
Part of the Arms Race 2 contest!

"This thing will kill anything and anything in a 10 foot radius of said thing"

- 3 LoDs

Model/SFM/Other: FiveEyes
Texture: Metaru
Concept: Kibble/S...
Raiding Aid
Created by Svdl
Just a shotgun for any or all of the shotgun classes.

Three LODs, single texture....
Russian Roulette [resubmitted]
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
This is a re-submission of Russian Roulette that you created in the past.
I have greatly improved the model and texture.
Corvalho gave me advice. He is the creator of some [url=http...
Created by Orko
You carry this just in case you see bear.
When you see bear, bear no more.

Demonstration video made by:
(Many thanks for the upload!)...
Created by Svdl
What sick man gives Heavy baby guns to fight with...
The Ammo Rezerv
Created by ZOAG
For when you run out of Boolets.

Uncle Dane - Original Idea, Promotion
ZOAG - Project Lead, Initial Model, LODs, Uploader, Promo Posters
Dio Joestar - Model Adjustments
Mr. 3nygma - Rigging, Animations
Folkye - UV Unwrap, Texture Adjustmen...
Created by Orko
For peace, bread and... cheese....
Prole's Provisions
Created by zachL
"Tastes like cat food, metal, and the sweet taste of proletarian brotherhood."

Soviet rations for Heavy

The Russian translates to "FOOD"


Q: Why does the label say food?
A: The label is intended to read 'FOOD', hinting that it's a very s...
More lard, less bread_v2
new model. new textures. new materials
_video is old_...
Soviet's Slicer
Created by Kirillian
"We will take the fight to their land. To their people. To their blood."

-Updated image for Frontline! Community Update.

Check sketchfab outside of steam browser to see the model in 3D View! That's rad!
Hammer & Sickle_v2
new model new texture new materials...
The Citizen’s Sickle
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Show your support for the working class with this antique war-weathered reaping implement.

Proposed Stats:
20% slower firing speed
On hit: damage dealt is returned as ammo

Other items in the pack:
Distinguished Despot
Created by Kowalo
Model/texture: Kowalo
Sculpt: JPRAS...
Great Man's Greatcoat
Created by Svdl
It is a pretty big coat.

See matching hat here!...
Sympathizer's Swathe
Created by Colteh
Cool general jacket...
Tsar Platinum
Created by FiveEyes
"This coat was made by a tailor in Pakistan. 100% sheep fur. Its nice."

FiveEyes: Model
Metabolic: Texture/Concept
Jzeeba: Rigging
Big Bob: Normal map...
Commissar's Coat
Created by GetGrenade

3 lods, team colored...
Cold War Coat
Created by ƬԊƐ ƉƲҚƐ
Show the rest of the team who is boss with this Soviet greatcoat!

Epaulette, collar motif and coat buttons are paintable!

Works with all Heavy pants and almost all cosmetics!

Coat does not extend below hips, thus keeping the silhouette the same!...
The Havana Habit
Created by Ertz™
"Dress for the job you want, or get drafted into a war and get tossed a militia uniform"

Coat for Heavy

Comes with ...

- Paintability
- 2 lods
- normal map
- team colours


Concept: Mr. Gibbly
Model/Texture/Promos: Ertz
The Tsar Bomber
Created by void~
With this comfortable, trendy, and stolen jacket of the Flying Fists bomb squadron, now you too can deliver the world's most devastating device ever detonated by man - in style!...
The Coat of Heavy Arms
Created by Rozzy
Military coat for Heavy.

Model & Texture: Rozzy
Concept/Design: Metabolic and Mr.Gibbly
SFM Posters: Sasha Dotterkletch...
Heavy Harness
Created by Svdl
If you need to carry around more things you will never use, wear extra pockets.

See also the rest of the set!...
Warzone Wingman
Created by FiveEyes
"When the cold bites, bite back with this stylish coat!"

- Team Colored
- Paintable
- 3 LODs
Model, Texture, Promos: FiveEyes
Rigging, UVs, Other: JZeeba
Normals, Other: Rozzy
True Dzhigit's Outfit
Created by Svdl
Dress for the occasion.

