Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

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Dec 30, 2012 @ 4:08pm
Jan 6, 2013 @ 4:15am
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Resizes props, ragdolls and NPCs.
Does not resize the hitbox or shadow, therefore mainly useful for posing/videos.

I couldn't find this tool in the workshop so I thought I'd make my own.
I don't understand why the Inflator tool doesn't have this functionality? You just set the bone scale to a Vector anyway, so why not extend this to all entities and not just ragdolls.

If you want to resize ragdolls as a whole, go to Dispenser (Distraction Pyro)'s Ragdoll Resizer!
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FaT_Boi_47 21 hours ago 
bro, ThunderousTitan is so edgy and cool, just look at his comments and profile picture, oh my god, so cool and edgy and epic
ThunderousTitan Jun 30 @ 11:02am 
don't think i like to kill npcs for fun i kill npcs for reward (innocent bystander)
ThunderousTitan Jun 30 @ 11:01am 
neat i can squish the npcs now :steamhappy:
milyfernandez.e Jun 29 @ 11:45pm 
how do i use it?
᠌Dirtov Jun 13 @ 11:41pm 
still works doe
RpgRowland Jun 12 @ 5:40am 
@Wish I was just looking into that. :P
G-Jman Apr 28 @ 10:41am 
Well Shit
Ok. I have a message for you.
Can you fix this tool, please?
I tried resizing a box and my game INSTANT CRASHED.
Can you do something about it?
That would be awesome!
Thanks, a bunch.
dengamer79 Apr 7 @ 12:58am 
plz fixed