Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

AWP | NecronomiGun | Cursed
Weapon: AWP
Finish Style: Custom Paint Job
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Oct 12, 2017 @ 9:41pm
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AWP | NecronomiGun
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Second more haunted version of the Necronomigun!

"Steady, you worthless husk!" Belthrar hissed quietly to the mindless ghoul he'd melded into the gun. It had been adjusting the aim for him, flawlessly picking out the doorway more effectively than he ever could himself from a mile away.
He was just nervous, he did fine work with his undead abominations. He knew it was perfectly aimed. A few moments away from a victory decades in the making. A mundane man could never get past the Keep's wards, and no spell could get near the Archmage.
A combination of the two: A gun, and the remains of the man who used it in life. The cleverness, the novelty, the audacity of it is where Belthrar's genius shone, and would surely bring him revenge for the defeat so long ago, yet so fresh. "There you are..."
He whispered to the millenia-old young man who just walked out of the Keep.. "Now... Fire!"

-Michael Lewis

The timeless modern design of the AWP has been updated with an ancient yet ageless feel. Upon its surface are artisanal runic etchings crafted to reflect the time-honored designs of pre-civilization Sumatra as well as reflect the undying ghosts of those who have been slain by this masterpiece. The handcrafted leather grip has been painstakenly treated with the finest flaxseed oil and Laudanum to keep it free of cracks and tears and the ability to tear your mind from your body.