Colder Than Helsinki
Created by florida man
Protects from the cold, blood and communists

Models - blueNES
Textures - Harkku
Promos - St Lombax

Trooper's Telogreika
Created by Rozzy
Jumper item....
Wool Maykop Jacket V2
Created by ƬԊƐ ƉƲҚƐ
Back and better than ever! This authentic, buttoned soviet greatcoat can help beat any kind of cold environment!

(Warning: May or may not actually help you win at Coldfront)

Paints the buttons and shoulder insignia.

Coat flexes as he walks!

Coat only ...
Coat of Arms Plain
Created by Svdl
Camouflage is only for little cowards who need to hide like babies.
Plain field jacket with a paintable zip-up sweater underneath.

Camo patterned version here
Coat of Arms Camo
Created by Svdl
Use this pink/light blue camouflage to perfectly blend in the deserts of the american southwest.
Camouflaged field jacket with a paintable zip-up sweater underneath.

Plain version here.
Security Breeches
Created by ƬԊƐ ƉƲҚƐ
Show who's boss with these arm insignia patches and striped army breeches!

Insignia is paintable.

Compatible with the Triad Trinket, Siberian Sophisticate, Tyurtleneck, Bolshevik Biker and Hunger Force shirts.

The last render is by DIlly Dong....
Security Breeches V2
Created by ƬԊƐ ƉƲҚƐ
New arm emblem patches and striped army breeches for Heavy. Item works with all shirts!

Pant stripes are paintable....
Comrade Questions
Created by Doctor Aibaleet
Version 5!

-Comes in two styles!
-Retains the Heavy's color flow and silohette
-Works great with other Cosmetics!

Mod available here:
The Scarred Superior
Created by Colteh
Everyone on the frontlines will cower in fear when they see you with this villain-esque moustache and eye patch combo.
Commander's Ushanka
Created by ƬԊƐ ƉƲҚƐ
You see moustache? Is indication that Heavy is glorious.

Hat is paintable; item has phong, normals and facial flexes....
Commissar's Ushanka
Created by GetGrenade
One more ushanka? Sure thing!

2 lods, team colored, paintable...
Anti-Kommunisti Kap
Created by florida man
Fine Stalin, you can have my vodka bottle; SMASHED IN YOUR FACE!

Models - blueNES
Textures - Harkku
Promos - St Lombax

Hero`s Hat_v3
added Face Flex
looks very cool...
Spetsnaz Special
Created by Colteh
Beat your enemies into a bloody borscht.

Fat man's Field Cap
Created by Svdl
May or may not keep the sun out of your eyes.

See also the rest of the set!...
Starboard Crusader
Created by FiveEyes
"You think you can fare the sea better than me? Give me a break"

- Paintable
- 2 Styles

FiveEyes: Model
Metabolic: Texture/SFM Paintover/Concept...
Blast Cap V3
Created by Colteh
Now this time it's properly made....
The Troop's Topper
Created by CoBalt
No one will ever see your forehead.

- Paintable
- One size fits all...
The Castro Cap
Created by Ertz™
"Be an icon of a historical conflcit between 2 super powers with this nifty ol' cap!"

Cap for heavy

Comes with ...

- 2 lods
- normal map
- team colours


Concept: Mr. Gibbly
Model/Texture/Promos: Ertz

Part of the Communist Com...
The Blast Cap V2
Created by Colteh

-Updated paintability texture
-Slight changes to the model
-Model now for Heavy, Demo, and Pyro
-New backpack icon

More images to be added soon!...
The Capital Punishment
Created by Hideous
For when you need to rule a tropical dictatorship *in style*.

Works great with the Cuban Coverup:
Baboon Hunter's Boonie
Created by Gadget
Baboon Hunter's Boonie

o All-class
o Paintable tranquilizer darts
o Jiggling strap...
Created by Orko
"Let the world know we are a peace-loving people."...
Commando Elite
Good for coconuts. Bad for mortar shells.
Stalingrad Steel Helmet
Created by Rozzy
Steel helmet....
Full Metal Helmet
Created by NeoDement
All-class helmet with different accessories strapped to the side for different classes.

[url={LINK REMOVED}...
The Warbird
Created by Sky
Adventure is out there!

