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Ark Creatures Rebalanced (AG REBORN) 2.0
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Oct 14, 2017 @ 11:10am
Oct 18 @ 6:06am
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Ark Creatures Rebalanced (AG REBORN) 2.0

Hello from Bulgaria, guys!!!! I present you Ark Creatures rebalanced Mod wich will be in Annunaki Genesis style!!!In honor of the best mod wich was abandoned before long time ago, i decide to try to recreate it here. Unfortunelly i haven\'t access to mod source file of Annunaki Genesis, but gradually i will try to rebuild all the creatures, items and stuffs from AG here. Offcource it will not be 1 to 1 with original mod.

Firstable I want to thanks to Pikkon for his help with creating of some stuffs and indominus rex for my mod, and to all DEV KIT community for they're help.
Special Thanks to Oboro for his work with textures and partnership
Special thanks to Myrmecoleon for help with reapers and especially with reaper king baby.
Special thanks to Fluffdragon for creating and fixing of all creatures, wich will spawn eggs on the map
Mod ID: 1169020368

Important!!! This mod is not necessarily to be first in your loadorder but is recommended to be first from list with creatures, if you want to have changed specs of dino's. THiS MOD IS INCOMPATIBLE WITH ALL OTHER CREATURE MODS WICH CHANGED VANILLA DINO'S!!!!
You can click on the link below if you want to support me via a donation:

Mod Discord Channel : - welcome to the new mod discord

Description of the mod is simple - You will have allmost all ark creatures on the your maps Including and SE AB and EX bosses. Yes all of them, including Corrupt dinosaurs, Bosses , Custom Tier Dinos, couple of helpfull items, undestructible armors, reworkded beacons...and the most important - the new game balance. Giga is no more that big NONSENCE - is resized, reduced specs, not loosing specs after taming and levels like the other big creatures. The game have and new Dominant creature - the Tyrant lizard king get it\'s place on the top of food chain and will be much rare than usual. Here is some kind of the list of creatures in the mod, but is not full:

Spawn levels are 2x biggest than vanilla game.
Added all Scorched Earth, Aberrant and Extinction creatures + Griffin, Ice Wyvern, Indominus Rex, Deinonychus, Stygimoloch, Styracosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Reindeer, Easter Bunny, Forest Wyvern to the Island, Scorched Earth, Ragnarok and the Center.

