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Dryrain's Reskin Overhaul Part 1
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Oct 13, 2017 @ 3:00am
May 27 @ 12:56pm
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Dryrain's Reskin Overhaul Part 1

In 1 collection by hooveric
Dryrain's Reskin All in 4
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About Dryrain's Reskin

Dryrain's Reskin is a graphical mod that changes the looks of many units. It's focusing on realistic and lore friendly vibe. Also it doesn't make much of a difference from the vanilla intention. There are only subtle visual changes that give more variety rather than changing the appearance entirely.

If you want to use All in 4 version, Click here.
It's split into four parts to get around the 1GB size limit. The Submods are not included.


○ More varieties for many units.
○ Special appearance for ROR units.
○ Improved textures.
○ Adjusted colors.
○ Purely cosmetic mod. It doesn't affect on gameplay.
○ Includes the following mods. (except icons and portholes)
  • Dryrain's Bretonnia Reskin
  • Dryrain's Empire Reskin
  • Dryrain's Tomb Kings Reskin
  • Dryrain's Vampire Coast Reskin
  • Dryrain's Vampire Counts Reskin
  • Dryrain's Lords and Heroes Reskin (Bretonnia)
  • Dryrain's Lords and Heroes Reskin (Empire)
  • Dryrain's Lords and Heroes Reskin (Vampire Coast)
  • Dryrain's Lords and Heroes Reskin (Vampire Counts)

Setting and Contact

○ Keep your unit detail setting to ultra. Otherwise it doesn't work fine.
○ The images were affected by Reshade 3.0 and other mods. preset[].
○ Compatible with any mods that does not edit same variantmesh files, textures and color tables.
○ I'll look into every suggestions. but it doesn't mean I promise to apply changes.

Here is FAQ what you need to know.

References and Credits

○ The barding patterns are from here. Bretonnia Knight Barding and Shield Reskin by Zaskar70.
○ Mousillon unit cards are made by SPARTAN VI.
○ High Elf colored spears are from here. High Elf Coloured Spears by Attila.

Thanks to the authors above, C&C Modding Den, SFO Team, and donors.

Collections of my works

Collection I
  • A collection of all my regular works for optimzed use.
  • Don't get confused! This contains all of Collection II below, but not any Submods.

Collection II
  • A collection of all my regular works for custom use.
  • Each mod affects the coincident race.

  • A collection of submods for advanced use.
  • These are some kind of add-ons. Use with my other mods.

Cooperate with SFO

The mod fully supports SFO. Check the submod.




Donations are always welcome and appreciated. It would motivate me to continue modding. If you become a patron on Patreon, I can provide some options like an early access version. Thank you.

Before you comment, Please read this.

○ I'm not good at English so my expression may sound rude. And I don't understand most slang words. If you use simple words, it would help me to understand.

○ I have many mod pages and I don't check them all. Please leave it on the Part I page.
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thelosh68 2 hours ago 
Will you please consider giving the star chamber guardians a few of the "feather headdresses" heads. Its all I wanted for my $20 donation... :(
NITRO Jun 16 @ 7:25pm 
This mod is causing CTDs whenever I try to load a save. It rarely worked well anyways...
ksimmi Jun 16 @ 4:26am 
@hooveric, hello!
Sorry for my English.
I installed all 4 packeges of you reskin mod. I like it so much it is the best reskin mod. Thank you for your work, but i have a little bug with bald version of Empire captain hero. All bald captains looks like they have no head. They have only body and eye patch in the air.

I already reported about this bug more than month ago and i still have a hope that you will be ix it.

Thank you.
Tactical Loli Jun 15 @ 8:30am 
everytime i start a new campaign using these mods i ctd :(

i made sure they were the only mods on an am using DX11
Tricky Komnenos Jun 14 @ 9:41pm 
Same issue for your standalone Lizardman reskin :(
Tricky Komnenos Jun 14 @ 9:40pm 
Playing Lizardman and game CTD once if there are any blessed Shink Skirmisher enter the battle (had to recruit and dismiss troops one by one to locate which unit cause it), after removing Part 2 of all in four, CTD never happen again, pls check, thanks!
Sammy_The_Snowplow Jun 13 @ 8:00pm 
Yeah can confirm, I switched back to DX11 and it fixed everything.
Does this reskin works for new units different from SFO?

Thank you.
jmoney740 Jun 12 @ 11:40pm 
The mod isn't working at all for me, even when its the only one I use. Any ideas?
Thamas Rugin Jun 12 @ 10:21pm 
Yeap, it was the DX12 Beta causing the graphical issue.