- All-class aviators cap/flying helmet.
- Paintable
- Not the Barnstormer.
- Not the Polar Pullover which i (a) made and (b) didn't use any part of when making this hat.

Rainforest Rag
Created by goldenjohnson
"When your surroundings is a bunch of leafs"

Greg - concept
goldenjohnson - model/texture/promo

Jungle Ops
Created by ToxicWeasel
Cap : Check
Headphones: Check
Bandana: Check



Team Speak
Created by Napy Da Wise
All Class Paintable hat

Why yell your orders across the battlefield when you can yell them directly in your teamates ears?...
The Top Dog
Created by Zoey
This is a hat, sometimes people wear it on their heads - I bet you didn't know that.


LODs 0-1
256x Diffuse
256x Normal
Comrade's Cap
Created by Colteh
Makes you look cool...
The Peak of Elbrus
Created by ƬԊƐ ƉƲҚƐ
Paintable, based on military, air force and navy peaked caps used by the USSR.

Thanks to Dilly Dong for the thumbnail and last render....
The Collectivist Commander
Created by K_Factor
Quit Stalin' and push that cart!

3 LOD's!
Aurora Authotity
new version of the hat (new model new textures)
[img] [/img]...
Major General
Created by NeoDement
A big hat for your regular sized head

Available to download as a mod/reskin here:
Captain's Crusher
Created by Folkye
- All Class
- Paintable
- Different logo for each class
Soviet Sailor Mann
Created by QuestionablyInsane
Soviet Sailor Mann


-A fine sailor hat for Heavy’s handsome head.
-Top of the hat is p...
The Pride of the Motherland
Created by Jacen
Mind the intelligence, comrade.

Paintable. Click here for a picture

Download it as a mod here:
Created by perrryz
hat and mustache for heavy

-facial flexes

~facial flexes by Doctor Aibaleet...
Brute's Budenovka
Created by Svdl
These were worn for a long time before everyone realized how ridiculous they looked.

See matching coat here!...
Created by GrayFox
Super military cap "Budenovka" for Heavy!

Budenovka (bogatyrka, frunzevka) - shaped headdress soldiers of the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army.

- 2 LODs
- 3 Textures (512 x 512), (2) color map and normals map...
War Hero's Helm
Created by Kowalo
If you're gonna be a war hero, make sure you've got a stylish helmet....
Russian Hot Pocket
*has jigglebone for smoge effect
*has LODs
Samovar is a Russian traditional water boiler that people used to use for tea-drinking.

Ather Samovar on back for two classes [/u...
The Sandvich Satchel
But it's more of a briefcase.

Concept by CoBalt
Model and texture by SedimentarySocks...
Soviet Supplies
Created by Hideous
Is bag, for holding. And is gun, for shooting. Also is flask, for when sad times.


Paintable bag, russian makarov-esque gun holster and hip flask, all on a custom belt....
The Commanndos
Created by Rozzy
Camouflage cargo pants for Soldier, Demo and Heavy.

Update: Now for Scout.


Q: Why are Demo's pants red/blue and not brown/grey?

A: Demo's normal pants are red/blue as he doesn't have much team colour on his top half. To keep with this rule I...
Winter Camo Pants
Created by UltraBrutalTechies
Winter camo pants for heavy :P...
Top Bottoms
Created by NeoDement
A pair of military pants with a coloured stripe running down the side for Heavy.

[url={LINK REMOVED}...
Kirza Kicks
Created by Kowalo
Model/Texture: Kowalo
Sculpt: JPRAS...
Speed Slacks
While you may not be the fastest man on the battlefield, at least you've got the nicest pair of slacks in the entire base!
Soviet Slacks
Created by Colteh
Some cool pants...
Gelid Galoshes
Created by Populus
Part of the Cold Wear set...
Mercenary Boots [v3]
Created by Piper
These boots were designed to keep you warm during winter and badass during any other season.

All-class boots, paintable....
Simo's Stompers
Created by florida man
Bite that curb!

Models - blueNES
Textures - Harkku
Promos - St Lombax
Star Soviet
Created by FiveEyes
Be strong, be strong for Mother Russia

Rowdy Rifle
Created by Ertz™
"They live? Not for much longer."

Shotty for engineer, pyro, soldier and heavy....
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