- Created four special class dino's - Flame, Poison, Snow and Shock wich are equals to Badass AG creatures.(every inlude 20 creatures). Rock class dino's will be replaced with Shock.
- Completed Champion tier from Annunaki creatures -biggest, fastest and strongest variant of platform saddled creatures (Brachio, Apatosaur, Plesiosaur, Mosasaur and Quetz). You can recognise them by the white glowing eyes and fastest movement than theyre usual counterparts
- Dodorexy Tier - smallest elemental variants of Dodorex
- Drake Tier - smallest elemental variants of Dragon
- Elite Tier - Non rideable creatures wich can be riden now - Completed from Annunaki list
- Corrupt Tier - All corrupt creatures from Extinction DLC
- Ancient Tier - Skeletal non tameable creatures
- Prime Tier - Strong non tameable predators
- Alpha Dinosaurs Tier - they are not naturally spawnable, to get them you need to collect fertilized eggs from they're parrents Prime Alpha versions of them wich will give egg little before they're death
- Alpha Mammals, Birds or Reptiles - naturally spawnable on the maps, tameable
- Prime Alpha Dinosaurs - they will drop fertilized alpha eggs before theyre death
- Prime Alpha Birds, Mammals or Reptiles - they are just stronger variants of alpha's
- Apex Tier - Very Strong and dangerous variants of Carno, Giganotosaurus, Utahraptor and Tyrannosaurus. Allways spawn on max lvl
- Special Tier - Golden Dodo, Silver Zombdodo, Easter Bunny, Unicorn
- Craftable Dino's - Legendary Alpha Tyrannosaurus and Deinonychus.
- Dino, wich will spawn nests or eggs on the maps - All usual wyverns, Rock Drake and deinonychus (Deino spawn work only on Scorched Earth)
- Untameable creatures, wich will lay fertilized egg before theyre death - Tyrannosaurus Rex, Prime Flame Tyrannosaurus, Prime Shock Tyrannosaurus, Prime Snow Tyrannosaurus, Prime Poison Tyrannosaurus, all Prime Alpha Dinosaurs, Giganotosaurus, Spinosaurus and Indominus Rex. Wild ones now are very strong and dangerous, they are allmost equal to the semi bosses and will drop egg only when females as at different % of health. Tameable ones have old specs like before, when they was tameable.
- Uber (tameabel) bosses - Dodorex, DragoWyvern(dragon, but based to wyverns, resized), Dodowyvern(resized), Megapitec, Manticore(resized), Broodmother and brand new overhauled resized DRAGON uber
- Ghost Tier - for now include only ubers - Megapitec, Broodmother, Manticore, Dragon, Dodowyvern, Dodorex
- Mod bosses - DragoWyvern, Dodorex, Manticore, Megapitec, Broodmother, Dodowyvern, World Boss Tyrannosaurus. Robo Dragon, Pobo Gorilla, Robo Broodmother, Desert. Forest and Ice Titan, Rockwell Easy, Medium and Hard
- Mod Semi-bosses - All Prime creatyres, All bone Creatures, All Prime Alpha Creatures, All Mega Creatures, Prime Fire Wyvern, Alpha zombie Wyverns, Prime Reaper King, Prime elemental Tyrannosaurs...
- Tek Boss Tier - Parasaur, Stego, Trike, Raptor, Quetzalquatl, Mosasaur, Giganotosaurus, (SE TEK Tyrannosaurus only for Scorched Earth) and Tyrannosaurus (they unlock the custom tek tier stuffs)
- Celestial tier - Unique variants of Dodorex, Dragon, Manticore, Dodowyvern, Megapitec and Broodmother - they all are craftable. Engrams are learnable from Warden Bosses
- Warden tier - Unique boss variants of Dodorex, Dragon, Manticore, Dodowyvern, Megapitec and Broodmother - they all are craftable. Engrams are learnable from Bosses or Robo Bosses
- Added unbreakable armor sets of Chitin, Ghillie, Fur, Metal (flak) Riot, Desert, Hazard, Warden and Tek armors, Resized Tek Replicator (craft only original tek items and my tek items), ADO Anvil bench (only for my items), saddles for all SE, Aberrant, Extinction and custom animals wich want saddle, universal saddles for my custom animals, Uber tread (custom recipe),Universal Kibble Tread(custom recipe), Boss Trophys. New improved narcotic, stimulants, HP's, XP's and Metabolism potions, super powerful metal tranq arrow, 2 new stone tranq arrows, new improved darts, Undestructable and much powerfull Tek Rifle and Sword, Warden sword and Shield, undestructable Scuba tank

Руководство мода на руский язьик :
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d00msay3r3 8 hours ago 
any .ini file options?
MrLuna 12 hours ago 
Ghost Manticore rarely spawns
MrLuna 12 hours ago 
When killing Ghost Manticore did not drop the trophy what to do?
ImALI_ 15 hours ago 
how can i get golden treat or silver treat?
-=SpAwN=- Oct 22 @ 12:24am 
the saddles unlock when you kill the same type of mega class boss .
RICKMELON Oct 21 @ 1:54pm 
Also Dracowyvern and saddles
RICKMELON Oct 21 @ 1:53pm 
Tamed a Dragon, Ghost Dragon, and Ghost Broodmother. Can't ride any of them because there are no saddles? Or is there? Please help.
saznrob Oct 21 @ 9:44am 
what saddle goes on the dodorex?
mitko_p81  [author] Oct 21 @ 6:59am 
Man there is a mod guide section and FAQ section where you may found answeers of your questions. Check them on the discussions
Speedy Oct 21 @ 6:39am 
ok cool :) but I must say this is an amazing mod, really nice job making it mitko_p81 its really cool you need to kill dinos to unlock engrams even if I have no idea what to kill to unlock what I need :P