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Created by UnlimitedHugs
This is a library that provides shared functionality for other mods.
For best results, make sure that HugsLib comes right after Core in your mod load order.

Also includes the Log Publisher: press Ctrl+F12 to upload your Rimworld logs and get a link...
Created by Brrainz

You want more zoom and different paning? This little mod enhances the in-game camera so you can zoom in much more than usual. Perfect for this one great sc...
Progress Renderer
Created by Lanilor
Do you like sharing your base's development with really cool screenshots? Then this is the mod for you!
This mod automatically creates renderings (so screenshots without the annoying UI) of the entire map or a chosen part like your base while you...
Colony Manager
Created by Fluffy
Colony Manager allows you to make colonists do the more tedious parts of managing a colony, making sure you’re never out of vital resources again*.

Requires a new save game.
Adds a w...
Work Tab
Created by Fluffy
Provides a vastly more customizable work tab.

Work Tab completely takes over job priorities from the vanilla game. In order to support core functionalities and other mods, it intercepts call...
Medical Tab
Created by Fluffy
Adds a comprehensive medical overview tab, showing your colonists’ health at a glance.

Does not require a new save game Can safely be enabled/disabled in ongoing saves.

Animal Tab
Created by Fluffy
Adds extra functionality to the Animals tab

Does not require a new save game. Can safely be enabled/disabled in ongoing saves.

Relations Tab
Created by Fluffy
Replaces the faction tab with a relations tab. The relations tab shows, in a very graphical way, relations between your colonists and with other factions.

In games with many faction mods or a lo...
EdB Prepare Carefully
Created by edbmods
Customize your RimWorld colonists, choose your gear and prepare carefully for your crash landing! Use the optional point limits to try to create a balanced start or keep points disabled to build the starting group that you always wanted to try. Save your...
Created by Orion
Allows you to host, entertain and recruit visitors.

Have you been wondering what the point of visiting factions is? Look no further, this mod is the answer.

- Convince visitors to join your faction!
- Increase factio...
Realistic Rooms
Created by Dragon Fist Ent
Lowers the required room sizes to better match realistic sizes of a house. This is also for those who like smaller packed bases. This mod was sugested by Gwazi Magnum.

Note: For anyone curious it does work with the new Multiplayer Mod

You can now pi...
More Furniture [1.0]
Created by Anonemous2
More Furniture is a small mod that adds about a dozen new items into Rimworld. It was original created so you'd have things to fill your colonist's rooms with.

Fences And Floors
Created by Pravus
***Updated to v1.21! Balance pass initiated in response to community feedback!***

This mod adds 4 new styles of flooring and 4 fences (3 perimeter fences and a smaller defensive barrier). Fences are gathered into their own menu category and research r...
Repair Workbench REPO
Created by Acruid
This mod adds the Repair Workbench to the game so you can repair the durability of items.

Completely repair the durability on weapons and armor, optionally balanced by Repair Kits needed.
Workbench can be used without power, at 40% ...
Rimsenal - Rimhair
Created by rooki12k
Adds more hair styles....
Spoons Hair Mod
Created by spoontacular
please don't ask me to add/change things, I have stopped modding and am simply keeping the mod updated and trying to help people with bugs

Additional hairstyles for your pawns.
Not all hairstyles will appear on Villagers/Colonists/Pirates/...
Various Space Ship Chunk
Created by tobe
It adds various kind of Ship Chunks
Also, These are can show when ship chunk drop event!!
It can be compatible with any mod.

Here is detail information : http://totobrothers.blogspot.kr/2017/11/steam-workshop-httpsteamcommunity.html

A17 : https://t...
Fences And Floors (new version in description)
Created by Captain Staky
*Link to new version*

Thanks Mlie!

************READ THIS TOP PORTION************

*UPDATE 2* Please stop commenting about sensor panels being broken. Yes I know they don't work. I'v...