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Team Fortress 2

The Hidden Act
Class: Pyro
Item Slot: Misc
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Dec 27, 2012 @ 10:27am
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A little explanation as to why I chose Pyro for this dummy. I chose him, because, him with his face-covering mask, wouldn't make, or instead make an extremely, convincing ventriloquism act. I also thought that giving a guy who doesn't speak something to speak about or through would be a little funny. Well, if I have to explain it, mustn't be a very good joke though.
As for the reason I chose Heavy, it's probably because he just makes a great ventriloquists' dummy. Although I can surely make some other if you want.

So please. Voice your opinion. If I was going to make another one of these, which class would you want? Just comment below.

Talking of ventriloquism, Pyro doesn't even speak does he? Well everyone, the only reason Pyro doesn't speak is because he kept on throwing his voice at these inanimate dolls, and eventually, he lost it to a Mary of the Little Lambs puppet. At least, that was what that Heavy dummy told me.

Team Coloured and Jiggleboned! (Body sways and mouth closes and opens.)

Modeled both to be on the tank and on the shoulder. The picture shows both at once.


Few notes. First of all, I was not aware of the Munchkin Matchstick when I made this. So please, stop beating me up for that. I mean, the only thing that's common between the two is the placement. You don't go around beating other people up because they made a hat, and there are already so many things that goes up on peoples' heads right? I mean, I'll understand if you like that item better than mine, but please stop accusing me of copying stuff.

Next, I'm going to be busy again, but I think I can muster enough strength to make a Scout. Some day. And let me tell you, I think I can make the Scout really freaky. I just hope it won't be grotesque, or go over board with the poly count.

Anyway, thanks everyone for you support/desupport/apathy/hate/love/hate crime/murder of passions!